Characters of 1 and 2 Samuel: Samuel

The Life of Samuel


Israel and you know the easiest people
to attack are the people with no leader
right because there's no one to organize
them there's no one to guide them the
same again is true of our hearts the
easiest hearts to attack our the hearts
that don't have a leader a clear King
and so the people of Israel were going
through these various wars in and out of
wars in and out of different types of
oppression because there was no leader
to join you had a disjoint and a dis
unified people furthermore there were
told times in Israel and everybody took
their own their own land everybody I'm
I'm the mastaba a dilettante Benjamites
those are our Judah I have nothing to do
with it okay so this is I'm not trying
to UM nah this is a very depressing
reality okay this is a very depressing
reality that it's going to take a very
very strong man to come in and to and to
sort of try to work to fix those things
and so it's in that context it's in that
environment that we are introduced to
Samuel and yet we cannot know Samuel
without knowing his mother and the
reality is I think most much much of who
Samuel becomes was given to him early
from his mother Hannah see the the the
name hannah actually translate to grace
and the name Samuel as we come to learn
says because I've asked for him from the
Lord and so it is through grace that who
we asked from of the Lord comes to us
right it is by grace that we can ask God
anything and it is by grace that God
receives the our answers those prayers
right so it is grace it is Hannah that
allows us to speak with God and will
come to see is how important prayer was
in the life of Samuel and it is my firm
belief that he learned prayer in a very
short time from his mother if you read
the prayer of Hannah in chapter 2 it is
very much as close to the prayer of st.
Mary herself right
prayer in Luke chapter to Luke chapter 1
the end of Luke chapter they're very
similar and the spirit of prayer the
spirit given to Hannah the spirit this
this acknowledgment of grace we know the
story she was barren and she prayed and
she prayed she she was a prayer warriors
whose the Old Testament prayer warrior
and she must have told Samuel pray
because prayer works because you are a
result of prayer and it is you because
as she says I've named you because I've
asked of him from the Lord your your
literal name means the one who is prayed
for right that is that is what Samuel is
that is who seemingly the one who was
prayed for and it's not just Hanna
praying for herself but it was Hannah
praying for the deliverer of that time
for the people of Israel and Samuel came
Hannah yes to maybe to satisfy her own
but I don't think I think in her prayers
she realized that the the answer to her
prayer is samuel was greater than just
undoing her barrenness but rather that
he was answering this this great call
and this bringing this great redemption
that she speaks of in her prayers so
we're introduced to Samuel in such a
beautiful beautiful way and there's this
beautiful thing that is said about
Samuel so as we know Hannah promised
hannah now can I promised Samuel to the
temple of God right and this is same in
a very similar way that that st. Mary
was promised to also be in the temple it
takes a very special kind of person to
commit their child to the temple forever
to commit their family to God to to
consecrate themselves solely for the
purpose of God imagine praying for
something for as many years as you pray
being oppressed by by your equal on the
other side and then when that prayer is
cut is answered you are given to the law
that like that prayer the answered
prayer is given to God himself Hannah
you cannot speak of Samuel I think
without speaking of Hannah because she
him she delivered him and she sorta is
the one who prayed that he become as
great as he is and this is what the
church does right the church consecrates
us right she concentrates us and she
gives us to the temple she places us
before the altar to Christ himself read
so this is the relationship hannah and
samuel is the relationship of us in the
church right it is it is with there is
no Samuel outside of the church there is
no there's no there's no Savior to come
from a different place and therefore our
consecration is for for this place for
this church and from this church we get
our calling and it is from the temple
that Samuel began to receive his column
also a thinking something very very
beautiful that Hannah does in chapter 2
verses verses 17 through 18 now chapter
2 is a very interesting chapter before
we get to those verses so chapter 2
starts with the prayer of Hannah and
then it moves into the sons of Eli who
are corrupt is saying it lightly okay
they are they are extremely corrupt and
they are taking advantage of the
position that they are that they have
been put in right they are there should
be the priest and rather they're going
in there they are taking meet that
doesn't belong to them right meet that
