Call of Abraham - Part 7


funds on the list on the demand last week read finish or information
regarding to chapter eighteen for sixteen we talked about when the three visitors visited neighbor
hand they came and he served and with like degree this level of humility in-service and love thank you so much a virtue in a by him
and now here we are genesis chapter eighteen for sixteen which is very very very important event that took
place in the life of even him in genesis chapter eighteen vs team to date i don't want to have too much of a
structured bibles what i do want is people to look at
things in minnesota highlight things and i want you to look into the spotted owl key things that you can discover one of the main purposes of this bible
study is not that these stones feed you and your business
plan coming from and that it's not coming the goal is that when you open the bible and then try to show you different
things to notice and to look at and maybe as we go through the weekend to
discover new things and wonderful on your own with with assistance i think
it's it's much aware that we learn how to like look independence time initially
how how we can do them and engine the structure eighteen vs and scary too and the men arose from there and look
towards sodom and hebron went with them to send them on the wing and the lord said shelly hide from even
him what i'm doing since the invention surely become agree and my nation and all the nations
of the earth shall be blessed in him five known him in order that he may come in his
children and his household after him that they need to keep the weight of the
lord to dubai justice and justice at the board may bring to abraham what he has spoken to him and the board said because the outcry
against autumn in the mornings great because they're seeing is very grave i will go down and see whether they have
done all together according to outcry against it that has come to me and if not i will
know then the man turned away from their and
went towards autumn the people and still stood before the
lord and even came near and said would you also destroy the writers to
pick it supposed there were fifty writers within
the city would you also destroy the place and not
spared for that if you like to start with that were in it far be it from you to do such a thing as
this firstly the writers with the wicked so that the writers should be as the
wicked far be it from you shall not the judge of all the residual right so the lawyer said if i find in staunton
fifty right just within the city than i was there all the place for their six than even entered in said indeed now mind when that does and actions have
taken it upon myself to speak to the world suppose there were five less than the
fifty righteous would you destroy all of the city for
lack of fine so he said if i find their forty-five i
will not destroyed and he spoke to him yet again and said
suppose there should be forty ft found their so he said i will not do it
for the sake of forty and he said let not the lord of the angry and i was suppose thirty should be found so he said that they will not do it for
if i find i will not do it if i find thirty-third and he said in the evening hours taken
upon myself to speak to the lord supposed twenty should be found so he
said helena destroyer for the sake of twenty and he said let not the lord be angry
and i will speak but once more supposed ten should be found there and he said i
will not destroyed for the sake of ten support went his way as soon as you have
finished speaking with you bring in in hebron and returned to his place not a story that we haven't heard all of
us have heard this story before i want us to be able to highlight certain things about the titan of of
prayer in the type of approach that evening and had towards towards com last week we concluded with look at for seventeen and the lord said shelling hide from
hebron and what i'm doing since abraham shall surely become agree invite nation and alteration of
the earth shall be blessed and you think god asking himself this question chile hide this from abraham what does the tone do you would imagine abraham is taking
root that god is saying what he's saying this when you imagine like thought what he
has to do what he doesn't have to do think about the top and the lord set chide height from abraham what i'm doing do you understand how about books at people and julia looks at how to be a different
types of even the story we have to bring them we have the right just inside on and we have the wicked insulting and look at how god looks towards
abraham and mentioned that god would see chile hide my secrets from a political possible that i would hide my secrets and pledge your name and plug your name imagine god is asking himself got is asking himself should hide might purposes or my planes from whoever you are how many of us field that we have that as our friends we have guard as our friend that he
would be so inclined it's almost a safe how can i not to how can i not sure what the very is it just because in bringing an like dot does and we want his dog she are all his secrets and all his mysteries just with
anyone it's it's a point to look at and to take notice of the
future in your bible to song twenty five for those of us and what can i encourage
you to have a bible because i try not to used-car point of the people would get
into the physical bibles some twenty-five first working he says the secret of the lord is with
those who fear him he's seen dot sawant abraham such level rich such level of respect important note dot
is promising empty promises until this point i'm
gonna give you the landing living in no land i'm gonna give u_s_-sino no sound off easy empty promises by god and god sees that the bread complete like we talked about last time his like great level of service it god has done nothing for him at this point
has done nothing like i mean like he has a book that let's say the
promises the heat had promised god shares his secrets with those the fear him i wish that we we get to the point where we would be able to see such he
communion with god the card feels like were such a combo it would be almost
ashamed like anybody dictionary when you know that you're hiding
something from espouse or somebody that you have like you how
the best friend that you share everything with and this is one and that you can't be away from them you know the down inside you have this
