Light Of The World

 Sermon on our Lord Jesus Christ as the Light of the World, making us also a light to the world.


our Lord Jesus Christ talked to us in the last few Sundays above it I am I am the bread of life when he talks about it his body he says I am the bread of life whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood will have eternal life then he said I am when he talks about it the his blood he said I am the Living Waters whoever drinks from this water will never be theorists again when we have his flesh and drinks his blood what would we be what would we be when we have his when we eat his flesh and drink his blood he said today I am the light of the world and when we take his flesh and the blood we become what the light of the world - and that is why he said you are the light of the world let us could see the Bible tells us God lives in light lives in light I am the light of the world and has no darkness at all and what he is saying to every one of us is to be that light to have no darkness at all even when God wanted to write the Ten Commandments he wrote the Ten Commandments with fingers of what fire light his words is light and that light became the flesh became the Word of God the Word of God is Christ and Christ is light so the Word of God is light yes one day Moses wanted to see the Lord and the Lord told the Moses you can't see me because no one sees God and live so Moses insisted please Lord I want to see you he said okay he took him put him in a Fisher in a mountain and put his hand upon his face not to look at him and died and passed by him when he passed by him what happened to Moses his face became like a son no one could look at him they had to put a veil on his face can you imagine can you imagine can [Music] you imagine [Music] the first thing we wanted to understand about our Lord that he is the light and no one can unite with that light if he keeps the darkness inside him there is no mixing between darkness and light no sureness between darkness and light [Music] when God wanted to lead the Israelites he led them by column of fire in the evening to make light for their paths and a column of clouds in the morning I wanted to see that example of the clips you know when the Sun and the moon comes together yet [Music] the moon is just darkness earth there is no light and the moon but when the Sun radiates on the moon he reflects the light of the Sun but there is something even more when the Sun actually overlaps the moon what will happen that is what we call Eclipse yeah can can you see here yeah it is what we say coronation coronation that the Sun of that laughs the moon when you look at it yeah the the moon is dark but the sun is light and makes a coronation around the moon so even if you look at it you see the radiation of the Sun from behind the moon yeah and that is what the Lord does in our life he makes eclipses in our lives makes a sturdy eight to be light every single time we have the holy communion then we are in him and have the light inside us the question today is how to live that light have to be light what does it mean that you are the light of the world you know when the Lord appeared on the mountain and the Transfiguration they saw him light and they saw as well Moses and Elijah as light when the Lord is light everyone else is light can you imagine that the Lord is inside you what would you be what would you be but to be light when the Lord [Music] risen he being the resin from what from the two and two is what darkness the tomb was full of darkens but suddenly the Lord been risen and enlighted the tomb made the tomb light to you you know that every year up till now in the Church of the Resurrection yes there is light comes out of the tomb and the Pope the great Pope goes into the tomb and late bunch of candles of that light and the comes out of the - yeah and for quarter an hour or 20 minutes anyone even put his hand on that life wouldn't be burned it is a lighting all of us can you imagine that tomb that dark to became the light of the world and light comes from it every single year to say I am the light of the world yeah so that simply means no matter what we are no matter what we are even if we are like tombs the Lord can come into our tombs and makes us light [Music] you know what when you were baptized what happened in our baptism we actually went into the tomb because the baptism is burial with the dress Christ with our Lord and the three dips and the water are the three days in the tomb but at the end of the baptism we've been risen with him we've been enlightened with him and that is the light we had that is what we that is why we call baptism in light meant enlightenment it is the light we had from Christ because we died with him and we been risen with him even the shroud yeah imprinted the image of the body of our Lord Jesus Christ with no paints with details nobody can do and all the researchers and scientists are saying it can't be unless there was light came out of the body and imprinted that image on the shroud it is one of the living miracles in between hence to say the Lord is light how can we be light what does it mean to be light David the king and the Prophet said what said your words your words are the land for my part the land for my part the light for my path every time you actually read the Bible you are not reading a book you are meeting the Word of God himself the light you are facing the light as the moon faces the Sun and he will radiate upon you and eclipse with you and makes you light like that is why the Lord said walk in the light so we read the word of light we annoy it with the word of life in the Holy Communion and we need to do what to walk in light means to follow the commandments to live the commandments and to keep the commandments inside us as David the king and the Prophet said so that we can't sin against him to walk in the light and to take that light you need to believe in that light do you believe that whatever darkness you have the Lord can makes it light can vanish your darkness and give you his light do you believe in that if you believe in it then the Lord will do it for you every time you come repenting and confessing your sins your sins being vanished he takes all our selves in confession and makes you pure again lie it again there is no way that you can keep Christ and the world and the same moment it can't be one hour for God and one hour for the world wouldn't work half of my heart for the Lord and half of my heart for the world wouldn't work it is all or none all or none yes and the Lord did treated the Israelites like that if one israelite same the whole israelite lives and darkens when a hand the son of Carmy sent they all been defeated and lived in darkness and when Joshua cried to the Lord saying why did you leave us he said among you there is deception there is darkness take this darkness out and I will come back to you I cannot live in you when you insist to live in your darkness so the first thing is the word of God the commandment is to walk by the commandment ii think it says whoever loves his brother lives in light whoever hates his brother lives in word in darkened the second thing is to love each other and love never knows hatred love never knows hatred loving each other is a commandment the Lord said love each other as I loved you and when he wanted to summarize the whole of the scripture he said love God from all your heart all your power all your will and love your brother as you love yourself in the New Testament love your brother as I have loved you so the first thing is to live in the commandments to walk in his commands the second thing love each other love each other the third thing is the bad company corrupts good manners never to share in the works or deeds of darkness on the other hand you need to do what you need to you get you need to expose it the Bible tells us if you see someone sinning and you don't warn him he will die in his sin and his blood will be a skit from whom from your own hand because he saw him sinning and you didn't tell him but if you warn him and he continued in his cell then he will die in his sin and his blood will be upon his head never to share in darkens if you see people around you doing the wrong never share with them because if you share those who are in darkness you will be in darkness with them you have to expose the darkness you know John the Baptist the Lord gave him mission to do what to ask for everyone to repent but he found the king is doing something severely wrong I was not required to go to the king and say you are not allowed to but he could not share the king in his darkness he went even to the king even to the highest authority on him and said you are not allowed to I presume the king said Who not to tell me so who are you I have the King but he is saying no this is a lie it came into my life this is the Word of God which came into my life to reflect his light to reflect the truth if you see something wrong you have to say the truth if you see someone who is really manipulating things you have to tell him you have to tell him even if he is your boss with love never with criticism with love out of love and out of caring about the Eternity of the others I am the light of the world and you are the light of the world I am eclipsing in you I am living in you he made us the temple of the Holy Spirit he made us members in his body he made us participant of his divine nature to be the light in the world may our Lord Jesus Christ gives us all to walk in the light in his commandments to love each other and never to share in the darkness of the world and to be the light for everyone glory to God forever