Forsake All and Follow Me

A sermon given on October 18, 2009 on Luke 5:1-11.


in the name of the father assignment was
killed by him in c we have a wonderful gospel message the car in the future and the ties into our theme here a
campaign they were going through the charter flights healing choices not taking control of our lives in our
own leading got him butting gut instinct is take intro here we have safety in the disciples washing their nest after a long day it's well well nightclub nothing crest comes along speaking to the people faces senate race between a bare-bones
just go ahead at the end he says silence crawford
catch son looks to christ and i can imagine re-thinking in sync extra fishermen and know what i'm doing adjustment outside all night they didn't
catch anything but should discuss this is all about they go well is as large as the debate going to do
you think that the next step they catch almost finished and they have to get a second there will
be able to help out begin to seek after that views on the four guns is the
part of your more famous informaiton that he says follow me it's important to understand this is not
this first time that people scroll this is actually just second time the christ had seen peter and told him
to follow if you read in the blast boasts a motto he starts i'm an engineer and he told them come quietly because
they do after next immediately myself i wrote nieces that'll be fishers of men i think they get it for a little bit then reason came to the right just doesn't make sense so you won't lose going to feed my wife
is going to be my children how did it it just doesn't make sense and when you pay attention to the exact
wording of the passage so if you don't and the disciples are paying their necks
just for the people prices during this time
of the people and they're doing their own thing this leader cancellation this is a bit of work how many times when we come before the lord really feel like he's carla my heart
he's leaving the cost to eliminate the satellite that's why i drop
everything i fired nice of you know what impact candy for them i'm still at least i'm just saying he
was against every subset of saint john the baptist he's a profit on the other evidence right now usain roger i'll do my own permanente we
have every once in awhile are going to church on sundays i did go to the campaign talk about
smoking also quiet time in the morning your but the first time caller march two
months any other state leaders trying to take
control of his online recess i i've heard that specifier one i got the answers christ came back again incest peter i want to follow i'm not going to accept the half-hearted
will follow i'm not except you just doing anything and you can imagine yourself to the
following i'm gonna ask you again peter i want you to fly we see that in this message he left forship all hope window did the best responsible u_s_ when the first came to ask for the
temple texas from crimes and peter cpa texas competences loyal following u_n_ teams but i don't
have anything all evening place does peter go over there you're gonna find officially declared it's not bad the
client imploded tax it's for me in for you under the cover everything under the cover your expenses i don't think you ever consider this with me right you first declared the fire me that lead up to me i would like to have everything that you
need but that was after the fall this message when he's being called he thinks how could you please what happens between allied he captures magical you don't have to show for for the control of your life where you have to say look for all you
do not know you've got to go you can be a bit fishermen betrayed by like got nothing that gave you that all to call for a
while what does it mean to first to first-rate
although there's another message the gospel of luke woodham he says women is not per se co all cannot be less likely that extremely risky for national ad
watches before before that but he says he was not the father and mother
and wife and children and to use for my state and even his own life also is not with
you this time if you are academy if you want
to be in this place you gotta be catering email you can have a lot of first of all the questions of got as tex avery my identity is in christ a ticket i wonder cps or one day later on slide began to look back and think should just inefficient i could have been overcharged position and i think i thought i'd fish rescue let's look at his life in sync well never got to go back to see he first all focus he was one of the few people in the room windcrest went in to visit this is better crisis really is her from the director two witnesses
dissolve minus i think that the people at the scene
concessions so even got to witness first-graders transition that evened out to test out instead gave him the pad nationality
means and to hear this etc and did you know nothingness wonderfully regret it you can call for cracks even greater than that he climbed the mountain of
transportation so writes the old schools even to play or even though it's a vast
seven i think that what i was not coming down but i'm not going to say this interest time magazine you got to see the glory of chris efficient all he went to witness because i didn't do
too and pentecost asked him to be the fact of the treasury
also killed because of a three thousand men we can assume maybe a ten thousand people turned out that
day compiling dispersive he was able to found the church that none of you have to look back at
sea equipped i wish they should have been efficient will be great how many of us are holding on to have a
candidate distance because we're content just being fission or content just being in control of our
life okie go home what does that mean anything to it but
