Let Jesus Lead

How do we actually let Jesus truly lead? What if He's going somehwere we don't like? Will we rebuke Him or follow Him? 


we're going to talk about first what's holding us back from letting Christ lead us in one particular element in particular area in our life and how we can overcome sounds good is a general setup I'll explain more in a second first I want to get this little passage I don't if you can see it because you charges enormous everything here is enormous so you can read off the parkway with no problem okay thank God for your enormity of this journey so so here here it is in Matthew 16 so Jesus came this is the slide title is nailed it because it's part we do very very well very well we got this under control so he says Jesus came to the reason thank you so much this is a replica and you asked the disciples saying who do men say that I am some say John the Baptist some say Elijah Jeremiah are the prophets they just who googled like every prophet in the world and then our star guide Peter says Simon Peter says you are the Christ the Son of the Living God you answered and said to him blessed are You Simon bar Jonah because you didn't figure this out haven't figured out why is the part that we're good at that we nail this is basically us coming to church every Sunday and saying carry license the cream like all Orthodox stuff we know this point anybody here not meld greedy like somebody from trip from fiery like it's like you have to know you have to know the stuff yesterday would come on a Sunday and say all the right things right so Jesus comes to us on a regular Sunday morning and a nice friday evening like today and says to you picture thanks for knowing all the things that I've been teaching you when this friday nights for all this time so far so good so this like a feel-good part of the of the topic the rest may not be asked feel good but hopefully slow Rella this part is where it gets a little tricky this is a little bit this is right after the first verse so you figured I'm sure it's a nice conversation the Peter and Christ you're having everything's cool we're not going to get into a disagreement so fast about something so important here as you see behind me it says from that time on Jesus began to show cycles that he must go truce and suffer many things from the elbow and she prescribes the eel and raised the third day here's where it gets interesting and here's the focus of our topic really for tonight here's work begins Peter took them aside and began to someone read that verse from three different just the word you began to rebuke him have you ever worked a priest I mean hopefully I don't have you ever your television have you ever taken em to mean aside and rebuked me I hope not our main named Peter took Jesus aside and he rebooted let me take something like you fool um you messin up something's not right about the whole scheme it's not right he rebuked him Peter rebuked Jesus is not design what are your beautiful for what he say he said far be it from you Laurel that this shall not happen to you what was he is talking about she's talking about like what world domination was he talking about like having the most followers on Twitter like what was he talking about just then anybody know they've every passage three verses up who's done preparing being killed yeah he's gonna go to the cross he was talking about doing something sacrificial like using a lake his whole life down for the rest of us and then Peter said to him for me from in our topic today we're going to talk about this thing of sharing our faith and every time like without failure that the topic comes up of us being Christian in the city or country that we live in and we want to share a few somebody pulls me aside and rebukes the heck Adam it says far be it from you mean America go back home to New York and go do your self I say why did we think why is it that we share our faith and why is it that's what we're going to talk about but why is it so rebuke herbal why it is so difficult for us talk about whose idea is efficient araphi like what's the number one reason we do it do we do it because we're like really awesome at it like I was reading a great book today by Orthodox priest was saying like who invented this idea of sharing our favor just give me a hand raised with my hands are tied just tell me some vegetable Jesus very good the guy that invented the rest of the things that we do in church so we're not doing it sometimes we feel like the church to almost do it because you know you're so exceptional or we're doing it because you know we're on a commission based system view of the church pods are going down so you know let's get some more donors to come it's not let's not overdo the reason why I bring this up as a central point the beginning of our discussion is if we get this point really really really really clear and we decided our hearts if you decide in your heart maybe just look at interested commitment that you'll make the first time in church I commit to not review Jesus and not tell him sorry Jesus you're wrong Jesus don't you have stuff Jesus who we do that though we do it whether we admit it or not whether we're conscious of it or not sometimes it's very portable about giving example one time I went to a church and I try to tailor the message based on each church group this was an arabic-speaking so I talked an error which was right but I spoke specifically about reaching out to Muslims halfway it's only 15 minutes and we have 25 minutes for this talk that's all and very early because they just stood up said Mina thank you very much just go home just get some coffee we're not going to do this we're not going to low must said what do you mean it's not your call your decision I am afraid leaving to sit out like a time looking will email you all about it in the beginning of this talk where is your heart about this topic about topic of saying in your life in your university life we have a an invitation that is not volunteered to be able to give life for people's I invite you to have this app to from the beginning of the first slide the one where Jesus says like oh good