Upright Faith - Part 2 - Ask For The Old Path (1)

Exposing the false teachings in the writings of Atef Aziz.


full passages from one of the books at a
time to find out it was it orthodoxy or
not orthodoxy but before we start again
to confirm
it's a code of love we are not against
anyone whoever he is the church again is
a mother calling everyone to the faith
which delivered once to all say let me
share with you a couple of verses to see
the heart of the church as a mother to
everyone ten Peter in Acts chapter 10
was telling us the story of how
Cornelius the seven fairest Gentiles to
believe in Christ so he was encouraging
everyone that from now on who are not
talking about people we are not going to
say that Gentiles are common or profane
so hear what he was saying then he said
to them you know how unlawful it is for
me for a Jewish man to keep company with
or go to one of another nation but God
has shown me that I should not call
anyone any man common or unclean we are
not here to condemn persons are here to
discuss teachings and to show what is
right and what is wrong one more thing
which I sincerely said from my heart and
I believe all of you have the same heart
for everyone simple in Romans 10 was
talking about his fellow Israelites he
knew how jealous you were how sincere in
following the true God but unfortunately
he missed out and hid what he put in his
words and I prayed to be our prayers to
our brothers and sisters who are not in
this path yet brethren my heart's desire
and prayer to God for Israel for anyone
was gone astray was his teaching is that
they may be saved for I bear them
that they have a zeal for God I'm sure
everyone went in this way he has a
certain zeal a desire to follow God but
not according to the knowledge of the
faith which delivered once to all things
for they being ignorant of God's
righteousness and seeking to establish
their own righteousness you can't make
your own righteousness you can't make
your own aesthetic practice to make your
own righteousness it's a failure have
not submitted to the righteousness of
God the teaching of the church the
meaning of being righteous through the
means of grace as delivered by the
scenes for Christ is the end of the law
for righteousness to everyone who
believes this is what we pray for our
brothers and sisters and calling a call
of love for each and every one was still
away from his mother's a church all
start with you with a very simple
statistics of one of the books in the
inner man and formation of Christ and I
would like to hear or to see your
reaction to it first of all the editors
fathers in this book mentioned 48 times
the church father said as a church
father taught yes it is only one quote
in the whole book and this code is 11
words which is the words of st. Macarius
and here is a quote the human soul was
found in man to be a throne for Christ
this is the only quote in the book
after saying 48 times the church father
said a church fathers mentioned and
unfortunately this code is without a
clear reference it's just in the 50
hundreds of st. Macarius which one just
mentioned as such church fathers who are
named in the book some names were named
only for st. Macarius
in this code Frank Latinos and young
crew storm
John of Damascus without quoting any of
them it's only one code by st. Macarius
the word Sacrament never mentioned in
any of the pages of this book the names
of the sacraments Eucharist confession
updates or whatever is never mentioned
in the book never mentioned I'm not
saying it was mentioned in a wrong way
never mentioned the book was here if you
want to have a look the word holy
trinity never mentioned the father was
mentioned twice vaguely the son was
mentioned quite a few times and solace
with quite a few times but the word
Trinity or the meaning of the Trinity
and fellowship is not mentioned at all
this is a surprising point and we'll see
why in few moments is a Bethany or
theophany or two baptism of Christ never
mentioned in any of the books we have
seven books till now and in a few
minutes we'll find for yourself right
why this great event in the life of
Christ as we read from sin series the
grid never mentioned in any of the books
to start the book as any other book the
book is trying to find a dilemma a
problem and telling you I have the
solution when I'm encouraging you that
here are the results if you have this
dilemma I am giving you solution and in
the end the end the product will be as
such so these are the three stages that
you are going to discuss half of them
and the first talk and then you'll have
a break and lunch and then we have the
second half
so let me start with I am but before
confusing you was what you are going to
read from the script from their writings
will here first st. basil's agreed I was
telling us what does it mean image and
likeness does it mean to have the form
of Christ we heard a few minutes ago
from saying agreed initiation from
senators agreed
explained more by father Zacharias but
what I am showing you now is ten present
in his book on the human condition and
chapter 16 and it's page 30 43 and 44
let us make human being according to our
image and according to our lives it's
Genesis 1:26 is commenting on this verse
by all creation when we are created we
have the first we have the image and are
free well we will build the second I
spoke about it a few minutes ago let me
explain it more sound puzzles a great
Sangre cuisine the engine and central
are exactly nearly saying the same thing
