Fountain of Living Water

A sermon given on March 7, 2010 on John 4:1-42.


burning the father and son in the holy
spirit and got him in going that we had a family member the bar five hours away is a five hour drive
away from where we lived it's nice to come visit us at one point
a member of my life he was like dizziness once a month sometimes more
than once a month he was making this long drive and coming out to where we live to come to visit us every time he would
come in and always being within like cakes and partisan every time it never failed he had some
type of tool you do for me is that it was like the most generous
guy in the world he gave me my first bite he was just you know that anytime he was
coming jackpot i was going to get some type of digitally and i think in my mind it's like the
best i'm glad the whole world commander anybody out of this man has
never let me get every time he comes yesterday new something like this so is coming to toward include wrote i began to think disguise kind of relates to christ the
story christ goes to samaria meets this american woman and he tells him give me something to drink she says you're asking me summit in london you'll
be addressing me as a metal mitigated something to drink uses if you knew the gift of god and who would is who says to you give me
a drink you would have asked him and he would have given you living water we know that he went wrong but this law
center after his journey it says he was we'll review the stunning you see that the human side of christ isn't it amazing isn't that touching though christ was
limited by his human flesh would still go such or long distance for one person that he would see value in this one so the soul chia saints especially with but reading the bottom of my mother's
home in planning doing their best known as the best thing
was true that type of person she herself couldn't even believe me you being that you are coming to me
samaritan one thing we can tell through this
passage is that samaritans well like the enemies of jews back in the danger is necessary in
captivity the jews but next with the gentiles and they're becoming the samaritans and
they do this thing kunju always looked down upon the gentiles
because there are not the people of god there with you just anchovies some bad times when i got crushed people themselves avenue next to the gentiles she wasn't enemy more than that she was a lemon we know that in jewish
times women where the most garnered species justin enemy not just a woman but she was a catwoman she had five miles and the husband his is not her husband by the medicine that
it was not her husband's no is going to have to think if there was any women that was made to like three husbands before husbands you would
say for aspin's all spends this is not three or four o_ five but this was she was going on to this it even good demands she was just going to ask you what this
lady was that bad women no crystal stair doesn't want if you knew the gift of god and whoever says and what it is just to give me a drink you would have asked him if he would give you living water now i would imagine this is exactly what christ centered
disciples a way to go get food if they are standing crisis time and
they were standing there was talking to this woman meeting if he knew the gift of god you would ask me and i would have given
you live in rock hill the disciples are thinking it would give whoever cake that may be another ethnic tension in australia no those of you it's good for christ he sort of value missile to understand how precious your soul is to christ the president says he christ knew to go through samaria and he ends up telling her give me a
drink the first time he tells her give me a dream drinking looking for are you talking to me unit a bucket sink dot only thing that is going to quench
my thirst is your soul i started says needed to come here me to go to mend yousuf is getting my ideas fermenting depend to some area gerald ice could not go he named his mission in
life if he didn't win her soul we know that hotel first less hassle and he said give me all the u_s_
although i can do it for me only measure with this woman's think
counsel you're thirsty for my soul how precious our souls are to christ the same i need to take you with me to
my kingdom i know undervalued dusty crashed my post with
your soul this is a woman who probably never thought any man was going to look at this women and think that he needed her for her soul you out my soul ho saddle uh... christ found that he would clench his fists missile of this woman who may be in our minds might be the worse how precious is your soul to jesus sinclair new higher value who has sold he says in romans chapter eight bush
thirty two he who did not spare his old son but class fault househunting not with him also freebie
give us all things god will give us freely all things because he sees a value in your soul if she cries does it look to you as you are may be in your sins the guilt of your
seems no he doesn't see you in that way christ books to you he sees what you will be in him were amazing person got continuing to throw him and he says i will do anything that i could drink of
your soul that i can request the nightlife asking
because her arguing numero says what he wants you could imagine what he's telling i will give you living
water that will become doing in fountain the bible tells us that she came to this
lesson with a waterpark nephew that i've been to any place where
people go to fellow for their database and supply would it's not just to drink especially in the heat in this area touko it's to clean it's for ceremonial
cleansing it was first right she would nicely kept on coming to the
sweater several times a day you're talking about a found tumors of living water where can i get this
water sick of going to the role of the world trying to do from it several times i'm trying to drink from the right way
to find satisfaction and ratification and companionship m_p_s
alone i'm sick of coming back to this place
and still thirsty you have a fountain road filming is a gift he says if you knew the gift of god and who are those who says to give me a
drink you would ask him crisis saying how do we approaching how do you approach the loading your
brain do you approach that in prayer sandberg me about your guests and he says and i would give you like tommy lipide you would give life
alone restaurant it is that you tried love prayer way to prove you came into play here you major question you left aapko some camera and i was going to
give you what you want is he would not be student prayer we don't believe this crisis israeli genocidal but not good do you received for your prayers received powder in the presence of god you are to
receive our will be given to them if you've got to be standing in your
prayers we talk about hotel in the company two
minutes and the cut even though i'm going to stay here and i
will not reveal interviewed lesson jacob the old testament he comes to god and he says the until you bless me this is the way that god wants us to
