St. Verena - Basic Christianity

This sermon posted with kind permission from Father Pishoy Salama of St. Maurice & St. Verena Coptic Orthodox Church in Ontario, Canada


The name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit one God amen glory be to the father to the son and to the Holy Spirit bus now to the ages of all ages email. Great to see everyone this evening. And it's a big blessing together on this wonderful and blessed feast. Send Karina urban legend. Not many people know about century. For the longest time she has been concealed from the car. Would like to meditate with you tonight. Send Karina and this will be a discussion with begin tonight and will continue tomorrow and The Divine Liturgy of the evil power fist and tomorrow at 8:30 picture and sayings of our church. Where can I see the station Center Arena? In his mind and his father give us human beings example. We should live our Christian Life and if we look and see how God was in the same steps as they reach the same place of Holiness and righteousness as they have. I want to begin by giving you an idea. Send green. I was born in Cuba, which is modern-day Luxor Egypt monuments and temples of the huge back in the day. She was born in 2nd Century has passed away in the year is 344 kg. She was born in the world Christian song. They couldn't Advance with her so much in her face serum on my camera. Egypt was apart of the Roman Empire. And two men came from who is the Roman Emperor at the time that means a group of soldiers across from Egypt and to fight with him about five or six different leaders. Where is traffic over and Center Arena went with them they could take with them certain individuals female definition? Where is the nearest Asian was recruited to find somewhere? Particular time chief executive is difference between sent and sent them to do some two things which day complete number to the city in heaven and him also we should worship. We love you. If you do not worship, the soldier was mutilated in a city in France is Patron Saints in infants. So she started to go and look for Alex in order to give him. from and she went over to France and Switzerland let the life of a Hermit meaning that she was an ascetic person. She ate very little. The only did she dedicated life for prayer, but she started teaching the people at the time and they were very much as I can. Laser 34th century. Send Karina confess now in the den den in Switzerland Christianity. And this is why you will see her holding two things have good hygiene and to a shower to comb their hair. She moved several times and when it was snowing in the city that she was Christian and she was teaching people the Christian faith. Amber Rose against her at the time and the leaders of the city and they wanted to kill her and she started moving from one place to another around Switzerland. And then she started the history says that all the snakes have left and they would not have to perform Miracles and wonders. So all those who were sick came to her and took her sickness and she had special care for the lepers. Cuz it is contagious contagiosum in most cases people usually stay away from these people, but she accepted them fairly early version of Mother Teresa. How to survive a woman from that area who was a secret Christian fell in love with her and she went to visit her and she would take these ornaments that she would make with her hand and then she would go buy some food converter for Switzerland. And in some countries especially in Egypt, if you go in front of the Swiss Embassy originally from Egypt and cross the Mediterranean Sea been to Europe before the time of the Reformation way before the time of this simple woman brought Christianity and she became a missionary and she taught them both face and Christianity amazing when you look today at the difference between countries in the Middle East. Lassen high class descendants of the Pharaohs, of course before what happened with the 7th Century. This was the space. Meditation points that we would begin today and God willing we will continue tomorrow. Is a beautiful life of sin? Send Karina. Was a simple one so many female saints that are on Earth in the church and we look up on their contribution amazing history. His grace Bishop serapion in Switzerland to Egypt showing 1986 a delegation from Saint Rita's church in in Switzerland. Role of the bishop Bishop band in February 22nd of 94 title afterwards also. When I was speaking with his Holiness Pope Shenouda about this particular church, and what is going to be the name of the church listen so much. This sings My People its origin was there but then it is missionary nature and the western church and the Newark Airport patron saints actually the Catholic church and Ministry of each and every one of us to be a light to the world anywhere that we may exist and just like the Lord called and they are exactly what we'd look up to 10 terms of their Ministry. According to the teachings that they have shown us and by this the church could be a light and a life house in all of the Western countries. That's why we have chosen them to be our patron saints. the first lesson that you want to learn from the life of Saint Serena is that the place that we are born to be the place where God wants us to minister to witness to him. Some of us are born here in the west. Most of the Canadians are waiting for ourselves. What is the purpose that God has brought us in this land? Canada especially Toronto and people of different races and cultures and ethnicities and this is a big blessing Sovereign countries all gather here in Toronto. God brought us here for a reason. Even though we may be comfortable in feelings that this is our homeland on a visitor Visa. And we have the choice to make our life matter. Or just going to live a life. No one will know about. What is conacastes up to something? That is great and amazing? Here are some words, which I love so much. The book of Hebrews are from the epistle to the Hebrews. And