Rejecting the Word

A sermon given on September 14, 2008 onĀ Luke 7:28-35.


Play my Father's son the Holy Spirit one. God Amen. Just something small together. Very very very small. the gospel today is the gospel today have something a message that you specifically do you like that but when you look at the gospel today? We see two characters to main characters, of course John the Baptist and we see the Lord himself to the Pharisees. When did John the Baptist in the Lord when are they going to listen to him? Both John the Baptist in the Lord had something to say. For John the Baptist. What did they say about John the Baptist T's or what? Who remembers? He's what? He has a what a demon. And then the Lord said had they rejected Legend John the Baptist ejected by the Pharisees. I started praying about that to see if I was rejecting the Lord are not the Epistle of James. chapter one verse 22 2017 to James chapter 1 verse 22 to 27 or words to put up on the screen. It talks about. Are we the party phrases for anyone is a hear of the word and not a door is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror for he observes himself goes away is what kind of man he was. So see how is this reading today to John the Baptist and Jesus the rejection of them? I feel that maybe when we look We look into the mirror. What's the meaning for us is the word of God. The Lord just like the Pharisees didn't want to accept the Lord. Cease didn't want to accept John the Baptist which is a good leader in the church. James think I'm screwed in the mirror. Cuz what does it mean to do? Like if you remember when we were some of you still are teenagers for teenagers when we get up in the morning and it's time for school and we look in the mirror. What is the thing that were scared about the most? Scared about what was scared about seeing like a big pimple on our face or in our nose or like somewhere like I remember like I'll be honest. I remember that too. When I was a teenager. I was afraid the first thing in the morning when you go look in the mirror and see something big blemish and get scared cuz you want to go to school. This is this is something new If you think about it we continue to do today is that were afraid to look in the mirror? And the mirror is the word of God when you look at the word of God, what does it Reveal Your spots it reveals your sim to afraid to look at the word of God. And so the word of God is almost like we don't want to look at it. We don't want to follow because it reveals spots now when you have spots in real life. He what you cover it, right if you have like a big zit or a pimple or blemish on your face to cover it up before you covered up. But is that going to solve anything? Is there is the the blemish going to go away the best thing to do is what is to wash your face everyday is washed thoroughly face everyday. This will keep you clean the word of God. We need to wash in the word of God every day. And this will show us like our spots or blemishes to keep us clean. So if you look at the story, I'm not going to shut you much sleep. You look at the story and you see people rejecting John the Baptist people rejecting the Lord. We done the same thing. Have we rejected the word of God or secondly the church or the people in the church? Those people are sinners. How can we go to church and they follow Jesus go best with the Pharisees or st. John the Baptist. He's going to be with me Jesus. Maybe we're doing the same thing. Maybe we are rejecting the thing that is good for us. The things that are good for us course is the church and sometimes we were ashamed to come to church and if we're honest with him to come to church because that will be revealed. And we're friends at the church is bad churches. Full of Hypocrites that's not going to solve it. Of course. There's at the church full of Sinners. Of course, that's why we're here but don't start my point is this don't stop to make excuses good for them and maybe we're doing the same may be rejecting the word of God eat. Some of us don't even want to open the bottle because we know what do a lot of things that are in the Bible. So maybe we don't want to even like dig deep in the water because we don't want to accept what has to say and we don't want to open it. And sometimes we don't want to go to certain Church meetings are certain events because we're willing to accept what they have to say. So that is take care of the things that are good for us, or maybe we make excuses different from what I said, but look into your life. the Lord because of the Pharisees Luke chapter 7 says what the Pharisees and lawyers rejected the counsel of God for themselves. They rejected the council. I know it sounds crazy for us to say that John. The Baptist has a demon or Jesus it is like with the center is in his is like among the citizens sending himself similar today. I just want us to take care. I want us to take care. I want to send us all to remember that it's okay that we have sinned. It's okay that we have sinned. And don't be ashamed of it. Don't hide from it. But you have to admit it. You have we all have too many to myself all of us have those spots those blemishes and when you don't be ashamed of it, don't stop going to the places that helps you don't stop going to the like some some people told me he want to go to Sunday school anymore. This is recently Sunday school and church and bible study change. I might have to make in my life. The best mirror to reveal our sins the word of God and the church. These are the two places where we will see it. Clearly. First