Quenching Ourselves With God


in the name of the parliament someone
who is doing today is also reading is the gospel of
this did sunday whenever there coptic one has five sundays reread the gospel of pricing the five thousand and it comes at a perfect time in the
middle of the fasten which refinance for the ministry recess for the
salvation of the whole world to me fast the stalls and lies with com to christ
into turned to him and find life been when you read this process it's an amazing miracle in another
itself but you need to take it in its context to find out webmasters trying to communicate to the
disciples then add to just come back from one of
their missions he sent them out to go and to preach they were preaching they're passing out
demands they were healing the sick they did great wonders and they saw themselves do things that
they've never seen themselves do before and they come back and they were telling
christ all the great thing is a big spring from their mission how they saw god do amazing things so he says let me take you to a deserted
place the thrust and then it has he sees the multitudes coming they decide you're saying look it's time to us not just like you said
along few days during summation work preaching the
gospel healing the sick during all these great wonders give us some time to rest so they told christ said the people away this isn't the time to come to us after they had just come back from a
mission image crisis line to spread his kingdom
to reveal his power his glory his love his acceptance one of the disciples saying send the multitude away get rid of them that they may go into the surrounding
towns and punching lodge and get provisions often we think that they had no other option for food the disciples are saying let's be
reasonable if we tell them from now they can't go
to the next round you get food fines of lodging fines and food everything will be okay it's not like they were in the middle of
no where with a good access nothing and christ said what are we going to do disciples set logically some in the late cindy ok na
be fine but i want us to understand what is it
that that that christ wanted what lessons did
christ one to give the disciples the first lesson is that christ wanted them to see the heart of a true shepherd when you read in the gospel of mark the same story it says christ looking on then he had compassion
with on them because they were like sheep who had no shock they would like you glad no shepherds of
christ life teaches disciples and very powerful lesson of what it's
like to be as shepherd you see he wanted to the minds of his disciples and the heart of the disciples to turn
to be like the hearts of his all christ wanted to see wanted them to see what his heart export julie says you give them something to eat we know that he went and he made a table in the middle of the
wilderness for the people what message and why was he trying to get click in the minds of the disciples who has
made at table for the people in the wilderness moses himself was the shepherd of god's people in the wilderness prayed and then i came down from heaven
and fed all the people of israel who were wandering in the desert safety
tips for those forty years every day and then i would fall from
heaven anyone can tell the disciples that you
are going to have the role feeding the multitudes you have a huge need to
feed the world that comes with a note about a time that
starts with that when we are here in the apostles factor which dogs is telling the church i want to go to look to the hunger of
the world i want to look outside to the world and i want you to give them something to
eat i want you to give the royal something
to eat i want you to satisfy the truth in their hunger of the people of the world and your response might be the same as
the disciples how can we possibly feed how can we possibly crunched the hunger are of course i was by the hunger ob the
whole world there's too many people there needs to great we have some but of
course all insufficient the chrysler to teach them is very powerful lesson that number one of the people of the
church might disciples had an extremely
important role that they have to feed the world they have to feed the multitudes i think many of us because our viewers
that calling everyone here has a cold and guard is telling the church today
that he's not telling only has twelve disciples expand reminds a little bit darkest
telling you today to goto feed the world's we have a hungry world and the world is hungry for so many
things that will never satisfied a hundred the work is upset technology feeling that maybe if we tell
our parts in our minds with technology will
be satisfied with the riches of this will be
satisfied with friends and still be satisfied wesun full are fully satisfied and the whole world is running after mt
things and got his car and the judge is saying you give them something something to be your research try it have a nice and shot before it's too
great miracles for your people why can't you believe
that this is your responsibility to shepherd the people you know sts were so good at looking at the weakness
of others and saying these people are lost and these people are wicked and we live
in a very simple world and the people are far away from god and we have to what keep ourselves in our old little blocks we have to make sure that we
don't interact with the right because the
world is gonna bring us and then suck us into this same
wickedness to their same simplest to their same confused mines but that's not the message of god the message of god is telling his people you give them something and they said we have no more than five
loaves into fish must be go and buy food for all of these
people we have no more than five loaves into
things and the speedo inviting for all these people in the gospel of john it says that it would cost is two hundred
demerit which is almost half a year's worth of work to be able to feed all these people
there's fifteen thousand people in front of us how can we possibly feed them and this is where god is trying to show
them the if you're going to be my disciples and you're going to be part of my
kingdom if you're going to be part of the
mission of salvation for the whole world you have to believe in the supernatural
dot and you have to believe that god can use
you to do supernatural things what a shame today so he was safe dot
com dot does it do miracles anymore such a statement this god not do miracles anymore i think we are such the churches in such a place where its
stock and its comfort zone what does it need dot assumedly stepped out into the call of
god when god said let me say too dark use less for the glory of your name grant that we learned to feed your
people glad that we can go out with the little
that we have the fathers of the church described the five logos and the two fish and they meditate on the and they say the file of the present our fight census and the two represents a lot because and over there to be loved it has to be two countries two people mailed is
always to sharing love and so it's a and all i can see that worlds ought to be the hunger of the world we
can use what are five senses and i was off and that is more than enough and that's