God said in Genesis 1:26 let us make man
accordant our image and likeness right
then verse 27 and God created man
according to his image only why because
he believed tent and bezel and Sangha
this illusion that we are going to
receive the full image by cooperating
with the grace of God we will reach to
the likeness of God is the teaching of
all the church fathers and if you go
there again to on the Incarnation
shorter three and chapter four is
telling us out in a different wording
about the general Grace and a distant
place but is not our topic today maybe
sometime late so he is giving us the
image telling me through your core sue
rose as a synergetic life you will grow
from the image into the lightness
what happened Adam field so the image
was distorted Christ came to give us the
status once more restored the image by
His grace why his work and telling me
now you can grow from the image to the
life is once more if anything will cover
this image through repentance through
ascetic life we are going to scrub off
to cleanse the image and to grow and
mature intellect let us continue
assemble by our creation we have the
first and by our free choice we will
build this
in our initial structure coordinates and
exist our coming into being according to
the image of God
by a free choice till the synergy is
always in the mind of the church father
by a free choice we are conformed to
that which is according to the likeness
of God and this is what is according to
the free choice the power exists in
asked why because I received the full
restoration of the image when I would
baptized it was the original designed in
Adam distorted and Christ came to
restore for me in day one the power
exists in us but we bring it about by
our activity if the Lord in anticipation
had not said in making us let us make
and according to our likeness if he had
not given us this power he has given us
this power I am NOT going to make it to
come to be according to the likeness we
would not have received the likeness of
God by our own authority because we can
the image is restored by him given to us
on day one and our baptism and then his
grace by cooperating with His grace in a
synergetic way I'm growing from the
image into the life this is the church
teaching now I will show you how he is
presenting the dilemma to tell you you
have a problem and I have a solution
where is the problem look at the title
because at the beginning of the chapter
or the bra graph is saying this the
early church fathers so now I'm
expecting something very divine had
special spiritual gifts which enable
them to see the inner man of a person
when this person spoke with them they
noticed that the inner man is exactly
like outer man having parallel members
eyes ears hands legs and
when a person departs to heaven they
were also able to see the inner man of
that person we may think that they just
saw a spirit going to heaven but it is
not a spirit it's an inner man having
the same contort like the outer one
it just becomes clear that the outer man
which is the flesh is just like a cloth
cover a table the table is the real
thing as the clothes is the only cover
so now I am wearing the clothes I have
an inner man which is the real thing the
table by his words and this table is
covered with this flesh and both of them
have the simple truth life let us
continue this outer man is a cover and
not the real thing
so I am NOT real it is there to enable
us to deal with the material world yet
the inner man is the actual reality of
the person this is the theory of the
table and the clothes we have a table
and this is the clothes second one it's
the continuation of the simple graph
this is the church father said he says
however this inner man is not formed in
the complete shape from the beginning it
begins in a form of a seat so now the
inner man is a seat in each one of us in
our spirit yet this seat also grow was
an ass to be an inner man so I assumed
before believing in Christ before being
baptized I am a closed without the table
and then when I am receiving Christ will
see some strange expressions coming down
I have the seat which means I have no
table it's a seat of a table and a cloth
this will happen if you allow to grow
and if we know how to make it
grow so now we are going to make it to
grow it's our own effort however it can
also be stunting growth exactly like
what may happen without our men of
course you all will know that some
people can have delayed growth or
development delay whether physical or
intellectual the same thing can happen
in the spirit when the flesh or tend as
Apostle Peter calls it his boot off and
inner man is seen it can be seen it is
very important it can be seen a face
without eyes a face and neck without
hands a face and neck and hands without
abdominal what I missing any of the
parts of the member in this case that
would have been stunned in gross and its
growth was not completed you imagine
your inner man after you finish your
strive in this earth we see now the
table is going out and we have the
clothes to be buried in a tomb the table
is a same contour without a hand or an
eye or in helium this is the dilemma but
now you have an issue because you have a
seat of a table by his words again and
we have a full cover for a non-existing
table and you have to make this table
but unfortunate able maybe with only
three legs or two legs or whatever it is
this is the beginning of explaining the
dilemma let us go further and see how
the church see the man as a whole this