it's what i am i gonna catch nothing you get a reliance and maybe there was something more hosted by the campus onset that means your book that means your life but not just let me ask you about luncheonette into the deep i wouldn't be
pretty havoc person my dog better powerplant abundant life relationship
with you jennifer tilly devoted to the mention of before you see launch out into the key tikiwiki how many of us have gone out to a deep intimate personal life maybe like i was listening bypasses preaching from the boat saint peter was in the book goes out into the deep annual and sick into the deep within the
at that point is that he can sell much fishing but not his mental by his friends very
everybody just started to sing and the bottom and i'll when the problem and i was talking about to the people about time but he's talking about driving and i
think tightening understanding israel trading and i understand he's just ten
percent but back then twenty three percent every year they would have to give ten percent today levis and then we'll have to do ten percent a lot of the feasts and then they would have to do ten percent everything for the people also the fresh fruits in that that the first let me know that's not
going to get the doors around twenty three percent don't have to give every
year and the practice distributing them
because they were not typing in this way for the first time got so strong just trying to just trying to balance but if i did not quite the windows of
heaven and watch the dissonant twenty-nine sc you're never going to regret to have to file you have to find that you need a loser of identity imagine peter until now whether that was pleased all
over the reverend eyepiece people if he does efficient bernadot don't you think of the
recession ended the fresh depends high-speed imagine crisis coming here to begin saint peter you've been following a bomb i would ask you every time i want you to
follow them but i really want to be fired none of this condominium a sentence of now we need to go into the key if you lose yourself identity in me that when people think of
you they think of me how your work argued that there are still at work when
people think of a god-fearing person somebody that's
life as hidden in christ they think of this cairo they think of you well that's cool depression in your house sir and your well-rehearsed lanier
strandings are necessary system person this first call doesn't care about the role of the world
the love of perception of the love of riches doesn't care about that stuff this person's identity this film chris when prom promise the surrender to because chris is no evidence to
addressed everything i'd like him southern charts he's in charge of my finances he's talk
to my social life has talked about a bunch of you talk about problems enjoyed everything five percent of all all and i find my updated life been have you found that about the wife uh... you can tell dad left-right and surely you've opened up the windows
of heaven and put out so i think that there's not
enough room to exceed are you living that life because i believe all lead to the
cypress only the people don't forsake all those who want to become his disciples
those are the ones that in the school of but jesus and those are the royals see above us eager to see glory of christ about
consideration i don't think you have a regret it i remembered me my wife we were felt like i was calling us to move ted's
africa were praying and fasting ears and
finally yet but some conditions before god in
some signs of robot specific and then we renewed this happened then that it's having a stroke happen one saturday that person was entered into a saturday
night that we were thing of the colors set without we've worked for the family the storm
chemical all the stuff we had to do we went i remember the next morning after we had
made this decision this was the best and the process preaching that they were
saying let your children give them offer him
back you should give off everybody should leave event because he's the greatest i don't
think the latter embedded forwad seconds i don't think you ever regretted for one
seconds submitted multiple and then but being a few that day looking at last the
teacher was saying this would you may have been saying bread we have a good example of somebody had
never regretted tell you that sometimes we get weak you know this was in the last time that christ for people to file after the resurrection we all know that the night crisis he went to the two nd so i can teach you first appeared in with the cycles you asked if he's the with you you said you know what how to survive until she finds out of it he goes fishing cheese customer sure we
know that famous discourse between christ and
peter which is do you have the abuses the sale of your three times represent he says when you are here you everyone out of the world's you'll be taken by the hand you will to
replace but would she do want to go which you don't know at that point place so that one more time executed digital having not showing you it's important that we pay attention to
the men's reading his book but uh... in just a quick tell the disciples and he is risen no so that none of that sort of second
degree without the reason loop would you be the wrong you first at the level of so many cities in pat nixon penned up something he said that's when
you say well you take control and allowed to be efficient but every time you don't need to do at that point you're going to find healing unified
behind feingold unified lead undergraduate as drought as the god provides i believe there's some stuff that we're holding on
to work is not convinced kreslovsky so much of his malcontents maybe with that half-hearted way to the following reason
is there a long time a body you're probably not and asking you will not solve the
problem and i'm gonna keep asking cuz i'm not
going to be content with that hard i'm going to be content with the right it's hidden in christ wrote about him has seen