The Life of Joseph - Part 1


"Favored Son, Hated Brother"


I will start the name of the father son. Holy Spirit one God Amen. Okay. I wish I had with them a Bible and a hand out. Okay, if you didn't get a hand up on the back table outside make sure they got one of each with you that you're carrying a Bible or stain life of Joseph seed Old Testament vs. New Testament. Okay, okay. Okay, like you all know. We're kicking off a five-part Series tonight about the life of Joseph in the Old Testament. And I know that if you stick with us throughout the series that you will enjoy because the life of Joseph doesn't need much work or explanation because the life of Joseph is one of the most interesting stories around the greater stories that we can see throughout the Bible. Don't start off the topic of Joseph by talking about a topic that I find really really dear to my heart, which is anyone knows me well knows that one of my favorite things in this world is sports. Okay. I love sports. August to January is football, January 8th of June is basketball and June to August is the time of Christian suffering in our lives. When all we have is baseball in life, but we would deal with it would take weekend at a time. Someone asked me why it is that I love sports so much. I was getting the same answer. I never really got into the news or any of that kind of stuff because to me the world is a very big place. It's a sad place in Toronto news. You care about murders and homicides in wars and politics don't like kinds of nonsense will Sports to me is an escape. It's kind of an out. Okay Sports me is the one place that you can be competitive that you can battle that you can give it all you have and you can compete at end of the end of the day we shake hands we go our separate ways. We live to fight again another day. So to me, what is the best thing in the world? I think that if everyone loves sports very much less Wars going on in this world, but unfortunately, I can't make that decision. What a great thing about sports that makes Sports really really popular especially in He's kind of society in this country is the idea of Heroes. Okay, and people love sports especially sport like basketball because they can identify with the players. All right and sports is the one place that I can take away all the extra nice things that goes on outside of sports on people's personal lives at least confined within the game Betsy Ross still exist, but I can cheer for my hero when you can cheer for your hero and we can see here. I was battling against one another and we can see who is the stronger. Who is the factor who is this and you can have zero that you attach yourself to a lot of people Are not only enjoy watching their Heroes, but it's at the kind of an inspiration. And if you follow Sports, you'll know that there are lots of very inspiring greater stories about their people example, maybe anyone heard of Lance Armstrong and Lance Armstrong Lance Armstrong was one of the greatest bright riders in the whole world has cyclist and he got diagnosed with cancer and it said not only this guy not going to race again. It's got can die but he went to the chemotherapy. He went through all that treatment. He came back to cycling and again reached the Pinnacle and he is known as the ultimate Champion cycling store like that is inspiring that you think that's a hero ask someone who died on obstacles another story you guys heard of Maria, Sharapova. No, cuz she's a little bit newer. I she just won Wimbledon. She is a Russian tennis player who just won Wimbledon at age 17, and if you don't know who she is. She's again another great hero, especially for the young ladies out there. She's someone who not didn't grow up. If you said she grew up in a poor neighborhood down the biggest understatement driven, one of the poorest of the poor areas and Russia and she basically raised herself from ages 9 and then at age 17, she made it to the big platform in the world and she won Wimbledon you see something like that and miss it all the corruption and all the bad stuff in the world. You say that's a hero that someone I cheer for it while it's that same kind of boyish enthusiasm that same kind of child like, you know, kind of eagerness to see someone win, but I approach the story of Joseph in the Bible. How to purchase story of Joseph as a as a historical thing. I don't approach it as something that we meditate on and then we leave I approached her story of Joseph and destroy the hero is someone who has all kinds of obstacles against him all kinds of difficulties, but what do all kinds of situations in life that are nocturama man out but every time you see him going down you seem get back up and fighting and someone that we can do as we read his story together and we study the different elements and his wife but I hope that you would like me will cheer for Joseph and when Joseph gets knocked down and she'll say come on Joseph get back up and you know, we Champion the same way with your for Michael Jordan or any of these other guys that compete in the World of Sports. If you had talked about lives of greatness, you cannot use the word study great lives. I'm talking about the life of Joseph. I wanted to look up what the word great means in the dictionary it is what the dictionary has lots of definitions of the word grape and there's another story of Joseph know that These words applies to Joseph. 100% for example remarkable Eminence outstanding of great significance or importance Superior and quality Noble Superior in character Joseph. It's all of these different words because he is a symbol of greatness more than anyone else other than our Lord Jesus Christ my opinion that we see in the Bible. And if you want to know how much the Bible thinks that Joseph is important, if you study the Book of Genesis the first book in the Bible, you'll see talks about great characters characters like Noah and Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, but none of them occupied as much space in the Book of Genesis as a story of Joseph himself. And if you want to summarize the story of Joseph going to talk about the next five weeks as we titled. This series is Glory through tribulations. He wanted to summarize his life. You want to put something on his Tombstone? What would I write personally? I would buy Glory through tribulations running to see the life of Joseph how God's glory shine even in the midst of hardship and miss her false accusation the mistreatment and list of racism list of all these horrible things how God's glory shines. And the other thing about Joseph is, you know in the Old Testament, there's lots of types of Christ or foreshadowing of Christ's people who who is waddle the same virtues and Anna shows with Christ is going to be like in the future. Well, I heard you from right now put it in your mind. The Joseph is one of the greatest types of Christ that there is and Joseph foreshadows price more than anyone else and I was we go through this study you'll see The main thing that he models about that is similar to Christ is his forgiveness. All right, you see the top of your hand out of put a famous quote there. It's you all probably heard report to err is human to forgive is divine. Well, no one bottle of forgiveness other than Christ himself the way Joseph did in his life, okay? So we're going to get into all that kind of stuff. But before we get into it, we need to kind of disgust