the words again of saying agree the
solution your glory of Christ is man not
your distortion or Christ is man whom
you have stationed in this world like an
angel a crier of your splendor this for
you that I live
for you that I speak they have become
living oblation to you the one talent
that I live of all my petitions but
meaning of man in the mind of the church
fathers and mothers cool the church
father is our teaching you are going to
be a table was missing parts when you're
finished your life in this earth see the
church praying every day in the ninth
hours absolution again it's describing
nearly a same moment grant has to walk
grant us to walk worthy of the calling
to which thou hast called us that when
we depart this flesh not table and
clothes anymore
we may be numbered with the true
worshipers worthy of the suffering of
Zion only begotten Son Jesus Christ our
Lord and may obtain mercy and
forgiveness of our sins is what we pray
from what did you get this idea just to
show you to remind you when the title is
green it's a church teaching when the
title is red is we are quoting from one
of the books we are considered numbered
with the true worshipers worthy of the
sufferings of the only begotten Son we
have seen what has been told and we are
seeing step by step how the dilemma is a
big dilemma which 22 and 23 in the first
book the inner man and this is a
question of George yes abductor our
bodies that Christ may dwell in you and
this is what George was saying that
everyone is talk about the worst is say
very very good so that Christ may dwell
in your hearts through faith his
deficiency 17 hills and Paul is writing
again when the fire is read I'm quoting
the book the inner man and for
miles by advaithi Saint Paul is writing
to the believers of the Christian Church
telling them that he is praying for them
that Christ may dwell in their heart
hasn't Christ or read wealth in them
when they were saved
be careful the word baptized is not
mentioned saved which is alien to
orthodoxy and will explain at the moment
what then happened when they receive
salvation but does miss receive
salvation we'll keep it for now also
both verses George said Galatians 4:19
efficiency 17 are preceded by a time of
birth pains and prayer that Paul goes
through in a special way this indicates
that it is not an easy process
I am trying to make my case more
stronger so we are going to form your
inner man otherwise you will go to
heaven with missing members and now it's
biblical the Bible is telling you you
need to form Christ next page in the
same book 1st chapter 2 sorry which will
you see it is quite apparent that this
is a further step different from the
first step when they have received
Christ as a Savior be careful because
now the words will start to oppose each
other now have received Christ as a
severe goal has pin in his spirit
because he wants those believers to move
to another stage it does not want them
to stop at the stage of just being
believers so what is after believers if
it happens they will be infants or
childish and their spiritual walk was
all the ups and downs
therefore he urges them to step him to
another important stage what is this
stitch he said until Christ is formed in
you Christ may dwell in your hearts the
two first again lesson 14 and officiant
I'll let any for okay
so yeah
same 23 from the above two vs.
same one relations for nineteen
efficiency sixteen seventeen also it is
clear in many of Saint Paul's writings
to Romans Colossians officiants we
understand that the starting boy is to
accept the saved in Greece the same page
before receiving accepting the Savior
now receiving or accepting the saving
grace but after that the believer need
to receive Christ himself as a person
it's confusing
so in veg 22 received the Savior he's
saying yes but we received the Savior
now I'm receiving only saving grace and
I need to receive the Savior go ahead
more but after that the believer need to
receive Christ himself as a person as
their own Savior therefore what is
received at the beginning as the saving
grace we don't know which beginning it's
not the Baptist never mentioned as a
ball so the saving grace is a beginning
receiving receiving grace but this
saving grace is different from the
person of Christ can you tell me any
denomination in the world can believe
this word our brothers and sisters the
Protestant the very common statement
that you receive Jesus Christ as your
own personal Savior then we are
receiving a saving grace but you don't
receive the P so it's not Orthodox it's
not Protestant and I don't believe it
was written in any other donation before
about someone receiving the saving grace
but he has no Savior I will make the
Savior I will form the Savior and myself
once more with 76 and 77 in the same
book inner man and formation of Christ
salvation has been completed it's alien
to our terminology and also salvation
needs to be worked out
has been completed by by Jesus and we
received it as a saving grace again but
we need to work out our salvation to
receive the Savior as a person living in
us can you tell me which denomination
and unearthed said such things before
never heard of let me summarize his
teaching we when we are saved we don't
know when he didn't fit a standard never
baptized because there's no of just
mention let me say it's like our
brothers and sister in the Protestant
church I am saved I accepted the Savior
but unfortunately he didn't accept I am
accepting the saving grace but I don't