like eking within that like doing something wrong how can i hide the one whom i shared all like intimacy all my
secrets everything have shared life with his
friend at this past summer every day that god would look to him website www
first nineteen the first line of first nineteen f_-eighteen first nineteen fry have known him whenever the bible talks about friday
have no most of the time the knowingly is like adam new keys billy ad nauseam is the same way that
god is saying trying to have known him that these people you on into cable that go on review a
few hits purposes step-by-step his plans that he's reviewing it and you'll be
able to unlock the mysteries that god has for you it's a window when you know him again not like i know bike i read the bible and go to
church i know you've been know him like ad and you can that type of intimate marital knowing like meaning we all are inseparable we are mysteriously one that is the type of fry have known him importer but as he said that he may come and his children and
his household after him that they keep the weight of the lord to
beat righteousness and justice that the lord may bring to hebron what he has spoken to him so again we're
getting into clues who discovered revealed his secret stew depression that he knows has made his
life like he's taken there are some
responsibility out doing what interests nineteen that he may command his children his
household after him because abraham took it upon himself he had the
responsibility but he was going to come and all of his
children the ways of god dot had revealed the same person that has committed as a servant as the parent as a loved
one as an older brother or sister whatever it may be if you have committee your life and you've made it your responsibility that you revealed to those that doesn't
trust you his commands he has to review the sixty he has however my sweat tell my kids to have my faith unless god is continuously revealing his deep purposes for me thank telling
my kids he's promised me these he's given me his review of this meat dishes for my children this is for
those they serve visa for the people that god has entrusted so many people living too many believers a living without the revolution consummate running aimlessly walking endlessly
through our spiritual lives and the number one question that
everybody else how do i know what god wants from me knowing may kick their responsibility pick your
life is going to be for him make your relatives will not asked him
to make his will your way up makes your will his will not lord danger will then be my will know about that money will be changed it
would be doing and that's when god reveals secrets and that's when divers are able to do
with abraham new c_e_o_ with sinkhole continuously post talking about these mysteries because god from day one sentencing
post-nineteen chosen vessel he's gonna stop from many things because he is my chosen one that cares about mike purposes and often we talk about what his
thoughts clan provision for mine unlike almost don't like that inform reason we keep on making dot bringing down to
my life it's not about that the whole bull of communion in the
orthodox life is that we would enter into divine life no longer living the new life it's that time would be part of the
divine life the divine purposes for the celebration of the whole world
that i would be like links into that they prayed at the picture know he's mysteries in secrets when darwin when god knows that we happy
planet was taken upon ourselves to lead people to the path of righteousness now who are the people the abraham is pleading for who were the people that he behem
speaking for the start of my kids and we read about this auto mites in
chapter fourteen who when there was five teens there were coming attacked fourteen aside four kings were attacking five
teens of which one of them was sought up some was one of the five teens her
kingdoms the forking is what's up the five and like two people capital the stuff
abraham came in because a lot was lumped into those some
people it when i went with his servants and he saved those kings and defeated
the five teens we talked about this and bible study or session number two sock abraham have cared for last time we saw these
people signed up he was saving them from the backing of the retention killed her now there's this great try again for people
saw him even cares about these people how come all the sudden people and cares
about the people that are have nothing to do with god or his land how do you think that this hard you see this is part of the mystery and then when you look at a premium got some other abraham his heart was changed to be like const you cannot be the friend of thoughts
about the describes him as he says by james tells us that day but
it was the friend of thought can one be calm a true friend of god and it's hard part not be burdened for
the things that god is great info he cared about let's see what you think you know we're
gonna get into it before you get into that first twenty one i will go down now subrata speaking i will go down now and see whether they
have done altogether according to outcry again stupidest come to know so who's
going to go down god is going to go down they've been to now link a diverse twenty two and tell me what we notice that god is saying i will go down now and see whether they
have done all together courting the outcry against it does come to me next month i will not verse twenty two
then the men turned away from there and went towards southern abraham still stood
before the lord we know that it's believed the three men
to have visited abraham one of them we know is not intended to take two
angels who were the two angels connect twenty
one in twenty two twenty-one and twenty dot says i'm going down right so i'm gonna go down to protect that sob we're the one person's date back when
abraham and you guys went to sab with each of the eyes if gods of i'm gonna go down into the
eyes but on the ones that went down was cause of the dangers trinity this because signed off that like father the son and the holy spirit
basically saying that these three men were where like a trinity it
wasn't just like got into angels but the people in delaware that sure actually thought that i was gonna go
downstairs saying that the three r one the three oh one just something i wanted to point out again it's important to look at pete s paddling things readings slowly fine things that don't make sense huge when something don't make sense
