The Parable of the Wicked Vinedressers

I'm so it looks after 18 trusted in themselves. fastidious I'm sorry looks at the front then he began to tell it to the vet vine yard. Divine dresses he went into a far country for a long time. Now that the Vintage time he sent a servant to the vinedressers that they might give him. Some of the fruits of the biennial beat them meet him and send him away empty-handed another server and the beat him also treated him shamefully and send him away empty-handed. And I gave you sent a servant and they wanted him also and cast him out. Did the owner of the vineyard says what should I do? I will send my beloved Son probably they will respect him when you see him when does van dressers to buy dressers or Dare isn't among themselves saying this is the hair come let us kill him. Come let us kill him. But then maybe hours so they cast him out of the Barnyard and kill him there for what will the owner of the vineyard do to them? It would come and destroy their vinedressers and give the vine yard to others. And then they said they have when the hardest said certainly not. I did look at them and said what then is that recent Stone which the builders rejected has become a chief Corner. Whatever. In that stone will be broken at 11. whoever full and it would be grinded into powders glory be to God. We have a mind to sing. enter analyze and to decide and one of the freedoms that God give us is to think and choose And even to choose between him and anything else. Some people said the car is a controller. No goddess free. And he give you a minute to choose everything. Up to the limit to choose between him and anything else. Imagine if you invent something. And want to invent rebelled against you. What you would do? No call you going to be mad, but definitely you would destroy. It was after you made it the turn against. The semester made everything for those fine dresses. You give them the field? He surrounded the field with. fence he equipment with everything to me. Athena old things to them free How can I apply this on me? I don't need you. If you think wisely we do not own anything we want to possess. You don't own anything your body and your soul and your students are at UMES. Success that you have it is the fruits of your mind who's originally from God. the gift and the beauty of your life if you think wisely and Julie is not yours. Is Indian gift from God free? And he give this with Ola. love equal giving send business equal of selfishness. Tomorrow is the love of mankind. The Bible says God is love. Who have love of God you don't have love you don't have. If I gave you something. And I can trust you as a steward to take care of this thing. I came back after a long time. And I found you ruining what I have left you. What am I supposed to do? You know what he did. He sent a messenger. I need fruits. I have to stop here for 1 minute. Adult will not judge you on the wrong things. I have done. No. God will judge you on the things which you supposed to do and you didn't. You are fruitful. You meant to be fruit. No one is here for our site was made by God as a junk. I make my life by my own choices. I buy new choice. You can't make your life again be. And it's again our choice. How many months in a year? Kansas City opening my life is not truthful. And how many will say I will come back and be? Annihilation with the with the right fine Christ himself So he sent a messenger to know what they have done with him shamefully. Turn one defeats him a woman. This is the messages what's gone sending me and you too many things. I need a jacket and we did with those messages in the vinegar this week as if we are in control of even his words. The last thing that show that he is in love with us. He sent his only begotten son. Send me a son. For those who reject showing one thing I will love you till the end. sending price to die and resurrect for you and for me. is nothing but love I almost throw you. I want to love you. I don't want to make your life and fruitful. I would make your life video. If you choose to obey the Sun. It is my choice to accept Christ or not. And again and again and again about the minions science and Christian. somebody coming to church on Sundays only know it's about the fruit for Life coming from it's about what you see and what you do and want to decide. Are you decisions when to go? It is your decision. The sun has come. And he have children. How many things I can kill the word of God in Me? How many times the message is very clear? I'm entering my heart and my two years and I did my reminder said no, I will not take it. As long as they're a bunch of judgment is coming. His love will never fail. And his nurses are Everlasting. I would love you. the last thing left for the Maya. I know we keep my nurses to you forever. If you reject me till the end. There must be a punishment. I'm afraid. some of us still living What are the only owner of everything? Believe me your house your body your money your kind of your car. Everything if it works for him, this life would be another. Whatever is being bad with the owner. I know it most of us have colors. And some of us choose a cheap mechanics to fix the powers you pay and the car goes what first and you pay again and the car was what? you don't want to play something a bit higher to go to that and Ephesians would fix it. The agent will not ask you for anyone Christ will never ask for. Yes, and I will fix. I know every details of your life. I know you in and out. Davidson of Psalm 139 search me Hulu You know me In-N-Out. How many people you grew to Christ in now? How many people before you Christ through you? How many times does open the chance for you? Standing room and said I need you. On Friday, we had a meeting in Outlook meeting and the Tempest focuses to speak about who are poor in the splitting an old are Americans. I have any alarm set. Can I say anything since I'm sorry? I was wrong. I need him. I'm teeth again. African people I don't say things. I'm sorry. I was going I need. Impulse turbine set their story We presented the first messenger USA. Okay be let us come to the consideration, but it kept I'm done with Askew at the end. How many things are giving you free? And what is the fourth of the fruits of what I have left? Little Star themed poster big brother sisters Peter said enough the time we spent doing the will of the world. It's enough for us and we spent this life ruthless. Is it fine not to be truthful? Is it by him now to say, I'm sorry, who would I was wrong? I need help or we'll keep rejecting and at the end. again I'm giving you time enough is enough you judge on your Love you, mr. Fruits. animals pooping first weeks of fasting Fitness Fest ask to be a fruitful and go to be what? Watch out your tongue. What's wrong with your phone? God in your heart and the word of God lychee I don't believe the devil who tells you you are mine. You are not his you are in God's hands. Bring Me To Life lyrics