Preparing for the Work of the Holy Spirit


this is here and we're waiting for his
coming but I'm going to ask me why are
they sitting in the back it's it I'll
tell them to come to the front so is
there a way we can move a little bit
forward to the front it'll be great
thank you
in the name of the Father and Son the
Holy Spirit one God Eamon the book of
Acts chapter 1 verse 9 book of Acts
chapter 1 verse 9 now when he had spoken
these things while they watch it he was
taken up and a cloud received him out of
their sight and why they looked
steadfastly towards heaven as he went up
behold two men stood by them in white
appeared who's also said men of Galilee
why do you stand gazing up into heaven
this same Jesus who was taken up from
you into heaven will so come in like
manner as you saw him go into heaven
then they returned to Jerusalem from the
mount code all of it which is near
Jerusalem a Sabbath day young and when
they had entered they went up into the
upper room where they were staying Peter
James John and Andrew Philip and Thomas
but in mail parcel long and Matthew
James the son of Alphaeus and Simon the
zealot and you tear the son of james
this all continued with one Accord in
prayer and supplication with the woman
and Mary the mother of Jesus and with
his brothers and in those days Peter
stood up in the midst of the disciples
gathered the number of names was about
said men and brethren this scripture had
to be fulfilled which the Holy Spirit
spoke before by the mouth of David
concerning Judas who became a guide to
those who arrested Jesus for he was
numbered with us and obtained a part in
this ministry now this man purchased a
field with the wages of iniquity and
falling headlong he burst open in the
middle and all his entrails gushed out
and it became known to all those waiting
in Jerusalem so that she this coal in
their own language at the Dhamma and
that is field of blood for it is written
in the book of sounds let his
dwelling-place beat easily and let no
one live in it glory be to God I think
that in days from the ascension to the
Pentecost a unique period I asked myself
last week how the disciples spend these
ten days suppose we are with the
disciples we enjoyed that this vision
the ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ
which we can say it is the most
beautiful view from the creation of adam
until the last day we can't imagine how
they were very very joyful while he was
speaking with them he was taken up and
two of the a
appeared and they discover that heaven
is will coming him and even their hearts
become full of joy a nest the set of
being in grief or sorrow that he left
them I asked at some of the young people
can you write a paper imagine you where
among those disciple can you write a
paper concerning this unique period how
they ate drank slept what are the topics
which is a used to discuss at that time
how they prepare themselves for
preaching did they put a plan Sam peter
has to go to this place and Matthew to
another place and so on did they put a
plan about the the needs of reaching
concerning financing all concerning the
topics they have to study the Bible
prophecies that dogmas a history of the
church and so on what about this period
imagine you wear with them what you can
see for example if we put in our mind
that within 10 days or after 10 days we
will have a group and this group we can
call them group concerning preaching and
South Africa or Nairobi or China or
Japan and so on and we asked them what
you will do through this 10 days
before you leave what is your plan what
are your needs and so on what you will
see I think they will say oh we are in
need of doctors medicine money tickets
Avenged easily have a food and drink and
so on what about the disciples the
disciples after the Ascension of the
Lord Jesus Christ as Saint Luke said
they returned to Jerusalem and sorrow or
inning or they were rejoicing they
rejoiced too much they were full of joy
why I was it we love the Lord Jesus
Christ he left among us about three
years or more and we trust in him we
left all our affairs business our
families we devote all our life for him
and suddenly he was taken up and he left
us alone why we are returning full of
joy and when he has the same shot that
he asked them to not to he asked them to
remain in Jerusalem and not to leave it
until they receive power from God the
Father and they have to preach in
Jerusalem all the Judea in Samaria and
in all the earth or the world it is too
hard to put a human land concerning this
I believe in this period all their minds
were they their emotions all their
dreams all their hopes that Jesus Christ
is taken up to heaven and our hearts are
taken up with him if you ask them are
you living in the upper rooms they would
signal we are living in the Lord Jesus
Christ we have a new citizenship
heavenly when we are called to work on
his behalf the kingdom of God and the
what is the aim or the purpose of this
mission the purpose everyone says I hope
all the world but those who are alive
only even those who departed from Adam
and those who will come until the end of
ages will enjoy this ascension to heaven
and shear the Lord his glory and be with
him forever and ever they didn't feel
that they were in need of eating or
drinking like Moses or Elijah or
anak-anak we don't know how he left this
world but nobody knows where he went
