Defining Humility

Sermon on understanding what it means to be humble. 
The sermon draws from Christ's washing of the disciples feet.

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I'm a little bit tired today. yesterday was a very exhausting day as we Aurora ovbs, Orthodox Vacation Bible School, and it was a it was it's been a good three days of of of teaching and learning and having a lot of fun and I think all the children really enjoyed. The theme for this year's ovbs was humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and He will exalt you. It's a great thing except for one major flaw. that is that I don't think any of the children knew what the word humble means. Humility is not something that we understand that easily and not the children's fault for not understanding it for not knowing the definition of it. Obviously the world teaches us the opposite of humility. Everywhere you look on television. Even in our own church We teach the opposite of humility we teach Pride. We take pride in the fact that who we are and where we come from. We teach pride in the fact that how much money we have and what kind of car we drive what kind of clothes we wear. What kind of shoes we wear. We teach pride in everything that we do. So there's no room for humility. So when I ask the children about what is their definition of humility of what does it mean to be humble? All the dancers came out. So it it means to be kind and means to praise God and then the perfect Sunday school answer that we always know Jesus Christ. Is my student doesn't know they just raise their hands. They Jesus Christ and 90% of the time. They're right. But the answer to defining what humility is what humbleness is is not. being kind and praising God The answer as I said was it's the opposite of Pride. So when we were us when I was teaching the children yesterday I said, okay if it's the opposite of Pride, what is the definition of pride so we came up with the deficit definition of pride in the pot in the definition was pride is thinking that you are better than everyone else pride is thinking that you are better than everyone else. So if humility is the opposite of pride Then what does humility mean? We came up with a a decent definition. I I want to share that definition with you today that definition is the definition of humility that we came up with yesterday is thinking that everyone Deserves better. Let me say it one more time. The definition of humility or humbleness is thinking that everyone deserves better. This thinking is completely against the world. Our world is based on the premise of the survival of the fittest. Think about it animals fight over the food that they eat and the food that the animal that that winds survives. and in our own human world we fight and compete with each other for money and for wealth. And in this capitalistic world, we are struggling against each other. And that is what this world teaches that is how this world is built. There's a story that I recently heard about it a teacher that was a teacher told it was they were having a fun day with the students and you'll just like how in some of our picnics we play that game where we tie a balloon to the back of each of our students. And the student who will and all the Scooby we plan to put all the students into one area and tell the co attack each other and pop each other's balloon. And the person who wins is the person who hides their balloon unpopped. It's a lot of fun. I was I was always the champion of it so you can see at my parents house. I had so many trophies for balloon popping the great game to 82nd and 2nd 3rd 4th 5th graders in this one Elementary School were playing this game during the spirit day. And so they are going at each other. They are attacking each other and one person popping other person's blue and one kid is crying in the corner and and it just crazy that they lose all-out Mayhem. And finally one child was with with was left with his balloon. Everyone else had their balloon popped and that child was known in the school as being the rudest he was known as being the meanest he was known as being the most aggressive. and the least caring person and that was the winner. But then the children went out and they brought in the mentally challenged mentally handicapped children and the mentally handicapped and mentally challenged children were asked to play this exact balloon popping game. And when the whistle blew and they were all supposed to attack each other. They went up to each other. And one person would turn his back and get his back to the other person and allow that person to pop his balloon and then that person would turn around and allow. Him to pop his balloon. I'm So at the end. No one had a nun pop balloon. and all the children were jumping up for Joy because all the balloons were popped. Because they were all winners. They all shared in that Victory. They were all part of that victory. Now some might say homemade maybe they didn't understand the rules, but I like to Hope and imagine that these children who were broken. Christ calls us to be they understood a different way to live a way to live that isn't about fighting with each other and strongly against each other put away to live that we share that we struggle together rather than against each other. it was it's not our children's fault that they don't know what humidity is. It's not taught in this world. But this idea of humility came from outside of this world from the one person who is outside. This world who is outside this world who is outside of time. It is our creator. It is our God and when our God came into this world, he taught us humility. It is completely alien and foreign to us. Because it is different than anything that we know just like he is different than anything of this world. So in that same way our God our savior, he came into this world to teach us humility. When our God became Our God who is eternal who is Immortal who is all-powerful became a simple man. a baby a child when he became someone who was mortal. He humbled himself. When he died on that cross he humbled himself. And as I reminded the children yesterday right before he died and right before he broke that bread and that wine. He humbled himself in a different way. He told his disciples to sit down. Any girded a towel around him? He he he wrapped a towel around him. And he took a bowl of water and some soap and some oil and knelt down before each of his disciples and he washed their feet. Our God and savior who should be crowned who should be carried On clouds and sung to By Angels knelt down and washed the feet of his disciples. The reaction of Peter was priceless because when Jesus came to wash Peters feet, what did Peter say children you all know? What did Peter say? You can say it. What did he say? One word no. No. Peter said no Jesus. You can't wash my feet. He wouldn't have it. He wouldn't allow Jesus to wash his feet. Why? Because we are so shocked by humility when someone humbles themselves in front of us. We don't know how to react. The world doesn't know how to react but Jesus said something extremely important. 2 Peter that day, he said Peter If you do not allow me to do this, you have no part with me. We need Jesus to Humble himself because we need to know what humility is and moreover we need. We need that same humility in order to be followers of Jesus. How can we be called Christians? If we do not follow Christ and if we follow Christ we must carry that same humility in every action and every word and in every thought that we have That same humility that you militi who say that everyone deserves better. Did everyone of you that everyone of us deserves better and that they should be treated better? They should be talked to better. They should be given better and we should be the ones who give everyone else. that better to my brothers and sisters in Christ We need to do better one of the examples that children gave was when I said, okay. So now you understand humility. Tell me an example of how you can show you melody. And many of you are going to say the same thing is that all all go and I'll give some money to the poor my brothers and sisters. That's not humility. That is charity. Do you know what humidity is humility is when you are walking and you see the being the poor beggar sitting on the on the floor and instead of just giving him money. What about sitting there and sitting down next to him and asking him my brother? How are you doing today? That is humility that is humidity when we descend down just like Christ and we make ourselves equal to each other. Or humility is when we allow that poor person that poor and deprived person to be risen up. So instead of just putting the money in his hand in his cup We rise raise him up and say brother come with me come to my house and we fit him at our head table. And we sitting at the head of our dining room table and we give the best Fine China and the best that we have the best fish bowl in the best steak in the best beef curry in the best everything and put it before him and allow him to eat the best because he deserves that. Because you deserve that because we all deserve that. Because our price and our savior told us that we are to follow him and follow him. in works of humility So my brothers and sisters in Christ to the parents, especially we have a great calling to teach these children what humility is humility can be found in marriage where the husband treats his wife. Better than himself or a wife who treats her husband better than herself. Because in that love and in the love of our neighbor, we will teach our children what it means to follow Jesus Christ. Let's be true Christians. Let's be humble and let's go forth. And I seen James it said let us humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord and let us allow God to exalt us all glory and honor to the father and to the son and to the Holy Spirit.