The Paralytic

laurin sydney stossel the server to adequate question last yes and simple question but it's an important question and i think that if we understand this question will understand the message for today's gospel my questions raise some money something on the screen who's who's ready to meet the lord reasoning in doing this campaign is seeking his face campaign and if you're on the retreat recently we talked about meaning god and seen god and it's kind of a net gain for new year by the presence of god only want the presence of god and we want to see the lord who want to meet with the lord well if i told you yesterday you had a chance to meet the lord which one of you would raise your hand have a boy you answer quickly realize what it means to meet the lord i think that all of us would say yes i want to see dont yes i want to see his face yes i want to see his glory and yes i'd like to meet him today i'd like to come face to face of god today but be careful before you answer me if you are paying attention stage of the readings all of the readings like if you missed this lead in this day the readings because as you know this is a very happy and that hollywood missile so very very clearly about one particular subject you know that subject was you guys were listening to this it was very clear was it like a hidden message today both historians but very clearly about the and of the world but and times and it's not very much about that judgment hissing also canvas slings chapter two and seemed to either second reader chapter three in both those talk about when the lord comes and the sun will melt in the fire with this in the clouds will this and this coming of the anti christ in the senate british and the falling way and both of them were talking about the andy andy andy and talking about the judgment day me ask you a question what is the judgment day when you hear the sound judgment in what does that mean when is the judgment day if i have to take it against me my judgment day for their stand before the judge right judgment day is a day that you stand before the judge or the date that you meet with the lord as saying he hasn't lost any person that was read system on his own now brother and concerning the coming of our lord jesus christ in our gathering together to him and anyone speak about the end and the enzymes if i were to say to you who wants to meet the lord who wants to see the lord what i want to see done is laurie and i want to meet with the other night one face to face is gone i want all the stuff we've done but be careful what you asked for because what you're asking for is the judgment day because here's the thing although he says book about the judge in day for a reason judgment day is not a bar weight gain you may live another hundred years in your life but judgment day is the day that you met the judge and your face to face with the judge and i sure hope you are ready for that day because if not it contains that way as saint peters said his appraisal from second peter chapter three the last couple versus their but the day of the lord today that we want to meet the lord they're saying we're seeking the lord today the laurel comes at the even the night which they haven't passed away within reno is therefore since all these things because all that what manner persons are due to be wholly conduct and honesty looking for any hastening the coming of the day of the lord the places today the message was clear the day the lord's coming the ready to do you know wednesday the lord is when your judgment day is today's gospel was about a man paralyze me who had his judgment day he met the lord the lord jesus came to this man face to face the judge in the universe and this poor man wasn't ready to meet the judge unfortunate intended for the sky you guys know that story it's very well-known story man professing paralyzed and sorry thirty eight years live i applaud the president liberia's miserable sorry stay with all the other miserable sorry people over there batman was paralyzed for thirty eight years even though he was in the place of healing tells you how to goddesses this is not a good guy by the way even though this guy gets you're gonna be a miracle is god doesn't and good at all and the churches uses this man fell away and fellow a bag is not like the one line and i think i've got this man was healed because there was no believer so this man even though he had been living by a pool of healing prepare used in the place in the link for many other people he healed guy couldn't find healing lord says manish not a big deal echo passed by i'll come to him and the lord in full of wellness in life fullness of compassion moments of grace ready to give this man everything you can imagine and then some comes businesses you want to made well the man makes funny excuse no one person in the water boyd says alright man i hear you excuse now you don't have everything but you know what hot-button except how do you yielding as well this man and the opportunity of a lifetime not to be healed by a doctor my medicine but to my heels be healed by the creator of the universe what men do with this great opportunity item and it would be sped up during the week before and that we long for how we want to see the lord anne what's hot checks anybody last and he would have some problems and we could meet face to face with him but his what has been through this adversary u_s_ as much time immediately the man has been well suppose then walked in that it wasn't so much for someone more definite converse nine and then that the guy's response says that the one who heals one who was healed did not know