should be offered to God and they are
they are the sort of the face of
corruption but in the face of corruption
we're also given the face of if you will
in corruption okay you're given so you
have the face of corruption which is the
sons of Eli and then you have little
Samuel who's as it says in verse 12
excuse me verse 11 Elkanah went to his
house a trauma but the child ministered
to the Lord before Eli the priest it's a
child what's he doing that'll happy we
have to have been naila have you had to
show you these little things is
ministering to the Lord and ministering
to Eli help he's a little child but he
is doing so with with this fervor and
zeal of youth ok and this obedience and
this purity the purity of childhood and
his mother again did an amazing work in
reminding him of who he was if you
remember when we spoke of Moses in
Exodus we said that Moses left the house
of Pharaoh knowing who his brothers were
and it's because his mother who was
nursing him inside the house of Pharaoh
was telling him who he is and she was
giving him his identity you are going to
be the savior of your people right in
the same way Hannah was doing this with
Samuel and she was doing it in in
probably a way that we read it and it's
like all that's cute right it's really
cute let's read the two verses and see
what it says it says verses 18 and 19
but Samuel ministered before the Lord
even as a child wearing a linen ephod
moreover his mother used to make him a
little robe and bring it to him year by
year when she came up with her husband
to offer the yearly sacrifice it's a
really cute couple verses right and you
can read them for that and that's that's
all they could be right it's all mom
she's excited to see her son every year
the Sun she's been praying for she's
gonna go see him she brings him a nice
gift she gives him like an ephod or a
tunic but what is she what is she doing
she's telling him she you are
consecrated you are a priest from your
from your time here as a child you are a
priest you are called to be something
greater you are called to be and so she
is she is giving him his identity from
his youth right she's not waiting till
he gets older for him to figure out who
he's going to be but rather the identity
of who of who we are again in a church
this is why we baptize we baptize
infants right we baptize them because
our identity in Christ is not something
we wait for but is something that a gift
a grace that is given to us here and now
and we can attain it and we are brought
up in that identity Samuel had to be
brought up in this identity that he was
a priest a priest of God so you want to
open the door and bring the show to you
and do all those things you do them as a
priest of God right that your identity
your purpose in the church is integral
okay it is important and so he began to
grow up with he didn't take it for
granted I think and maybe the same way
that the sons of we don't know how the
sons of Eli were brought up so maybe
it's unfair
to say that but they it's clear they
took advantage of their position but I
think Hannah was reminding Samuel who he
is and who he is called to be and I
believe that that is again if we're
doing that towards there needs to be a
constant reminder every day of who we
are and who we are called to be right we
are called to be Samuels of our
generation if you will the Samuels of
our own hearts this is also very very uh
this is an important note that I want to
under there can be righteousness in the
midst of corruption okay as we come to
learn about Samuel in the next chapter
is God calls him and God calls him to
reveal the corruption of eli sons but he
doesn't remove Samuel from the the the
the hierarchy or the of the type of the
temple right Samuel continues to
minister to Eli even if his sons were
corrupt samuel de in pole the hey I
spoke I speak to Jesus it's time for me
to I spoke to God I've gotta go I'm now
called to something different and I'll
come back the righteousness if there is
if there is if there is evil implanted
right the righteousness has to be
planted in the same place the
righteousness doesn't come from from
outside and so the healing of the
corruption that was in Israel was from
within so Samuel was going to be God was
going to begin working in this
corruption from within not from without
and so Samuel was not pulled out of the
the the the hierarchy or the leadership
of of eli but he served under until his
time came right and so that's a very
very important thing too as we remember
that God is working in the midst of all
things right we there has to be a
humility and an obedience in us as
servants in us as Samuels that doesn't
say we are not once to supersede the
process or supersede the heart there is
an authority and
is an order and it the best way to cure
what ails the cure corruption is through
obedience and humility and I think this
is an amazing thing that was being
worked in Samuel from his youth because
there was no secret of what Eli's sons
