The Secret of Success

Many self-help books will promise you the secrets of success but have you looked at the lives of great men and women to see what they have done to be "successful"?  Have you looked at the way Jesus Christ lived to find this secret?  
How do we handle stress and the burdens of our obligations? How do we manage to do what we have been called and chosen to do? 
God is calling us to be great... So, lets go be great! 


Today, I want to focus on two people that we hear about in The Gospel message. I want to talk to you about two people that have an amazing story and let me hear beginning of their stories here in today's Gospel. And in what we read John chapter 1 and it's Amazing Beginnings because it's so simple. In the story of how two of Jesus disciples end up coming with him following him. And then the part that you don't know is what happens to the doctor today in Johnson John's gospel chapter one, we heard about Philip and Nathanael being called and we know about it because when Philip was called bases what happens if Philip comes to Nathaniel And we have found the one who they call the Messiah we've been the one that Moses talk about which was said in the Torah in the Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy, and so cynical and thinking what are you talking about? There's no way that he's here. Who is he and he says he's coming from Nazareth and the nothing good comes from Nazareth and Lind Funeral meets Jesus and a very very simple statement. Jesus says I saw you sitting under the Fig Tree and so we can surmise from the writings of the fathers of fathers of the church when they read this passage. They've also said Sitting under the Fig Tree Nathaniel was praying and when he was president. Are daydreaming or meditating he met God in a vision. And so when Jesus tells him I saw you sitting under the Fig Tree it wasn't that no one except for God and so he knows that Jesus is the Messiah he is the savior. He is the one who is called to come until later called Bartholomew and Philip both end up following Jesus Christ. They're part of the 12 disciples. But let's fast-forward Dave walked with Jesus, they found through everything and they've even seen Jesus arrest his crucifixion his death, but they've also witnessed his resurrection and now they get to the resurrection and there with Christ Lutheran Church of Christ near learning the truth of the world's the truth of creation and then Jesus descend and he gives them a mission to go out and go to amazing things go do great things golden sings that things that we're all called to do. Going to be like Christ. Bartholomew and going together they are chosen to go together and they are supposed to go through Asia Minor which is currently a turkey and in through around Syria and they start their Ministry there. Now, they don't like a good older brother. He brings his younger sister with him Maryam name is one of the female disciples that goes with both your brother and was Nathaniel and they go around and they go all over the place is and they do amazing things. For example one person. There was a blind man who is blind for 40 years and that blind man was end up being about things he needs and once the people know, this is a blind man in the whole town to send. Kids who are in need of healing? And that then transforms that community and converts them to cry. You can't beat you can't do anything that you're saying is your ear to ear your master hasn't done and what is our Master have to go through he went through death crucifixion. Persecution Philip and Nathanael end up going with the sister and they end up going and doing all these amazing things healing all these amazing amazing wings and converting people to the truth. But the same time they undergo Great Tribulation attacks beatings. that one place Philip and Nathanael and Miriam links are convicted rrrrrr judged to die by crucifixion. Hang Philip and Nathanael and Maria me on the cross. And all of a sudden nerve earthquake happens and the Earth is shaking shaking shaking shaking the people start to realize that they've done some great thing so they can order it to take down the Daniel Philip and Maria me, but it's too late. Philip Authority. The Nathaniel and Maria me go forward and our save that day and they go forward to continue to preach the good news. They say and there is I don't know the truth of the statement. Also went to India what part of India I don't know. I have to do a little bit more research on it, but they say he went to India any translate in the gospel of Matthew. into one of the Indian dialects sing about Philippines Nathaniel and Maria me is it how simple they're beginning one? They were just people of a small area in the Middle East who were given? Nathaniel tree and he automatically in hearing the word of Christ hearing the word of Jesus the Messiah I'm going to do some amazing Maven things. Anyone have to do amazing things anyone who follows Christ and believes in him as he calls us to live amazing things are in store for you. There's a great many things that we are called to do. One person that we are our nation is celebrating tomorrow. Is Martin Luther King Martin Luther King jr. Tell me the man that lived the life of price. In his witness in his life his wife witness to one thing and that is well. Because it is responding to Dietrich responding to Prejudice responding to so many difficulties. inequalities with the same hatred Martin Luther King jr. Founded in love he responded. Peace. Protest is what help change the world help change this nation. My brothers and sisters each and every one of them. Amazing things never sell yourself short to think that you can't do amazing things. You're cold. To be great. That could be some heavy weight on our shoulders, right? Heavyweight when we are called to be great. It's a pennyweight bad parents now. You know that when your child is born that moment the child comes into the world that moment is a moment in which your life completely changed and it was a joyous moment, but it was a moment of Great Britain because now no more are you by yourself even if with your spouse, you know, there was some Independence that you know, they can take care of themselves. But now you have this and this child something that you have to take care of. There's no one else. You're if you're calling and so you have to be great to read. Good and righteous men and women of God. It's a great time with all the different distractions and difficulties that could come in that way each and every one of us has been given this great and wonderful task. To love and that group can be a burden. How do men like Phillip how do men like Nathaniel? How do men or women like Maria mean? how do people Home Depot like Martin Luther King end up doing great things. 