come to him if you know the gift of god if you know grace of god if you know the
nature of god he's the given is the government wants to give to you you prefer somebody person that's giving you a hard time and
you play when you say it would be without those of our help me and you know what intelli gives you a
lot of in your heart he began when he came to deliver when he
was going to discharged on mindanao he came to
mississippi if they had to do i just met in the city
don't destroy says okay fifty wasn't fifty et cetera thirty-five and then arrived on the thirty and
thirty five and then finally in toronto because of the first ten people people
missing or please don't destroy abraham was going to leave and turn he got a few warning about moses got misrepresented this trailer people
of israel mrs low if you destroy them take my name out of the book of life cochran handled it one of his children would not be in the
book of life the most people would murder because my cousin he left with intensifying it will be
destroyed finals they want to talk constantly in prayer i've been answers to these days about half a
million test she came to the temple she was bad m the monitor she could not have child
jump in and her husband's either one just pop in and took an hour and she was and shame she said well me hit our amalia you until you give me a china jukus persistent and she received my brothers and sisters we are entering into prayer we are
failing 'cause we're in enter without receiving goddesses together all good things everybody but comes from baghdad backplate do not believe that before you
receive you say trying this woman she didn't have servants preparation servants meetings
and she had one encounter with christ and he says i'll give you this living
water which will be cut continue not might
become now if you're not going to make it into
a fountain no economically newark fountain of living
water hanging up into everlasting life owners this living water among godspeed do you have a fountain inside of you larry this is the lord was my fountain and must not be drinking water dripping
water and that's not me hope evaluator because i don't have a parenting i don't have to have them but there's a
lot of fun of me into the heart homie i want to be that fountain this woman she left successful still she would fountain of living what i know you have
to understand discounted in her mind it's neverending amount of abandons of
water eternal no springing up into everlasting
life what our could this what ladder could
this be others then the holy spirit this living water is the holy spirit christ says in the chapter of prayer in the chapter
eleven is if you then doing evil know how to get a good gifts to your
children how much more does your father in heaven give the holy spirit to those who ask see the holy spirit will give you
contentment in your life godspeed lines content to any more we are going to put care so we go back
to the perot's you wear to go up you want to christ in player anyway satisfied for christ so you want to go around the world dissatisfied remember is satisfied that
the dissatisfied on nuclear companionship you were playing this living water should be found in
everyone of god's people every one of these children should be
fountains how are seeking to be the right of the
world's this woman didn't leave without that fountain of living water she says what do i have to do what guess what i'm sick of coming to this
place it's a perception cd abrasive guilt abrasive emptiness if they serve i'm sick of this place drink of christ find contentment in him sinclair says i know how to advance and how to be a based i know how to set a hunger and to be full he found contentment because the famine
after this recertified learned how to be content of all these
things he says because i can do all things
through christ who strengthens me r_u_ in christ well is that fountain of living water in
your heart and your soul this woman left hero we shouldn't call on you know this
american women she should be this emergency this is the women that we should ask her
to both russ everyday show us what you do to get that part of
the water that you would meet christ wants and your life would never be the same and many of us we serve we come to church we take communion we
read the bible we fast with too many things northampton because your poll is not price as they get to christ visegrad lasting the berries christ you have my permission if you're not
after christ stopped the fast you have my dad solution number casting if you're not seeking christ evie and i think uh... saying well i will not leave u_n_
till you blossom well testing yes the disciple of your life when he saw the suez might this you know my tremon with her sometime and she brought her son noisy tried to
break nothing happened there's no power and
gas he did not find powerless prayer when
fear i took him to do it account ranked umpiring as he was a man of god you sick of being like to submit a woman going always to the well of the world about finding satisfaction
even going to the stop they're finding satisfaction stable dole leads to early from your prayers in you will become a fountain of living
one of the new look at this woman you see how amazing this woman this woman who was living in shame hahahaha went to her village for campus americans or not issue ads evangelism betterment she could soon is remember in the city to know the road maybe you are that's american woman
today guard can turn cities to know him through you signi yes you if he could do it through this american
women people but she was she was precious and dot signs she was so valuable leave that your soul is valuable in
god's eyes needs to drink from your soul defining the press release first in your life doctors for the salvation of the whole
world that everyman com hasn't come to the knowledge of the
truth on that last day we are going to be
ashamed when we stand before the start of the
restrain exodus american woman that's going to say what did you do
where's your fountain bassoon studio sundays they've reached a hundreds of people zepa samaritan woman without any
training that any word of god with nothing today from the fountain of living water
entered and our whole city back to the lord we are deprived of the more we are mt we intend to wells i pray that you would come to this alter and you would drink you
would say they'll give me your holy spirit that you would be i found two of living
water spring up from me into the rides of my wife's and my children my everybody around me that they were overflow because of the
fountain the reason do you want to be that counted dont be satisfying don't be satisfied coming to the swell we continually find thirst christ is the one your going to find
life in contentment in i pray that we can be like this emergency woodring but first was quenched and she never had
to come back to this well going to go out for every man jed and you know