Biblical Interpretation - Part 3

"Literal Interpretation"


And the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit one God amen glory be to the father and to the son to the Holy Spirit, Novena De Zavala Chisholm, MN. Two weeks ago we started the series entitled biblical interpretation. And we are exploring different meals of interpreting the holy scriptures. The first session was about to head into why we need to study how to interpret the scriptures how the scriptures have influenced the course of humanity throughout history and specifically or especially in the past 20 centuries. And last week we explored. allegorical interpretation And we spoke about the origin who is the father of allegorical interpretation? Allegory has been used in the scripture verses 21 to about 26 or 27 himself. Spoke about an allegory concerning the two covenants of Hagar and Sarah an allegory and how we in the New Testament are children of Freedom. Children of bondage like Jagger was Play some people have a problem with interpretation because in many cases it is disconnected from history events and places where it is not clearly mentioned in the Holy scriptures. So for example, we spoke about the allegory of Abraham sacrificing his son Isaac as the father sacrificed our lord Jesus or the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus and we saw and we started this passage where we saw the different aspects of the story corresponding to the life and death of Christ and entrance into Jerusalem and all of these things definition of say, what did you get all this? We have some kinds of problems with it yet. Go to contemporary understanding of the Holy scriptures or sees the New Testament through the Old Testament Stories the light of the New Testament and gives meaning to many of the stories that otherwise would be ambiguous or way. Some people wouldn't know what is the purpose of these stories. So I spoke about the positives and negatives of the alexandrian fathers that the school was established that it was called the school of Antioch. The school of some sort of a problem was allegorical interpretation and it was mainly focused on literal interpretation that what is literal interpretation. And what is the school of this will basically be our discussion for this evening and interpretation is more concerned with historical settings and studies. It's more concerned with the context doesn't necessarily need to see Christ in every story or a contemporary meaning. 2 or an interpretation to be stories of the Old Testament or even of the New Testament to the heroes of the readers through the text what is said literally not figuratively. We need to understand that the language of the Bible. Some of it is figurative. Some of it is whatever literary style is used in it. And once it is studied and explained that I was out places are really needing to exit from the literal meaning of the story best looking at the story of Joseph and seeing Moral lessons that could be learned how to do it without necessarily saying that Joseph was a type of Christ altar looking guy in the New Testament and not necessarily saying well, this is a foreshadowing of the eschatological Fulfillment of this or we can just look at the literal text and five minutes or five a deeper meaning into it going figuratively or without the shell. What are the roots of the school of antiques to understand again where it came from? The school bags and they had its problems. Okay and misinterpreted and again We don't say San Clemente or send or receive the teacher teacher origin. and at a certain time after a couple of centuries after his death, he was actually excommunicated from the church because of some of his sayings which I can we spoke about last week set the temperature to So the school of enteric has its problems. So it's a certain type of interpretation which is the literal interpretation of scriptures that contributed to the study of the scriptures. But unfortunately some of them also fell into mistakes and they were excommunicated from the church the humanity of Christ the humanity of Christ. it's focused on his life and his Earthly Deeds without so much focusing on his divinity a problem occurred to concerning this matter to someone who who win soccer today school and his name is and text of the Septuagint and the New Testament and his Taylor's confused and well-known Egyptian priest of his teachings and other areas claimed to be his disciples. Okay, and then of course Jesus was a creation or the creation by God the father and you know, it was a mistake. the next one Was eustatius of Antioch and he was one of the champions from the airport in the Council of Nicea and he is more representative of the school with his antipathy to what he regarded as Origins, excessive algorism and his recognition against the presence of the human soul incarnate Christ in his allegorical interpretation, 3:30 to 3:19 and the school began to flourish and to have disciples. Descendants Christ's Divinity against Julian the App State App State because of this time the Christian churches were allowed to be open with you as one of those people who the problem is all the teachers that again came of the school was which upheld the division of Christ person concerning the person of the Christ. Up until this day. There's some groups in Iraq who would not say for example that Jesus the dealer of God sends eternity. How could she give birth to God but the church has convened at the time and they decided to call. What's the Holy Spirit came upon the Virgin Mary? Malaysia Toto and this will give her one of you is called the Son of God. So he is fully human and fully Divine at the same time. Give birth to that God's Divine and that's why the church has decided to call him to call her story was again excommunicated from the church. I guess they were too brilliant came out of cyst between 3:50 to 4:28 and well pronounce and they both had much studies inside the church and brought into biblical interpretation show much fruit and knowledge that we can still call up until today later sell some of his