FREEDOM AS A NEW REALITY - Slavery to Sonship Part 2

 God made us to be great in His image. However, we oftentimes find ourselves enslaved to things that control our lives and prevent the glory of God from shining through us. In SLAVERY TO SONSHIP: A Paschal Journey out of Egypt, a series that looks at the Exodus account of Moses and the children of Israel, we explore how sharing in the life of Christ grants freedom by the power of the Holy Spirit, so that God's Image may shine forth. Join us in Part 2, FREEDOM AS A NEW REALITY, as Fr. Michael explores what happens when God breaks us free from slavery.


so last week we discussed bondage of slavery last week we started we started looking at how the children of Israel were brought into slavery they're brought into bondage and then we opened up or we had last week I should say by offering that it's my acknowledging Christ as the ultimate Liberator the ultimate revolutionary feel the one who threw in his resurrection through his life he came to liberate us to free us from death and to free us from sin and to free us from the power of the devil and so this week we're going to talk about the rescue plan I'm going to talk about like how do we experience freedom as a new reality so open by just sharing a story from my childhood my brother my older brother Paul and I we also we had formulated this rescue plan okay but our rescue plan wasn't dealing with sin and death our rescue plan was dealing with a little raccoon all right so grown up we lived in this cul-de-sac where animals would sometimes just find their way into our neighborhood it's our neighborhood and oftentimes cold sack they would just comment dead in there and not know where to go so we had this little raccoon that was wedged in between our house and the fence and he just got in there and so my brother and I we formulated this crazy plan that we're going to we're going to free this raccoon we're going to get it out of there and quite frank we just didn't want the raccoon cluster Isles alright so we're standing there at the window we're shouting and pounding and raccoons just have a look at enough of this probably things like we're crazy and like what are those one of those animals doing inside of that window they're yelling at me that didn't work didn't budge so we've got a broom sick and weak got from behind the behind the fence and we're like going down like this if you don't anything about raccoons raccoons are vicious this rad woman like turned into Wolverine from x-men and starts like chopping up that and we blow the broomstick out it's like was the broom was gone like the stick was there with the broom was gone alright and so we're trying to figure something out and it's frantic and we're not making any sense about what we're doing it was crazy all right thankfully our next door neighbor sauce and probably thought we were going to get killed in the process or get rabies or something so they call animal control and they came and they had a much better way of dealing right thing is with God God doesn't deal with crises in the way that we do we oftentimes we formulate these insane plans of how we're going to get liberated from sin and slavery and death are all this kind of stuff and God it's kind of like the way he deals with it very different right now way back in Genesis chapter 15 God tells evil what's going to happen in Genesis chapter 15 verse 14 13 rather says then he said to Abram know certainly make her descendants will be strangers in the land that is not theirs and will serve them and they will afflict them for 400 years so he's already told them Abram he says this is gonna happen God's not frantic God knows what's gonna happen he knows how he's going to deal with it and he tells them i'm going to take care and one of the things that we've gotta rest assured of is that when God steps in on the scene he deals with things very differently than you or I could ever conceive them and so we're going to be talking a little bit about how God breaks us free from this thing called slavery and and death our series principle that we opened up with last week is that it's only through sharing the life of Christ that we can have freedom or experience freedom by the power of the Holy Spirit so that we can shine forth with the image of God God created each one of us unique and it's the things that it is latest and oftentimes prevent that image from shining forth last week our lecture principle that we discussed was that each one of us we are made to be great in the image of God but again these things enslave us and oftentimes darken the cloud over us and prevent the image from shining forth well today what will look at it is i think probably the cornerstone of this whole series that will be talking about which is how it is that we are made to personally experience the glory of God we are not just invited to walk with God we're not just invited to be free from sin we're not just invited to live a happy life or to live a blessed life we are made to personally personally experience the glory of God okay the sub that God is intended for each and every one is for there to be the glory of God shining forth in our lives that it's something each and every one with not just a few select people the church not just some holy people lived five hundred thousand two thousand years ago now I'm just holding people that we read their stories and how they walked with Jesus but each and every one of us was made to personally experience the glory of that we talked about how it is that