were doing and as will come to learn at
the end of chapter 3 there was no secret
of who's samuel was going to become
right the end of chapter three the last
verse says it's actually it's a really
it's a really pretty vers it says and
all israel from Dan to Beersheba knew
that Samuel had been established as a
prophet of the Lord then the Lord
appeared again in Shiloh for the Lord
revealed himself to Samuel and Shiloh by
the word of the Lord so no secret who
Samuel is no secret hui lai is and yet
there was no remove our Eli and his sons
there was no removal of eli and his sons
but rather samuel grew and blossom and
became who he was in in the order of the
church what we're doing here the church
itself okay she is our protector she is
the environment in which we grow and we
blossom it outside of it there can't be
there can't be that true growth because
then you've taken yourself outside of
the proper order than the property the
the Orthodox the Orthodox way of you so
just a very important note on this and
Samuel because eli sons went on to live
longer and they they died in battle but
going to and his grace bishop on Gillis
gave an amazing amazing talk on the
calling of eli so I won't spend too much
time in that but it is probably one of
my favorite scenes of the Old Testament
right it's a scene that I think many of
us who yearned to hear the voice of God
point to and what I almost want this
this beauty of God called Samuel right
and Samuel isn't used to hearing God's
voice so he runs to ela and he says here
I am and then Eli says go go back to bed
ok and then God calls him again and Eli
Samuel out of his obedience runs to Eli
waiting to take the order from Eli and
again Eli says habibi running third time
okay God's calling him three times in
same thing right I'm like I sometimes
I'll be honest like God just call me
what I just call me what's right I'll
commenter Here I am Lord right but okay
but this is this is when we listen to
this when we read this there is such a
beauty of this calling of Samuel from
God okay now at this point Samuel is
going to become a profit because what is
a profit the profit is the one who
speaks the Word of God to the people
it's not so much prophesying a future
occurrence but rather he who speaks the
Word of God to the people and so you
know I will correct what I just said
because I do hear the word of that we do
hear the word of God daily and when we
speak the Word of God we are that we can
be prophets as well as saying but
there's just a beauty in that exchange
of Samuel being groomed to hear the
voice of God and the Word of God okay
and I'm bungalow spoke a lot about the
obedience and the humility of of Samuel
and that he took the instruction from
Eli perfectly and he said exactly the
words that Eli told them which is here I
am speak loud for your servant years
okay this has to be I believe the prayer
of every one of us has servants speak
Lord for your servant here's its if the
words come from us then I think we are
doing ourselves and those whom we serve
a huge disservice write the words that
we speak the words that that come to it
that any action that we take maybe we're
not meant to speak maybe we're meant to
give maybe we're meant to love maybe
we're meant to do but we're all meant to
be priests right we're all meant to be
Samuels so for all men tabriz Samuels
whatever action we take has to come from
the source himself so we we have to get
used to saying speak Lord for your
servant ears okay I think this I think
we if we as a church you know could
really start saying that every time with
with a genuine heart speak Lord for your
servant years i think i think the
ministries of this church would be would
be different thing fairfax would be
different i think in the same way that
israel became a different place because
samuel was there he heard from the Lord
and then he
livered the word and what's aunt what
samuel was given was not easy what
samuel was given was the destruction of
eli and he had to give it to whom to eli
ok so there's no sugarcoating sometimes
the message of the Lord and that's not
meant to that's not meant to say that we
always are going to receive that but
this was the message as samuel was given
and again we're dealing with a heart
Israel right we're dealing with a heart
that is divided and unfortunate i think
a lot of what samuel was given was tough
messaging really really straightforward
and and and but it was also words that
when they when they were spoken it says
that God didn't let Samuels words reach
the floor right they were heard and they
were acted upon okay that's the power of
the true servant the words that they
speak are not his own but they are the
words words of God himself so Samuel and
Eli get into this exchange goes pretty
pretty swimmingly if I may say so right
sit God speaks to Samuel Eli says Samuel
tell me what you heard from God Samuel
scared he's a young boy and he's telling
Eli that you and your household are