you have kind of an overview of the background of Joseph's life kind of his early years is family setting what the world was like what his family was like when he was growing up so we can understand him. You wanted to buy Joseph's life into kind of the different segments. There's three kind of segments first is kind of like the early years from 80217. Okay, and that is is Genesis 32 37. Okay, no cream is talks about you know his family and his brothers and how he was born in it and all that kind of stuff and you start to see that Joseph was kind of spoiled little brat the kind of annoyed his brother's little of nothing she wagered then from age 17 to age 30 is the second segment of Joseph's life. We are the tough years. These are the years of the mistreatment of the imprisonment of the false accusation all that kind of bad stuff. Is life spins out of control lab Genesis 37 of 41 and then finally in Genesis 42 250 is from 8:30 until the end of his life and there isn't a years of prosperity or the reward are the glory that that we seen the life of Joseph under God's blessing. Text kind of dig and kind of understand his family background go with me to Genesis chapter 37. Genesis 37 in the Bible. There's plenty it right outside the door there. Genesis 37 what starting verse one there? Okay says by Jacob dwells in the land where his father was a stranger in the land of Canaan. This is the history of Jacob Joseph being 17 years old was feeding the flock with his brothers. And the lad was with the sons of bilhah and the sons of zilpah. His father's wives and Joseph brought a bad report done to his father that Israel Joseph more than all his children because he was the son of his old age. But stop there for now, let's leave Joseph besides and I'm going to come back and focus on Jefferson White Sox ahead. Let's talk first about Justice family starting with his father Jacob when Jacob gave birth to Joseph. It was an old man. Okay, he was. Jacob had a total of 12 kids and Joseph was the second to last one. All right, so he was his son of old age with the Bible calls it now we know a lot of things about Jacob and the Bible is very good at never hiding any of the bad characteristics of anyone in the Bible have anyone that's very clear boards. Jacob was lots of negative things a show about Jacob in the Bible doesn't claim that anyone is perfect. What do we know about? Jacob has a person what was his personality like I told you describe Jacob in a word would you say? Deceiver. Okay. That's what his name means by his name means to see what is overwhelming quality and you see that from start to finish. Okay, Jacobs life. There's lots of deception. I think he's a bad guy. I'm not saying anything like that, but he had his flaws and one of them was that he was a sneaky guy. All right and given the chance for a deception he would pull it, you know several times. That's important to keep in mind. Okay, because you're going to see what the what the Bible teaches that what you sow you will reap and that happening to Jacob and his and his family but he's so deception was can come back later on his life with his kids that he's going to reap deception and he will be deceived. What else do we know about Jacob? What kind of father would you describe him ass? transpacific race of products work what country have Jacob as much as we are Joseph kind of dad you think he was Wasn't there okay, that's true, but he wasn't fair because there's an over is a big characteristic here, which I want to get too and that characteristic says that says why he wasn't fair that favoritism. Okay, that's true as well. Same thing is not fair. Let's take it one more Step Up was Jacob. A very active father in his kids lives was he your other certified as a right hands on and they involve everything their kids doing buying him directing them and leaving them and they want to make sure the kind of micro manager was Jacob. Kind of father. But Jake was the exact opposite. Jacob was a very passive father and the passivity let you the unfairness and the favoritism it and all those other things if you want to describe him as a frog you want no kind of father was is very hands-off kind of the path of least resistance kind of whatever just trying to keep the peace for now, you know, I don't want to get my hands dirty. I want to get you involved in the problems in the shack in our kind of stuff. Just kind of path of least resistance dad. And you're going to see that and how what the effects of that are on the lives of his kids specifically on Joseph here. Okay, as we said I just say right here and inverse 3 Israel Love Joseph more than all his children. He know that Israel is the same as as Jacob. So they'll be called both in a interchangeably said he loves him best. Why didn't you love him? That's what is a couple reasons that we can see why he loves him best. First of all is that like I said the beginning he was giving him in his old age and it's kind of like, you know, I don't want to say Jacob was going through a mid-life crisis. But you know when you're going through a mid-life crisis and I'm glad that you had a man who was 45 and all of a sudden he had a boy that boy what kind of gave him a new lease on life cuz I'm full rewind his life a little bit. Now. He's on Aging wine is 45 or 50 now. He's a dad of a newborn this guy gave him new life. Joseph was the child at reinvigorated him and gave him a new start on life. Also know that Jacob was who was the mother of who was the mother of Joseph not Jacob was Rachel. Okay, and of all the wives Jacob Jacob had kids with different women Rachel was his favorite. So this is the son of his old age who came from his most beloved of all his wives. This is his his childhood sweetheart and you know the story about Jacob and Rachel just kind of summarize it again in case just to kind of reiterate it Jacob when he was young found love with Rachel and he would do anything to marry her and he agreed with Rachel's Dad. Okay, Rachel Zack and then send that you work for me for 7 years you get to marry my daughter. So he agreed to work and work seven years. Jacob gets to the altar on the day of the wedding list back the veil who's under the van ain't Rachel is the older less attractive sister Liam. So Jacob number you were so deception York. Deception. All right. So Jacob got what he deserved because he was he was a deceiver in life. Tell me how you were stuck with Leah, but it didn't satisfy me still want to Rachel to work another seven years in order to get Rachel. What us the bat the family situation here is is not a good one. Okay, you have some deception. You have a man marrying two sisters. You have one who's less attractive than the other and she knows it and all this kind of stuff. So the family Dynamics year dysfunction always something that you can kind of characterizing from step one here. And then the add kind of insult to injury Rachel is Barron Rachel is Barron while Leah ends of bearing him. Seven Kids 6 Boys 1 Girl. So being born in the Old Testament is a sizable ultimate to scrape the ultimate dishonoring the worst thing and again, you got the sisters and the cat is not all that kind of stuff you figure out what happened, you know behind the scenes here. But anyway, this was a situation that was troubling to the family Rachel pleaded with God until finally got answered her prayer. What was the answer? What was the answer to Rachel's prayer? It was