Who Am I: Part Three


one how's everyone doing this evening
that excited to be here huh
did give me one second while I get
myself situated right here we are
studying what here in this Bible study
we finished the study of st. Paul's
epistle to the Galatians and at the end
of Galatians just to kind of get the
context if you remember who remembers
what was the summary of Galatians kind
of in a nutshell in few could like
summarize for and it was the last
chapter of Galatians that really kind of
hit it anyone remember there was
Galatians 6:15 didn't even remember what
was like the summary of Galatians
remember what Galatians is about about
you know the Old Testament law and who
we are in Christ but the summary of it
of the Galatians was chapter 6 verse 15
who remembers what it is who can find it
real quick Galatians 6:15 I'm asking you
a question and I gave you the answer
this should be it should be an easy one
the summary of Galatians is what
Galatians 6:15 who found it in Christ
Jesus something or something is
something something what is it
Galatians 6:15 neither circumcision nor
uncircumcision avails
anything but let's say what but you are
a new creation okay in Christ Jesus you
are a new creation so the summary of
Galatians in a nutshell was that neither
circumcision nor uncircumcision avails
anything and we talked about that at
length but you are in Christ a new
creation and that kicked off this
four-week study that we are trying to
understand what does it mean that we are
a new creation and we looked at the
example from the beginning of an animal
who teaches us what it means to be a new
creation that animal is butterfly
because butterfly is a caterpillar goes
into a cocoon something happens new
creation same being or new being same
being but not same being like same being
but not saying being and we said that is
what we are in Christ and specifically
what we're looking at is the sacraments
as the cocoon
okay the sacrament is the cocoon where
we go in something happens and then we
come out a completely different way so
what we're looking at is the
characteristics of this new creation in
Christ and I told you guys this last
week is that we looked at the first two
sacraments which are baptism and
chrismation today we're gonna hit the
third one which is Eucharist but to be
honest it can't really divide them
because there's no such thing as baptism
without CRA's nation and no such thing
as baptism cremation without eucharist
the early church didn't look at it as
step one step two step three because if
it was baptism is like you know like a
45 minute pray and chrismation is like a
two-minute prayer the church didn't look
at it as one two and three the church
looked at it as what's called the rites
of initiation
so is your initiation into the church
the cocoon was you walked in you got
washed with water
you got anointed with oil then you got
fed some bread and drank some wine that
was what it looked like on the outside
that's the cocoon is that you got washed
with water but we know that it's not
regular water you get anointed with oil
but we know it's not regular oil you eat
some bread but we know it's not regular
bread and you drink some wine and we're
sure that's not regular wine on the
outside cocoon on the inside stuff okay
and we looked at in the first week the
water of baptism what is the stuff that
happens in the water of baptism give me
one word to summarize it okay
regeneration that's kind of the whole
new creation thing but through baptism I
am a blank of God son or child okay
we'll go gender-neutral here just stay
to keep me well go child of God okay but
you can put son or daughter however it
is that you want I am a child of God and
we saw the characteristics what does it
mean to be a child of God and earlier
today I was even reading from Matthew
chapter 7 that if we being evil know how
to give good gifts to our children how
much more our father who is in heaven
give good gifts to those who ask him so
if we are a child of God then at a
minimum at a minimum my father in heaven
loves me as much as my earthly parents
do at a minimum
bare minimum and my earthly pants wish
me good or evil
wish me good my earthly parents help me
when I'm in need or don't help me they
help me my earthly parents want me to be
healthy happy successful absolutely and
at a minimum God is no less than my
earthly parents at a minimum but of
course we know much much greater ok so
I'm a child of God God is on my side all
right God is on my side we need to
always remember that the God is not
against me God does not want me to be
I know people this is how people make
okay people make decisions this way
which is so wrong which is I want this
therefore God must want that because God
must automatically want the opposite of
whatever I want that's how we were
raised sometimes that's how sometimes
people think is that this would make me
happy therefore God must want this no
I'm a child of God okay and God wants to
make me happy of course God wants to
make me more than happy but he's not
against my happiness okay so get rid of
that mentality that's weak one that was
baptism child of God second sacrament we
looked at is chrismation chrismation
made me what it gave me two things made
me what made me a blank and they blank
it maybe a what okay priest that was the
second was the person you said anything
saint okay but just to order st. and
priest because you got to be a saint to
be a priest because obviously they don't
just let anybody in okay you we were
created we created has a holy nation and
as a royal priesthood and we looked at
what that means sainthood is not about