going to are going to be destroyed right
your priesthood is going to be taken
away from you that you're going to die
and Eli takes it and he says it is the
Lord let it be so right so he accepts he
accepts the the judge from the mouth of
Samuel so Eli also should be credited
with humility as well for hearing and
recognizing that God is calling Samuel
right cuz Eli could have been on the
priest infected enough suck mean right i
mean that that's a very possible
plausible scenario but that's not the
scenario that was given here the
scenario of the elder the the elder
father you know is one that when they
see their son grow to encourage and to
end to and to acknowledge and to accept
that growth as well to foster it right
we have a responsibility to foster the
growth of those whom we serve and if
they excel us so be right that should be
that should be a source of joy and a
source of a source of human so that I
think that's something that Eli also
should be commended
for in this regard if we can there's not
much to commend him for but that's one
thing that I think we that I think we
absolutely should chapters four and five
are very disheartening chapters for the
people of Israel because the Ark of the
Lord leaves them and it's then in
Palestine and is in an Philistine and
the ark stays there i believe for 20
years okay it's a long time to be to be
without the the Ark of God the presence
of god amongst them okay so Samuels now
he has a work and also in this war the
children of eli are killed and eli dies
in a very freak accident as well okay
but now Samuel has a the work now sort
of begins now Samuels work has to start
and again he's dealing with a fractured
a fractured community a community whose
whose heart is elsewhere not just with
God but they are worshiping many many
many other guns okay and it is in that
believe it's chapter 7 where the ark
returns okay so now in the chapter 7 is
when the ark the ark is now being
returned and now Samuel now Samuel is
going to begin doing his is with the
pastoral care the pastoral work okay and
right away right away Samuel doesn't
wait right away if we can go to Santa
First Samuel chapter 7 verse sorry it
was a versus will start at verse 1 then
the men of Kerchak Jairam came and took
the Ark of the Lord and brought it into
the house of a minute dab on the hill
and consecrated eliazar his son to keep
the Ark of the Lord so now the ark has
returned back to its to its place so it
was that the ark remained encourages
Jairam a long time it was there 20 years
so I was here 20 years i believe is in
the Philistine seven months
that may have been a mistake on my heart
and all the house of Israel lamented
after the Lord then Samuel spoke to all
the house of Israel saying if you return
to the Lord with all your hearts then
put away the foreign gods and the
Ashcroft's from among you and prepare
your hearts for the Lord and serve him
only and he will deliver you from the
hands of the Philistines so the children
of Israel put away the bowels and the
astronauts and serve the Lord only and
Samuel said gather all Israel to Misbah
and I will pray the Lord for you so they
gathered together at Mizpah drew order
and poured it out before the Lord and
they fasted that day and said there we
have sinned against the Lord and Samuel
judge the children of Israel and Misbah
Samuels first work was we need to
declare the king we need to write the
biggest right the biggest wrong here is
we're we don't have a king right we
don't have a leader and so all that's
happening to you this battle that you
just lost that the loss of the Ark is
because we're operating without a leader
so we have to return the hearts back to
its rightful leader and I think that was
the first work of Samuel and that is
again the first work of the servant to
bring the hearts to God themselves right
Samuel here doesn't say i'm the one I'm
going to lead you on the judge of this
age because that Samuel is the let
consider the last of the judges there
was not there's no talk of Samuel it was
just talk of of God talk of comp return
your hearts to the Lord right put away
bow put away the astronauts put away the
other Kings in this season of Lent this
is the time to put away the other Kings
ok there are one or multiple Kings on
each of our hearts potentially right
there are places where God is not ruling
and there's a Samuel saying if you
return to the Lord with all your hearts
put away the foreign gods this is the
time for that this is the time to stand
up with the people of Israel and say
we have sinned against the Lord right it
says and Samuel also says something
again remember what we said Samuel
learned from his mother he learned his
purpose as priests and he learned prayer
right because Samuel says gather all
Israel to Misbah and I will pray to the
Lord for you ok Samuel brought them to
pray for them to intercede for them that
we if we love the people we serve we
pray for them we lead them to God and we
pray for them and Samuel understood now