have the Savior yet
now he's again building up on the
dilemma you need to build to have the
Savior and this is the aim of the
ascetic life are you miss me to find
where as the point he's trying to make a
dilemma and the third thing out of the
dilemma is my way of life to form Christ
in you one step further verse chapter 24
page 24 God wants us to be his sons and
so we should have his son inside us
Ephesians 1:5 this written having
predestined us to adoption as sons by
Christ to himself according to the good
pleasure of as well in order to be
adopted as his sons in Jesus Christ and
be real sons
you must have his son and asked who need
a person of Christ to be an us is
insisting you don't have Christ because
you receive the saving grace and you are
saved but you don't have the savior re
with me
is it clear is it a salvation and any
Christian determination without having
the Savior what does it mean to have a
saving grace without a savior never
explained or defined in the book
again in the same this is a
it cannot be fully understood by the
human mind it is much higher than the
understanding of a mind and so it
requires the revelation of the Spirit
through the Word of God
very good we are going to be Scripture
in our teaching
the mystery is to receive Christ as a
person and me if I do not have him as a
person on me
be careful listen I will remain a child
in the spirit because I am saved because
I receive the saving grace and will only
have the saving grace but not the Savior
does it make any Christian sense I am
NOT talking now about orthodoxy
let's make any Christian sense okay next
one this because I am NOT a doctor
fortunately he is a doctor selling the
origin of the words sheet slides on what
Paul refers to and above births legends
419 during birth time be careful during
Paul's time the world to be informed was
used in the medical field to describe
the formation of the embryo inside the
mother's womb now we are talking about
this means that Paul is aspiring for a
spiritual step that is similar to the
formation of the embryo and the mother's
womb understanding this now we are going
to understand what is medical properly
to comply to post understanding in his
time understanding this physical truth
will help us to understand the spiritual
truth Fedorov let us have now the green
screens to take it one by one and again
I'm not quoting myself this is a very
famous Greek scholar chemist voice has a
very big four volumes on the Greek word
a study word by word for the New
Testament and here he is explaining to
us one of the mysteries that
was built in the few pages with it now
the purpose of the strange thing by the
spirit is now given that Christ may
dwell in your hearts it is the key verse
in all the readings with humans were the
personal presence of the Lord Jesus in
the heart of the believer is not in view
here then the personal presence of the
Lord Jesus and the heart of the believer
is not in view here that is taken for
granted this is a Protestant person and
he is talking about the Greek meaning of
the world
it's not about faith or belief or any
doctor the word well he would G 2 7 2 9
it's the strongest number is the
International number of every Greek and
Hebrew word in the world made up of two
words G 6 7 and G 25 96 to live in as a
home is the meaning of the world down
thus to settle down and be at home the
teens is describing a tense angry shown
finally finalizing and the expanding
translation is this is the translation
according to the world of world of the
this verse that Christ my finally
settled down and feel completely at home
in your hearts stood out formation and
this is not me his a scholar of a Greek
language again that Christ might finally
settle down and feel completely at home
in your heart
we'll take it first from the Greek side
and then we see the church fathers how
is he explained it the second-worst
relations 419 my little children from
from for I for whom I labor in pairs
again until Christ is formed in you he
will go for three Greek the
but I will do it only once for the sake
of the time each one we can find more
than a Greek dictionary us what is
mentioned in this book is totally
opposite of the truth
this is vine exactly well it's online
this one formed Morpho they fail not to
the external and transient but to the
inward and real it is used English ins
419 expressing the necessity of a change
in character and conduct to correspond
with inward spiritual condition so that
there may be moral confirms the Christ
it's not something you are going to to
form that the something already changed
inside needs to show a change in conduct
outside it's not about you are going to
form or st. Paul is going to form
something in them we'll see another one
fire Greek legs the word literally until
a mind and life in complete harmony with
the mind and life of Christ shall be
seen formed in you so something you are
going to do to form Christ in yourself
one last screams voiced again the word
formed is from more foo which refers to
the act of giving outward expression of
one's inner man something inside me
going to show outside we use the English
word form in that way sometimes for
instance I went to the tennis match
yesterday the one in rare form was
excellent we mean by that the outward
expression which he gave of his inward
ability to play tennis was excellent
there's not something I'm going to make
inside me so the seed is going to grow
to be an inner man to be a table under
the clothes no this is that big meaning