work was destroyed. As soon as someone is Cipro cleaned as I had to take most of his working and they can just look at the holy scriptures that he was more of a teacher. He was a brilliant teacher more than he was a writer and thankfully many of his teachings were recorded and I still have them up until today and we still go back to them. And then he was also give up until this day and many of his work has been translated into so many different languages. John chrysostom he was himself. Exploiting even the traditional typology. So he was conservative in them. He still wanted to see Christ through the Old Testament is still wanted to type of interpretation lessons of the song. Look at the text as it is examine it look at it historically meanings and Origins and where they came from and this is exactly what he did and he combined with the graphics. An ecclesiastical conditions in contemporary antiochian and Constantinople as well as concerned as a feather in his approach is that he was able to bring a message and not only that she was able to related to his mother day. He was able to relate and then he would like to ask people about getting a horse races. This was present at this time. He would speak that many of his writings are about how can we deal with them? Call as a teacher he was able to connect these two things together. But any other means but still it is good for us to understand what it entails and how it could be done. In order to look at the passage and interpreted literally how many questions need to be asked in a literal interpretation? History is so important. It's like looking at the pictures by one of the very famous artists. You want to know what were the conditions what were the circumstances what was going through his mind. What was the some of the challenges in the society in the concert that he was going through? What were some of the political issues? Where is Hebron his Inspirations from K? Who is he related to other artists that existed at that particular time and where he studied all of the surroundings need to be fully grown in order to understand and to be able to bring out the meaning out of it. You might need the help of that commentaries. I mean you didn't you need to study. I have to get some other Angel helps in order to show us these things because you don't know them by osmosis. Do we have to search and find the exact tools on where to find the answers for all of these questions? Is the first century what were the political circumstances in the early? What were the challenges that he went through the transition of the church from in the book of Acts to the book of Acts go again to the episodes of Saint Paul and also into their Catholic Church transformation, which is basically from a predominantly Jewish Community was called to minister to the Gentiles would I send Peter amongst many of the other disciples were called the minister only two Jews and they only Who is going to the exit from the synagogue and he was going to the Mountaintop said he was going to speak with several who was the very first Gentile in the Holy Spirit? decision in the book of Acts What to do with the Gentile converts are we going to treat them exactly the same Runners like we treat the juice or do they have a special treatment? And again, the whole counsel of the disciples convened in Jerusalem, they don't have to be circumcised. They don't have to follow. Commandments of the Lord which is the Old Testament. What are we going to do with them? 10 / 28 and you say is he here for it seems good to the Holy Spirit and to us to lie upon, you know greater than these necessary things that you are standing from sing. Some blood from things strangled from sexual immorality if you keep yourselves from these you will do well. some people don't understand the enormous impact of these verses on the future of the church or the history of our church because it was from this point forward that The whole approach of the church changed from being a very close community of God is a private property to the Jews into God is accessible from All Nations and Gentiles know what happens afterwards. What happened? Is that what everyone was convinced? And still after Saint Paul winter on preaching to so many different churches or Apostles. Even you can call them from Jerusalem who followed in his footsteps, and they were preaching. Another gospel. What is this other gospel? Do you know keep the Sabbath and and maintain all the rituals of the Jews to And he is engaged at what is happening to them? Because what ended up happening was some of this so-called judaizers for the Christian Converse. To adhere to the Old Testament law or tortured and to forget the grace of Jesus Christ and to forget about faith in Jesus Christ that it was more important than the physical aspect of circumcision or so or the works of the law. So having this bad ground if there's any important as you approach that we have to understand all these demographics. That's what happening at the time and the poles and detentions. How can I look at this passage understand it in its context understand how it was living at the time for the very first time. This is one of the things I'm going to discuss other to say, okay. Mean to me and how does this apply to my life and you know all of these different details and the year. Knows what may be 45 50 kg? Okay. And what is the culture back then? Who is it being spoken to her? And how did the original years on the stand? This has to be the starting point from where we can progress once we have that door is not here. When were Jewish? So they had to know some that. The law. This is why I sent Paul in many cases not just in galatia, but in other places and they face expensive to the Hebrews. He goes back to the high priest. He goes back to my kids are there he goes back to so many of the gospel writers also needs to be in place in order to fully understand and to expand or to bring about the meanings of these passages. for this reason I want to conclude by giving a general idea of the Old Testament and the New Testament. Because