who it was reduced had withdrawn masakane place businesses adverse the one who was healed did not know basically the jews were asking who did the ceiling knives yes and no one ask a question was his name the guy with the hair everyone's names well is important before things i got my healing with whom you don't look nice and i can't answer can run he's at the healing left the healer he took the the gift and left the giver again our lord jesus christ adam full of whole compassion full all kinds of that stuff every one of the gracie and i went out and you know what does this man let him levy weber up the lord the lord go searching for him even though the guy wouldn't searching for the lord allot searching for him for sporting says afterwards he is found him in the temple and said to him c you have been made well sin no more less the worst thing come upon you buckets christ comes in again as his body you missed the profits you miss apostles you missed the disciples you missed all these guys in this john the baptist i'll come to you and i think he'll even pesky you know what i'll do all come to you again but is not as my last time i tell you this say no more that's the worst thing come up on you i'm coming you face to face was the next person what is the mandy how do they respond thank you lord i'm sorry i repent on your believer tell me about tell me about you what is the man said man departing demanded forum not only did he depart not only believed by just leave ok fine just leave but he leaves and look what he does image problems the man departing soldiers that was used to make an well for this reason the jews persecuted you start to kill him isn't done these things on the senate just leave and i've been finding even cause problems what happened this morning this is is judgment day this was his judgment i don't have his management of the hundred years i don't care plan to the world is one of the five thousand years this man's judgment day is done this man met the judge came face to face with the judge and i don't think anyone of us they can say that he was rejected by the judge but the judge threw him out of court i think it's very very clear that this man who look to the judge face-to-face with the judge and said rejection and he rejected the judge not the other way around this man let the judgment day slipped him either and i get scared sometimes about means well like i said judgment day if you have relevance to use people in front of the world goes on for the ten thousand years judgment is not bad day judge individual basically suggestion for this guy this is an opportunity and this guy lost not saying that that that god gives us like one chance methods using passing that url about what happened is that god would not want to come out this man what i'm saying is there comes a time in our life where difference is right now okay and ready for the harvesting and i think it's kind of working out in the book sometimes works the same scenario to make everything right and i want to get the right time abedi comes in central florida's answers i'm the judge and we have our choice that we can look at that moment in time a lot to do with the judge we reject the judge it's funny because the judge should reject us it we reject him we accept him but then after that it's scary ass in the beginning or see the lord anyone any of our party suggests became are you sure you want to see him are you ready to see him are you ready for your judgment day it may be a lot sooner than you realize because the one thing that we know about judgment day god gives a time when there was no when when when motels exactly what's going to be needed tells of a very clear sense when he's coming back right there revelation twenty overs what overseas well you know i'm coming wetfoot coming back quickly when you get a backyard quickly what i can see him again quickly he tells us cannot buy ten thousand years away see if the judgment day which i sent out here is a way this would be a like a false statement of the lord percentiles using quickly missing come quickly when i come allowed face to face with u that's your judgment day and have to make your decision that's when you make your judgment i think i could have been you make your judgment as to which way did you want to go is important for us were brain dot show us your glory or brain dot letters to your face we are saying dot i wanna one experience your presence and all these things may be saying all these things make sure that you're ready to get an answer to your breyer you are paying attention during the reading of the axe the apostles today is a funny story there's a very long story and is kinda hard to understand because it's kind of in the middle of the story again actually was a continuation of act from last week and then attention wishing him all stands on china part of a dining king griffin investors there's well hits at the very end of export is about to die he stands on trial basically jus one killed all these guys want to kill him so brought him on trial and they've been making said you know what housing has been answered on that list and what is necessary and that has been given defense so state law gave a defense a beautiful defense an eloquent defense book about the lord's crucifixion is resurrection producer said that he can also reach about everything that jesus came into ended and then after that the cooking and reverses an egg represents a poll you almost persuade me to become a christian with the keywords keyword members almost online this issue you missed it what happened you would have you believed u_a_l_'s use are universally you this is your