Biblical Interpretation - Part 5

"Contemplative Reading of Scripture"


In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit one God amen glory be to the father to the son to the holy spirit for someone to the ages of all ages email. Tonight we come to the conclusion of this Cell 5 session series. What does entitled biblical interpretation? I want to conclude with a light topic. They have acquired investigation and the scholarly research and detailed knowledge of so many details of the scriptures in order to properly interpret them are very meaningful and really important details. The central message of interpretation which is basically called the contemplative reading of scripture. What is the Latin word for this called lexio Divina reading? And what it is is basically a representation of the traditional Christian practice of prayer and scripture reading which is intended to promote communion with God and to increase in the knowledge of God's words. praying with scriptures or actually praying the scriptures and this is what helps us to study and to ponder and to listen and to finally traced through the Holy Spirit and this will bring so much joy to our hearts the knowledge of God's word and they're just basically this type of reading to the holy scriptures Is that sold as the Bible itself? Possibly the five books of Moses and maybe a few other things like from the exit of the Israelites Into the Wilderness into the Promised Land. David the prophet start us to Rejoice over the word of God session. David the prophet had for the word of God. 19 and starting from verse 7 Define David saying the law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul. The more we contemplate on the word of God and the law of the Lord what happens to our souls. There's a conversion after working after the will of The Flash all of a sudden something happens to our soul internally and it's converted. The law of the Lord is perfect converting sure making wise the simple and if someone is a knowledgeable or wiser, we can read what situation can know what is the evil on trying to tempt us to fall into and they're basically the repetition of the same ideas over and over. So the law of the Lord is perfect. You find that the second half of the Lord is sure. The second part is converting the soul. And then what is equal to a 2 equivalent to hit making wise the simple rejoicing the heart the fear of the Lord forever. The judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether more to be desired. Are they than gold honeycomb. Am your servant is warned and in keeping them. That is great reward. Dysport versus from 7 to 11 when we meditate on it when we contemplate on it so much change in our lives that occurs and this is the whole concept behind contemplative leading rushing through it or just leaving quickly or just doing the research and it'll be mentally convinced and knowing the history and knowing the events know there's something more beyond the transformation that occurs due to my exposure to the word of God. I guess I'm 119 is a beautiful song 19 + 119 119 is the longest in the Bible with an order of the alphabet Hebrew alphabet in the order. There is something about the word of God testimonies of God how it is life-changing how it gives direction to the soul. How is it that when we spend time and energy into it we see that our souls are rising to the Heavenly not just focusing on the Earthly. Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. And when you look at every message you find something about the word of God. Oh how I love your law. It is my meditation all the day. You threw your Commandments make me wiser than my enemies against someone 19 such a beautiful Sunday when we taking and spend time on it. We find that there is so much spiritual growth. exit Avenal contemplative prayer has been practiced in and got another studying it in the sense of the historical evidence and all of these matters, which is really important have taken on the spirit and seeing how can the word of God then we are changed and transform in Brazil and you know in the western church Benedict priority because every day and there are certain steps that they would follow in order to Figure out the depth of the word of God in this mess and then drove a full film the new and this was more logical fulfillment into the second coming of Christ for the age which is to come as a person or as an individual and trying to see how people would like to grow. Through it and it is used by many clergy members open till today as they take a passage from the Bible and they study the meditate on it and see what kind of lessons there are in a famous method up until today practice by so many people and clergy members have been familiar with this type of meditation. Some of the early have set rules for this contemplative type of contemplative said that there is a message for and also there are four steps in order to achieve the full benefits of contemplative reading. What is the message the message concerns the time and the place and the preparation for this type of contemplative reading? There are the reading for students to the moments that define this type of reading so I should be read in the passage that meditation and digging deeper into a Samsung to personalize it. What's the type of lessons that we can draw out of it the message? The restaurant is that you begin with that selection from the holy scriptures, which is chosen ahead of time. And in many cases. It is a progression a particular book of the Bible passage from the Bible and then go to the next open my Bible reading a passage trying to think about you know, what is my lesson and then leaving and going somewhere else because you are building on what you have learned from before some people and be like to open and close. The problem with this method of just open and seeing what God has for me today is that we may get the messages that have to lie to me. Like if I get to Matthew 23, you know, I get the passage of John the Baptist was calling the people that they are children of The Serpent and the Warriors are passages in the Old Testament about condemning the Israelites and how they give this type of contemplation order because there's a progression from one passage to the next whereas I would know. What is God trying to say Are the circumstances that these words have been said so he needs to be some preparation time ahead in which order that I want to take a study and contemplation upon it. We have to choose the right time for this kind of contemplation. What does any important to pick a time where my mind is not preoccupied with a million and one things so for example is going to be right before you know, I have to cook and clean and go shopping to take care of the kids and I have to go out to for sports and exercise also has to be selected in advance is a random time where I can just do it on the go or things of that sort has to be said that I'm in the morning before I go to school where I wake up early and I know that you know, I don't need to