slavery prevents us from experiencing that thing called freedom and as a result this thing called the glory of God in your discussion groups some of y'all mentioned how false freedom false freedom means that we think that we can do whatever we want now whatever comes to mind whatever comes in our heart for free to do it now the challenge with that is Jeremiah 79 tells us that the heart is deceitful above all things you can know so if we just lean on what our heart desires and do whatever our heart wants we'll find ourselves quickly leading towards being enslaved to sin now how we become enslaved something not that I've come up with something that psychologists have offered and something that I see I think they took this from from life and how we see this even in our own spiritual eyes so psychologists have suggested that there's this thing called the queue okay the Q the Q is what makes the light bulb go off it's what triggers you okay we're going to go through this in just a minute we're going to look at some examples hey so the first thing is there is a cue that trail to your brain tells your heart to do something the routine is what we think usually about as the behavior and then the last part is the reward the reward is what makes you feel good after doing that okay now I need your help to tell me three things three things that people often times would be addicted to all right three things that people might be addicted to anyone guess coffee smoking drinking pop sleep good inhales drugs social media gambling competitiveness routine money all these different types of things every one of these by the way there's a queue there's the behavior and there is the role and you know who uses this system the best Oh male face with my markers marketers business marketers have figured out this thing to a science to like down to the T they know they use this concept in order to enslave people to if you will to incite people to purchasing their product all right marketers do very well anyone familiar with Terese breeze is the best right you know what Febreze first came out it failed when Febreze first games market it failed you know why there was no reward there's no reward so when it first hit the market the queue was some use the bathroom stump so they sprayed ok but there was no reward what they realized was what people wanted was a pretty smell they didn't just want to get rid of the bad smell they wanted a pretty smile when people would clean their house they finish wiping down they didn't just want to spray and he sent a like get rid of or cleanse the air they wanted it to look pretty as well ok and so they changed their approach and introduced this whole group of sense all these different scents and if a breeze has exploded ever since I'm sorry to talk about what y'all use what you do is you know you understand same happens by the way with bad habits same happens as bad habits cell phones cell phones what happens phone pings or in someone's home like rings right what's first thing that we do we go we look at it but hey first thing we do and I'm guilty as charged my phone buzzes I open it up look why because I get like I get this weird feeling like I get so comfortable when I see all of these things up here across the top call notifications all right my gmail I feel uncomfortable if there's any emails my advice ok feel comfortable and so what what the response is the behavior is go type of quick response the reward I feel feel accomplished what's this one I here ly ly given to accommodate difficult situation hard conversation needs to happen you want to protect yourself in a more positive image what we do line for line and there's a good reward well there's a reward it's a good reward but there's a reward the reward is we avoid unnecessary or what we deem unnecessary conflict okay we gain the what we perceive to be respect but we gained perceived respect from others okay and so this is how people become if you will enslaved to various habits it's not one of those things some way something more it says I'm going to be in a slave like I'm excited about being enslaved to my cell phone I'm excite to get become enslaved to smoke like smokers don't wake up and like people don't just wake up one day and they're like smoking a pack of cigarettes I happens is person is stressed their response is they've seen other people this works for them and so they begin to smoke and the reward for smokers is that it calms and down temporary okay temporary nobody wakes up inside I want to become enslaved to any sin okay but there is a reward oftentimes as associated with it that people leave that way back in Exodus chapter 2 we find God seeing this people in slavery in Exodus chapter 2 verse 24 23 24 says now happened in the process of time but the kings of Egypt I children Israel grown because the bondage they cried out and their cry came up to God because of the bondage so God heard God remembered his covenant with Abraham Isaac and Jacob god looked upon the children Israel and God acknowledged got hurt he remembered the acknowledge God heard his people he remembered he acknowledged God always hears he never forgets and he will always acknowledge us whenever and whatever it is that's holding us back God is always with us people often times they wonder like where has gone where is he in this situation why is it that I can't break free from this why is it that I can't get out of this problem where is God gone for me at this moment and what we've got to remember and salmon the promise of Scripture