of all, I want us to remember that number one have to put that mirror up everyday so you can see what's going on in your life, but never to accept it. So yes, I am a sinner don't pretend to come to church on like some big hero. Now you come to church when you come before the office and I did something wrong. I need your help Lord and don't be ashamed by anyone would try to bring you down that's going to happen that's going to happen. If you've done something wrong in your life before score some was going to say something but don't be ashamed of it. Don't reject it accept it all of us here. I can tell you right now. I promise you everyone in this church has a blemish or has many blemishes. So no one can look at anybody else has blemishes. But now this is how we can see them clearly, which is the word of God you look at James chapter 1. It says the word of God says the word of God is like a mirror and that means going to reveal to your spots to the word of God has to be in your life everyday life everyday, you'll never see what you'll never see your sins will never see your smile. If you never see your blemish, you can never clean it or fix it. So hopefully that the word of God is in your life every single day to review those spots to see them. Don't be scared. Don't make yourself to feel like you are nothing. That's okay sometimes Okay, it's okay. That's the best part of the spiritual walk is discovering your sin in the word of God never come to church. Then you can never see what's what's the new to fix to thanks be to God that we use messages today. So, please don't reject the things that will help you. Get better. These people are not willing to see and they would just make up any excuse. We are the best with excuses for the best of saying we shouldn't go again why we shouldn't have time in the best with making up stories know that the word of God and the church are the places in the things that we need to see what what's inside of us. He's sending his word to show us what we need to change. I want to see something on the other side like a week and a half ago here. So not to delete the message too much, but the message really is don't reject. The word of God and the church which are places to see your sin and don't be ashamed of your sin accepted it. So let it be revealed to you accept it and work on it and pray for everyone here should never be ashamed of their sin. But on the other side, I want the rest of you to never make anyone feel ashamed for their sin. We talked about this year. The church has never ever anyone like their sin that they should be ashamed sometimes people do bad things outside the church and they come to church and those people can never feel comfortable yet because everyone is making them feel shameful all of us have the same as have spots. Those of us who tell others or make fun of others or reject others really are afraid of what's inside of them are really afraid. I don't even know what they have inside of them what's in they have inside of them. So it's important for us to never ever make it to church still ashamed for their sin. Cuz this is a place for the Sinners. That's why we're together from the priests. We're all Sinners and hurt each other. This the truth will never grow and those people were coming to church. They know they have sinned. You also tell them they know they have sinned. So there's two sides to this thing wants to reveal the truth in us to reveal where there is a sin or blemish. He'll do it through the word of God do it through the church. Let us not reject God and let us not reject each other. So these are the main things that I want to share with you today John the Baptist or the greatest born among women, Jesus Christ is the Living God these guys today. We should work people rejecting also good things in our life, but don't reject the thing that helps you don't reject like God is trying to help us through his word. Don't reject it dig into it washing the word of God. Everything will be clean. But if you reject the word of God is not part of your life everyday feel like you're very strong and there's nothing wrong with you. I don't want you to walk around with your head down, but I just want you to know what you have so you can work on it important. Like if I were to say right now, what is the spots that you have? You should be able to know right away. I have this thing to work on this thing. I need to pray for and this this this you should know. I don't know that means you're rejecting. Just like today the Pharisees rejected so you should know what spots you have because if you got a spot on your face you would do whatever it takes to clean it or fix it. So we have spots in our spiritual life. We should do whatever it takes to clean it the word of God revealing and the word of God will clean and the church is also here to do the same. So pray that this message message. Someone take too much of your time. Let us come to Chene divorce in let us not reject the help that's coming for us. We are together. on this journey Don't feel like you're by yourself never feel shame, but let's work together and let's encourage one another and this is walk with God God is here to help you. The church is here to help. You don't reject those things don't make excuses by the church of it and working on it as fast as you shouldn't care about anyone's past. The past is finished. That was all encourage each other today to move forward to get over these scenes. So strongly to encourage one. Another is here for the same. Okay, we're all together forever and ever amen.