3 pics each and every one of us is called to do great things, right? You know, they say that there are five Gospels. Matthew Mark Luke and John Wright, what are the gospels are the narratives the stories are the writings of the life of Jesus Christ? We don't know for write-in in our Bible. There are four gospels, but the father said it's the gospel that most people go through it every single person. will come in contact with and that gospel is the good news. So we do have his drink responsibly this great burden and episode. How was it that Nathaniel Maria? Me and Martin Luther King and all the great. Followers of Christ. How did Big Bear this burden? How did they bear that burden to love? When people hate them when people persons when people go again? Well, the secret is right. What is Jesus Christ do when things go bad or things are heavy? You know after giving a great message. Or before doing some great witness great Miracles. What did Jesus Christ do in the gospel? They don't know. What did he do? What did Jesus do before or after? is greatest activities in things that he did st. Matthew's gospel chapter 14 verse 23 after he dismissed the crowds Jesus after he dismissed the process of giving a great sperm into them. Jesus went up to the mountain by himself to pray. Jesus went to pray that's the secret the secret is the Jesus went to pray. Even before his arrest his arrest and then his trial and then hit the beating that you can go through and then finally the crucifixion it says it says that then Jesus withdrew from them about the way down and pray father. If you are willing remove this cup from me yet not my will but yours be done then an angel from heaven appeared to him and gave him strength and an egg more earnestly. He prayed and prayed and his Sweat by Greg drops of blood falling down to the ground. When Jesus was about to do a great great things the greatest of all things when he was about to perform the greens active love that anyone is ever performed to die for one's friends. Are we friends or Sinners? We're betrayers of him in love when he was about to do this great and amazing thing you want. When Jesus is about to go do this, what was the one thing he went to do before it is the prayer now, this is a thing about many of us and I'm guilty is a we pray like we're we're we're rubbing the Genie's lamp come out my job to go. Well, I need this thing to go shopping list something as if God is taking down those and going. All right, I'll do that. All right. God is like Santa's on suddenly is God. Why did Jesus pray that night? Jesus said father if you are willing remove this cup from me yet not my will but yours be done. It's been one of the prayer that he taught in in in the Jeep what he said. Die will be done on Earth as it is in heaven will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. Frozen sisters it is imperative that when we pray, pray for things for your job for the leaders of the nation to make sure that everything we should pray and pray for others in definitely. However, when we pray, let's not forget that we're supposed to pray for his will to be done. That's why this month when we chose the song for our Parish of our Parish songs of the month as you will but what's wrong if you choose. They were supposed to be singing and hopefully I'm many families are using this song to my alarm sound if he wanted everyone to learn and it's a song that it's a devotional song is not necessarily Orthodox. However, meaning has great meaning that we should ourselves. Hold on to Linda Linda What is this song me the song yoga? God lead me Julie according to your will not according to my will my father and my Lord my brothers and sisters part of the beauty of Prayer in when we allow ourselves to give it to God. Swimming pool hours to work when we don't try to micromanage everything in control everything, but when not thinking about the plans of the future, but saying God lead me and that is what Philip and Bartholomew and my only did because when they went forward they started with one simple thing. They follow Jesus Christ. They walk with him every single City that they went to after he had sent them out. They didn't go. Okay. This is the plan. We're going to go here to hear to hear to hear. No, they walk with him and they allow the opportunity the doors to be opened it when the doors were open, you know what their response was? Love in every action that they do. They loved another the same action and respond to each and every one of us is called to do to love to love each other more than every opportunity for sick. Don't you worry, don't you worry asking for help and to help in whatever ways we can my brothers and sisters. It is our core not only McDaniels got only a bar, You're not only Martin Luther King jr. It is all of our responsibility to love to do great things to do amazing things. but not my heart will look at the store and fill up the Daniel Bartholomew is to learn to 1 to pray to pray and to ask to go forward and do great things. To do great things that give glory to God to allow God's working for his will to work enough to be one with him walking forward and not love that. She showed us. Let us go forth and do that all glory and honor to the father and to the son and to the Holy Spirit.