and the promise of how God has always dealt with his people is that God always hears always remembers us and he always acknowledges or comes to us he always visits us later on in the next chapter in chapter 3 we find something unbelievable happens Exodus chapter three is a passage I think like every Christian should spend time meditating on especially this upcoming couple of weeks Exodus chapter three is the burning bush narrative okay and in verse 2 says in the age of the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire from the midst of a bush he looked at me all the bush was burning the fire but the bush was not consumed that Moses said I will not turn aside i will now to her side and see this great site why the bush was not burned so the Lord said saw that he turned aside to look God called him from the midst the bush said Moses Moses he says here I am so he begins to exchange and he begins to introduce himself to Moses he says I in verse for verse 6 I am the God of your father without him Isaac God of Jacob and Moses hidden his face for he was afraid to look upon God Lord said I'd surely see the oppression my people or in Egypt and I've heard their cry because of their taskmasters for I know their sorrows so I have calmed down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians to bring them up from the land that land to a good and largely an alarm land flowing with milk and i'm a land flowing nope night and this passage Amin says what I've come down but for me this points me to Jesus Christ this points me to be the incarnation that God came down to deliver us from bondage in the next chapter and I'm going to come back to this in just a moment but in the next chapter at the end of the chapter verse 28 to 31 so after this God sends him back and moves Aaron so that air now Aaron is Moses older brother and goes and he meets him and says Moses told Aaron all the words of the Lord who sent had sent him and all the signs which he had commanded him that Moses and Aaron went and gathered together all the elders of the children Israel and Aaron smoke all the words of Lord had spoken to Moses and he did all the sides of the site of the people so that people believed when they heard that the Lord had visited the children Israel and that he had looked on the reflections and they found out what was the difference between Moses and the children of Israel they both responded did they they both respond what was the difference difference was that Moses had a personal encounter he then comes and he shares with the children Israel and they believe the unbelievable the greatness of God because of what someone else is told because of what was was told i want to offer to you that this may be a starting place for them but we find later how it impacted their life stream okay some of us we believe because of what someone has told us if you remember in John chapter 4 the Samaritan woman says the Samaritan woman she went she preached to the people she says let me tell you about a man who told me everything I've ever done and then finally Jesus comes into the city and they said now we believe not because of what you told us because we ourselves have seen and heard they had a personal encounter with Christ they had a personal encounter with God it began as an encounter through someone else through a proxy but it didn't stop so God is talking to children as your main battle and worshiped they're ready to go they're ready to break free from their sin their bread and break free from slavery and Pharaoh says oh come on have a good time right as well as when we're going to break free from our sin then I consider our life is never just like you have fun forget about your good when people try to quit sitting it's a bad it's a fight because slave drivers don't let go easy slave drivers never like letting go hey Pharaoh had free labor why would he let go why would he let go slave drivers do not let not being suggested from this picture in any which way all I'm saying is that sin is like an abusive relationship that doesn't want to let you do then in chapter 5 we find that when the children of Israel first try to leave when they first try to leave it leads to a fight okay and first one it said afterward Moses and Aaron went in and told Pharaoh that says the Lord God of Israel let my people go and make me hold that they may hold a feast to me in the wilderness and Pharaoh said who is the Lord that I should obey his voice to let it show go I do not know the Lord nor I let it remain nor will I let Israel go he actually becomes his response but he clearly knew who the children who Yahweh was he knew who the Lord was of the Jews but what he was saying here is I don't care who your God is I'm not letting you go okay he knew these people who are living amongst him who were the free labor like most commentators suggest that like he didn't know it's that he was saying I don't care who you worship you belong to me so the battle in the book of Exodus is not between man and Pharaohs opportunity Jews and Pharaoh it's actually between this king called Pharaoh and the king of kings hey and that's where the battle really takes place these fights by the way that we see up here these fights can happen externally but oftentimes they happen internally after that after this sin buckles down and holds on it says you're not letting go look what happens later in the chapter in verse 20 says then as they cut came out from Pharaoh they met most as an air stood there to meet them and they said to let the Lord look