Joseph go back to Genesis Chapter 30. Jennifer Brown lot tonight Genesis 30 verse 25 and it came to pass When Rachel born at born Joseph and Jacob said to Robin send me away. Then I go to my own place and to my country give me my wives and my children for whom I have served you and let me go but you know my service which I have done for you. Was going time. Jacob is now decided that he needs to believe he needs to leave. This area needs to go back to Canaan or the promised land and he said now that I have the family that I want. I finally got the boy for my favorite wife. Time to go back to Kane. So they leave his father-in-law's house. Of course that leaving if you know, the story was the last more each one trying to deceive the other one again Lenny and end up leaving and they go back to their Homeland, but unfortunately tragedy strikes along the road and I don't make it back safely. Go to Genesis 34 Horrible incident takes place on the road Genesis 34 starting versus one now Dina the daughter of Leah when she had born to Jacob went out to see the daughters of the land. When such am the son of ham or that he bite Prince of the country saw her he took her and lay with her and violated her. What happened to yours Medina? Who was the daughter of Leah was raped along the way by this land in the city of by the Wisp invite. Okay Inception. But when this happens her brother's, you know, this was a great disgrace to the family and a great dishonor. They wanted to stick up for the rights of their sister Amanda buys the plan and their plan was to get revenge. Okay and skip town and verse 27 I'm actually what kind of summarize the plan already the conclusion of their plan was that they would. They want to get revenge against this whole city and they ended up slaughtering all the men in the city. Okay ended up killing all the men in this town. We were just the end of it and verse 27 the sons of Jacob came on the scene and plundered the city because their sister had been defiled they took their shape their oxen in their donkeys or was in the city what was in the field and all their wealth all their little ones and their wives that your captain and they plundered even though that was in the houses. You're Jacob right now. Your daughter has been raped and then your boys have decided that they're going to get even like killing everyone in the city and by stealing all their stuff. What's a contraction? What do you think? Stray kids reaction again. That's okay. But Jacob was not very involved in the day-to-day lives of his kids. All right, we do see the Jacob in a little bit gets very angry about the situation. But if you find out what is the angry about it's not that his daughter got raped and it's not that his kids kill everyone the city what angers Jacob is the public relations with that City. That's what I'm second. Then now we can't travel to that City and now they can look upon me badly and I would endanger this is what I've said, see what I mean about the passive Dad here, but not really involved at and His kids are running crazy either killing Tire cities and he's not even disciplining them were congratulating her anything. So this was the first tragedy. Unfortunately another tragedy struck a little bit later go to chapter 35. verse 16 deadly Journey from Bethel and when they were done when there was but a little distance to go to a froth Rachel labor and childbirth and she had hard labor now came to pass when she was in hard labor at the Midwife said to her do not fear you will have the Sun Also and so it was as her soul was departing for she died that she called his name benoni but his father called him Benjamin. Torrential died and was buried on the way to a frog that is Bethlehem. What's the second tragedy here is that Rachel the Beloved wife died in childbirth or getting while giving birth to Benjamin? Who is the last of Jacob's children? That is must have been a sad sad day for Jacob. Okay, he's been all this time away from his homeland and now he's about to reach his home when he's on the doorstep of a returning back to where he's been trying but you were so many years and then she dies his favorite wife dies. And then on top of that while the tears are still fresh in his eyes. Skip go ahead rebound verse 21 and says Ben-Israel Jernigan pitched his tent beyond the Tower of either and it happened when Israel dwelt in that land Ruben went and lay with bilhah his father's concubine and Israel heard about it. While he still grieving what happens Ruben who's his oldest son goes and sleeps one of his. One of his his wives. Okay, when his wives Mage was considered like his wife. Jacob when he heard about this, this is a great track. This is something but this is something they shouldn't have discipline his kids kids what his kids slept in one of his wives the whatever stretch of the imagination. Where's the Bible say next by the sons of Jacob were the sons of Leah Rubin and starts to go and give a genealogy. What does that tell you about Jacob as a dad? Can't let go. Oh, well Que Sera Sera, you know, so be it. That was a kind of dad. Joseph was or Jacob was it's important that we understand it here so that you can understand what goes on in a life of Joseph. Okay, if you don't understand his family background, you will not understand what happened in his life. So like I said dysfunctional family from from day one dad very passive dad in a lot of corrupt stuff is going to come back to haunt him. Dad kind of let his kids run crazy, whatever it is what they wanted and on top of that he wasn't very wise and dealing with his kids at all. Like we won't overly ER in chapter 37 that he definitely love Joseph the best. Okay. Now this is something that no parent will tell you. All right, but all the kids we know the truth. What are all the kids right now to kind of sympathize with me? You heard your parents have favorites. Okay, if your brother says, you know, your parents have favorites but never a minute and I'll never tell you who the favorite is, but we know that they have favorites. All right. What is a smart parent tell their kids who the favorite is? A million years did Jacob tell the kids for his neighbor was made public knowledge. Go back to chapter 37. What only did he have favorites? Okay, there's always been clear to his favorite wife one everyone who Waits with his favorite wife. I don't know who was the son of the favorite wife was the favourite was the favorite Joseph there as well and the other brothers and saw it and they noticed it and they weren't content to just say you know what Joseph is the favorite. So be it was going to take it lying down go back to go to chapter 37 go to verse 3 Why is Rule of Joseph more than all his children because he was the son of his old age. Also, he made him a tunic of many colors. What do you think giving him that tunic are we know about the tunic that Jacob gave his son a tunic of of lots of colors? Okay, and it was an extravagant looking, you know, like a like a code and it was very fancy and fine linen and all that kind of stuff. What do you think that says to the rest of the family? First of all obviously didn't give that coat everyone just to 12 11th sell that's as beside a favoritism which would have given them which they wouldn't of liked the 10th edition. This tunic was a long sleeve or down his ain't got his wrist down his ankles thing. What were the rest of the brothers do it was there or