necessarily what I do and what I don't
do it's about my identity okay is that I
am who remembers the word Saint or holy
means that I am set apart here's
everybody else pick this guy out of here
you're now a saint okay and maybe one
day we'll reach the level of Saint in
the book okay but that we are set apart
the minute we touch that oil touched us
that water touch us we're set apart
we're different than everyone else in
our neighborhood in our classroom and or
whatever it may be we are set apart and
we are set apart not just to be set
apart just to sit here but to do what to
serve as a priest and a priest
does what his job is to reconcile the
world with God a priests job is to be an
ambassador of Christ to go to so I said
as a saint I'm set apart as a priest I
am sent back into this world to go and
help these people be set apart as well
see how that works as a saint I am set
apart I'm called to be holy and then as
a priest I'm called you go back into the
world and help the world to become holy
as well and reconcile with God okay
everyone good there I'm not the only
priest because I'm not the only to
receive the Holy Spirit you received the
same Holy Spirit I did you didn't get a
half a Holy Spirit or a mini Holy Spirit
or like a junior version okay or the
diet version and I got like the
king-size we all got the same Holy
okay the Holy Spirit is not given by
measure you have the Holy Spirit all
together that's all recap alright and I
found this nice quote here today today
we're gonna talk about Eucharist but
before we do I thought this perfectly
summarized our last two weeks I found
this on Twitter here today by CS Lewis
CS Lewis said the Christian does not
think God will love us because we are
good but that God will make us good
because He loves us see the difference
there okay and that's applied to
everything we talked about God doesn't
make us a new creation because we are
good but because we are new creation now
we can live God doesn't call us to be
holy because we are good because it was
called to be holy little guy 40 days old
no good in him whatsoever all us is
crying why there's a little guy 40 days
old and he says this guy's a saint not
because he is good but so that he can be
good alright and that concept will be
never more true than what we're gonna
talk about tonight as we finish the
finish but completes I should say the
initial initiation process when we talk
about the Eucharist okay before we talk
about Eucharist I got a question for you
everyone needs to answer this inside
their head maybe if you want to answer
out loud
the question is this why do you come to
church why do you come to church why do
you pray when you go home from church
why do you fast when it's Lent
why do you
Latanya when you're supposed to mitanni
why do you read the Bible in the morning
why do you listen to sermons why do you
read spiritual books why do you do what
you do obviously I'm not looking for a
big answer not dumbing down here for me
why why do we do these things because
they're fun why do we do it why do we
come to church why don't we sleep in on
Sundays why do we go to church at eight
o'clock when some people stroll in at
9:30 why do we come
well why okay to join the holy
sacraments why why don't what what
difference it makes to me some people
take Sacre and some people don't
okay that's a good spiritual answer to
buy in the Lord for eternal life okay
that's very true but give me immediate
it okay let me let me rephrase the
question is there an immediate reason as
well or is it only we do everything we
do so that after we die we go to heaven
or is there an immediate reason as well
okay to interact with God okay okay
to get a reboost okay okay very good all
saying good things good to be what okay
now I'm going to ask another question
which is like a follow-up and not saying
anything you're saying wrong and forgive
me for being overly mathematical on this
one why do we want to be one with Jesus
why do we want to be one with Jesus why
do we want someone said to interact with
him why okay we belong to him okay
I'd have loved as the right answer
supposed to be but realistically it's
not and I'll tell you why I'll tell you
why because there are many people and I
speak from experience and you would
agree there are many people who agree
with everything that you just said but
don't do any of those things
okay again I'm not disagreeing with what
you're saying let me tell you this
expression you tell me if you agree or
not most of the time when we come to God
it's not because we see the light but
because we feel the heat I would say
everything y'all are saying is correct
but I think if you boiled it down to the
least common denominator what is it that
caused me certain moment in my time
living away from God I knew everything
that y'all were saying because I went to
Sunday School my parents taught me right
I went to Catholic school so I knew why
I knew heaven and hell I knew God good
devil bat I knew all those things but it
wasn't causing me to invest in my
spiritual life I think if you boiled it
down to the least common denominator we
would say that the reason that we invest
in our spiritual lives is for some kind
of change or a biblical word for change
is transformation we are angry and we
want to change to be calm we are
stressed and we want to change to be
peace we are depressed and we want to
change to be joyful at its root all of
us as human beings like what I'm trying
to say is there's no one who comes out
of the wound saying I want to love God
just for the sake of loving God okay as
human beings we're selfish human beings
we look for what's in it for us kind of