on you and jug because you've made us afford to the side of Pharaoh the side of his servants to put a sword in their hand skills as soon as Moses and Aaron walk out of Pharaohs office earlier in the chapter he says you know what you want the people of Israel to leave and to go worship because they're lazy they've got nothing to do he says I'll show you not only do they have to keep the quota they've got to cut their own hey now and so they would take the straw it would basically take the straw they would use it to build bricks okay he says the quote is not changing but i'm going to lay a heavier burden on and so the people of Israel feeling this extra burden of the Senate people consuming their lives the response to Moses is anger and frustration and how often when we try to break free from sin we feel it holding on tighter and when that happens and we pray about and we seek the right channels to receive helium and freedom from from save it from these things that hold on to us we feel frustrated feel almost angry like why like I want to be free so this is what the children is your own experiences they're safe like we want to be free and now they're pointing at Moses and say you've done this to us you've done this to us the next verse Moses returns to the Lord Moses returns to the Lord confused and says Lord why have you brought trouble on this people why is it you have sent me for since I became kings affair to speak in your name he has done evil to this people neither you delivered people at all so it starts off they're trying to leave a big fight ensues and internal fight ensues that leads to frustration and anger and then finally confusion like I don't know what to do I don't want to do like God you promised I don't know where else to go for you like why not me why everyone else not me and there's always a sense of confusion like why other people have this experience about knocking cool how many less and so there can be like Moses confused he's saying my God why have you done this I don't get it understand like I've been with you all these years I'm faithfully doing what you've asked me to do why not why not he's confused he doesn't get it and finally the next chapter in chapter 6 at the very end verses 8 and 9 says that I will bring you to the land which I swore to you to give to Abraham Isaac and Jacob and I will give it to you as a heritage I the LORD so Moses spoke to us to the P children Israel but they did not eat Moses because of anguish of spirit and cool bondage they began to be homeless like manna for this item we've heard your story so they start off ready to go and then the fight ensues and then they get frustrating because it's not working and they get confused and then finally like homeless man like I try to so many times before like written really like come on in let's just live our lives let's just live our lives the beauty is a little bit later in the book now I know most of you are familiar with this passage but in Acts chapter Exodus chapter 14 this is after this that these plagues through chapter 7 and 12 come out the ten plagues as a preparation for what's about to happen in Exodus chapter 14 the people are ready to break free and in verses 10 through 12 you find that children is your they're marching and they look and they see Pharaoh and the Army's coming and they become there like a skeptical they're afraid and skeptical they don't ought to do like they know they've been given freedom but there is starting to wonder like did you bring us out here to die back in 1860s when Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation slaves were free many of the sites didn't have her leave their slave owners house they were skeptical thank you that they were legally free they just did note to do they didn't know what that meant they were skeptical about what freedom is and so as we seek to break free from sin understand that there's going to be a level of skepticism based on past experience and so Moses reminds the people of Israel he says do not be afraid instead so see the salvation Lord which he will accomplish for you today for the Egyptians whom you see today you will see a bed no more forever and so we forget quickly yesterday an hour in the discovery group we were talking about communion and you can so why we do this often on crisis like do this as often as you do this remembrance of me the reason that we do it often is because we forget not because God is no longer effective in our lives cuz we forget and so throughout the whole Old Testament you find they're constantly setting up pillars and making pacts and doing establishing services and things why because the children is real forget and were those children that we forget so he said just be reminded be reminded of what I've done in your life remember what I've done and then finally he invites them to step forward to step forward as children to pass through the Red Sea and in the early church they understood this passage as our own baptism they pass through the red see if you will as a baptismal being baptized and device being liberated which is how we receive liberation when we're baptizing to life the price will vary with him and we ride with him in Romans chapter 6 it says so that we walk in the newness of life effusions chapter 4 verse 22 tells us put off concerning your former comedy old man which grows corrupt according to the deceitful essence and say that the necio says I'm so beautiful about the adoption that we receive as as children calls us from slavery to sonship and he says