Come to the Table - Part 2 - Me, Myself, and the Lies that I Believe

Our lives our meant to be shared with God and others. We are meant to know and be known. In this series, Father Paul explores what intimate friendships look like and the barriers we must overcome. In this talk, he explores the barrier of knowing ourselves in order to be able to share our lives with others. This series is done in conjunction with community groups. 

+Our capacity to be deceived has no limits. You can be deceived and there are people that could be 40, 50, 60, 70, even 80 years old and they are totally deceived. It's a serious problem where intimacy is concerned because intimacy is a shared experience and we can't share with others if we're not aware of what we're experiencing in our own soul and spirit.
+You guys ever watched the show American Idol? American idol, somebody goes out on stage thinking that they are a star and and you look at the judge's faces because the person was terrible or their voice was just a disaster and they're so not self-aware... I'm like where are these people's friends? Is there nobody out there to tell them your voice stinks buddy?... The Bible talks about how the word of God is a mirror. If I go and my beard is up to here and I look at the mirror and say "Okay let me go outside". You're like "Hey! Brush your beard! Make it look nice!" The word of God is supposed to tell me my true self - what is going on inside of me.