their day-to-day chores? Don't work in the field right now. Do you think that this garment was suitable for working in the field by no means so by Jacob giving us to the Joseph. He basically said in front of everyone but you will realize your job is at end of the field Jacob or Joseph. Can you take this med coat paint to work like them? You're not like them other favorite. You don't have to do anything the way they do they slave and they swept. Can you take this nice coat? What's the brothers noticed it and They didn't like it one bit. So because of that because of Jacob's unwise Nest on wiseness as a father because of his passivity as a father then is only a matter of time before something bad happens. All right, and I'm unable to a murderous plot so I can start to read about now. Let's go back to verse to there. It said which of the history of Jacob Josephine 17 years was feeding the flock with his brothers. And the lad was with the sons of bill on the sons of zilpah is father's wives and Joseph brought a bad report them to his father for his brother. Saw that their father loved him more than all his brothers. They hated him and could not speak peaceably to him. Where's to says that Joseph started to he told his dad and you know what these guys may not be doing the best job. So this is not a good situation right here one verse three eyes on top of that but the one who's causing the problems the Dad shows in a little extra favoritism. You see the fuse on the time bomb here is starting to go down, okay. Danvers for that jealousy would say they have had inverse two turns to utter hatred and it says they hated him and could not speak peaceably attend. They could he have a conversation with Joseph at this point in time. They couldn't even like couldn't even bear to see him. Now adding on top of that having some fuel to that fire Jerry Joseph son Joseph out of unique characteristic about got a little Hobby and I wasn't he was a dreamer. They like to have driven they had great dreams what kind of dreams and he had let's get out of her spine. Joseph had a dream. He told his brothers and they hated him even more. So he said to them, please hear this dream, which I have dreamed there. We were binding sheaves in the field and behold my Sheaf of arrows and also stood upright and indeed your she stood all around and bow down to my sheep and his brother said to him shall you indeed right over us or shall you indeed have dominion over us? So they hated him even more for his dreams are boys words. Because I get the feeling just as I really helping the situation out here. Okay, and they didn't like his dream. But you know what the good thing about Joseph get another drink right after I go to the next verse when he drinks till another dream about old is bars and said look, I have dream another dream and this time the sun the moon in the 11th Stars bow down to me. So he told his father his brothers and his father abuse him rebuked and sent him. What is his dream that you have dreams about your mother and I and your brothers indeed come to bow down to the Earth before you and his brothers envied him. But his father kept the matter in mine. He says that his brother rebuked and he would his dad said wait a minute. And this is what he's a favor here. Crazy dreams after having Joseph you talkin about is that came very close to doing something like involving his kid's life became very close to this fun of him or telling him Joseph. Don't tell this to your brothers or Joseph, you know, you're crazy or anything like that. But look what it says in the end. He kept the matter in mind means you did nothing about it. Jacob's lack of control over the family especially the boys is what kind of leaves it is exploding which is about to happen. All right. Tesco on verse 12 Dennis Brothers went to feed the fire Squak injection and Israel said to Joseph or not. Your brother's feeding the flock and section, I will send you to them. So he said to them here. I am and he said to him, please go and see if it is well with your brothers and well with the flocks and bring back words to me. So we sent him out of the valley of Hebron and went to section. Okay, after this dreaming incident, there comes a point in time where his brothers are working out in the field Joseph's not with them. What city are they working in Ketchum where we heard that before? Very good. That's why their sister got raped. Okay. So all the sudden had to Jacob wait a minute there all by themselves working in a city where they killed all the win and everyone hates them to start to get rid of worried. This is kind of a dangerous situation. So Jacob and his extreme wisdom right here decides that he's going to do what send Joseph out to check on him. Well, I'm sorry. I don't mean to be given Jacob a bad rap here. I was not their fault. Jacob was a great patriarch, but in all honesty, I know what he was thinking here. Okay, and it's eating hindsight 20/20, but it's very clear that he sent Joseph up for something very bad. Send it out to the field for the brothers would hate him the wrestler Kane speak peaceably to him out of the middle of nowhere and you send them out there a setting him up for a the time moms going to go blow up right now. Okay, the fuse is done. There's about to be an explosion. Skip town to verse 17 near the end. So Joseph went after his bugs and found them in Dothan that when he saw them that when they saw him for all even before he came here then they conspired against him to kill him and they said to one another look this dreamer is coming come therefore. Let us now kill him and cast him into some pit and we shall save some why are bee's has devoured him. We shall see what will become of his dreams. Talk about a hostile family environment. They see him coming from a distance and they come up with this plan. They're going to kill him. They're going to throw him in there and then throw them in the well. The luckily for Joseph. Okay. God intervenes here or I should say they don't kill him. He is in the form of Ruben who is the oldest brother here Woman verse 21 that ruin heard it and he delivered him out of their hands and said let us not kill him and Ruben said to them shed, no blood but cast him into this pit, which is in the wilderness and do not lay a hand on him, but he might deliver him out of their hands and bring him back to his father. What happened to your is got out of characteristic? Okay, what happened to your something? Which is your rude. I was why it happened other than the fact that this is God's kind of Providence God showing that no, it was not time for Joseph to die quite yet who steps in? Who is that? The voice of reason is Ruben. Where do we go about Ruben before but a Reuben do a few chapters ago. Exactly something his dad's car coupon. All right. So Raven is not the picture of wisdom or a party or anything like that by any means but somehow God put some kind of guilt on his conscience where way because he's the oldest he felt guilty. So, you know what, let's not kill much just throw them in the well and is receiving verse 22 Ruben's plan was that will throw in the well, we'll leave the all come back and save him and deliver him to Dad. Okay to Robert actually had some good intentions right here. Whatever comes to fruition why but it was 23. So it came to pass when Joseph become his brothers that they strip Joseph his tunic first thing that they did a strip dance bet that was a sign everything. I hated about him the tunic of Many Colors that was on him when they took him and cast him into a pit and the pit was empty. There was no water in it and they sat down and eat a meal when they lifted their eyes and look there's a company of ishmaelites coming from Gilead with their camels bearing spices volume more on their way to carry them down to Egypt. So Judas at his brother's what profit is there if we kill her brother and conceal his blood come let us sell him to the ishmaelites and let not our hand be upon him for he is our brother and our flesh to the Constitution the conscience of Judas of Judah coming out now, we don't want to kill him. He's our own blood that we can't do this to him. That's just sell him and his brothers. Listen then Lydia Knight traitors pass by for the brothers told Joseph up and let them out of the pit and sold into the ishmaelites. 