exactly what this young elected he came in he
brought himself and he brought the little than he had and he said i have a little bit i have myself i have no idea been given and i have lost i have a lot but i want to work to be
present the hungry world i'm not talking about people who are
hungry for physical food bieber a hungry for love people are hungry to know adopt every time we go out there on on mission
trips we go we speak to the people and we try to share the word of god with
people on the street you would be surprised that deep hunger
within people for somebody to share with him gone i remember last year we took the high
school group too delaware and we did like a beach mission they
were talking and they were speaking to a defeat somebody who doesn't believe in god an ad they began to speak to him and
share their faith in that you have a lot of die with them little by little they said we understand your it is we understand
that you don't believe but we are praying for you well we have one president anything we
can pray for is that if we can pray for you for your
life he says i can think of anything right
now but i want to pay for it this for you guys to continue to doing
the work that you're doing this isn't eighties deep down inside something inside of him was quenched something about him he got a little bit of taste of that
living water he says i wish at the hunger of this rugby would be
satisfied the same way but we're stuck in a old little boxes do you believe that you served the supernatural got do you believe that used to have a guard that can do
exceedingly abundantly above anything you ask what you can imagine do you
believe in that dot if she got the same thing with many of
his servants when god told moses to go to fail and
deliver mikey police at pal let me show you some degree need gave ms and he said i want to destroy your staff
on the floor and threw it on the floor and the south became asserted give us make moses was amazing this is a cake pick up the staff and picked up the
snake became a staffing and he began to show them all
of this threw me you will do my teeth signs and
wonders and that he lied to the prophet after he lives there was giving him his ministry and saying you are going to
be the prophets of israel first thing that you like it did as he
took off his cloak he put it in the jordan river he split
the jordan river and they crossed into a river and at that point elisha sar pe the wait a second moses has done this before mostly at the
red sea just westlake the dreaded before we are going to do the same way out of
the great profits and he himself but took a network you are clogged to share in the work of the supernatural
got so many days days so many times god sometimes puts me in a situation
what he wants to show me he's a supernatural gone and that's exactly what the disciples
set he's right now we can send in a way that
i know they can get food but i want to show you that you are
serving a supernatural gone give them something to eat it says he took the five loaves and the two fish
in looking at two have been he blessed and broke them engaging the original art for games it original greek word was was giving so they kept on you know they would come there twelve
disciples and that we have five loaves into fish see take the five of the east are
breaking like you see it would do moment about that when you get a few pieces the
cake you give somebody a few pieces they go fifty people sitting okay you have those seventy five groups of fifty eligible feed em john you got take out
those seventy five groups i mean like how best to take care he's got a few crumbs in his hand he sees okhane this is my group how much defeat them it shows up every time their hands
became mt they went back to christ and a refill
their hands with more and that is the favorite guy wants as
soon as you come back to me and you keep coming i will continue to
give if you are going to do my work i will
continue to give to quench the hunger very hungry world he wanted them to have their board member if this is the only eight were filled
and twelve baskets of the leftover fragments were taken up by then each disciple went home to their wives and their children and they when they
said food for the next couple days this is
what you know that's bad exactly the story and the children at their table the ate
that night so that i want you never forget this basque but you never get the best because god
himself has filled his basket out of nothing out of crops he took robbins and he
filled the basket do you believe it you're gone can take the crumbs of your life weakened filled the basket nor defeat
remember julia dot is i'll tell you i have a confession every time i feel like god as something
supernatural my life i go back and tell me why does he say like was what's gonna happen she says did you forget did you forget all these
things that god has done highlight how could you possibly forget the wondrous things the dot is that in
our life and i guarantee that basket state in the
home of both the cycles and every time they came over in the
service every time they face to any struggled
they came back and he saw the basket mistake gardens the garden impossible do you have a basket maybe a basket could be a journal that everytime garden works his wonders you write it
down and you say everytime i go back to my
journal i will never forget god i promise you i will never forget that you
are the daughter of the impossible you with regard to provide you were the
guard as part of the red sea you were the guy that is that the multitude you
with a dot the dot me a job would be word about to lose our home you are the
garbage killed my sickness you were the dog did
great things all the time young people come they say
it will not i'm going through some type of crisis it's like it's the end of their world at
this point and you talked about a month music given
when you came sat with me during the crisis you wary today essay dot got me through it and or whoever gets i'd never have a
president come to me with a crisis the crisis has killed them or destroyed
them or turn the life upside-down because our dogs the dogs might he's a got him out his shepherd so that when you have a
problem sometimes god once you have the problem because he
shepherding here he's leading you to learn how to trust his thirteen-year these teaching you how to rely on the dog provides that's today's message god wants it instill that message in the
hearts of his disciples that i'm the dot provides you survey supernatural dot i'm inviting you to share the
supernatural ministry you were called to give fruit to the world their call to feed the world quench
their hunger you are in a while people don't know the hundred because
they're always feeling themselves at the world filling filling filling philippe and we are realized that we truly happy
deep under within us lettuce praising them for ourselves that
god would create a hunger inside of cuts that we ourselves would have to eat a hunger for the things of god that god
would meet good deepest needs within its maybe you don't realize a hundred
position acting on the world ask god to gate at open up your eyes
stupid deep under within you for him the needed for the consent of strike going to go up forever i mean