it is speaking about the face. This is the chapter of faith in Hebrews. And he's speaking about Abraham and Sarah is trying to conceive seeds and she bore a child as that were born as many stars in the sky. These all died in face not having received the promises but having seen what I should have them. They were strangers and pilgrims on the earth for those who say such things. They would have had the opportunity to return. speaker City was called by God to leave until Mother's Day is that he returned back is nearly passing away whether they lived in this land or in dark land in their hearts They Carried with them. What was directed towards what is division division is Christ vision is reaching the Heart of Jesus Christ real strangers and pilgrims on the earth Canadian passport. Someone have some other passport. We realize that we are citizens of Heaven. And we don't have one particular Homeland. Some people are migrating from one. You know, I understand the whole concept of an immigration. We are deciding to immigrate to the Far East. Let's say all of us are submitting application to migrate to the forest. What is the language of this place? The language of Heaven is the language of the Heavenly language is not any particular language. The language of Heaven is the language of love language and we are standing in front. sojourners in this world and strangers and we seek we have to learn the customs and the habits of this land that we are migrating to what can I do to survive. How am I going to find bread? And and in that little Jesus says that I have gone before you to prepare for you a place that we're all so they decided I better Is a Heavenly country is not ashamed to be called. New Homeland in Europe new Customs the weather new traditions and values. She was able to witness and all of its inhabitants study somewhere else and a place that I will try to be in this place in life Facebook to the message of the Gospel peaceful to the Lord Jesus Christ. I would have much more calm in my heart from behind by the TV. Do you want to fight the world even after they were Martin she didn't return and she started learning where she was going to live and the country and the culture and was a blessing right there. many of us live our Christian Life, theoretically in the sense that we love to come to church with us to celebrate or Christianity is very first At the same time would have to consider the verses in the scripture that says that you are the salt of the earth and you are the light of the world. This city is not under foot by men in the world. But as soon as we step outside. Each and every one of us would ask what is my mission in the world? What's the longest amount of inheritance self-pity? Joseph in the Old Testament a similar story when his brothers abandon him and through him. And what's a feeling that he has a purpose in his life other countries as immigrants or ice people who belong to the point? He spoke to his brothers. He use The Interpreter. This is what it says. Yes, he looks like an Egyptian. Like An Egyptian lifestyle, he became his love for his people and his brothers and then his father came to him. He was probably has suffered from service and Ministry to the people and he was able to distribute the food for them in the time of famine. That's always our Christian life has to have this. There's no way that we can do one of the too many people and many of some religions and even missions or Ministries. They say we just want to give give give two parallel lines intersect. There is a combination between the two these two are inseparable, Love your neighbor as yourself to begin this transformation from a monster right here inside our church is a multicultural church, and this is exactly the vision. What is a big blessing for one another because many people are they expecting to reflect the image of Christ to others parents to children and children to their parents and siblings to our neighbors particulate to convert to reflect the image of Christ at once we have that we are more than happy. the first lesson is She willingly moved from her home country to a whole new country and she said he would give her a mission there and use her took to become a blessing to her surroundings. She was happy and she did not complain. She was a Sojourner the love of God that she was able to open up to be a place of comfort. She said she served and she gave from her own sustenance as much as she could and she helped all those we will we will continue our discussion and we are just cooking tonight basic Christianity. to our surroundings the last lesson we learned from Santorini tonight. What's it called the word copt? COPD and she was a true example of that. She was a true. I made this app. So please don't sing that I got a strong from anywhere. So it's not representation of what you know, what the C stands for. antique stands for temperate temperate means clean or dirty This is something that we have to learn from her something that we have to maintain and refine better after a letter G or after a service. Stephen piscotty we should leave it the way we we start from the beginning. There is no reason that this is not going to speak out so many meditation in the Bible. We are forbidden put in their place is very important and we know this so many times that start with B. Service begins should be there from the beginning so that some kind of commitment we have to be there at 8:39 or 9:30, but it's only supposed to turn in my old office that says how much can I get away with and still go to heaven? Because this is you know, it is present in many different percent. Then this is what I'm aiming for orderly. You know, it was speaking about times of Love Prayer with other people. Just trying to be as much as possible reflecting the image of Christ has so many beautiful. We take pride in letting others as she was a great role model for any and lift across the lands in Europe and we are going to be a blessing and glory be to God forever and ever.