rush through in this half an hour in the morning or 15 minutes important for a successful contemplative reading. We have to do as much as possible at the same time or retained every single day and some people say if I do the same for 21 days in a row, then I can actually continue this particular practice for this type of contemplation reading good morning meditation on healing meditation because my schedule is so full. So even if it's not like the same amount even if I can set 15 minutes or 20 minutes of playing one stone on top of the other Asian Bistro short I'm the best ways to take our time and as long as we are progressing bit by bit, then definitely there is spiritual growth. next Also under the concept of the message we have to look at the place. The place needs to be quiet and calm not so many distractions. So maybe if someone has been The kids are screaming and yelling and go to sleep before they wake up. The place is really important because it could be a spiritual play. Some people have in their own homes Like a Prayer go there and find God. This is the meeting place with God just like Moses than just like Jacob. They just like all these people day Wednesday or David always remembered the temple of God connect with God. Maybe have some icons. Maybe I can maybe have some soft music and video put me into the the moon spiritual songs. The senses of human beings we are stimulated by our senses to again using the sense of smell has helped out and put in my whole body into the right more than order to have the contemplative reading and the prayer. So I guess finding rest in a certain place to put me in the mood. Prior to the reason it is very important to engage in something called a transitional activity for contemplative and fearful State and Betsy the Bible which one is not like a light switch. You cannot be fully engaged in the face of the world. And then we have to have this transition. Just again the quiet time that will take me again just to enter my mind and just to be in a state where I can see God where I can sing a song. What I could be in or just give them what is do unto him and respect him as a person could come into to start working. So if the Federation is really important what's the stage is set with the time the place the preparation then I'm ready for the contemplative prayer. I would bring in my presence invite him to come to start to speak with me and I feel me by his holy spirit. Accidental contemplative prayer starts with again. Now. I have the passage. I have the right mood to have that eye place. I have the right time. Everything is set for me to begin reading in my order or of a feeding and I would slowly slowly. Is very important to the word of God tells me so quickly that I missed out. Is the message or the depths? and some people would say I read this passage a hundred times. I know the story. I heard it a thousand times and Sunday school or growing got poison the kid who doesn't know the story of it in all of these things, but because it's not living the story and making the word of God abide in us and live in us or the grocery store in and I read that one or two or even three times. Want to savor the essence? And I don't want to let the word of God past me so quickly to the point that it's as if like a comet passed me so quickly or one of those without meditating on it. The first woman consistent reading the scripture passage slowly and attentively several times. And at this moment I can also write down some of the words in scriptures that stick out to me that I want to grasp. The moment so in this particular passage, what are the keywords that relayed hit mean for stock me? Maybe I can underline them and I can think about them. Maybe I never noticed them before he doesn't have like to be a big thing because there's no right or wrong. It's it's it's about a small word conjunction. I want to the Second Step, which is Taking a bite into it. Can taking a bite after taking I want to chew on it slowly chewing on it, you know that one of these days and it's like drooling all over the place because it it wants to take out all the nutrients. This is what the word of meditating meditating on it is chewing basically so after taking this bite out of the word of God feast in yourself in the word of God you want to meditate on control means to gravitate around the passage. or even outfits words and to take out all the nutrients absorbed in this particular or words. What is the knowledge? There is no one word in the Holy scriptures that has been written coincidentally or out of place for the word of God is perfect. This is what the scripture says. The word of God is perfect so far in the scriptures, there is a reason and there's a meaning and purpose like this cover some of it today. I will come back to this passage in a year and you would open them at this particular time and then five years and in 10 years. I will come back to the same passage and find that God is opening so many doors through other words. So meditation is the knowledge and given to me as I'm going along his will for my life. I need to be illuminated by the spirit of God what's happening during this time specifically the work of the holy spirit that imparts the understanding of the secret text and that's why I need to prepare myself to be this vessel of the Holy Spirit in order the TV show me so I can look at This is okay too because it's all part of the process. So I don't have to do all this work on my own so I can take some other resources in order to help me and getting the time God is revealing to me his will for my life and inwardly the Holy Spirit is working which enables me as a Christian to grasp the holy scriptures. Is that true? The third step is the opportunity to savor the essence of it was which is the duration. And particularly. This is the prayer. Which is understood both as a dialogue with God. I loving conversation with the one who has invited us into his embrace. And this beautiful prayer as an offering to God of parts of ourselves that we have not previously believed God once a trailer could be in silence could be in the words of the heart could be in the thoughts of the Mind want to say that I'm in a trance because that's not what we do. But that sense of in this moment. I'm completely for him to have nothing else is taking my mind. I'm not worried about the house chores or the wedding going to have to attend or school or work or family Lord through this passes through the word that you have given me through meditation and them I'm becoming wholly and completely yours and nothing is taking away. I'm not telling you this is so easy because as human beings again, you know, they even want to try to snatch a sand and take us back into the world, but I need to continue practicing until God helps me to overcome temptation of the mind and of the Stillness the timer still running through my mind. Consecration completely to God is where most of the transformation occurs inside of me the most difficult and painful experiences to him and to recite the healing words