of the world let us see the church
fathers again st. John Chrysostom in
harmony on Galatians 4:19
you see his parental compassion you see
the anguish that is fitting for an
apostle you see how has demented more
bitterly than woman giving birth you
have ruined the image of God why this is
another issue the holy basil as you know
of ten poles of the Galatians people has
received Judaizers among them we are
calling them to be living a Jewish life
beside Christ Christ was not enough so
he saw that this image of Christ is
going to be ruined in them and his
nearly two or three books of artifice
about how to read eyes the church or
talking about it later in female he is
saying you have lost the kinship you
have exchanged the likeness still the
image and Allah it is the same mind same
steals a great sin basil sangra villain
is the engine and now st. John
Chrysostom you need a Reapers and
Reformation yet nonetheless I still
calls a miscarriage and apportions my
children you are still my children but
this Thompson has been the image has
been distorted once more you need to
repent the scrap of this giugizers ideas
to be able to live and to form not
inside you to show Christ in your
conduct based on the belief that you
received on day one in your baptism
another Greek lexicon
he's talking about the word embryo first
appeared in the 14th century and this
one is a medical one
I'm not going to read it but to say as
recently as the 18th century the
prevailing notion in Western human amber
ogia was Reformation and the knee
squinting Paul never heard the word
embryo Sangha and he has nothing to do
with embryo at all in his mind back to
the book which 25 still you are trying
to describe how the dilemma is fake is
not true he's talked about the spread
walls I got again and it's very medical
according to the church teaching again
according to the church early church
salvations comes inside asked like a
zygote bearing in it all the ability and
the potential of living being and all
the blessings of salvation the spirit
was I God is a saving grace again we are
talking about something we received we
don't know when it's called the saving
and now another name the spirit was I go
for by the grace of God that brings
salvation has appeared to all men this
grace centrally certainly brings true
salvation despite it doesn't have the
Savior it brings true salvation exactly
as a zygote contains all the secrets of
the ordinary physical life the saving
grace also contains in it all the
mysteries of the things which we need to
live victoriously worth Korea's
fulfilled and mature Christian life
still we don't have the Savior but you
have victorious fulfilled mature
Christian life don't tell me how it is
the complete work of Christ which we
receive through the Holy Spirit have
when there's no answer because there is
no about this and there is no sacraments
but at least let us take the balls of
Silas as spirit was I goat let us go
ahead and see what else next page page
however this saving grace can be stunned
we can stop at this point so the saving
grace commands tongue where we will be
actually saved you are saved without
anything else in the book without doing
anything without being baptized without
any sacraments but because he received
the saving grace without the say video
are saved we can stop but we will not be
working out our salvation with fear and
trembling he is quoting Philippians 2:12
the person can live and die only at the
stage of being saved and Christ will not
be formed in him his many issues first
of all he is saying I am saved fair
enough but I have now a closed without
that evil he was talking about
distortion that when I die my inner man
the table will get out distorted a face
without eyes now I am dying I'll be
nothing that because Christ is not
formed but I am saved
can you see the logic behind it when I
die nothing will come out of me because
my my inner man is zero I didn't work on
it but I am saved because I have
received the saving grace but I don't
have the savior the Berenstain can live
and die only at the stage of being saved
and Christ will not be found in him so
it's zero inner man so I have now is
that the full closed without a table at
all and the second thing which is very
late but I will share it with you now
and we'll share later one of the results
you will be put on you the robe of
righteousness and he thinks the robe of
righteousness a new inner man that has
been formed so I don't have a robe of
righteousness but I am saved
because they have the saving grace but
zero cannot man and zero robe of
righteousness because he's saying I will
sit in the last talk the robo flashes
will never cover an old man is only
covering the new inner man now we are
talking logic not theology anymore you
are saved with zero inner man with zero
robe of righteousness jeepers this is
again which 27
thus it is if the person goes through
sleepers born as a child in the flesh
Borden alone against true salvation we
don't know when or how he is going to
receive this saving grace because there
is no sacrament smashed and there is
nothing else even this convection is
driven from st. paul's about having
labor pains indicating a various process
and real inner person being delivered
then he is mentioning st. Felix used in
the 6th century we didn't know when well
in which work just a name beside his
step so sleepers the third one is when
you are forming Christ his son clearly
of necessity lost his ally to speak
briefly as there are in us sleeper