I'm old and turn into some of the details of how to interpret different literary Styles because time is the same. What time is the idea let's say you have a deck of cards. Let me just imagine this is me and I'm giving it to you in order to put it in some kind of order. That makes sense. When we have basically two things in the cards what and what? suits and all the suits together and then So in the same the Bible was organized. It's not exactly one right after the other what you would say when this was written in the year 59 and also it has some categories. So they're in the church again. Old Testament is taken from the order of the Septuagint Septuagint 70 Jewish Scholars sometimes the time so they don't put their best effort to translate the Old Testament from Hebrew language to the Greek language and that's why books The Catholic Old Testament has a few books. I can tell you. It is 46. So anyways, our Old Testament is taken. From the Septuagint and it is basically categorized. four categories of books of wisdom for the poetic books The five books of Moses are also known as the pentateuch the pentateuch. Which consists of Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers and Deuteronomy? Let's go with the familiar Old Testament in our hands. Some other time God willing will speak about books or what is also known as of today will focus on which has the 39 books. pentateuch the five books of Moses and which is also called the law. Then we move to the books of history based on books that speak about the transition or the movement of Israel. From the land of bondage Egypt course, we will know that from Daisy lights in the promised lands. We have the Joshua and the judges and you have loose and 1st Samuel and 2nd Samuel Abraham is 2000 BC. Exodus time some people estimated at 1450 others have set 12:50. Okay, there's some discrepancy in the exact day. But at any rate, we know the time of David is around thousand. So where we start to speak about Samuel you have the story of David again, even though Samuel and I are not together. Why because you have the books of History together and then you have the wisdom books together again. Set with a history books again just to have this section together and the songs of Solomon. These books are current car to discuss that when the time comes to the prophets and the prophets are divided into two sections and divisions being Isaiah Jeremiah Lamentations, Ezekiel and Daniel and they were little and stature or anything like that because the time What they have written a shorter message usually tells a few vs. Few chapters not very long my current home how to cook Zephaniah. Haggai. A nice way to remember them is you have three fives and two twelves. 357 to 12 and wisdom being five Major Prophets being five in Minor Prophets being 12, which comes out to $39 for the New Testament. It has a very similar divisions and it is really important. about play even so when we open the Bible the first thing we need to ask ourselves. What is this passage coming from. I have 1st Samuel. Okay. Mentally I want to go it is a historical book has given us an account of Israel's history since they entered into the coming back from captivity. Mentally. This is where I want to go coming back from captivity, which is right after the Exodus and inside each category. That section so it is the what is the oldest? in the New Testament you have the gospels which Morales corresponds to the law just like Moses to Jesus we have Grace by faith and Grace was giving us to us through Jesus Christ. So again, the five books to the four gospels in the New Testament history of the historical books corresponding in the New Testament to the amazing work of the holy spirit in this book books of wisdom for old poetry. Okay, and you have any of his writings are very poetic and we find out of course. Pic of a Greek poetry and Hebrew poetry. It is amazing. Repetition of the last few letters in each verse of ideas or themes a b a b a b c v a light like a tree where you are climbing or coming down. These are all different types of writings. Okay, Chris Pond into two wisdom or poetry you have What is termed as the Catholic? Episodes of The Universal pieces of four gospels and then the book of Acts including seabra's what's most of the church fathers again. They say that Saint Paul is the author of Hebrews then the rest of the Epistles Gentile converts speaking to the Hebrews. He was trying to shake them and wake them up and tell them that this is the Messiah Indians. And then you have Universal episodes or Catholic Catholic Church. Kathleen just means Universal or being 714 is 19726. 104 James 34 St. John 24 Saint Peter and one for John. And then finally have the Book of Revelation which is again and prophetic book at the same time. Okay. And there any scatological book again? You have you seen any of these things corresponding to some of the writings of the Old Testament like the Book of Daniel speaks about the age which is to come and the Book of Revelation in that sense it is Is there a good idea about the bigger picture into any part of the Bible where it all starts? This is where it has to begin from beginning to end and as we get more and more deeper into some lettering Styles. Is it that terrible is this poetry is this history? And how does that how do understand this particular Passage? I think it's very important not to be lost when we open our bikes. What are the are some people mentioned some settlements? What do we go the best way to find it is to look in the index the best way to just look in the table of contents and at least I know is this Old Testament or new testament. Is it to one of the Major Prophets? Is it A Minor Prophets that we are growing with it? Like we don't have to know it's all at the same time, but it needs a day by day and month by month and year by year. We find that we are growing in the knowledge and absorbed. Always be a blessing to us and as we go in This Together experiencing him personally and his word is changing our lives and our mindset to his glory glory be to God forever and ever.