job because you're following me where I go versus the other because here's the thinking you know we say in the college's Christians are supposed to be like blank of Jesus what are we supposed to do leading Jesus follow my choices this is not the trick part of a quick see following right by definition but I follow people on the way here to church can you be in the front and follow Jesus you came what about who used takes a turn that you don't like I don't know anything about the roads here but I know Dundas that's like a famous tree if you're going on Dundas and we're done that and then geez decides to go turn on whatever up the street ministry burner river can you still follow Jesus and not make the turn what if I shut about shut Jesus leads you to a bad neighborhood what if christmas elite Jesus needs you where there is like people who are very very cool there are neighborhoods that we've lived in like we've lived around our whole lives we've never been to right and for good reason that maybe for safety and stuff like that our point here if we decided to follow Jesus we will not tell them where I go deal or no or no deal we can stop here at online there's more time for me yeah we can go we can keep it so what if it is my relationships are about just love the looters and here are some of the reasons I was originally going to walk maybe about this this list for the whole time but God delivered me from it because I for so long we go for a real quick because pretty decided we're not far not leave as we are followers so there's a matter of our reasons on we have losses these are all excuses the first is one of my favorites I inspire spontaneous mattresses this is like when you say to somebody hey man we should share our faith no no I preach my mansions every time people see my actions they're so holy they just look to the nearest because they want to get back to my actions are crazy homo you don't know you don't see me on people up there there you can hold me on my play video games with our actions are not the holiness protecting we're good a good actually good they're not bad good for our actions to conspires my piggies baptisms they have to involve really loving people who are in need and that doesn't happen where I'm just going about our daily lives and I we're just going to smile more people yeah that's great smile more we're gonna open door chili yeah that's what you really wants us to do carry you across and open doors you know this water this morning so it's not just reach by action is very good and the quote that everybody was closed from the sky st. Francis of Assisi remember that one he says preach the gospel all times but its necessary use words yeah it's actually a false club yeah i agree with my man he didn't say he didn't say anything if you did you know what's a priestess French is frankly bcz did mad stuff with his actions but we'll remember a quote that he may or may not accept so by definition he said stuff he said stuff because same God Chris tom says no one will know the mystery of the universe by your actions no one will know Christianity by just how love eww that's something we should love you but it means that we're going to expect our actions change people have to really love second one is hatched an edge i know that's also my favorites was a trending topic on Twitter at three months ago no this is the one for people like no like bad I'm not good enough I smell like all these things people saying do your stuff but I can't symmetry foot yeah what is that sarcoptic like a few late and then just let me just share with you God knows that you have some cop the carpet he understands the others names that governments are good enough to share we get we get I'm really working on myself first man I know we all are the mystery of Christianity as part of us working on ourselves is by being able to help other people that is one of the ways that we work on ourselves it's a mystery but it's true same rules preferred will the tribe the primal for phones with my camels fourth one is that's nice but our church actually its own needs it's not true why would we care about anybody who is not part of this you know mega giganto internship you people exist outside of this world outside this country that's you know to be armored not other non-person other human beings outside of you rather it was trending these days is like the people that are dying in here and the people that got from it but maybe will be suffering in Florida because of all these hurricanes and almost like that outside of the walls I'm these four walls like this just care about these people probably cuz against my mom it's not all people i think the church will always always care for HP there's a beautiful verse in Matthew 23 33 that guy's the church the church says these things you also have done without leaving the others under that you can't miss one thing it's like it's like saying you're at home and you know your parents tell you how you can help of course in the kitchen so you home what about the bathroom we can't leave the bathroom I ok but this also the kitchen in the early church the concept of the diocese you know when Amina was enthroned over this diocese he wasn't enthralled over a bunch of ethnic people region using the throne over everybody everybody in this area is under his care His grace grace for everyone and for us is safe so we can't ever just in prison are in temperatures does that make sense and the last one is also my favorites where it says nothing will change do believe it Henry's you believe awesome windows on the whole person scratch but everybody else would be I believe that something little change so what we agreed what you got to tell me is that we want to follow wherever you sending us we're dishing all of our excuses and we believe something will change yes or no okay this picture i can remember for sure to see that last nose here I can't ever when I was here who else was here but I like this sums up he has a contrast but one dude in shorts and three like people who are not choice I'll say about that okay and we had this amazing conversation about Jesus in the piranhas yeah