1 shekels of silver and they took Joseph to Egypt. It's tough to even read these words without like a chill running up your spine right here a lot how much they really hated their own brother and I run a sell him out for 20 pieces of silver piece of silver a lot. It's nothing. Okay Christ was a lawyer for how many pieces of silver was 4:30 and you know that was nothing 20 pieces of silver in Joseph's time was not the price of a slave. It was a price of a handicap slave. That's what you go to the market and if it was a handicapped person who they just wanted to get rid of you paid 20 shekels of silver for him and that they sold them out for me divided among 10. So you do the math and figure out how much their own brother was worth to them. Again, like I said, the beginning the type of Christ see all the different similarities between Christ and Joseph so they sell him for the price of a handicap slave. And then what they did is they take his coat but dividend someone and they make up the story about how he was killed and he was eating up and they come back to Jacob with this crazy story. All right, go to verse 31. Joseph's to kill the kid of the goats and dip the tunic in the blood and they sent the tunic of Many Colors. They brought it to their father and said we have found this. Do you know whether it is your son's tunic or not recognizing said it is my son's cilic y b says about him without doubt Joseph is Torn to Pieces. Jacob Isaac Okay. And again, it's just one more deception in the long line of deceiving within this dysfunctional family again, why was Jacob's Family full of deception? Because Jacobs o deception when he was younger and he reap it when he was older what you sow is what you reap is what the Bible teaches. Okay. Well things seem pretty bad here for Joseph. You would say I can't really get much worse. But if you know the story of Joseph, you know, it gets much worse. All right, and things ain't even started to get bad for him yet. This is only the beginning of him being mistreated and being treated unfairly. But what you'll see is as much as God was protecting him. So rude manner through, you know, the particular people who brought him. His hands they protecting him the whole way. Open till now Jake Joseph has been facing different kinds of trials and tribulations. Tomorrow we're going to do or what's that a hat with Joseph's going to walk through it going to move from trials and tribulations On To The Next Step, which is Temptations Someone tell me the difference between a tribulation or a trial. What's a trial trials and Temptations Someone explain to me the difference? Everything that's been happening so far as been trials. All right, what's going to happen next the next phase of suffering for Joseph is Temptations? Who does Charles come from who is the origin of the trials? God? Very good. What's the purpose of them? The cast doesn't help us grow. Okay, my fate is try to my faith to be stronger. Okay, or you know, my patient just right. I'll be a more patient person. So God was trials to make me stronger who's the star of the Temptation the devil? What's the purpose to destroy me? Okay, so they're not the same trials from God to make me stronger Temptation from double to make me weaker to make me destroyed. I have heard of a guy named Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Okay, look at your hand out those little quote there from a guy named Dietrich Bonhoeffer Dietrich. Bonhoeffer was a Christian who lived in Germany in Nazi Germany, 1940 and 1990 is executed in 1945 at age 39. He was a famous pastor and his famous Theologian who wrote many great Christian works. Okay. What are the worker? He wrote is a short little booklet and it's about Temptation and I've never seen a better explanation other than it was written in the Bible never seen outside the Bible a better description or explanation of what temptation is on the web on Harper Road right here. Let's read the quote. Okay, follow along with me. He says it all members. There is a slumbering inclination towards desire which is both sudden and fierce with irresistible power desire seizes Mastery over the flesh all at once a secret smoldering fire is kindled the flesh Burns and is in Flames. It makes no difference whether it is sexual desire or ambition or vanity or desire for revenge or lot of Fame and power or Greed for money or finally got strange desire for the beauty of the world joy and God is in course of being extinguished Ennis and we see call are joining the creature the sound familiar to sound like what temptation is really don't want you getting more descriptive at this moment. God is quite unreal to us loses all reality and only desire For the creature is real. The only reality is the devil. Satan does not fill us with hatred of God, but with forgetfulness of God the less that's arouses. Invalids remind will of man and deepest Darkness are the powers of clear discrimination and a decision are taken from us. It is here at everything within me rise up against the word of God. What are you saying here is that Temptation affects every single person who's ever walk the face of this Earth including our Lord Jesus Christ as face Temptation. And what temptation is like the underlined Parts there is not hatred of God. It's forgetfulness of God. Okay people fall into sin not because they want to rebell against God before a split-second. They lost that fear of God for a split-second. They didn't think about God or anything like that. Ok, the powers of fear discrimination of decision are taken from us. I like Bonhoeffer rice right here. Okay, every single person has faced and as much as every single person has faced it every single person with the exception of our Lord Jesus Christ has given into it as falling into temptation of some point or another and has suffer the consequences of it. Okay. Temptation is an inevitable part of this Fallen World. And right now you're going to see Joseph as he engages in the battle against temptation, but what you going to see in Joseph? Like I said in the beginning is that hero quality of him that facing the are the down the count but that he always comes through in the clutch force. All right. skip ahead two Choppers 39 Okay, this point I'm Joseph is now in Egypt. All right, his brothers think he's at his father's think he's dead. He's in another country that are not to speak. The language is nothing about the culture here and I didn't know which country is in until he actually arrive there. Remember, this is The Golden Child. This