a thing just to show you how much you
love change and transformation told
y'all last week I told you I was in the
dentist office every waiting room and
every dentist I don't know if it's just
mean just the dentist I go to the
doctors I go to what's on the TV in the
waiting room huh-huh sports no not these
days huh huh news none I don't put news
because they don't want there's a
psychology way they don't want people in
a bad mood there's something that's on
in the dentist and the doctor that I am
glued to even though I would never ever
think that I would watch this stuff you
ever seen this Home Makeover shows
the home makeover shows the HGTV I'd
never watch the stuff on my own I get to
the dentist office
there's HGTV they call my name and I'm
like take the next guy okay like I'm
glued cuz it's fascinating and I don't
know why what it is that's fascinating
about these home makeover shows where
they they basically if you never seen it
they take a junk home and they like in
22 minutes episode okay they completely
make it into like this mansion and they
just rip stuff off and put stuff over
there and it's it's mesmerizing
these makeover shows and then there's
all kinds of makeover shows right
there's like the home makeover is like
the fashion makeover right there's like
the the body makeover like all these
makeover shows why is it that we love
makeover shows why is it that I sit then
I watch that makeover show like I said
I'm glued to it because there's
something about a transformation from
old to new from stinky to amazing
from broken-down rundown no value
worthless to brand-new top-of-the-line
state-of-the-art well I believe that
this desire to change this desire for a
transformation is at its core something
at every human being hats there isn't a
human being I never met one person who
says there's nothing about me that I
want to change I never met one person
who said that if I could change anything
about myself I wouldn't change a thing I
wouldn't change my parents I wouldn't
change my relationships I wouldn't
change my circumstances there's not one
person who says I don't want to change
anything and by the same token the
reason that we all want to change is
because changing is the hardest thing
than there is to do that's why we don't
change the reason that we all desire
change is because something that we
can't do and we try for years and years
and years and why do we do this to
ourselves why do I keep losing my temper
why am I still addicted to this why
can't I fix this relationship why can't
I move past this issue why why why like
wouldn't be great if there was a
makeover show or like
our insides or it could be like okay you
know what you have a temper and just
like the makeover show like these two
guys they come into your house they kind
of analyze whatever and then they hit
something with a hammer and boom no
temper ever again wouldn't that be great
I'm addicted to whatever and then they
come in and say okay here's we're gonna
do for the next week we're gonna say
these prayers we're a new disease Matan
yes we're gonna do it every day for a
week and then boom the addictions gone
wouldn't that be great wouldn't it be
great if it was as simple as if you got
a problem with your relationships this
is what they do in the house they say
you guys go away for a week and then
come back and everything you solved
wouldn't it be great wouldn't that be
great if you remember back to Galatians
why did the New Testament Christians go
back to the Old Testament law because
there is an appeal there is an appeal to
give me a set of instructions so that I
can change my life forever there's an
appeal to it especially these New
Testament Christians knew it didn't work
in the Old Testament but they said you
know what what will be the secret sauce
that will make the Old Testament stuff
work in the New Testament take the Old
Testament law and add plus Jesus perfect
give me the Old Testament law which
didn't work say plus Jesus so do the
stuff that is in the Old Testament but
just say Plus Jesus at the end and this
should be perfect there is an appeal
when I feel like I can't change my life
there is an appeal to give me a formula
give me something to help me transform
my life but unfortunately it's not that
not too long ago my daughter Lizzie
she's now nine she was doing like this
Girl Scout thing and like it's not
called Girl Scouts it's called something
else I remember and they had to like do
stuff around the house like get like
checkmarks or whatever it is one of the
things she had to do was help her father
with a project around home something
like that she had to help you with some
project so I don't remember what the
project was but I remember she kept
asking me and I'm like you know Lizzie
I'm busy and then she knew that I needed
to like move something from some
to the other so she and she tried as she
couldn't and she kept trying and trying
and trying and trying and trying and she
couldn't no matter how much she tried
she couldn't so I saw her and I said and
she said I'm moving this how much time
would it have taken let's say this
podium right here cuz this was a little
bit light she's pretty strong let's say
this podium right here how long would it
take Lizzie to move this from here to
there how long never okay how about from
here to just halfway to right here how
long would it take never okay just a
foot how long would it take her to move
never if this is never half of never is
never a quarter of never is never and
anything times never is never it's not a
matter of how much time is not a matter
of how much desire is in her heart or
how serious she is about the intention