whereby human nature is quickened one of
the body the flesh another in the
sacrament of regeneration in Baptist a
clear time another by the resurrection
of the dead for which we look this is
our new new beautified body when you are
risen with Christ in his second coming
from where you get you on three it's
your own image a second one when you are
saved we don't know when and how and the
third one when you are going to form the
Savior in you then he was voting more on
the word my little children again
according to Kings voice volume 1 which
speaks of them as his children Borden
ones not someone who's going to be born
ready born once is for the second time
the stress of his collision comfort was
the same anguish that he experienced in
the effort as their conversion so I'm
still in pain you are my child you are
born already but now with lost you
dieters you step your mind the metaphor
speaking of a Christian wedding comforts
to the world Christ as those who give
their spirit while sharing is found in
first Corinthians for 15 and pheromone
verse 10 so he's showing to us that we
are not going to be born they are
already a born once I would just the
verses if you want to have a look on
handouts for the sake of saving time
then he is labeling sin as a queen it's
not so important the new name which is
very biblical well
32 and 33 so part of your journey to
form Christ you will get your new name
here on earth the new name as I 62 2 and
revelation 3d is the mystery of Christ
in each one of us we should know the new
name here and now on earth none any
nation as far as I know is affirmation
my new name may be the man of sorrows
the man of joy or the man of wisdom
because this is how I am created and I
am close to achieve important things in
his kingdom and those things needs this
wisdom or this sorrow or less patience
and so on
Bishop sees areas of art and I shall
give him a white stone is verse 17 - or
- 17 and this is a body made white by
Baptists and on the stone is written a
new name that is the knowledge of the
Son of God
which one which no one knows except him
who receives it that there's no one
knows except through the revelation and
for that reason it is said of the Jews
for had they known they would not have
crucified the Lord of glory so every
time you are putting your own teaching
the main message you will get in the end
every single part of his teaching is a
man-made teaching and more than that at
the very end you'll see how many
heresies already condemned the church
based on these teachings one by one so I
will end in few minutes breaking the
barrier and then you have this image on
the screen I'm trying here to him to
explain what he is saying in this
passage based on this dilemma you'll see
a small box and a small dot in it in the
man and the left this is the seed the
spirituals a goat that has been put in
the person on the day of his salvation
which you don't know when and how but
this seed is in a box so it's imprisoned
so when we break the barrier the books
is going to be broken and then this the
goat will start to grow as you see here
the blue color and the second and right
hand side and now this inner man started
to be formed still this guy the poor guy
has no members just a chest
he's in the process of being grown based
on certain verses let us see the verses
that is used page 44 in his book inner
man and formation of Christ for the word
of God is living and powerful and
sharper than any two-edged sword
piercing even to the division of the
soul and spirit and of the joints and
marrow and is a discerner
the sooner of the thoughts and intents
of art is quoting here st. Paul and
Hebrews 4:12
here is his comment in page 47 the
barrier between the spirit and the soul
still exists so now we are going to
break the barrier if you remember the
image few minutes ago it needs to be
broken so that the saving grace the
spirit world I goat may extend to fill
the inner man this poor guy has a chest
only til has no head or hands or feet I
have been crucified with Christ it is no
longer I who live but Christ lives in me
and the life which I now live in the
flesh I live by the faith in the Son of
God who loved me and gave himself for me
and sin is reigning over my members for
a big reason still we are building up on
this dilemma so now the space was they
God needs to get out to grow I need to
break the barrier between the soul and
the spirit the reign of sin is no longer
in the spirit of man because he has
already received the seed of grace be
careful now we are going to separate man
into soul spirit and man and body and
each one of them is working separately
from the other again the reign of sin is
no longer in the spirit of man because
he has already received the seat of the
grid so their soul the spirit is saved
by receiving a saving grace we would
like to know exactly where is that
spirit was a word residing now yet the
rain of sin is still in the members it
needs to be dethroned
so that a sin reigned in this even so
grace might reign through righteousness
to eternal life through Jesus Christ
let me summarize it and then we go a to
see what is the bigger side of the datum
so I have the spiritual zygote this is
his words we have the spirit was I goat
inside a box and I have zero inner man I
need to break the barriers because there
are no barriers between soul and spirit
the spirit is saved by receiving the
saving grace but the soul and body stood
motive because you don't have the Savior
but the spirit is able to be saved