is the kid with a silver spoon in his mouth is the key to let everything handed him on a platter. All of a sudden is in a foreign place where you don't know how to speak the language. You don't know how to deal with people that have the same education as everyone else. He's in he's in big trouble right now. He ends up being sold to a man named potiphar. Let's go to chapter 3 on verse one does not Joseph have been taken down to Egypt daughter for an officer of pharaoh captain of the guard in Egyptian brought brought him from the ishmaelites. We're taking him down there. Who is this potiphar guy? He says that he is an officer fell a captain of the Guard now different people will tell you what the word captain of the Guard means. All right in there slight variations what they think it means but everyone agrees that your son is a some type of military position right there some type of military experience and he is the head of a group of people who were their executioners but some kind of work like that. Alright, bro cups is always hell is this is a tough guy is a guy who can control wives and have the power to kill and give life. All right, and no other way. This is the guy I don't want to mess with That Joseph is like I send a tough situation here and going to the captain of the Guard was in the house of Fara makes probably even a little bit tougher than what you'll see. Like I said Joseph who's the hero and anytime the situation gets tough, but Jake the Joseph not only survives it but he flourishes in it. All right, and there's one reason for it, but you'll see from the math of the end of this series on Joseph and that's the next verse. The Lord is with Joseph and he was a successful man. Okay back with you of of all this Glory through tribulations. The Lord is with them and he ends up 16. Okay, let's read on there and he was in the house of his master the Egyptian at his master saw that the Lord was with him and that the Lord may all he did to prosper in his hand to Joseph Kahn favor his sight and serve him and he made his overseer of his house and I'm already had you put under his authority. So it was in the time that he had made an overseer of his house and all that. He had that the Lord blessed Egyptians house for Joseph steak. And the blessing of the Lord was on all that he had in the house and in the field was he left already had and Joseph's hand and he did not know what he had except for the bread which he ate by Joseph was handsome in form and appearance. What you see there is that like I said Joseph would be considered Donna out for the count here. But the more the situation gets tough the morning to see that Joseph Flores is because the Lord is a very intimate part of Joseph's life the Lord. Is that a bystander for Joseph? But what about someone who was at a distance the Creator and the make living like that. The Lord is very intimately involved in the details of his life. All right, we'll see that he guides him. He helps him it says here that he gave him favor. Inside a pot of her, okay. And your C-section verse 3 not only did the Lord give him favor. But that favor was clearly seen and it says the master sword of the Lord is with him and the Lord made all that you get to prosper as hell. That means the one saying maybe this is just some lucky guy the one single maybe just coincidence, but everyone including the heathens take as part of her is a heathen. He's worshipping Idols. Even the haters don't know God know that the Lord is working in this man's life right here. Okay that reminds me of the verse that our Lord taught us on a Sermon on the Mount when he said let your light so shine before men anything. You see your good deeds of Praise Your Father in Heaven. That was Joseph K. Joseph's light shine to even that he didn't even get Idol worshipper saw his light and they praised his father and have okay. What you'll see here. Joseph circumstances on the outside. I change a hundred 80 degrees here is a golden child everything given for him. Now. He's a slave and now everything's different you taken from his Earthly father. Everything was stripped of his stripped of his tunic should have everything but your load is the Joseph on the inside was exactly the same. Okay, I will see that as as the Lord gives some success here right before sees that he's a hard-working young man. Whose blessed by God and the more he does good. The more part of her gives him more for any more responsibility. Any more Trust In His Hands, okay. Man jumping from charger the whole household. And this is a big promotion. Let me start off as a common slave and gets to the point where he's in charge of all the slaves. He's running the show here and Potiphar's house. With greater success comes greater trust. All right, that's we saw there he was doing better. So we got more trust. All right, but with greater trust comes greater times of vulnerability. That's we're going to see right now. When Temptation comes Temptation doesn't come and the times of Labor and stress and toil and hardship and trial just was in the bottom of the well, no Temptations. Joseph was being being by his brother's no Temptations started to be successful is where the Temptations start to come in and what your mercy is. Is that the Temptations don't come okay big lot of practice at it logically The Temptations come to you when you're in the middle of you know, let's say you're whatever it is. You're strenuous thing that you do that. I don't know you let's say you work as a construction worker earn your pay even a thing and doing nothing and all that kind of stuff you're sweating and toiling Away on vacation lying on the beach and you're sipping on whatever drinks you got in your hand. That's when Temptations come when things are easy. Alright, so this message right now about temptation is not for the people who are struggling to make ends meet the people who are living minute by minute day by day on people who are laying up in the hospital not knowing if they're going to live till tomorrow. This message of Beware Temptations is for those who are in prosperity for those who are enjoying happy marriages for those who have good kids for those were working their way up in the business world for those who are who are doing well in life and seem to be experiencing. Blessing from God watch out. Okay, because Temptations our company Prosperity. All right, not adversity and Joseph right now is clearly prospering clearly. He's on the rise clearly. His star is on the way up and he's getting promoted through the ranks and the CEOs taking no to him and he's eligible young Bachelor and everything's working out great for him. Like I said greater success rate of vulnerability. All right, and the Bible even kind of hamster something's about to happen and over six that says by Joseph was handsome in form and appearance that was kind of out of place, right? Because I really want to talk about how he had been blessed and he was successful that was sudden said he's handsome in form and appearance. Telling you that something some kind of Temptation is about to happen. All right. down What happens to Joseph? All right, like I said, he's got everything going for him right now is being successful. The Bible even says that only seems to be successful in the business world, but he's also handsome now, is it a sin to be successful send to be handsome informing parents? That was not a sin. But with the Bible