can she ever move that thing even one
foot never can I move it yes see me this
is my job for 10 years I was moving this
stuff like this is my job descriptions
moving this thing okay we used to have
two of this one okay and my job for
every wedding was to move it over there
to move it back in and yes I can move it
now follow me on this one follow me okay
the parallel is Lizzie's like us I'm
like Jesus okay follow me
I can move this thing if I give her
instruction will she be able to move no
if I show her how I move it will she be
able to move nope
if I pray really really hard for her and
fast for her will she be able to move it
will she ever be able to move it on her
own what's the only way she can move is
if I pick it up if I pick it up she can
move it and if I don't pick it up she
can't move it there's nothing in between
I care
or it stays put is ever with me so far
we're gonna look tonight at the basic
human need of change and how all of us
want to change and we are going to see
that not only forget not only it is
impossible to move anything in your life
one inch only God can move it I'm not
saying you can't move without God's help
I'm saying you can't move it only God
Himself in us can move it and we're
gonna see the difference here tonight
first let's start on the negative end
we're gonna look at the strongest man
who ever lived other than Christ the
strongest man the man who had the most
full power the most self discipline the
most self controlled there was no one
like this man as far as toughness and
grit and I was st. Paul and look what
Saint Paul says in Romans chapter 7 for
to will is present with me the desired
to move the thing is like that's all I
want to do is move that thing the will
is present but how to perform what is
good I do not find for the good that I
will to do I do not do but the evil that
I will not to do that I practice now if
I do what I will not to do it is no
longer I who do it but sin that dwells
in me summarize that for me in one
sentence I can't if you had to summarize
that in two words perfect I can't I
can't I can't move it
is he saying I don't want to move it
he's saying what all of us are saying is
that I tried to stop his addiction I
can't I try to change my temper a kid I
try to fix my relationships I can't I
try to control my stress I can't I tried
I can't I tried I can't I tried more
I can't more I tried more more I can't
more more and there's no amount of
effort that I can do to move this podium
one inch he goes on his conclusion from
chapter 7 he says o wretched man that I
am who will deliver me from this body of
death how's that for an uplifting verse
for you strongest man alive said
wretched man that I am who can deliver
me what's the answer to the question is
the answer who will deliver me from this
body of death is the answer I'm going to
work harder is the answer I'm gonna do
more push-ups what's the answer
Romans chapter seven is the most
depressing chapter in the Bible you want
to be depressed just read Romans seven
over and over and over and over even
though it's not real it's actually very
encouraging but I'm just saying just
plain it's the most depressing well
what's the most uplifting chapter in the
Bible Romans 8 and the ordered not by
acts and actually turns actually the
whoever numbered the verses okay there's
actually one more verse in Romans
chapter 7 verse 25 and this is where
everything turns Romans 7:25 last chap
verse the chapter I think he says o
wretched man that I am who will deliver
me and then I thank you God through
Jesus Christ our Lord and he goes on to
spend all of chapter 8 chapter 8 is one
of those chapters you can read it when
you go home we won't read the whole
thing every great verse that you know is
from chapter 8 you know the verse that
says who is if God is for us who can be
against us that's chapter 8 you know the
verse it says all things work together
for good to those who love God that's
the chapter 8 you know the verse says
there is no condemnation for those who
are in Christ Jesus that's in chapter 8
you know the verse that says what can
separate us from the love of God nothing
could separate from the love of God
that's all in Chapter 8 chapter 8 is the
best verse in the whole Bible chapter 7
the worst verse chapter not worse than
me you know I'm Jesse and if I had to
summarize chapter 8 in one verse with a
picture chapter 8 the same guy who says
I'm miserable I'm the worst I'm defeated
I can't I'm the worst Romans 8:37 says
getting all these things we are more
than conquerors through him who loved us
we're gonna talk about here tonight is
this verse how our identity we said that
we are new creation
we are child we are Saint we are priests
today I'm more than a conqueror through
him who loved us we're gonna see what
that means
first of all what does the word concur
mean let's go definition dictionary calm
says gives you three definitions for
conquer to overcome by force or subdued
to gain victory over or to be victorious
to overcome by force to subdue to gain
victory over to be victorious you are a
conqueror do you feel like a conqueror
on most days most of us if we're honest
like no one's ever come to me in
confession say opponent I say how you
say I'm a conqueror let me tell you how
I'm conquering most people say the exact
opposite I'm defeated I'm miserable I
look every time I think I'm strong I
find out I'm weak every time I think I'm
good and find out I'm bad I'm defeated
st. Paul says I'm a conquered follow me
on this one this feeling weak
can I be a conquered and feel weak at
the same time are those two exclusive of
one another someone who is a conquered