you're adopted as my children and that adoption that inheritance that God offers us say nonetheless who says the following says the word became flesh that has happened in order to qualify humanity for divinity we are not sons of God in nature the Sun hood who is dwelling in us is indeed the Son of God by nature and God is not our Father by nature but he is by nature the father the word was in us who in him and for him with puppets as you become adopted as my children because of the one who is in you even gave my son and so we become children of God he says you're no longer slaves when you become baptized into me and become United with you the one who now even tells you is my son now I can call you my son now according to my daughter let me give you just three very quick practical applications in order for this I think for us to grow in this life of Liberty the psyche of true freedom in Christ I think the first thing we've got to do is be willing to enroll in school without be willing to be scared then go back to school zero I think we've got it like if you look Moses Moses went out to the wilderness spent 40 years before he met God at the burning bush 40 years and the schools that he enrolled it and this is a man who's coming from all of the the great education of the schools of of the Pharaoh ok of Egypt which was the intellectual center of the world at that time all the arts all the philosophies all the way images everything was available and that says no no no I need to reshape you need to enroll in the school of silence listen to that silence is a school in and of itself when we allow ourselves to sit before God and silence and in solitude and be with him and be present with him he teaches us he shapes us he helps us to break free from the simnet is enslaving us we need to be willing to enroll in the school of simplicity simplicity this is a man who's coming from Pharaoh's house and now he's saying you're going to be a shepherd we have to be willing to enroll the school of humility remember this is Pharaoh's son and he's taken to be a shepherd Genesis chapter 46 verse 34 tells us that Egyptians hey chels they saw them as the lowest form like the most that the lowest careers home could have would be a shepherd and this is what Moses's is schooled in he says I need to reteach you need you to home by yourself need you know home for yourself we oftentimes say but I done this I built this and my kids don't listen to me my segment I need to be rolled in the school humility and I think glasses that we have to be loads be enrolled in the school of reference think about when Moses all got a very much too about the shoes he bowed and he couldn't look at it he couldn't you shared her in the discussion section the fear of God is beginning of wisdom fear of God when we reverence him one who worship Him I believe that in and of itself is a school number two very important is we are each personally invited to personally sorry we're invited to personally experienced God okay it's well and good that you've heard about Gotham other people that your parents told you I've got your sunday-school servants told you my god that I'm talking about God by God is talking about God you read the Bible it was talking about God I'm saying that this is a personalization person we were talking yesterday discovering the sacraments and one of the dis personal if you notice today during communion for most of you I said your name the body of our Lord Jesus Christ for fill the blank personal our relationship with God is personal and it should always be personal God has invited us to personally experienced him the rescue planet is offering is for each one of us to meet him at our own burning bush remember the series principle share in the life of Christ grants you freedom by the power of the Holy Spirit so that his image can shine forth that happens by personally experiencing Christ himself third and final is that God's children in so doing I believe gained a part of passion love when Moses saw his people should be free he became passionate when Moses saw like what God was intending for him the imagine and he said these people cannot continue to be enslaved and I believe it's only when we personally experienced God that that your lights people oftentimes say like I have no Patrick like me I think that true passion that God has planted in each one as that thing that God has planted each what I was uniquely on this earth for to do for him and to shine with his Lord that would become unlocked when we begin to personally experienced him and we begin to understand what it is and how it is that he's calling us to search him and we gain that heart of passion that gave them gain the heart of love maybe some of you are are to be passionate about justice in and to be passionate about mercy to be passionate about impact to be passionate about compassionate I think God is saying like each and every one of you I'm inviting you to show you that glory but it's got to come out of the face of experience it's gotta come out of a place of extremes next week during our palm sunday service we're going to continue this journey next sunday we're going to be looking at Exodus chapter 50 the children is real come out they begin to experience this new reality called freedom they break out a song they break down the summer and next week on Palm Sunday when Jesus comes riding into town that people break out in song or sun and we're going to be looking at those parallels next something all right any questions any questions or pounds