there's an answer and d thinking acts like question these days they're are helpful and abraham came near and said would you also destroyed the
righteous with the wicked and mention what was the brilliance
concern he saying will you destroy you the righteous with the week what was it
but i'm concerned lot pancake look at first twenty five far be it from you to do such a thing as
this display the writers with the wicked so that the writers should be as the
wicked far be it from you shall not the judge it all the earth do right the tonys he's saying who seaworld one person said law twelve the writers people okay well he's worried about guns the touch of all the earth people know nine following this card okay people are calling this stuff hassan what he can say when my gut chose
righteous and we could to get solu concerned from const image among the guests around the nation's come on guys i want them to know you i wanted to know that got the time
following they want to keep the promising that given the kid idoney dot
com and wanting to know that so please the
lord not for my state first your seat i'm going to be honest with you what's the problem with this generation sort of all generation and generations not he's concerned about being spent on kant's whose heart is routines whose heart is eighteen signboard what
peaks your heart with picture how many of us go to work everyday and can look around a sincere board i'd
know these people break your heart i'd want them to know
you i want to be able to see that you are
aren't like the best a tax-deferred you have people incineration scene and one everybody to see how amazing you
know abraham took such pride and go disparate in he was sold sellers for the
glory f dot not just the right to see when you get
into my district from right now we're looking at the fact
that keep them his concern was like not the destruction of the wicked but
how the world's he's got about in your online when you walk into anything you're at a sports game events in your cheating on your fans or you are
doing a business deal or you are doing whatever company proceed forward helen everybody to know that when i'm
honest you right she scott not that i'm a righteous man found about me abraham was concerned that how could the
charge of all the earth not to write because you have to do
right what's amazing it's not the cable memphis correcting
got single out from being friends with you picking your heart and if i any righteous person where i go
out there right just people started and they would be merciful to
them how much more you how much more you this is like the tonys
taking with the bread defy at center would have person on these people how much more in your goodness and your righteousness would you do this look at the told and he's praying for people if you look at first twenty six somebody look from the the key phrase
interest twenty six he freaks okay for their six good what s overtakes hemisphere all the place market dot like they would have made sense of fear
and said look dot kitty fifty out of that and while
academic and like to ask troy this strike it and tear up sab bro it was the store abraham was saying also for the sake of the wicket also for the sake of the wicked not just and writers of the statement for the
sake half the wicked so the lord said if they find in sodom fifty writers within the city then and will stay here all the place for their six this is intercession this intersection we need for the wicket you know whatever you read the prayer is
that the righteous like mention moses a certificate nehemiah nehemiah was in the palace he heard that that people of israel the
walls of israel were destroyed entity broke down and cried in the first
thing that is the last we have sinned against you you might be a good guy serving the king and the palestine
abroad hundreds and thousands of miles away
from is your whatever your fault nehemiah took upon himself the scenes peacekeeper there would be stupid for
god he said we have seen against you see the same
tolan in daniel how many of us intercession prayer inoperable effect if got a verdict answer all the printers ukraine in the last
thirty days witcher world book any different which your world indifferent if caught
instead every single one of the prayers being
prayed for in the last thirty days would anything be different in your world imagine wendy you opened uh... the newspapers and you see like headline news uh... bible sales are up higher than ever in
the history of the world because people praying to the people would love the word of god i was obviously uh... pornographic websites are art
crypt closing down by record numbers because prayers are being answered or are you looking as they like three non-christian places of worship have
closed down because people have stopped growing and because the churches are
packed banks now open up new products for
church loans because people are starting to enter into charges named david built
like and magic if the prayers he prayed or inst in the last thirty days with the on t_v_ would be changed the world are only your world on the my own little scheme i spring for these people because that look up get my nephew other do what you want dot
but i just you know better the attention to what he played awesome and look at what's wrong but the kids home the neighbor verse twenty seven of the
events that a tenant instead indeed now aren't grand
but dust and ashes have taken upon myself to speak to blur with that sort
of thing this isn't clematis this is because you are not just i'm
destinations but you are the test tubes if you are right just so we took that
show enough unknowing person and finance you see abraham when he would pray and this is sometimes how many of us are
affecting reprint and did a lot of good deeds lately have info on this and i usually fallen and then go for some time necklaces that say some prayers because
they know that now that i'm better goddess finance difference isn't anderson and best panache is i'm gonna ask you anyways decals it's not about making it's about you all
right justice it's about your itunes not my rights and then was deeper into you abraham says fifty dot says the campus
it's just there all the place was a brandon forty five and later on it is for annie's favorite even-handed with the vendor and what's gotten with