overcome by what by force what does that
imply if I have to overcome something by
force dip what does that imply huh say
okay means I need strength think think I
think at a level 2 level here like go a
little bit deeper the fact that I have
to use force or strength to subdue this
thing means that it is doing what back
to me it's working against me it's
fighting against me it's resisting me it
conquered doesn't mean no battle in fact
Conqueror means battle like you cannot
be a conqueror if there's no battle so
the fact that I feel like I'm losing
this battle actually believe it or not
fits perfectly with Saint Paul's
definition that we are conquerors
because conquer
doesn't mean walked in and everyone fell
down that's not conquering that's
submission conquering means I came in
someone shot an arrow at me I dodged it
shot one back at him he hit me in the
knee I punched him in the face he came
at me I ducked and I hit him below the
belt like whatever it may be it means
that there's a fight it means there's
times I lose and at times I win a
conquer is not someone like you don't
find a conqueror looking pretty like you
see me up here a conqueror is bloody a
conquer has been Vint bin has injuries
but a conquer always wins in the end so
when I see that Saint Paul says that we
are conquerors and I look at my life of
struggle I say you know what maybe maybe
this struck like maybe I'm on the right
track but the key is not that there's no
battle the key is at the end of the
battle Saint Paul said that we are more
than conquerors through him we are more
than conquerors through him he didn't
say that we are just conquerors on her
he didn't say that if we keep on
fighting we're gonna win he said that
through him victory without him good
luck said another way the source of our
victory the power source is foreign to
us the power source is not from here I
will never back to Lizzie no matter how
hard lizzie one day we'll be able to
push this thing okay so let's let's make
it bigger okay let's push this church
okay knock the building down no matter
how much me are you or all of us
together we work hard and we try we will
not be able to push this church with our
own muscles agree unless there is a
power source outside of us bulldozer or
big machine we will never be able to do
it no matter how much weights we lift no
matter how hard we try no matter how
much we pray no matter how much fasting
we do matter how many what Tunya as we
do we'll never be able to do it I
and I hope you believe it - I believe it
from experience that pushing this
building down is easier than tearing
down some of the walls and the
strongholds the devil has inside of us I
don't know if you agree or disagree
that's how - meaning some of the
addictions the struggles the problems
the weaknesses that's a perfect word
thank you the weaknesses you got a
better shot of pushing this church down
on your own then pushing these down on
your own as well but through him
on your own but through him you see the
difference what I want to say and I'm
gonna get into the the Eucharist how
this fits with the Eucharist what we all
need to do I'm turning 40 this year okay
and one of my plans for my 40th year of
my life is to have some kind of midlife
crisis I'm planning it in advance
okay because everyone has a midlife
crisis and they end up going crazy and
doing crazy things I don't want to go
crazy so I'm just gonna plan my midlife
dose so I'm just gonna be upfront about
it so I'm trying to okay and what I
decided as my preliminary midlife crisis
which I just did last week okay I signed
up for a half marathon
okay and this was this is insane for me
and I last time I last September I ran a
10k which was like six months I did a
pretty good job so I signed up for this
half marathon to run this September and
the first thing I did say okay I'm gonna
start my training I started last week
and I said okay I'll start with an easy
five mile run I was running six miles
seven miles so I was easy five mile well
that was the intention on paper the
reality was not a five mile run it was
like two and a half miles wasn't running
okay a lot of walking a lot of bending
over a lot of cursing in my head like a
lot of bad stuff
okay so start to realize my midlife
crisis is now in full effect
then I can no longer run the same way I
used to run I can no longer jump the way
I used to jump I can no longer do the
things that I used to do why cuz I'm old
because I'm almost 40 sorry about this
we need a spiritual midlife crisis no
matter what age we are we didn't realize
that we can't do the things that we
think we can do we need to realize that
we can no longer like we think that we
can control this we can't control it we
think that we can overcome this we can't
overcome we think that if we try and put
and and and that we can solve this on
our own I'm telling you we can't
I'm not saying going to the extreme of
saying I'll be lazy and I'm gonna do
nothing and just God's gonna solve all
my problems I'd say it like that
but I need to come to the point where I
realize that no matter how much effort I
put into it I will never be able to
accomplish the things that I want and
more importantly that God wants inside
me how's that for an uplifting message
how about if I just end the Bible study
right there how would y'all feel that's
it that's our Bible study for tonight
you're miserable I'm miserable no one
can do anything we're all old see you in
September as they cart me off on that
half marathon through him is our focus
here for tonight on our own nothing
without me you can do nothing
through him more than conquerors I want
to break that down into two components
