Life of Praise



In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit one God Amen. Close our speech about the Train theme song of today and the heavens will praise your wonders. Stan's are going to participate with the Heavenly powers in prison. The Lord's blessing of the people who know the joyful sound is the prayer. Oh Lord in the light of your countenance, Alleluia. number 1 the highest Bible prayer number to the language of the Heavenly power he is our job in heaven is the highest type of prayer as we said before we leave for the many gifts that they give 12. And for our sin because we are sinners and we can request from the Lord for ourselves or others for our physical life our spiritual life our everyday life. I'm at as the praise the previews of the highest volume because praising the Lord we are not thanking him for something related to us. But we thank him for his birthday. Because we are praising his birthday now and we are praising him because he is merciful anything from God because God became our request he is our needs and live for praising him is the highest type of player. We need to practice the praise. We need to praise the Lord From the Bottom of our house. This is the best type of Prayer in the church. That's why our has a loss of crazy and then back at midnight prayer praising them everywhere we have Because of his men are created. When do we send the promise as to be saved We Praise Him Focus resurrected ascended to Heaven taking our hearts and Believers and repentance and we are going to be members in the Church of God or the body of Christ. We praise him for that material for his virtual gift for his work for himself. He is the one that deserves our praise our you know that we have nothing to do except they are the 12 representing the 12 tribes of the Old Testament of the Old Testament and New Testament. What is the man who was writing to Mark Roman? We give him the symbol we speak about our road as the son of man. Cabela's is done wrong the Beloved we give him the eagle because he is the one that went about the logo of God, but now he's our ancestors and he also is one of the four creatures that God so loved the world. How old is Arcangel Heavenly Powers praising the Lord all the time the same place that we say Envy from the praise of the Heavenly powers in heaven as if we are saying to the crucified on our behalf. Is our job in heaven before he says here a very nice place because they are going to be extra and praising the Lord bear in heaven. We may participate and as mentioned in the Book of Revelation, we're going to be learning how to praise the Lord in heaven before this is our job in heaven started from here on Earth because we're going to feel the presence of the Lord and I want heart and as we said before our house can be the kingdom of God. The Lord said the kingdom of God is within you. Correlation, how are decisions of a present or future we have the Lord raining in our when we say to the Lord Our Father who art in heaven Hallowed be thy name the place where God says the kingdom of God. For his love is sacrifice and his celebration. We have like a cup coming to learn. Big 12 feelings while we are praising the Lord make up the glory be to God forever.