the work of prayer because as we said he
saw it firsthand he is a direct result
of Freyr his identity is the one who was
prayed for those answered prayer right
so if Samuel is an answered prayer who's
going to believe in prayer more than the
one who hasn't been handed down the
power of prayer from his mother and this
isn't the first time oh this isn't
excuse me this isn't the last time that
Samuel says he's going to pray for the
people of Israel will get to that and
we're rushing a little bit through the
life of Samuel but every instance in
which Samuel is is is noted in the book
of Samuel i think is an instance for
contemplation of of God his work
salvation and and and the work that he
does in the church the priesthood the
servant I mean there's so much in the
life of Samuel that is a huge huge fruit
that I think for us too so but where I'm
just picking some of the some of the
highlights if you will okay there's also
in this place this place was the place
where they lost a big battle to the
Philistines and here Samuel sets up a
stone and this is a stone of victory
okay we must remember the victories that
God does in us we must the Israelites
they had their memory stones right this
is in a sense a memorial stone for the
victory the return of the Ark the return
of the people of Israel to God and he
set up a stone so that they remember who
they are and that they remember who they
belong to
most importantly that they remember what
God has done for them this is what we
have to it's the reality of our
situation is one day we're with God the
next day it's hard to follow the next
day were attacked the next day what
keeps us going what gives us the whole
it's these stones and so it is on us to
make sure the stones are well well
acknowledged that they're visible and
that we have ways to commemorate the
victory of God in His people look around
these are your stones these are the
victory of God and his people the church
has stones for us daily the cynics areum
is stones stones of memory stones that
God is able and God when when when when
you when the heart is turned to God God
can do an amazing work in the place in
the place where there was defeat and
loss and death now exists victory in
humanity where there was death and sin
there is now victory in every one of our
lives there are battles that we feel
like we're losing and God is doing a
victory when you acknowledge that when
you realize that victory acknowledge it
write it down give it to tell your
spiritual fathers and that's the
responsibility of your spiritual of the
spiritual father will also be to remind
you of those victories okay so this is
Samuel doing and amazing an amazing work
here for the people reminding them of
the victory that they have in God
himself and then unfortunately the
people of Israel continue to to be
attacked and oppressed right and is at
this point that they make a request that
breaks Samuels heart and is the request
that they have a king over them right
unfortunately Samuels sons were also
corrupt and so the people did not want
to be under his sons and so they said
make for us a king so that we may have a
who was supposed to be their king God
Himself is supposed to be their king
these were the chosen nation of God
himself and so they neglect they
neglected their their King and they
wanted an earthly and so the next two
weeks are sort of if we get into it a
little bit that is the king that the
people when we choose a king for
yourself which is Saul and then the
following week is when God chooses a
king for you which is David okay so
that's the but here Samuel takes it
really really personally that the people
would ask for a king and not because he
wants to be their king but because he
has been trying to draw their hearts to
God himself trying to institute in them
their identity trying to unify them as
the nation of the chosen nation of God
and rather they choose to be under a
human King and there's a there's a
chapter chapter 11 where there is this
nay hash the ammonite and as we learn
from one of the medicine a hash is like
the snake which queda una is like the
snake or it represents satan in this
regard and he says i'll be your king but
i gotta pluck out one of your eyes okay
and if you allow me to pluck out one of
your eyes I could be your king and so
this is this is the work of Satan
because we have two eyes by which we can
see God and see our our weakness right
so you see the grace of God with one eye
and you see your weakness with the
second i nee hash was trying to distort
their perspective see this is all the
devil tries to do in us is distort our
perspective right either he's gonna
remove the grace of God and you're only
going to focus on your weakness or you
will only give you the grace of God and
you think you're saving you don't ever
have to do it
and you won't remember your weakness
right but the perfect the perfect vision
is when both of those are in are in tune
and together and working together it is
when they're working together that you