everything in life boils down like
anything you want to accomplish in life
there's two components there's something
to believe and something to do something
to believe something to do an
intellectual and an actual something to
believe something to understand a
knowledge component and an action
component a faith component and a works
component so let us look at it from that
perspective about how to find the power
to make change in our life and I'm gonna
say the first step is the thinking step
is the understanding step which is to
understand the authority that I have
been given okay and I specifically said
Authority not power and I'll tell you
why in a second
first thing I have to understand is what
authority what power what strength what
is it that I have at my disposal true
he's true story that I read on the
internet so probably true story there
was a man a poor man he was not
technically homeless but he was just
about homeless all right he had no job
he was a beggar who lived on the street
he had an apartment okay but the
apartment was this tiny little shack it
was disgusting it was low-income
whatever it was but he was absolutely
filthy his rent on that place was three
dollars a week okay it gives you an idea
of what it was again this is several
years ago at least that's what they say
this poor man used to spend every day
begging outside on the street one day
they found him dead in his apartment
when they found him dead in his
apartment they looked through the
apartment you know they did the autopsy
and checked everything out and they went
through all his stuff one of the things
that they found was they found a stack
of Christian pamphlets like those tracts
you know that people passed out on the
street so apparently there was this
Christian guy who used to walk by on his
lunch break once a week and give him his
Christian pamphlet I don't I mean like
you know Jesus is the way the truth and
the life you know no God no peace no God
no peace whatever it was okay whatever
tract and he had a collection of these
things sitting on his nightstick they
opened him up and they looked at those
Christian pamphlets and as they opened
it up they found each side one of those
pamphlets was a hundred dollar bill and
this poor man died of starvation
malnutrition malnourished whatever it
was remember how we said in the first
week that it stinks to be poor but
what's worse is to be rich and livers
pork like it stinks to be poor but what
stinks worse is to be rich and have a
rich uncle and a rich grandfather and
which brother and sister and livers poor
well that was this man and that was his
verse that I showed y'all in the
Hosea chapter 4 verse 6 my people are
destroyed for lack of knowledge our
problem is that we live weak is that we
live defeated because we don't
understand the power that was given to
us and we think of spiritual power like
earthly power we confuse spiritual power
with earthly power sphere earthly power
is gained how by earning it how do I get
stronger I do more push-ups how do I get
to the top of the corporate ladder I
work more harder earthly power is by our
effort spiritual power is by grace of
God through him exactly so what is it
that we have through him this is what
Jesus said to his disciples he said
behold I give you the authority to
trample on serpents and scorpions and
over all the power of the enemy jesus
said to his disciples and we take this
as for ourselves as well that I give you
authority to trample over serpents and
scorpions and over all the power of the
so you find me anything in your life
that you want to change and Jesus says
that you have power over that correct
Jesus says that you have power over all
the demons is that what he says it is
that that you have power over all the
power of the evil one is that what he
says do we have power we have power it's
not a trick question we have power we do
not have power we have authority was the
difference is power the same as
Authority what's the difference
say again Joe doubt if I'm a police
officer and I stand in the middle of
street and I put my hand up like that do
I have the power to stop a moving car
nope but I have the authority to stop it
yes me against the card car wins
especially if it's moving a policeman
does not have the power to stop a car
not at all but he has the authority
what's the difference then what is
Authority mean someone give me a
definition of Authority based on what I
just said
what is it thority perfect authority is
power delegated authority is power given
to you by somebody else who has the
power I don't have the power but the
state of Virginia says here's a blue
uniform now I have the authority without
that uniform I have no authority same
man with the uniform hand up you stop
without the uniform hand up you go
around because all that matters is not
the man but the uniform agree with me
strong man weak man in that uniform are
the same agreed
strong man weak man without the uniform
are the same so is it the man's muscles
that make the difference no what makes
the difference is the the uniform and
that uniform is what that uniform yes
the authority what okay so now let's go
spiritual like do we have power over
demons no do we have power over evil
spirits no miiverse devilled devil wins
every time he's smarter than me he's
stronger than me he's tougher than me
he wins every time I can never defeat
him miiverse devil he wins but me with
first understand the authority second
exercise the authority how does a
policeman exercise his authority he puts
on his uniform
what's the uniform for us okay Christ is
the right answer for sure but I want to
get away from that because that let me
