God's Resources, My Shortcomings

A sermon given on July 24, 2007 onĀ Luke 9:10-17.


Name of the father and the Son and the Holy Spirit one God Amen. Today's Gospel if you just heard read to us is one of the most important stories in the entire Bible and it's one that we can tell the importance of it because it's one of the few Stores Only is very few stories that are told in all four gospels Matthew Mark Luke and John there's a birth of Christ there the death of Christ and the resurrection of Christ and then this story this miracle of the feeding of the 5000. I'm all of them. This is the only one that's mentioned in all the gospels which tells us that there must be something really really important about this gospel. And in addition to being one of the only the only one that's mention. It's a lot of time with a lot of people can for me personally as I told you guys before one of my favorite gospel because Have any reason every time you look at this gospel our Lord fed, 5000 men and women and children with just two pieces of fish in 5 pieces of bread. The thing that we usually love about the thing that's unique about this miracle is the bigness of the miracle. He did things individually, right? So there was one blind man healed at blind man. There was one man dead Lazar. That man there was one widow's son needs to be raised. He raised that one is Miracles were usually individual but this is a unique one or this is a group. This is a magnificent Miracle which is done for thousands upon thousands. You see what the other Miracles there's some kind of room for questioning. Well, maybe Lazarus and him were they made a deal Lazarus was just faking it may be that guy really wasn't blind or maybe this and that but this Miracles different cuz every single person who was there so that it was no food. Annabel Lee was hungry and they walked away not just guessing to the miracle take place today and it was certainly well. There was a great miracle happened today. It's the bigness okay of this miracle that makes it kind of outstanding and kind of shines forth among all the Gospels. But you know what when you think about it does the bigamous really impressive impressive should we really care whether he said one person or 5000 or 10000 does this where they show the Lord's power and this is the only way that you know, the Lord's power. What about creation difficult. Would it be hard enough just to feed one person or the green one piece of bread as opposed to 5001 makes it magnificent to me is actually not the bigness. But to me, it's the smallness of this miracle. Okay what I mean by that is we see a big miracle done today. I received the resources that the Lord used and he was very small things you something very big and if you follow the work of God in the world you noticed this is his specialty how to make something big come from something very little this is different than me and you okay me and you like big things. We like our extra value meal supersized, okay? Will like Walmart would like super Walmart. I'm even we don't like that. We like we don't like grocery store. We like Costco. We like big things big cars and big trucks and big SUVs and we like things big and bigger is better but God bigness doesn't impress God God is the opposite Godlike small thing and God seems to make that his specialty. Okay. That's what we did today. He didn't use big stuff to make big things small boy with small piece of bread and small pieces of fish to do something big. I like in the Old Testament Ian. Okay famous story Gideon was one of God's people and God said we're going to go in a battle together. We're going to beat the bad guys and the bad guys have big army getting got his army ready and then thirty-two thousand men Ready for War. God said that number down recap narrowing down narrowing down to 300. God said, okay. You got 300. That's the number that I want. Let's go. Oh my God, what a great Victory not to 32,000. Nothing 20,000, but you only 300 people that's how God likes to work do big things through little people or little things and today story is no different today is the lesson of how God wants us. Ok. Today's lesson has nothing to do with food. Today's lesson has nothing to do with God being able to do Miracles. Today's lesson is how God wants to use his disciples and their role in the miracle and me and you guess what me and you are we may not be a pain, but we certainly are disciple and each one of us to call yourself a Christian is a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ. Wonderful big do disciple no matter how little you maybe It's a story about how God wants to use us in this world story starts off. Okay, the very beginning comes from Luke chapter 9 and it says in the apostles when they had returned told him all that they had done. Just a little context they had returned from where well, we know that they've just returned from their first missionary trip. Okay. So the beginning of chapter talks about they just returned from casting out demons and healing the blind and and and curing the sick and raising the dead and cussed me out evil spirits and they return back after this long trip with everything that to buy to to preach Christ name and if a pear is waiting every village that he could have popped possibly gone and they came back really rejoice and really happy and probably telling stories and st. Peter's HobbyTown st. John. Hey, guess what I have when I went into the city of complaining of gift wrapping. These demons were there and I started across in this happens. I think Jonathan. Oh, that's nothing compared to what I did when I saw they really overjoyed