judgment day this is a date that you had a choice you recommend this sidewalls bicycles but we we his words you could have been decided his disciples came in took over the next emiti you couldn't see the people of all activity they've been officially have been some like that you got some great we have a new apartment missus judgments he had the opportunity the wind was right but everything was right but everything was was working a perfect storm with his day and he walked away don't tell me that got rejected a grip don't tell me that grabber ends up in the wrong side of heaven and hell don't sell eleni once they got rejected a grip but i didn't give him a chance dot gave them a chance he stood before the judge in the form of saint paul and he rejected the judge that was his judgment day another example the gospel does read this morning a man's for those who are here and also this morning he was a parable it was a little bit long but follow me here smack chapter twenty one there was a senate landowner who planted a vineyard answer heads around it and deborah white brisket and of the tower any liza divine dresses and went so far country now in vintage time jimmy resent his servants of the vine dressers that they might receive his friend and divide dresses observance beaten one killed one and stoneman other again he sent other services more than the first lady likewise to them paulus amanda has a vineyard i have a vineyard hammered with plants and stuff digging finalize it buildup that surrounded what is the regular system in around build a greenhouse they are all the instructions but that travel so i have some dogs of my friends and i say you got my house you live in my house you need to put my french usually for my bedroom have everything about alright all i need to do water wanted a the income from the vineyard comes in keep a couple of dollars for yourself expressed to me you know i have some free you deliver my income you eat my food everything is great r_u_c_ that when allows comes in once a month send fifty sixty three asking much with my decision they say no we want to send so that the owner impatience give it lately sends a message send the money respond maybe they maybe they're internet was down if i didn't get it to call in enhances the voicemail maybe they're follies program send the messenger this evidence is there a way but they couldn't have been in the florida send them away says maybe recognize the messenger sends a more messengers they do the same thing finally what does he do says then last of all c l_ word last of all it's very important he sent his sons in and saying they will respect my son one of my interests all the sun said among themselves in the air commerce kill him in season here it is so joe came in passing out the vineyard and killed him therefore when the owner of the vineyard comes what will he do those behind us u_s_ that last question it when the owner the vineyard comparably girl is mine dressers that's an easy one he will be back he will kick them out of his house and he will not make sure they never come back near his house can we say that the owner rejected the virus but intense video check it out but here by investors you had your judgment day you actually had many judgment days afterall the file judgment day came you have a few days with his only begotten son came with a message of love ambassador forgiveness not a message of condemnation that's living with my shirt and the profits and the night before but a message out do what i'm telling you submit simi everything will be fine and you rejected him and heels and you tell me what the end of that person's going to be but don't tell me that this person was rejected by the owner god doesn't desire any must die that all of us live has again the missile mcafee this isn't a second your chapter and verse nine law is not slash concerning his promise talking about the and why have the lord come back yet already simple not because he slack concerning i'm not is not to keep his word rather it is the long-suffering towards is not willing to initiative but that also comes repentance my question to you is desert possibility of today's your judgment because the judgment is not far away judgment is one issue in judge in a room together and if you're playing lord show us your face and if you're praying lord reveal to us your presence and if you're playing lord lord i want to see you i want to get closer to you which i know you all are and you've gotten your checks and say lord i come to church and i want to see you that's wonderful could be ready could be ready because when the judge comes how would you respond to the judge do you like like their life and highest wanted judge to fix the legs and then head on back home okay i don't really want all the judge to stretch the legs just let me live in the house and leave me alone is that what you want from the judge is when the judge comes all the judge i know the message he sounds rough but it's not right it's actually very loving and very like this is right there long-suffering and kindness is to tell us and looking the day hasn't come yet but it could be right around the corner whether it's the end of the world community and the world i mean i have never may not have in our lifetime what is your that you guys again forget about that they may have happened today optout dot every day but it could what i'm saying is this what is very likely happen specially during this time of the land as we approach the best week is that god will come and he will reveal himself to us animals and face to face for him my question to you is for you ready the judgment day glory to god