because God took him with his body how
long now many thousands of years if we
will see him we'll find his head is
white and he became very old and what he
eats the Word of God the fellowship with
the Lord Jesus Christ the unity with the
father this drilling of the holy spirit
within him
satisfy even the needs of the body like
Moses or Alicia they spent 40 days
without drinking water or eating bread
it is impossible according to our human
experience or our human plan they the
disciple didn't ask o Lord what we will
say to the people can you explain to us
the prophecies what is the meaning of
this prophecy of Zechariah or what you
said to Adam after his when he fallen
insane or what David said and so no they
were totally absorbed and the group I
can say the glory of heaven or the
fellowship with the Lord the unity with
the father and the lord jesus christ by
the work of the holy spirit therefore
when they started to preach they had no
human plan they trust and a divine plan
and they succeeded in couple of months
lot of churches were established how is
it sometimes you hear in the book of
Acts sample when he depart from a city
to another city at little it was four or
it needs six days walking when you read
in the book you find the book of Acts
you find every night or every day
establishing you change in a village how
is it can we say to one of the priests
or the deacons oh you have
goes to africa there are lot of village
everywhere you just visit it for one day
and you establish a change and leave it
that sometimes you ask the priest oh for
how long you were in Washington perhaps
said oh 6 years 10 years 20 years it is
very short time for preaching in
Washington how the disciples in every
day they were working and attracting lot
of non-believers to believe many of the
enemies of the church will change it
into believers and the friends of the
chairs because they spend these 10 days
they were looking only towards his
ascension to heaven and they felt Oh
truly I hope that the Lord will come
today and receive me and I will be with
him on the cloud and enjoy the fellow
ship with him all I enjoy the glorious
atmosphere of heaven but I want to be
here to preach among all the world to
have the same experience I believe this
10 days in fact we can say it is a
preparation for preaching we are in need
every one of us not only the police or
the bishops or Sunday School teachers or
the fathers and mothers or even the
Machinery's not only those but every
single member of the body of the Lord
Christ is in need to have the experience
of this ten days I I am not kidding
concerning my life here in this world i
own at least every day to lift up my
heart by the work of the grace of god
the work of the holy spirit and to feel
it is my right to be ascended to heaven
and to be with the Lord forever and to
share him his glory according to San
Isaac receiving he said Satan can help
you to pray to read in the Bible to
practice fasting to give money to the
poor men but one thing he refused you to
do to contemplate on the Lord Jesus
Christ and to be full of and desire to
be with him not alone but you want all
mankind to be with you in the lord jesus
christ i ask myself through these days
surely i think all of you or the
majority heard about what happened in
Egypt how many person how many persons
every day kneel before the lord and said
to the lord i am praying not for those
who are persecuted i am praying
concerning the persecutor themselves
we want to change the salafi in to be
children of God we want those who attack
your gospel and those who did not do not
accept your name to be your friend and
members of your body they are they are
our brethren and we hope every person
even those who persecute the Church to
be members of the Lord Jesus Christ and
to attain what we received and share us
the glory which even now we have its
pledge and we want to see the Lord face
to face it is a sin it is a lack of love
that just we say oh there are many poor
people in Egypt there are many problems
they are persecuted how many personnel
are killed how many persons are nabbed
how many person are crying from
injustice and so on that's good we share
them but we share also those who have no
idea about the light of the Lord and the
Lord said and promised us that we are
the light of the world not the light of
the Christians not the lies inside the
change we have to put in our mind and to
pray unceasingly concerning the
salvation of all the world I remember
from couple of years when I visited to
Australia I i have a friendly young
priest and when we meet each other then
he started to weep and to cry I was
astonished said father why you are
he says this I am crying every day I
said why'd he said how can I enjoy the
body and the blood of the Lord Jesus
Christ how can I enjoy the Bible the
Word of God how can I enjoy the Pledge
of heaven and millions and millions of
the people all over the world chinese
and japanese and in Alaska and so on
they have no idea about the Lord Jesus
Christ I insist I ask every day may our
Lord work in those who tell now haven't
an idea concerning their salvation don't
say oh I am very young I it is not my
responsibility I am NOT a priest I am
I'm not as I have no idea how to preach
you would you know how to pray and to
ask and to let God work in your life God