and only wanted to do you can imagine their mentality is just come back and tell their Master. Hey, we did it, you know what to tell their coach we did it. We were victorious when did a good job? We took the training and we did a good job. That's why the Bible says that they went they wanted to go away into a private. But there was a problem soon as they went into a private place. The people follow them why? Why did the people follow them? Like I just said they just did a world tour of healing sick. People don't think every sick persons are probably need a brought the rest of their family fall of the blind thing is cast out demons leave you guys alone. So they tried to get away the boat went to the other side of the lake and guess what I found on the lake and followed them, okay. And what's interesting to note is the way they responded to the people you'll see two ways that was was two responses to the people here that of our Lord Jesus Christ of the disciples. The Lord said it said what about the Lord said he welcomed them spoke to them about the kingdom of God, and he'll those who needed feeling. He welcomed them spoke to them at the kingdom of God, and then he needed healing This is always the way the Lord works. Okay, the Lord knows that there's people and you and I know that there's people hurting around you and his people in your life that have problems and believe no matter what you think of what you see in my how much people try to act and how much you would try to put on this front of this and that every single person that you know has problems especially the one that you don't like especially the one who gets on your nerves that guy you're sitting in a cubicle down from you who's always, you know, I was always got a bad attitude to try to get you in trouble. Guys got serious problems and he's in heaven that lady who looks at you and doesn't say hi or says hi. This is not that one has serious needs and every single person is needy. OK every single person has need just some people hide a better than other people. Some people's needs on the outside, which is very easy to see but 90% of people's problems and on the outside. It's on the inside. How do I know because that's when the Lord saw these needed people. He didn't immediately feed them immediately heal them you spoke to them about the kingdom of God, you see the problems of the people inside out. Okay, he starts to work on the inside of him because he knows that this guy who's got this problem. The real problem is that you know, they have an insecurity think other apartment. They don't have any love at home or the real problem is is that they suffered a loss when they were 12 years old or whatever it may be Are the disciples exact opposite the disciple said send them away? In your life me ask you there are examples of people in your life that you were probably thinking of right now, and I said people around you or need. How do you respond to those people? Do you respond as the Lord did by welcoming them and speaking about the kingdom of God and seeing how we can help these people in need or you do like the disciples did which is send them away. The point of the Lord is trying to teach his right here is is that often times? Okay, when he wants to use us and Dewey they'll do something great are we haven't gotten to the miracle yet? He's setting up the miracle lot of times. When is a great miracle about to happen often times. It come it starts off as the needs of the people around you the people who are next to you need something. I need healing who need the kingdom of God who need help for tomorrow need anything like that and it's that need that the first thing we have to do is not turn them away. Okay. So let's say you say Okay. I want to help the people in need. I don't want to send them away. What are we supposed to do? Well that take us to the Second Step. Once you see the needs of the people then the next thing you try to do to try to meet those needs. But as soon as you try to meet the needs of the people as soon as the disciples tried to meet the needs of the people they made a quick discovery, which is that as much as they would love to help but they simply didn't have the resources to do it. Right but didn't have enough bread didn't have enough food that can feed all these people our Lord Jesus Christ tells them don't send them away. You don't give them something to eat. Now. If you didn't know the Lord Jesus Christ if it was the only thing you knew in the whole wide world is the only time you heard his name you say he's a crazy person. You said this is not rational logical you're talkin feeding 5000 men plus their winplus wives and children selected a 20,000 people's what was estimated more than 20,000 people feeding them. Right now and no time with absolutely nothing. This isn't today this in the way. You can just run to the Costco and just pick up, you know, these huge pizzas. I can feed hundreds and hundreds of people there isn't like, you know, where that grocery stores in deep freezers and things like that. You can order stuff even if there was a grocery store that had this kind of food available when you get the money from a 5,000 people 5 * * 20000 / 20,000 people is all right, you don't have a 20-30 people you work for weeks or if he will take off from church for a weekend just to prepare for 20 people coming over on a Sunday. This is twenty thousand people. All right, it's ridiculous concept. And even if they did somehow come up with the money and they found a place it's not like that credit card. Do they need the money in cash or write? This was a completely ridiculous. This makes no