Could this be the Son of David?

 Celebrating our Zambian Independence Day by remembering our Freedom in Christ and His power in our lives and in the mission.


[Music] in the US we don't feel free with your stuff we're celebrating something but our personal life it shown something different maybe onset of a sickness in the family I don't feel free maybe I'm disgusting and I hope you free the girl we can see here that the Lord wants us to do today the Lord wants us to enjoy this day and kill his attendants [Music] and to enter the trip today with your burden and with your whatever training you want to feel free on their freedom I want you know I'm also going to let you die I never want you to feel that drew they were together sometimes I struggle financially sometimes a person of my family very sick actually have one right now my father's very sick right now no great friends so we always these things with all these these things maybe at work is a bit further than Portage's can carry I understand if your business is not home that well I think I report to my parents we explained you know sometimes we'd make a mistake out there and we let it go we can forgive ourselves and again feel free but I want you to know something today one of the secrets is in the novel one of the secrets of a bottle of our cylinder hi is [Music] then one who was demon-possessed what else combination situation your mind and your let's give me my three things music you can't let me see and you haven't even so if anyone should have a burden or a team or not free is this guy right here this perfect was Humphries this person has a bigger burden to carry what you have but this person wasn't brought to moon who is he brought some snake you would to upload Jesus Christ and what happened to him what he was brought to Jesus today what happened to him what happened to him he was healed it was healed and says here so the blinds and the news was fuller and sold first 22 is a [Music] number 22 is papered over I wanna take you 23 is one for us 23 we struggle the food says now and all the wall to the what amazed and said could this be the son of baby now asking yourself what's the big deal well tell you this is it how many times has told me as a freak and how many times has got caught up recently the human hopes for Less or improve [Music] they said I want to do something let's be honest in the church today you're not sure you I want to say something to you I have dealt with I hate we all believe it you years ago we all believe that all of a sudden holy Frick we all believe that or we say the same question could this be the son of David could you manage me for me can you really help me God in my life [Music] with each one of us we have are you asking the same question for me [Music] oh it does help you any supports after this they were based like I said earlier I have signals when I see people starving with no food I say got very mean when I see someone and not stuff is soon for years when I see people sick I went to bed I say where are you could you really be I'm already at a forty Felix said believe I realized I was looking at the wrong place I want to tell you some things you know what you remind me all sorts of things I started to remember about the church here in Zambia and I started to think about some things I was give us [Music] or independent [Music] could this be something what else we do can help what else did you give yourself will yourself everyone has felt including me when you questioned who God is and where is he and what is not helping me remember they gave Jesus the most difficult situation today a demon-possessed find a new person and Jesus tells on your returns these days he'll do the same for you and for me yes there's somebody sick in your family was there yes we have instruction a Superman one because there are God's mighty we just forget good now if you like by the way honestly I don't want you to hear nothing I shall give you tell me what this will be ready sorry now is think about all the great things God than your life I tell me very relatively on its tentacles [Music] yes and we have to remember all the great things done through your life and handsome and start to wonder if you got it for someone remember all the grief is done under life was done [Music] with our one Saturday so I spent my time on what that shouldn't eat us today the spring for that it is be a subtle baby yes oh it's definitely something I know y'all for there but trust needs to be established now I know what bud my reason is about them please declare the proteins have difficulties in the south and we know the animatic foil that meaning is beautiful our ministries to Heartland out win so if you do to the church today this is a great day to be in the church because it's the day of freedom if your music today is a great day and you remember and remind yourself of that attended church but rather than your life position the church school the hospital and all of you personally personally don't forget but down number one remember they are called jumper to live differently for how you spend your time we spent the money and we we had problems should be different from now on happy Independence Day so always write 20 don't let your burden overtake you know their problem kill you you're in the right place my place is here he's alive and he's ready to help each one of us today the church is done [Music]