have the perfect understanding of God
and humanity and the perfect
understanding of that relationship and
so Satan was trying to do that and
Samuel he he was he was he was like how
how how could you pick somebody and God
went to himself Samuel don't be don't be
don't be upset they haven't rejected you
they've rejected me but the heart of the
servant the heart of the heart of any
servant breaks when those whom they
serve choose a king other than God
themselves you don't want me to serve
you that's fine but don't don't be
separate from your true king from God
yourself I'm gonna come my time will
come Samuels time was gonna come Sam he
was already was getting old in this at
this point and said so his time was also
coming but Samuel as hurt as he was he
remained obedient to god and he
diligently diligently went and anointed
a king for them right and and you see
the way the way he the story of how he
he brings he brings Saul he has dinner
with him from the heights he consecrates
him he brings him down and you know down
to the people to go meet with them so
Samuel fulfilled his ministry diligently
effectively always had purpose in what
he did always and then there's this
beautiful chapter which I want to I want
us to read together which is chapter 12
this is when the people ask this is now
when when he gives them since when he
gives them Saul as their king Samuels
basically I don't want to say wiping his
hands of the people of Israel but it's
it's very much kind of like okay like
you've chosen what you've chosen for
yourself okay so Sam is going to begin
chapter 12 I'll try to read it quickly
get to the key verses that that I want
to focus on now Samuel said to all
Israel indeed I have heeded your voice
and all that you said to me and you have
made a king over you that and now here
is the King walking before you and I am
old and gray headed and look my sons are
with you I've walked before you from my
childhood to this day Here I am witness
against me before the Lord and before
his anointed whose ox have I taken or
whose donkey have I taken or whom have I
cheated whom have I oppressed or from
whose hand have I received any bribe
with which to blind my eyes I will
restore it to you so Samuel here is
basically asking for a validation of his
ministry st. Paul does something similar
in in acts 20 with the people of Ephesus
before he's leaving them he's reminding
them of his faithfulness and a service
to them okay and this is we see this
sometimes with the the servants who are
faithful that they are standing up and
just basically saying if if you can deem
in me that I've served you faithfully
then listen to what I have to say to you
next and they said you have not cheated
us or oppressed us nor have you taken
anything from any man's hand then he
said to them the Lord is witness against
you and his anointed is witnessed this
day that you have not found anything in
my hand and they answered he is witness
so this is confirmation Samuel
faithfully served as people then Samuel
said to the people it is the Lord who
raised up Moses and Aaron and who
brought your father's up from the land
of Egypt now therefore standstill that
I'm a reason with you before the Lord
concerning all the righteous acts of the
Lord which he did to you and your
father's okay Samuel is now not in
defense of himself but guys this is the
true king this is the king that you
should be with right but you're choosing
something else for yourselves when Jacob
had gone into Egypt and your father's
cried out to the Lord then the Lord sent
Moses and Aaron who brought your
father's out of Egypt and made them
dwell in this place and when they forgot
the Lord their God he sold them into the
hand of Cicero commander of the army of
haze or into the hand of the Philistines
and into the hand of the king of Moab
and they fought against them then they
cried out to the Lord and said we have
sinned because we have forsaken the Lord
and served the bowels in the astronauts
but now deliver us from the hand of our
enemies and we will serve you and the
Lord sent cherub el Beida and jefra and
are some of the judges and delivered you
out of the hand of your enemies on every
side and you dwelt in safety and when
you saw that Nahash the king of the
ammonites came against you you said to
me no but a king shall reign over us
when the Lord your God was your king now
therefore here is the King whom you have
chosen and whom you have desired and
take note the Lord has set a king over
you if you fear the Lord and serve Him
and obey his voice and do not rebel
against the commandment of the Lord then
both you and the king who reigns over
you will continue fellow following the
Lord your God even though you've chosen
other than God himself to be your king
God will respect your choice and will
make it for good if you follow him right
isn't that what Joseph said to his
brother as he said you meant this for
evil but God meant it for good okay God
is saying I can work even in the midst