sense whatsoever is something which is completely against logic. It is what he tells me to do since you give them something to eat. Even though you got nothing even though there's no Costco around even though there's no nothing around you you give them something to eat or right to left say when the disciples shoes now and we are men of Faith. Okay, do we say Okay, God we believe okay, and we want to do this. We want to feed them. We have no resources, but we believe we have that. So we're going to do it. So we have to have a committee. Let's do this the right way. We're going to nominate a subcommittee. We're going to be like the engineering Committee of this project figure out. What's the best way to do this? Okay. What's the best way to organize this Mass feeding project know you go back to the eyes of my example you go to some other ways I could small you sit down at the table and you pass the food in the lady serves in this mess, but it was why do people you can buffet style. Okay. There's a lot of people up to stations of my face. Ok, just want to make things as efficient organized as possible. So same thing as people, what's the most efficient way? Alright? Well, let's see. Most efficient way we don't have enough for the buffet station. So why don't we do it like we did the Old Testament. Let's be Orthodox and traditional Old Testament. How did God feed all this group people? Manna From Heaven is not the easiest way everyone sitting down exactly where you are in the man is just going to appear on your lap or better in your hand the fish and the Reds going to we sit down relax know if it's an easy process. Why don't the Angels go get some food and bring it to the rest of us. God says no, no angel. Why are we going to do this? Lord Lawrence is very simple. You're going to do it. I'm going to make the food you would have passed it out one by one to each one of the hungry people. Why? What's Lord teaches here easier way with the Lord one that teaches here is that like I said the beginning people that needs. All right, good luck people around you are hurting or suffering. You have all kinds of how does God want to meet those needs through you through the people on an individual level. Okay, even though this was a big miracle it was done individually. Each one was handed a fish and a piece of bread each one of their own personal fish sandwich. All right, it wasn't the kind of thing which was done in a poof kind of a thing as the same thing. Lord wants to do with me and you Sometimes we see the needs of the people around it. We say God should send something to help this person of God fix. This person. God is sending nobody sending he sending you sending me. The God is alive in the world. And God is working God is trying to bring peace and trying to help people fix their need and the person that he's using he's trying to use is me and you But don't we have to be like are these perfect people that the Lord was using don't we have to be like a really high spiritual level help other people will the disciples here with a perfect? What kind of people do the Lord use you to meet the Peeples need YouTube has retired for cranky for grumpy who are busy or just come back from a long trip and just wanted to rest and just relax and take a nap and that's only want to do and go to the people that God is able to use what I'm saying is uses people who don't have the resources to be able to get it done for fishermen to feed all these people. Is important for me and you want to meet those needs in time when it comes to meeting the needs of people the biggest excuse that we say is what you know, what I don't have the resources, you know, what I don't have kids because I don't have the time if I had more time. I don't have the time to help or I don't have the knowledge to help or you know what I'd like to give more of I don't have enough money to help. Your mistake is thinking that God wants you to serve in big ways. It doesn't work. That way. Doesn't want big things God wants little thing and then he wants to turn into a big thing. Okay, look at it from this perspective a computer, which is very powerful and can do amazing things like connect people across the world and send stuff and do all this kind of stuff in milliseconds is made up of a bunch of little parts. And if there's just one tiny itsy bitsy teeny weeny little part that's missing from your little computer isn't going to work. Okay, but that little park and do amazing things you'd be surprised how much a little part can do in a computer you and me surprised if I got like a telescope that can like see the moon. All right how much a little screw in that telescope can make a big difference? Well, that's what I'm trying to say for me and you God wants us not to be the telescope. God wants us not to breathe. Computer he wants me to be the little screw that's holding two parts together and I'm telling you without that screw. The computer wouldn't work of the telescope wouldn't work or anything like that. I often times this little boy here. Okay to me people ask me sometime. Who's your favorite character in The Bible? You know, my favorite character in the Bible is it says little boy has no name is my favorite thing to my favorite character and I think he's an example for all of us because he shows that little thing to make a big difference and often times before I give a sermon like this or sometimes people come ask me for advice or I'm in the middle of problem. Sometimes I go to don t know what God I don't have that much to say and I can't think of anything but God I know of a little bit take that little bit. I just like you just