saying is that I couldn't leave The Temptations. So I'm not saying you're insane right now. If you are handsome or beautiful anything like that, you know, I consider myself. It's not a sin. But the point is is that if you are, you know doing well and prospering whether it's physically or at work or in whatever then you are in a situation where you are more vulnerable. Okay, go to verse 7 and it came to pass after these things. That is Masters Wife cast longing eyes on Joseph and she said lie with me All right. Stop. Their pastor's wife said lie with me. His master's wife took the very direct approach. I shouldn't mess around with words. She came straight out and said lie with me to cancel and set I want to have a sexual relationship with you straightforward right here. Okay. You see how the Bible links the prosperity to the sanitation and is not even a verse separating the two of them. Okay. Well we know in the end thanks be to God just resist this temptation he gets through here. Alright, that's why they the subtitle of the section is resisting temptation not giving in to it in order to like let's kind of put this in perspective here about what kind of Temptation is facing and how great of Victory this is for Joseph. Joseph is a young blooded 20 something year old man who has and is now in the room all by himself a Potiphar's wife and no one would know. No one would see anything. Okay? Realize that every great man in the Bible the Bible verse a lots of Great Men at a lots of them fell two women. Okay. David was a man after God's Own Heart. What was David's father was Bathsheba commit adultery with her? Okay Solomon was the wisest solve. Everyone's problems was one problem that he calls himself. I was his women Samson was Charlie. I don't go to work at base of his her what broke Sampson down was a woman? Okay. So let's not take this and say Joseph was tempted. He overcame Hawaii for Joseph know there's the fact that he owns of overcoming this temptation is a great testimony. Like I said when I was in the beginning, but here are the chipper in the Rara. It is a reason to cheer and cheer him on this situation. Any one of us would expect him to fall in this situation. Any one of us was saying that he's young and he's a young guy. I was kind of caught off guard and he's flattered with his Newfound attention course. He's going to end up giving in I just just venting French. She says lie with me and then divorced seven first words of verse 8, but he refused okay, he refused and said to his master's like look. My master does not know what is with me in the house and is committed already has to my hand. There's no one greater in this house that I nor hasn't kept back anything from me, but you because you are his wife have been can I do this great wickedness and sin against God You forgot everything else and I said tonight remember this he refused. Okay. Joseph wasn't some magician Jose. It wasn't someone that was in a bubble protected by God against sin. Joseph was able to resist temptation because playing a simple he refused came down someone to ride with me. He said no, that's it plain and simple, okay. How was he able to do that as long as easy to say that but practically speaking. What did Joseph to strengthen the ability to be able to refuse like that? What is two kinds of things with a both kind of late but he kind of spells out both clearly first of all with his loyalty to his master. Okay, what's to potiphar? All right, and he said that you know that part of her has given me all the stress. He's entrusted everything to me. I can't betray cuz you later about that the moral character of Joseph, but then secondly even more strongly with his loyalty to his master and Heaven Was loyalty to God and one of the great things that Joseph did hear the last part of verse 9 we said hello then can I do this great wickedness and sin against God he realized That this is not a sin against part of her only. Okay, sometimes we think that that what I'm sending that I send against this person will this person deserves? Alright, I'll Make Love to this person or whatever. OK realize that even a send with no one can see it is still stand against God. That's what he was able to like. I said, that's what was able to keep him. What happens to us like Bob Harper said is not that we hate God is that we forgot about God. Okay me and forget about it. God was very real to him. That's him wasn't a wall that one wasn't it wasn't something that existed and in a Faraway land not him was next to him was his buddy was his protector and he had a very tangible presence of God in his life. And there's nothing that is more powerful to overcoming Temptation want to overcome Temptation make God a part of your life become a real part of your life work on developing at friendship and relationship to God. Okay. So because that is able to walk away now, you may be sitting there and saying. Thanks be to God. He was at the Temptation now. He's on the way. That's it. He faced Temptation. He won his home free. Thank God. He never has to pay citation again. Unfortunately, that's not the way it is. Medabots 10 so it wasn't she spoke to Joseph day by day, but he did not need her to lie with her or to be with her. What is day by day means is it wasn't just a one-time thing. I needed that she was continually seeking him out. Okay and trying to seduce him. Time Warner Cable point in time when she decided that she's going to confront him and this time should I not take no for an answer? All right. Converse 11, but it happened about this time when Joseph went into the house to do his work and none of the men of the house was inside that she caught him by His Garment saying lie with me, but he left his garment in her hand and said ran outside. Okay, the morning War Joseph refused. What do you think that did to the wife and she was going to give up know that only fueled her determination. I got only made her try that much harder. All right. The same way with the devil. That's the way the devil always works. That would he see someone resisting temptation will now this is a prize. Why was in the challenge which is which even the devil spend more effort on on the guy who sitting in the bar drinking his life away or the man who said that he wants to be good wants to be Godly and wants to live a righteous life. Which one does that we spend more time with all right. The more you resist the devil the more you become a target for okay again, which were the devil rather do? Walk down here. Someone someone who is an atheist and get that atheist to become an alcoholic and and to be leaving in Pure Life or to get someone who is leading Christians and someone who is living a Godly life. All right, the more he was just the bigger a prize you become for the devil. And that's the same way. Joseph was the morning resisted the more she was determined to seduce him. All right, and she finally one day she like I said, she set a trap for him just walked into the house notices that the house is kind of quiet can't see any of the slaves around or so I could she had them gone for the day. When she goes from just a verbal advance to a physical advance and she grabs his robe and I could says right there. He took off running and she ran over the road and his in her hand. Daytime the Bible talks about facing Temptation. It always gives us the same advice and the beautiful thing. Is that here in the life of Joseph and paint