say this way how do we put on Christ how
do we specifically put on Christ we put
on Christ through the Eucharist the
Eucharist for us we talk about when
Christ took flesh Christ was incarnate
okay which we celebrate tomorrow morning
okay Feast of the Incarnation that
Christ the Son of God like you put on a
shirt put on a shirt which is flesh God
who existed before all ages the Son of
God who was begotten of the father
before all ages came and he put on flesh
put it on he stepped in it you know what
I mean he put it on and we by the same
token through his incarnation to put on
we put on him we put on Christ when we
receive the body and blood of Christ
every Sunday or every day at the
Eucharist we gave you some quotes and
some verses I'll go through this quickly
because take it more time here there was
a story from the Phil ocala book of the
sayings of the Desert Fathers a long
long time ago a holy man asked the
demons a holy man spoke to demons and he
asked him what is it in Christians that
you fear most okay the demons responded
three things what you wear around your
neck what you wash it in church and what
you partake of in community what you own
umber one what you wear around your neck
which is cross what you wash with in
church which is baptism and also
okay because that's the second baptism
and what you partake of in community
which is Eucharist this holy father kept
the discussion going with a demon when
you're really spiritual you talk to the
image when you're really really
spiritual you ask follow-up questions
apparently to the demons okay set up the
three which one do you fear most the
demon responded if you guarded well that
of which you partook of in community
none of us could ever offend a Christian
say that again if you guarded well that
of which you partook of in community
none of us could ever offend a Christian
how can it be that eating bread and wine
on Sunday morning is so powerful
how can it be some verses from Scripture
Jesus said it Jesus said john 6:53
unless you eat the flesh of the son of
man and drink his blood you go do you
have no life in you whoever eats my
flesh and drinks my blood has eternal
life I'll raise him up at the last day
my flesh is food indeed and my blood is
drink indeed he who eats my flesh and
drinks my blood abides in me and I in
him he's saying there very simple if you
eat my flesh
I mean you I picked this up or throw it
across the street if you don't eat my
flesh you're on your own and no amount
of effort can move this thing you can
pray you can fast you can believe as
much as you want to believe
Lissie will never be able to move this
thing but if she puts on me meaning she
lets me do it I take it I throw it
across the street standing with us in
Christ all of our efforts without him
one time I did a series about prayer a
couple of years ago and then ironically
enough is called
pray or makeover wasn't pray your
makeover makeover pray prayer makeover
something prayer maker okay and I spoke
about the different kinds of Prayer and
I spoke for seven weeks about how
there's different kinds of Prayer not
all prayers the same like asking for
forgiveness is different than thanking
God it's different than or interceding
for others is different than praising
God like these different kinds of
okay there's intercessory the
supplication whatever whatever whatever
and I likened prayer to a house prayers
a house in which we live in because we
should live in this house called prayer
and there are different rooms signifying
the different prayers so I said like for
example the easiest prayers is simple
pray which is just from your heart I
Love You God like whatever off the top
of your head and I said that's like the
family room you kind of kick off your
shoes and do whatever as you want I said
there is like repentance prayer and I
said there's like the bathroom where you
kind of wash up and clean up a
confession prayer there was like a
Thanksgiving prayer and that's like the
dinner table where we sit down and think
whatever the highest form of Prayer the
highest form of prayer was the Eucharist
and the Eucharist was which room in the
house what's at the top it helps the
bedroom from the Attic okay I'm happy
yeah okay no you Chris can't be the
Attic Emmy is good why in the bedroom
because that's the highest place of
intimacy and unity in the house that's
the place that's off-limits to the
kiddos that's the place everything else
leads up to that place that's the
Eucharist for us everything we do our
life as Christians begins at the table
of the Lord and it ends at the table of
the Lord and it revolves around the
table of the Lord why because that's
what Jesus said when he said I am the
just that beginning I'm the Omega which
is the end and they all said I am the
way the truth and like it's on the
beginning the end in the way that's what
the Eucharist is for us
it's the beginning of our life first
thing back to the baby that's born baby
is born baptism breath of life that's
chrismation what's the next thing the
baby does communion which is what for a
baby eats like can I bring a baby into
this world he's born and then I say okay
see you next week okay that's why some
people say can I just do the baptism and
I just take communion next week
I mean can a baby be born on Thursday
and not eat until Wednesday of next week
like it doesn't work that way
baby's born baby has to eat next we're
gonna see baby has to be washed as well
that's confession we'll get to that next
week but you see what I'm saying
like confession or not confession
communion for us the Eucharist for us is
the beginning it is the end it's