a little boys fish and nnn bread. You took that little bit and said lots of people take the little bit that I give you feed. Lots of people take a little bit of in my head and somehow make it useful to someone who's out there take a little bit that I can offer cuz I can't offer big things or I take a little bit and making useful for someone. I want to show this year that the little resources that we have when we give it to price can make a big difference and that gets us to the third point that you got people in need. You got me who's got enough resources, but when I give it to him, he makes big things happen because he does have big resources. Just like I was saying a minute ago, if you've ever said I would give if I had more money or I would serve more if I had more time. In essence, what you were doing is promising God something that doesn't exist. All right, you're saying God if I had more time, I would do more things where does more time exist if I can discover, where is not a true thing? Is that mean? It's only people's mind cuz I'm just thinking more time. Doesn't want you to give more time. You want you to give it time that you had the disciples would have said, you know what God if we had, you know, a thousand pieces of bread than we'd love to see all these people win the lottery. I want you to get dressed as you get a bonus. I want to get this to you to pay check. I want you to give depth with a little bit up in your wallet. I know that you would do all these magnificent things of God granted is that you don't have to work and all that stuff you have to work and I want you to give despite that fact that you're in college that you work or anything like that. So what God wants to do is like I said take the little things and make them into big thing. And he does it by doing three things real quick right here. When our Lord took the bread. He blessed it. He broke it and then he used it to satisfy. Okay. So when we give God the little He blesses, he breaks that he satisfies blesses and the blessing is the most important thing because with the blessing by pieces be 20,000 people without the blessing 20,000 concede nothing. If the Lord builds the house builders labor in vain, if no matter what it is that you are doing in life. If you don't have the blessing of God, it's never going to be success by the same token, no matter how little it is that you do in life or how little that you have. If you do have the blessing of God, it can make the biggest difference in the world. I hope and pray that we really commit the blessing of God in our life and I hope that you realize the importance of that blessing and believe me. There's nothing in life worth losing that blessing because like I said, if you have nothing in life, but you have the blessing of God and your family and your life and you're working or whatever things will be okay, but by the same token you can see examples out there in Hollywood or in sports or in any way people who got all the resources in the world, but if you don't have the blessing of God it does you no good. Okay. So first is that He blesses but then was blessing comes he breaks. What does that mean that he breaks the God never blessed anything unless you first breaks and breaks in here talking about Brokenness. All right, this way God wants to make fruit from a seed first thing at Steve's got to do the Bible teaches us is go down and die. If God wants to rise from the dead on the third day. First thing you got to do is go from the cross and suffer and be killed. So God wants to bring forth great things first things got to do is break it example why I was thinking of the woman with the perfume jar. Okay grape scented perfume that she came and she want to pour out all over Christ and fill the room with the aroma, but how that perfume come by first breaking the thing. Same thing with me and you God wants to bless us. But the blessing with the blessing comes broken it. All right, and I'm telling you the lot of time people say the idea of I'm too weak to serve or I'm not good enough to serve that never works. But I'd never the case note 9 I've seen the problem is that you're too weak to do something for God that you're too strong to do something for think you're too strong. Are you are too big in your own mind what God wants to do before He blesses you wants to break that thing down and show you that your resources really in the end or not that big and then you can add his Blessing when you have the blessing and you have the Brokenness what it leads to is the left toe is the satisfaction. All right when God blessed and broken all over the field as much as he wanted each one in addition there was leftovers and all that. Okay, that's always the way it works for God. We never give anything to God. All right, whatever it is that we dear. He always gives us back a hundredfold. All right, whatever it is that we give a little bit he gives his back so much more and satisfies us and gives us leftover bread in addition to that. That's why we look at the store. Like I said, this little boy can be the greatest example of what it is that we should have in life and our Lord taught the disciples a very important lesson today. The number one is a people around you are in need and there's needs all kinds of people around you that are bigger than you and isn't even listen to your own needs of others. And then if you want to feel you probably don't have enough resources to do it if you give God the little bit that you have do a blessed he will break and then he will use that to satisfy thousands upon thousands of people in the world and glory be to God forever. Amen.