The Tongue

What is Isabella famous chef? Anyone knows what? Can you please touch your tongue? 1 2 3 it's about what? It's about the thumb. It's about what do you say? What you say? What does it goes? and knowing that what you say Michael something bad or wrong and also I will connect it with what Christ said about our words. About what about what you said so I can invite you all to eat together or together from Disney? One two three all together knowing that we shall receive a secret. We all stumble in many things if anyone does not stumble and work. He's a perfect man table also deprived of the full body and Deidre put bit in horse's mouth that they may obey us and we turned our whole body look also at 6 or though they are so large. They're given by Fierce winds. They are turned by a very small Burger wherever the pilot desires. Even saw the tongue is a little member and both great things see how great of porous the little fire Kindles. The tongue is a fire a world of iniquity. The tongue is so set among our members that the FAA the whole body and set on fire the course of Nature and it's set on fire by hell for every kind of Beast and bird a reptile land creature the sea is that a man has been paying by Mankind's let no man can tame the tongue. It is an unruly evil full of deadly poison that we bless our God and Father and where did it we curse men who have been made and similar to that of God out of the same math precedes both cursing and blessing my brother. These things are not be so just send for fresh water and bitter person the same opening. Okay. Did you realize what he said about the tongue? How Dre dangerous is the small one member? All collectibles on krycek Crescent from your mouth you will be justified and from your mouth you will be charged. Whatever, you said. God has a big lottery for each of us. And the library contains what you have ever said. I did some studies about this season. We stick between 5000 to 6000 words a day as men as lady is descriptive thousand words a day. Maybe more and maybe more and to put this in a book. You might have almost almost 50/50 or five thousand volumes of books at your end, which you have broken car set. How many words from this words God can judge and how many words God can say it was the right time? Admittedly two different things about what I'm going to say. They've been giving gifts to be fruit. All of us unequip from God to be fruitful. And I'm surprised sometimes people in the church are saying holy holy holy and praising God and outside the church. There words are completely distance. I can tell many parents are angry because the way the kids are dealing with them. The language we use at home is not a proper language. And I can't blame the kids to be honest. I blame also the parents. Who allow this and maybe they are the one who put this in the house. Maybe the seed is smooth, but the Harvest is plenty. He put a smoothie and the Betsy became a big and a big amount of bad Harvest and the same time. How do we talk to one another? first points Did you consider the presence of God while you're speaking? Did you consider that God is is there and he's listening to every word you say? You know sin is not only doing things. The Manson is I'm not considering God's presence. I can recall. King when God asked you where is your brother and Kim can give came up with a very best answer. I brought my brother's keeper language you talk to God. Is the language you talk to one another? Sometimes I get our news and some others I don't care and this was really irritates me. It's a very good in this world. And as a safe Bradley, I am Curtis. I don't care you gain what you have said? If you don't care if I would come and no one will take care about you. And what do you say the Bible said what you said you didn't lie will be manifest openly. I'm here the second Point gossiping. Gossiping we speak badly about one another. And again, if you speak badly about someone it would turn around around on someone's cheek bad. What about you? watch out don't ignore God's presence. I know and I medically have this rule the freedom of what speech. Can I hear can I scan Freedom or even listening or hearing or hearing? I'm free to listen to what I want to say. I'm free all smoke to listen. What are free to speak whatever you want? And you don't want others to treat you as you did for them. Some setup is sometimes use this method. If someone has a harsh words in the session he gave him the same horse word and he's angry and now the question is if you are angry now because what I've told you want them to feel the anger of the other person whom you said the same, what word? If you want someone to respect you, but it's do one respect them if you want someone to honor you. He said he is from the same mouth. We praise God. I'm from the same mouth with what we curse. How many obasa cursing? Use the F-word every time you are angry. And dog is present. Call me. I think I swear you are a big liar. And God is present. Call me or think I breathed you lord. I Love You Lord, but for 2 hours on Sunday and outside. My tongue is very ugly very bad word. We need to repent about this. Every single word God will judge you. watch out every single word What are the solution now? How can you solve this problem? I want to ask you one time. So what about it? How many of us take a shower once a year? twice a year The dirty areas need to be one watched. Out of the heart speaks one. What's your heart's first your tongue will be what? clean What's your heart? With the pure word of God your tongue will do it. chica. Send it may be to the Lord Lakshmi family from one mine since then. My phone will work crazy. See the sequence washing 1st and Martin Goodwin. If you don't be in if you're not in the work of God, if you are not in the holy water of God, I never be washed. One of the great Bishops of the church who passed away this year. Many of us knows in old people but doesn't know him. His name is Bishop Nathaniel is the bishop of assume. This man was a bishop since 1946. United 2015 Bishop Old Woman Who very well went to visit them. And his sickness, how was he? He said believe me between adverse and averse is saying what? His heart is full of the holy word of one of God bless other than one marble and complainers. How many of you guys start with I have a problem? You always come with a problem whenever thankfully. you or was Not satisfy, you always not happy. To the other side of the world and be thankful. and watch out God Is Watching every word what you How many must have been used to say to say to someone I'm sorry? How many? How many can go to the kids and say I was harsh on you forgive me? How many of our boys and girls school and Centerville and forgive me. Forgive me Mom? I was wrong. Blessed are the peace one? Gossiping. Oh my God. Oh my God, taking the phone stick about someone badly. Good luck. It is recorded. 8th District Court And the last thing God was telling you you judge him. I will what? touch you you must be kidding me. I'm going to make it to open everyone would see what's it about this person? Check it unless point before you speak think. So to speak what I think what you going to say? And what does the consequences of what you are saying? I'll give us two ears to listen more than you speak. What was picked up and then when we listen? Listen, and thank you for your speak. And if you can't control yourself get out of the position, but they're not to make it worse. You can come to yourself. Get out of it before they make it one first wash yourself in the holy word the word of God then come with a ready on speaker iPhone. Can I ask you something today? Sincerely? I ask something. Can you be a nice one another? Can we say thank you. please I'm grateful. magic words rhyme going to say thank you, please. appreciated animaker attention that I want this more smooth with our good words. Please read James to you once again. another word of God Church and purify our hearts and give us a good one. Glory be to God forever and ever.