of bad decisions but please Oh follow me
however if you do not obey the voice of
the Lord but rebel against the
commandment of the Lord then the hand of
the Lord will be against you as it was
against your father's now therefore
stand and see this great thing which the
Lord will do before your eyes is today
not the wheat harvest I will call the
lord and he will send thunder and rain
that you may perceive and see that your
wickedness is great which you have done
in the sight of the Lord in asking the
King for yourselves the wheat harvest is
like the driest time of the year so for
him to ask for rain in the wheat harvest
it's not like there's gray clouds
already it is clear skies it's dry it's
the best time for the harvest and Samuel
saying we're going to bring rain down
again not because I'm anything because
the wickedness the wickedness that
you've done is great which you have done
in the sight of the Lord okay he's still
trying to bring people to repentance
till his last moment with them so Samuel
called to the Lord and the Lord sent
thunder and rain that day and all the
people greatly feared the Lord and
Samuel as a result and all the people
said to Samuel pray for your servants to
the Lord your God that we may not die
for we have added to all our sins the
evil of asking a king for ourselves so
they're asking Samuel
pray for them choosing a king but they
haven't asked for Samuel to remove the
King right take away the King so they're
still basically saying we've got this in
but pray for us that we made we sinned
right then that we're going to live kind
of in this in the in this in this
decision then Samuel said to the people
do not fear you have done all this week
in this yet do not turn aside from
following the Lord but serve the Lord
with all your heart and do not turn
aside for then you would go after empty
things which cannot profit or deliver
for they are nothing for the Lord will
not forsake his people for his great
name sake because it has pleased the
Lord to make you his people okay so God
is going to follow through on his
promises if you continue to follow him
moreover as for me far be it from me
that I should sin against the Lord and
ceasing to pray for you but I will teach
you the good and the right way this is
where I want to end with Samuels life
Samuel goes on and he goes to anoint
David but this is the verse that I let
me finish the last two verses just for
only fear the Lord and serve Him in
truth with all your heart for consider
what great things he has done for you
but if you still do wickedly you shall
be swept away both you and your king
verse 23 is I think the verse that we
all as servants of the Lord should
always keep on our minds and on our
hearts moreover as for me far be it for
me that I should sin against the Lord in
ceasing to pray for you stopping to pray
for the people you serve is not yes it's
a deserve it but it's sin against the
Lord when you are committed when you are
called to a priesthood over people a
service over people then you are
responsible for them your responsibility
starts and ends with prayer and here's
Samuel saying repent come you guys are
you've rejected the Lord you want a king
I've ordained the king wickedness
Thunder rain bad please fix change
whatever Samuel pray for us hotter huh
it would be sin against the Lord if I
were not to pray for you I think this
has to be this is the heart that God
wants to use this is the heart that God
will will answer the prayers of right
it's a heart that recognizes that prayer
from those whom we serve is our
responsibility it's an act of love right
it is the it is an act of love and
Samuel because his heart was broken and
because he loved these people was trying
to get them to repent till his last
breaths and yet he wanted them to know
to be assured that he will pray for them
even though they're about to go down a
path and a road with the King that they
probably should not have chosen that
they should not have chosen for
themselves but they will see how God
will work in that King and so in the in
the following weeks we will follow along
with Saul and King David and so on as I
conclude I just want us to remember
again Israel is easy to read about as
being dis unified and and disjointed and
serving other gods America this unified
disjointed serving other gods the world
dis unified but if we're going to serve
if we're going to be Samuel we have to
look at our hearts first the king of our
hearts has to be God and our heart has
to be unified and our heart has to be
our heart has to know who its leader is
and it's then when we know who our
leader is that we can then begin to fix
the the disunity and and the and the the
false gods that are around in the world
so that's my prayer for us in this time
is that we pray for the same spirit and
zeal that was given to Samuel that'd be
present in all of us here in this church
and in all the churches so that we can
truly do the work of Samuel in this day
and age glory be to god forever