everything for another verse Colossians
1:26 st. Paul says the mystery which has
been hidden from all ages and from
generations but now has been revealed to
his Saints to them God will to make
known what are the riches of the glory
of this mystery among the gentiles which
is say with me which is know instead of
say it like you just found a great
treasure the mystery which has been with
the riches of his glory the mystery
among the gentiles which is you say it
like you have to sleep.you st. Paul as
saying this like people like breaking
news I found what Abraham never found
what Moses never found with many
prophets and righteous men desire to see
but couldn't see it I found what they
found what they look for
Christ in you I found and it's for you
and if the answer to everything
we need to realize if I can prevent a
little bit we turn communion
unfortunately into this that's right
work sorry I feel disrespected even
saying it this is sometimes that we do
it like this
magic magic trick no I need take
why magic I have a test today take
immune test 30 abouna I came to church
one minute ago
I need to take communion I remember once
I had this conversation with someone you
know how you shouldn't come like one
minute for take community okay so I
remember having this comment and finally
I got to the point where I said I'm not
gonna tell you like I'm gonna fight you
okay when I tell you that you shouldn't
take him you but I basically say I know
this kind of gillis than annoying but I
say you know what the church says an
order take communion this is the rules
you're taking it on your own head and
you're drinking and it's your own blood
it's on your own head if you take the
responsibility for of God I wipe my
aunt's most people like I mean like it
well my point is this my point is this
is it you say I just showed up one
minute ago what do you think community's
gonna do for you and like you just came
one minute ago you didn't pray you can
hear you the readings you didn't do
nothing what the commune's gonna do for
you it's not a magic trick communion
Eucharist is life in Christ and we need
to realize the daily power of Christ in
us not just the Sunday power not just
like we took Christ on Sunday so that
day that you know we'll be okay if we
get on plane to Egypt because we okay
then he realize that when we participate
in the body and blood of Christ as he
told us that's what he said last night
before he died I wouldn't be there in a
couple weeks last night before he died
gathered all disciples gather around the
table brought some bread brought some
wine he said this year guys this is not
a regular meal this is what's called
other church like the Eastern Orthodox
referred to it as the mystical supper
okay and we don't like that word
mystical because it sounds like gypsy
but we don't mean gypsy mystical meaning
mysterious sacramental and he said guys
when you eat this bread
you drink this blood I'm in you and
forever if you want my presence in you
gather around this table and you do this
in remembrance of me give you a quote
here Oh we'll go st. Paul in st. John
st. Paul said this st. Corinthians 4
verse 8 I'll just read it and keep going
we are hard pressed on every side yet
not crushed this is us we are perplexed
but not in despair persecuted not
forsaken struck down not destroyed see
we know the hard-pressed we know
we know persecuted we know struck down
we know the first half of all those but
we struggle with the second half they
were purse we're heart press but we're
not crushed aware that that second half
of come from always carrying about in
the body the dying of the Lord Jesus how
did he carry about in his body the dying
of Lord Jesus you can take this in a
spiritual way you can also take it in a
literal physical weight but he's talking
about the body and blood of Christ that
the life of Jesus also may be manifested
in our body the would st. John
Chrysostom says right here he says we
receive within us the same body of our
Lord Christ that was born in a manger of
Bethlehem the same body that walked on
the Sea of Galilee the same body that
was crucified on Calvary the same body
that was resurrected from the tomb the
same body that ascended into heaven and
now sits at the right hand of the Father
there is no power in life greater than
there isn't a person who's sitting here
today that doesn't have a great desire
to move some obstacles in his life all
of us and if I asked you to make a list
you make a list just like I made a list
and I always tell people don't be fooled
because I'm up here and I'm preaching
and I got all the right answers in my
iPad right here doesn't mean my life is
any different than yours I have it all
figured out here on the iPad okay and
here I got it all figured out but my
day-to-day life I struggle to control my
temper just as much as you I struggle to
control my eyes just as much as you I
show to control my anxiety just as much
as you all of us were all on the same
boat like there isn't anyone who's
higher and lower than anyone else we
just have different weaknesses and my
weakness different like we all got the
same week's we also have the same power
available to us and the one who is
strong is not the one who was strong the
one who was strong as the one who was
learned to tap into this power to rely
on this power to put on Christ and to
guard that uniform and to know that that
uniform not his muscles that uniform is
what's going to keep him and protect him
and allow him to move obstacles and not
his ability or his efforts anything like
that okay I'm out of time so I'll stop
right here but I'll open it up for
questions if anyone has any question