much younger intended on for me right and there was another one of our servants she's image as you can see her hair the point of this picture besides telling you the fact that we spoke for three hours about Yasuo from the piranhas and they had so many questions therefore shot Saudi Arabia this was in Phoenix and they were just waiting for someone to ask them their perspective and to hear more like is it truth of Jesus that this the true jews did that Kazuma for awesome hold on budgets and they were very happy to discuss it and chat about it we have some shady the responsible and there was none a change who I members but I show you say that people are hungry if in the background I see moisture when we were walking around the campus this is University campus university of phoenix and we said who would be least likely to want to hear about it and the people that I was with a bunch caught the people of course because they're mean to me they picked up these they're like they don't wanna run go talk to them all right we will i miss america here's an exhibition anybody my favorite Twitter Richard you bring no food just to keep it real gangster he says Phyllis here's the question where do we start okay say which we believe more bottom floor can we start with Abby's and Alyssa's voice of organizations one ball ft and my other editors even a bunch of other ones one could solve one called light on all this great accompaniment and all of our organizations it said hungry locomotive a goober so it's Canadian so slope like they do all of the units Dylan Sierra and they found Blue Jays my life they decided either what let's start with the most obvious was the most obvious thing ever is that people in our city now if not really it was saga who are hungry and sick and Jesus said go to those people sometimes you not really me of schooling what's to love God mr. saw what does God really want us to be charged maybe it's people who are hiding behind the shame to leave note the poor you said this is the poor you had with you always so that's one suggested starting and I can give you if you want there's like a detail how to that's so easy and every single all these organizations were started by University guys your age who said you know what I'm so tired of sitting in youth meetings and listening to people talk to me and maybe if you look impeccable okay as much as I wouldn't be offended by that I would be happy and I want to do stuff I don't want to sit here and be the Coptic audience my whole life I want to do stuff they did stuff and they inspire others move stuff too and those stuff simply was carrying the poor and the sick and this was blessed by the Pope in 07 every cleric in North America heard about it it's tough youtube several phones you fast let me know I'll slow down from some time constrictor one goal you guys remember ever for sure this blessing again or not but i'll tell you know quickly these two fellows are two friends of mine that I met wall God name is Jose Jose group of Christian group of Christian in Chicago and through interacting with wonderful fellowship in his community in Chicago he became she's a man was I who is one of the movie is the leading prominent youth sheet Utzon she in Virginia we met him it's a long story when we went to town people get a monster won't belabor that canal but we met him there and we heard your story and he was a regular universe together and he's like mango the Christians nobody really talk to me but the Muslims god bless the Muslims they really chatted with me we talked about how you know whose christian leaving three guards wasn't even born so I became an email said wow wow we talked for a while in Mendoza was about an hour and it was around after it was pretty hungry but before the other guy is a guy named father Daniel a lot of you guys not even met from there okay it's all over a story you probably know it for those of you who don't he's a copy for stocks wrong and there's a look Egyptian to you better write when I'm added meatballs with the human high lighter so you saw at all am i glowing look at strip this beard is a lot thicker now but this is when I saw he was the same situation young guy university fellowship Coptic intercom fitness it's pretty cool I could do it I can go to a meeting I can listen to it I like it I want to become a Christian I want to become a monkey now I'm in Texas these are two very real possibilities in their lives guys and CS Lewis says this one thing is that every day we're taking a step closer to have the orange step closer to help in our interactions with people we're pushing people either a step closer to in manhood or step closer to monasticism not Vanessa but step closer to Christ or is that closer to like Muhammad peace be fine okay like the system the reality sorry i'm just using speaking a lot of muscle yellow saying that's the truth that's true and why don't we choose to do about can wind up having any man was a or in a moon of daniel so real quickly I want to run through this like a little bit of a how-to well how would I do it how could I talk to me one yet you notice how Christ always begin with a gift part of what we believe about grace is that it's a gay it's nothing that we do to earn it and that's why Christ always gave a gift on the university settings you'd be amazed if you are just like every time you lose in university and we've tried to lose 10 cross North America you open up with giving something for nothing people like give up to sign something is you're like a student petition against the president like to make America great again before what sorry that's kind of an even greater it's super great the first block is giving something away for freaking people get blown away by them then listening one of the biggest misconceptions that we have is that we have to yap yap yap but you'd be amazed if you ask people questions they would be interested tell you what they think and if you're actually listening to what they're saying and if your third thing here if you're staying on target on who Jesus not the church is not why they're so mad at politics not why they're so upset about all this other stuff