a picture for us. What does the Bible say? We should do when faced with temptation free. What is Joseph do I hear? He's okay. The Bible never says when faced with temptation try to reason with him a logic and try to convince it that it's wrong. The Bible says run run like the wind run like you're scared. Why don't like there's no tomorrow run man, run. Okay Forrest Gump run Forrest run. Okay well and that's how the Bible teaches us to deal with temptation. And I told Joseph dealt with it. We're getting in trouble because we think I'm going to overcome Temptation by me one verse in the Bible that says when you're faced with temptation overcome never says it says one I think I'm going to feed it would have power over power never and never can work like that. Okay, so don't try to negotiate with temptation never try to deal with it when faced with it run like the wind. Saint Joseph did all right now, but I said she was determined when I would get to her determination turn to Absolute rage. All right. She was absolutely Furious. Look what she doesn't verse 13 and so it was when she saw it as much as gone in their hand and foot outside, but she called to the manor house and spoke to them saying see he has brought into US Hebrew Demarcus. He came into me to lie with me and I cried out with a loud voice. Dress up as false accusation. She wants to hurt Joseph now. He hurt her ego. She wants to hurt him or should a teen and it happened when he heard that I lifted my voice and cry out and watch has gone with me and fled and went outside. So she kept His Garment with her until his master came home and she spoke to him with words like these saying the Hebrew servant who brought us came into me tomorrow. So what happened is I looked at my voice and cry out and left his grind with me and Son outside. So it was so it was when this one is Master heard The Words, which is why I spoke to him saying your servant get to me after this manner that his anger was aroused and Joseph Master took him and put him into the prison a place where the Kings prisoners working fine. And he was there in the prison. Switch up the story. Okay, but the one thing she's not going where she's at the road in her hands and she's got some you know, if you're a boy or some some evidence in her hand or whatever you want to call it. So You know she got that going for her. Now. If you're like me, like I said, you're reading this and your heart really goes out to Joseph. He did what was right you resisted the toughest Temptation. He waited through God will deliver him out here show yourself here. You know, I'd your heart really cries out for Joseph right here, but not like us. Okay and it's good thing for us in the longer. They God not like us God is much more patient than we are and he does things a different way. It is ever a person who deserve a reward from God and Joseph agree. There's no deserve an immediate reward as much as Joseph. Okay, cuz he resisted the Temptation he did what was right. He was true. He stayed true to his. He deserve the reward reward. He hasn't going to jail. Well, that's because God is preparing Joseph or something even greater and as we know how the story ends up later on. All right. But by the same token, you can't help but you know, if you don't kind of sorry for Joseph right here now part of her throw him in jail did potiphar believe his wife. Story that she made up. Probably know I'm lost evidence points it back in the Bible doesn't say so what if he really thought that this slave. I tried to seduce his wife get out and kill the second. He would never had an extra that I was within his power. What was the smart guy? You don't get to be captain of the guard by being an idiot. He knows his wife is not the most morally upstanding citizen of of the Kings Court hear. This is why he's not an idiot do that at most likely his wife is just as much to blame if not more but by the same token he's got to do something here cuz I'm throwing them in jail getting tortured him didn't do anything. But at least roam in jail now, Did I finish our story here today for now? Okay, but I asked you to keep one thing in mind. You know how the story of Joseph ends up we know in the end. Everything works out great majority of at this point. I'm has read the book of Genesis. I haven't seen the movie like we have just know how this thing is going to end. How you feel if your Joseph how would you feel if you're his shoes right now? Like I said, you went through some pretty tough times didn't do nothing wrong so far. We haven't seen Joseph where do anything wrong only do right. He's stuck in jail. And every time you try to do something good and live in a worse position than the one before think how you would feel and let's just read a couple more versus here to show you. How does it feel sure what kind of character let's finish up here. It's 21. But the Lord is with Joseph and showed him mercy and he gave him favor in the sight of The Keeper of the prison and the keeper the prison committed to Joseph Han all the prisoners were in the prison whatever they did their it was his doing The Keeper of the prison did not look into anything. I was under Joseph's Authority because the Lord is with him. Whatever. He did the Lord made it to prosper. Key plays Rusty Omer dollars at the Lord is with him. But I think more importantly than the Lord is with Joseph is that Joseph is with the Lord? Okay, and Joseph never leaves that we know God doesn't believe us. Okay for the reason that Joseph has everything Prosper is cuz Joseph never leaves God even in the midst of all these circumstances Joseph doesn't lose heart just it doesn't get down. Joseph doesn't get better and are that kind of stuff? He sticks with God and the results of sticker with God here. Is that even in prison Joseph Fiennes Prosperity? Okay, we're not just a poor shot in what's to come, but I don't got any questions. anise Tampa Bay The name of the Father and Son and Holy Spirit one God Amen. Thank you. My dear Lord. The Gathering is here tonight. We thank you dear Lord for longest to open your word and be comforted and nourished and fed, dear Lord by the life of your great. Servant Joseph. We pray the alarm right at the same way. You're with Joseph and you made everything to prosper his hand that you would be upon us upon our church in upon our families and Upon Our Lives to Lorde's that we would see your hand a blessing. It was dear Lord to be patient and faithful as Joseph wasn't give us to your lord to me running from Temptations and never and everything that was strong enough to overcome them. We praise you Lord. I bet the blessing that you gave to Joseph would be upon us that we would feel your Mighty hand working in our lives as well bless us and bless our gathering here bless. Our church was our father would have surely to Sonia raining all those your asses smell them in our prayers to our Lord Jesus Christ into the intercession prayers of all of your Saints hear stories, when we pray thankfully Our Father who art in heaven Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day. Daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation. But Deliver Us from the evil one through Christ Jesus. Our lord Vine is the kingdom the power and the glory forever. Amen. Now, may the love got a positive. It's his only begotten son. Jesus Christ Our Lord what to spray it with you all go in. Peace, May the peace of God be with you all.