without without a Savior again this is
his words not mine
and now the sin is reigning on the body
not on the spirit because the Spirit is
saved and the Spirit is capable by the
saving grace not to have this rain of
same so the key word is piercing
there is a piercing between the soul and
the spirit again but a sequence voice to
tell us what does that mean
piercing between the spirit and soul
piercing is the translation of a Greek
word which means to go through the world
the dividing asunder of soul and spirit
it's in red now do not mean that
dividing asunder of soul and spirit nor
it is the dividing asunder of joints and
marrow the case in Greek is genitive of
description defining the action in the
world in this case it is going through
the soul and going through the spirit so
it's not the spirit and the soul being
separated it is going to make a
separation inside the soul a separation
inside the spirit so it's not there is
no barrier between spirit and soul we
need to break you are building your case
on another imagination
let us continue going through the zone
and going through the spirit the BRE
position prefix to the verb there which
means rule in the sense of the sword
through the heart the dividing asunder
here is not that of one thing from
another again it is not of one thing of
another not of the soul from the spirit
but of one thing
in itself
by the action something separating its
constituent elements from one another by
piercing it so the case itself is fake
in each part of it one more thing is it
sin is reigning over the members but not
gaining over the spirit because the
Spirit is saved by receiving a saving
grace but the body is not let us read
the same verse but read the verse before
and verse after to see when we quote the
scripture we don't need to quote our own
portion that is strengthen our own
imagination I speak in human terms
because of the weakness of your flesh
for just as you presented your members
as slaves of uncleanness with the status
before converting to Christ and of the
Lord is leading to more wrongness so now
present your members as slaves of
righteousness for Torrance so simple was
talking to the Romans who were three
different categories of people so some
of them were Jews became Christians some
Rosales became Christian some Gentiles
became Christians and he was telling
them before knowing Christ you presented
your members as members or slaves of
uncleanness it's time to present them to
be members of righteousness for when you
were slaves of sin you were free in
regard of righteousness then what fruit
did you have them in the things of which
you are now ashamed for the end of those
things is death
but now having been set free from sin
and having become slaves of God you have
your fruit to holiness and the end
everlasting life is the full message of
what st. Paul was telling them it's not
about sin is reigning over your bombers
and now your spirit is saved but you're
not it's your own imagination once more
56 is telling us something again
strange in Corinthians 2:7 teens and
post rights for we are not as many
battling the word about building any
Roisin but as of sincerity but as from
God we speak in the sight of God in
Christ and then he is trying to explain
what st. Paul was telling the
Corinthians ball did all his talks said
moans I'm reaching as if he was always
in the sight of God fair enough
he says that his speaks was saying
sincerity in the sight of God like a man
sent from God then this is the invade in
vengeance if salvation process is
completed and us when hell don't know it
will surely touch our body and its
members making them cleansed member that
have the blessing over them as a result
our immensity will be surely different
in every way and aspect
so if try to they pull say these words
because has completed way his salvation
process is completed in him and that's
why he was very effective in his
bridging to the Kremlin's let us take it
step by step first of all when st. Paul
wrote the second vessel to the
Corinthians according to this diagram
around 57 ad which means at least 10
years before his martyrdom he imagined
st. Paul is able to say my salvation has
completed ten years before his departure
let us go further and see what st. John
Chrysostom and apprentice are saying
about this verse he will never hear is
the divine saving saying directed to the
false apostles and prophets st. Paul was
ashamed that people in the church were
peddling changing corrupting the Word of
God it's nothing to our salvation at all
he will never hear that divine saying
the force opposes on profit in
Corinthians yourselfer has become truth
your wine mixed with water as the false
prophets and the wicked priests used to
corrupt the Word of God by their own
evil thoughts nothing to do about
completed salvation at all the Apostle
confirms that he is sent by God and that
he utters what he directly says to him
as the ambassador of Christ
Shannon Chris stone Paul talks in Christ
not by his own wisdom but by the power
given by him to God where is what you
are going to convince us that salvation
is completed and now the word of some
poll are very effective st. Paul
suffered a lot as you know in 1st
Corinthians and sentences what are you
trying to prove has no sense of reality
at all stop here because it's one thing
and we'll see the solution in the next
talk but at least we so now is how the
dilemma is too thick from the beginning
today with the global urges Christ be
with you from now on forever