but the target of the crisis you'd be amazed they're close to get certain the fourth one here is being yourself a lot of times people will tell me like oh I would love to share my faith whether it's people who are sick or poor or whatever but I'm not that kind of guy I'm not an extravert guess what there's a lot of introverted you think everybody like is crazy like me a lot of people are not crazy like you look you guys and the people who are not crazy and not like want to hear from you they don't wanna hear from me I'll to animate who's going to reach them better me or you you so Rob yourself on the opportunity to share Christ with people who are like-minded same personality like you maybe like I know basketball if I talk if I try to have somebody about hockey don't know that I'm a silly American and I don't know anything about maybe you don't know you get up say God wants to use our personality to reach people let's get this real quick for a second for the sick one thing I'll highlight for you or maybe to share in your social one of the biggest things that we want to be able to share with people is like you know this is Facebook test right if you find something cool on facebook and you think it's so amazing what you do to it you shared right if you come church on a Friday Night Music Man it's something really cool here this dog thing is for real like it's not like a gimmick it's like a weird social club like an awkward way for us to just get trapped on Friday no it's really cool then you'll be able to share a little bit of the story with your friends look you know like I thought I have a great victories to worry about the drug addict and that's not being ready no just regular I was coming to church so I really feel like I need a god I can call too many hippity really is there sharing your story and the last one there is inviting people to just one next step sometimes we get so caught up with we want to invite equal to like the literature like what my friends when he was getting written by one of the friends who I'm gonna bring him to Palm Sunday come on piglets that's tough cops on my stuff it's a lot of gospel maybe inviting people to one mex trip doesn't even have to be a physical location it could be hey you know check out this verse check out this book check out this fellowship come on today's game whatever be a part of the body of price level we have time for two minutes two minutes okay some things to avoid numbers for you how many people here fluent Christians you guys have advanced doctoral degrees appreciate when you talk to people sometimes I was sitting one time and I was it can you describe him reduces one of them was like incarnation oh really getting current with I don't know it's just another right answer but no it's other right has to be something more there than just throwing out random words there a lot of words we may or may not know the meaning to and that's what Christian eases when you talk to people or not our street top and such a way they can understand what you're saying break it down I lose weird biblical terms that you made on this area no table dancers or the definition does that make sense there's too much sorry I prepare to fix I'll leave sorry I prepare to fix I'll leave you in one last night cool because i have here also like people that you'd be most likely to me and oftentimes oftentimes the sake the most common person that we meet or the person who's like ready to if you bring up christ they were literally just pounced on and what we've seen statistics is I found the case out of all the people that we've like i was doing this full time for a while as a background thing right now in physician but before this I did this whole time for several years where we just took teams and went around different places in cities in the north america and what we found was a are you see people are willing and be most commonly you find people that like how to church background they kind of lost it they don't really know why and they can't wait for somebody to figure out highlight so the church which do you like why so it's normal no we like be you up in the church there was no big mean scary person that's like the most common thing that you see an especially when we're starting the most obvious when we're starting with people in need when we're starting with people who are sick or lonely or in prison or core you definitely don't get like an ad regret sometimes you just get an open like waiting to be loved does that make sense okay Blair video let's take any questions if you have one or two any questions or yeah to bring up Jesus right away or or do you sort of start like a regular conversation and then yeah so the one classic like phrase was that we want to develop a relationship that Christ can walk across that can use their relationship into the person's life so if it's something that you've known for a while yeah the first thing I would say hey man how's it going so repentance or no with the be able confession no yeah you want to cultivate a friendship because the number one thing that you want to care about your you want to show is listen I care about you as a person so I care about what you're into sports wise I care about your family I care about your interest I care about shooting and all the things that I should care about is your spiritual perspective and when people I can promise you this like from now until eternity when people can feel that you actually care about them they don't give fit and they don't feel like but when people feel like somehow they're going to like we treat people like we're like these cars car salesmen sometimes it's like we don't really care about or maybe this is no not really guys a service services we're like the average people and they make it feel like they're all we care about is that you come to church begin what show someone that you care about them deeply and then hit slowly bring in the region yeah I think it's important totally I last anyone's or if not just as a recap remember we agreed we want to follow Jesus not Luke him especially into somewhere that may not be anticipated for us all right thanks so much