hit ending with god inventors friend goddess ensuring he said you know what
it meant for your side there's fifty right just not contest
with the place extra abraham the capacity upstairs like expanded like go out and said once hey if god is going to answer once type
of the things i confess for deeper s i can just be satisfied today but with satisfied me yesterday and i can be satisfied with tomorrow but god satisfied nearest city
doesn't mean that never satisfied now it means that i wanna grilled deeper in my experience with dot nancy
abraham was doing abraham said i know that if dad can answer fast you can answer forty-five and i know if he can answer forty-five
had no chance of thirty and thirty and twenty and under ten that's hard to imagine as you are experiencing god and singapore ears or giving and taking with you has your prayer life expanded has the capacity of your face increased today i was asking for these simple things and that gave them to me stretch out god i need yes and i'm reading the story of hudson
taylor a missionary who was like his heart was prudent to go
to china back in the eighteen hundreds there was no there were no like flights back then
there was like they had to go by ship and they would like to have to travel
for days and usually have that's that's on the ship a diet because the disease
in all these things how to feel good guy was like ensuring he's decided to go to china preach the
gospel hudson taylor said look has interpreted to this point got really wants me to go to china or
coming up a fraction would you give me passion and i want you to give me a ship she's
paying for a ship hasn't taken from invent china and friendship god-given ship right now and dysfunction i want to see a with the staff of people
that i can start my mission with partnership god-given staff people that would like
he could witness to you hispanics growing in growing and growing and he began to pray for big gains who pays for a ship what was the last time u three four they ship like prayer that god has been faithful in the little
things that you've asked dot i want to show you how much stretched a little bit not preston the purpose is not the person the purpose is to know him the purpose is to know i'll lose your father yes newspaper had is automated neighborhood come on board fifty i didn't it forty-five system in looking at the stone verse thirty than he said let not the
lord the angry he understands his underway this edition's' worthiness and i will speak supposed thirty should
be found so is that i will not do it if i find
third first thirty-one music indeed now i have
taken it upon myself to speak to the lord is like abrasion like the fourth like don't be a great and saying so all i can take out the windows that i
have taken about myself come on order very exciting you he started experienced god's granger capacity to do greater things i wish believers today but please we don't do that okay and i asked god for one it it's not being like let's bypass returns we got a lot of good side looks
thematically as he is still dog could be a rich loving father and if
you are praying birthday his there about his glory in about
what's on his part in your heart is concerned with the things that are in
his heart ukraine a great great you pray has hires the skies exit the princeton again lessons too costly for him he made it his response of eat his heart
became like the heart of cuts he's paying for the week and canceled
let them hard leg broke ass let the dog skip law linked to paypal in befriending got became like gods do you want to know what's the greatest
sign of god's active living presence in your
life is how much you are really concerned for
the things that he's concerned and then get the feeling of one-time at first i want to egypt and
looked you know it broke my heart to see that
like everybody looking at nobody knows jesus can extend next back like i could have
been it was like breaking my heart the like you can go everybody can see right now the ten
thousand acre farm none of these ninth that is people like arsenio royero plans a bit like come on began to think about how much god's
heart misty broke it off the street we need to be come half-point where and look at people marketing something
significant size that was even that's the sign that god's presence that
you have become his intimate friend you care about the
things became that he cares about man and here but i i think it's
important to be who's going to enter into a pretty good i want to pay to be interspersed
reprinted meeting preparing yourself for a day forget about yourself for the next half
hour an ascot in support as god is broadening your heart with
certain things on your mind if it's people in china paper the one china ever
to the people in history paper the people usually it is for bible fails to go up than but pray intercepts reprieve as the holy spirit burdens your heart for the things vic are on his part god is seeking interceptions trip real quick isaiah fifty nine sixteen listen to this first he saw that there
was no man meaning thoughts on that there was no
man and wondered that there was no intersection tendency killed twenty two disconnect financing versus you guys can understand
how much god cares about intercession intercepts reprint ezekiel twenty two look at this brush their teeth so i sought from an among them who would make the wall and stand in the
gap before me on behalf of the lane that i should not destroying it but i
found no one therefore i have poured out my
indignation why did god project indignation on
others because he looked for a man to stand before him in the gap between him and he st and he says because i found not barefoot according to the nation whenever you read the bible and give you a secret ask yourself what's that therefore
therefore whenever there's that they have four
children of life again what is the there for it what would you say before those are the
same therefore got to be looking for an assassin's we're gonna stand up in traffic and anybody that wants to pray can can pray you gonna pass the microphone x so it's stand up and fred that leawood ks eva to enter into god's
presence you'd be able to like as you pray will go till eight thirty if you've got is putting your heart
standing the gap between god and his people not because you're right just him and said what and sends out about me thinks about you some nasty on behalf of
of your peeps and see