or phrase that he has given us in our presentation on reading in this particular time is one of the most sacred moments. We can experience the presence of God and the healing and the transformation that occurs through this process. so again starting by I think taking a bite. Taking a chunk of Passage going into the chewing the meditation Circle extracting all the nutrients through this before Sunfire final step of contemplative reading. Decisions that I will take about my life what is going to happen from now on what has changed in my life of what God has done to me during this particular time. Just going through it and then we can go out to listen to say I'm going to be back to my same old self the same routine the same problems. What is the same doubts something needs to change during this time? Because if each day I'm changed one degree over 6 months, that means I'm going to be going to from one extreme to the other and this is not good for spiritually important to stick and to be and to teach myself. What is the word of God? This moment is characterized by a simple loving focus on God. In other words. It is beautiful worthless contemplation of God a joyful rest in his presence. What are some dangers interpretation styles that we have studied? Are the two extremes the beauty of them how they could be used one but also the dangers of this type of contemplation or interpreting or dealing with the Holy scriptures. The devil is like a roaring lion. So there are restrictions to contemplative screenings. I can't just wander away because the evil one may put some thoughts in my mind. How old I have become. I am to others which I think that they are from God. They are really from the evil one. and my meditation and this type of interpretation to the holy scriptures has to be very important to me number 120 Tyrion in the Holy Spirit in the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Holy Spirit or the great spirit's disorder Mother Nature station on might find it in some of the Eastern religions where they just basically meditate or contemplate or do whatever it is, but it is not for the glory of God. It is for their own personal meditation start the safe Hills Yoga or different types of Hindu religious affiliation needs to be The Holy Holy Trinity pictures of the holy church outside the second some people might come out of this meditation and say I am satisfied. I don't need to be a part of the Church community. I do not need to be able to take the Holy Communion me to take to go for confession in order to reject some of the things I say while I went to church and I haven't grown as much like other than my personal meditation and contemplation and that one may bring this sort of this is why this generation will start receive many people. Staying away from the church and from the sacraments and this is a problem that they have like a very intense moments and you don't feel the same way in a group or how do you say well, let me just stick with this and not do that because we have to go along with the whole picture of what God intends for us. He wants to be part of a community and restraints to that. He wants us to partake of the Holy sacraments best time to take us far from him and find the scripture has to interpret scripture. So I cannot go outside of the teachings of the Holy Scripture. So it has to be within the realm of the scripture itself, whatever resolutions or messages, so I'm not going to say completion time now I'm ready to take over the world to have confession and the sacraments of the church to know that I'm still within like I was like to give an example of the banks of river overflow it cuz it's so much damn. So there are restrictions on where I can go with this country play the reading and where I cannot go. Let me give you a quick one example. in order to make our discussion a practical one and suicide to apply what we study today. And after that I'll give you another example that you can struggle with on your own then we'll come back together to see how we may apply. Let us look. Honda passage in Mark 4:35 to 41 4 35 to 41 wind and waves. Obey Jesus On the same day when evening has come. He said to them let us cross over to the other side now when they have left the multitude. They took him along in the boat as he was. We're also with him. And a great wind storm arrows and the waves beat into the boat so that it was already feeling. What's he was investor asleep on a pillow? Arose and rebuked the wind and said to the Sea. And the wind seized and there was a great calm. But he said to them why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no face? And if you're exceedingly and set to one another who can this be that even the wind and the Sea obey? Let's begin again. I just said it was for the sake of time but We said that the first step is to read to take a bite and to highlight some of the words that resonate with us, which words Passage. There's no right or wrong answers here. Okay, let me go through this exercise and then I'm sure you'll be ready. might resonate with us You know, why is Jesus leaving the crowd? Hell is it relevant or irrelevant some questions? You need to ask yourself? Seeing the waves nearly swamped the boat. Jesus asleep Is that a crisis is attention here in the passage? the disciples one day, you know as an understandable question, don't you care? What about the wind's obey Indian in the wind's obey? Hello, Jesus asking the question. Why are you so afraid so afraid could be something that you can highlight. We have no face. Maybe it was the disciples video fear of Jesus or the question. Who is this? Can they relate to him? Maybe the whole story is impressive and makes you think a lot. But we need to Trade Federation. So send it to you. Where to personalize this? Why are you so afraid so afraid what are you panicking? How do I start to play this passage to saying God I'm afraid I seem to be afraid all the time. But why am I afraid it's a moment of standing with oneself. I'm not afraid of dying. I'm afraid that someone I love is going to be hurt. I'm afraid of not being accepted and loved am I afraid that you are asleep attention to me. Am I afraid that you don't care if the Bandit why is there so much suffering and you just stare and I'm sleeping. Do I love them trust myself and others more than I love and trust you. Help me not to be fearful. Find me the contemplation or that the application parts. Start to Curtis first step. When you begin to run out of words to say and you are in complete surrender to him at this time. You'll just reflect on what happened how God's word revealed something in your heart over again, or maybe we need to make some conclusions that lead to actions. Maybe we'll see that you have attached yourself to other people and things too much that has caused you to be fearful that you will lose them to help you to love and trust him. Again that this is just a very quick run over one passage, but this needs to be practiced the Lord to dwell in assets. So richly and glory be to God forever and ever.