can work by your smiling by your players
by you're kneeling by you reading the
Bible by you by the the cry of your
inner heart who else Musa's voice was in
grief he heard God asking saying to him
I heard your cry I didn't correct I
heard the cry of your heart before you
cry by your tongue I heard the cry of
your heart do we have the same cry
concerning the salvation of all the word
what do you think
it is not the work only of us but even
the children when we pray with our
little children or with our brethren or
if we have sons or daughters when we
play before we playing concerning
ourselves and our relatives we have to
pray concerning the non-believers in the
whole world so they may become full of
love concerning the salvation of mankind
in fact our plan for preaching the first
thing or the core of the plan is to
attain the work of the Holy Spirit the
Holy Trinity if you are in close contact
with God the Father you enjoy the
fatherhood and everyone is in contact
with you he will discover that you trust
and the father and the father is not far
away from you he is within you as the
Lord said who loves me what we will do
he will fulfill my Commandments and if
he or he fulfills my commanders I or the
father and me will come and make a home
within him or with an air do we have
truly the Holy Father the holy Son the
Holy Spirit they are willing in our
hearts we hope truly the main line in
our life the experience with the Holy
Trinity and thus we can preach not by
words by but by the
the Trinity who is dwelling in our
hearts I hope if we want to to be
practical in our life that truly even
our fastings our prayers in Psalms in
all our worship we put before our eyes
the salvation of mankind I remember a
child he was about 10 or 11 years old
came to me and said father I want to
confess I said okay then he said my dad
is very nervous always he I'm out of his
and always he's very angry and sometimes
he insulted us and sometimes he I me do
something wrong with the family and so
on and our neighbors hate us because of
my dad and there we have no relationship
with our relatives from natives of his
father or his mother and even those who
work with him in are upset because he
always nervous till I asked him he said
do you think it is his fault or your
fault he looked to me said Oh father he
is right and I am wrong and my mom is
wrong my sister is wrong my relatives
are wrong my neighbors are wrong and he
alone is right while he is very nervous
and so on I said how many times when you
fast on Wednesday and Friday you devote
this fasting for the salvation of your
father he said I never did that how many
times when you play the sounds in the
morning or at night you said oh may you
accept the Sun concerning my father so
that you may work in his heart he said I
never do that and so on then I said it
is your fault all his fault is it is my
fault and when he returned home he
started to save him his father called
him said what do you want he said
nothing I love you that he said no but
and I never see you saving me in this
way surely want something very valuable
he said no I love you the first day said
until three or four days then he called
him again what do you want he said
nothing I love you you are my dad
afterwards his father started every time
he returned from his work he started to
ask his son to come and they started to
enter in very nice dialogue and speech
and so on he said to me the
characteristics of my father totally
changed he became very sweet even with
my mom with my sister with our relatives
he became full of joy it is the work of
whom oh the Holy Spirit through whom a
child the child told his father have to
be saved by the work of the Holy Trinity
not by words or giving homilies or the
sermons but through prayers smiling
saving I think this is
the message of this thing days that the
church has to concentrate on hair
relationship with the Holy Trinity
especially the Ascension of the Lord so
that the hearts of the believers are
lifted up to heaven and always asking
for the salvation of mankind may the
Lord grant all of us truly to practice
what the disciples did through this very
precious days the 10 days groans
ascension to the Pentecost glory be to
God him and if amy comment work which is
it hard what do you think is it hard to
ask for the salvation of others you have
an exercise of silence I remember a
leading his teacher of son of in Sunday
for the high school I ask it here I
didn't see you for a long time in the
meeting concerning the servants of those
who self high school he said ivana you
know my daughter is far away from Christ
how can I teach others concerning Jesus
Christ I'm and my daughter is far away
from Christ I said to have do you want
your daughter returned to the Lord he
said surely I said start to save others
and ask God I will serve others and you
will save my daughter after one month
me and said father I did what you said
now my daughter returned to the Lord and
she became very religious and very sweet
and even in heaven agency with me when
we are looking for others God is looking
for us when we serve others God will
save us don't say when I will become
very good you will never become very
good when you put your life in the hands
of god and trust in him and ask for
others God will work in your life in
your relatives in your neighbors and a
new church any question
that have gone