Basics of Orthodox Christianity - Part 6

 "Sound Orthodox Teaching"


The name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit one God Amen. To be like to be with you again on small. Hope you will be bored or had enough of May 5th. Hopefully on the end this time is different and it talked before about the Catholic church. We just I don't know if you were there a couple of weeks ago, maybe not all of you. I connect with my some places to go to Coptic church and out started and like how we adopted this morning and has behaved like that ties them and use them as good as were ready to receive Christianity and From there. I started going all over the place and talk about Madeira Portugal. different LOL, what is the basis of the Orthodox teaching is it different than any other choice or not? And it doesn't make sense to to stay this way. You know, what does orthodox mean the word restrain opinion? Why were the same pattern that the apostles and The Disciples of Jesus? Start at the breakfast room dressing the same thing. We were playing the same lettering were playing right now and the same teaching sing. Everything like the way they baptized we are advising. Now the way the Germans drive to sacraments for doing the same thing during communion confession and everything. Even if it was a little bit harder to go to confession back then because it was in public like anyone want to confess our sins. They would have come here and we're expanding and started confessing before the congregation in the please. Just wish I'd known this guy when you go and be forgiven me and sometimes we feel like just what to say. What do we have done wrong? But actually I feel it. It's a very nice way in. Even psychiatrist. Please have the new Christians are lucky 40 minutes because things out of your chest. And one of you feel better if you can overcome him. And some people pay money to do that other clinics. That's what like it's freaking the church and I always say it like that. And that is great spots on the Galleria. What should I do? I can just sit down and cry and said, oh I will never fall clean again will call me and my crew just go wash it. Some people are saying I never should have a spot just gold watch them has more supposed to be washed them and come back again. One day. I will focus not only in the biggest. What's the biggest butt smaller ones? That's how our fathers we used to live the life of retirements repenting of sins sins. So they're not focused only on the big stuff Sonia still playing the midnight prayers were lazy and just said that like the compliant rapes in step. I wanted to spend more time with Dad. He was so lazy. I couldn't do it till it's like we're growing or maturing scripture tonight. I just want to talk about the mystics of sound Orthodox teaching and as you see here in the first flight and introduction to Purity respect and devotion if you have the Holy Bible play the first episode. Timothy chapter 2 verse 7 What time is it? What are in asparagus I was appointed I heard about it in a box. So I am telling the truth and I am not inclined and the teacher of the truth agency. I want and then everywhere. I went to this doctor holding hands and pray without anger for disputed. I also want women to dress modestly Saint Lucie property. Not leather braided hair or go to auto and Pearls or stent is closed. But with a good deeds beautiful women preparing to worship god a woman should learn in quietness and Fulton Mission. I do not permit a woman to teach or do you have the authority over me? She must be Santa for Adam was formed first in Eve and Adam was not to be one to see it was women who has deceived and become a sinner but when they will be safe to child-rearing if they continue in faith. Love to Holiness for posture. MattyB kabasa recipes I was just going to discuss with you like few. Cousins. The first one is Biblical teaching and Orthodox teaching is different than any other teaching. I'm not saying this because I'm in the Western or Eastern a difference. And actually if I want to go back to the hair in Harris's. He would hear like someone like areas who was the cause of the first council at Nicea. He started kicking Shield versus exhaling when Jesus was talking about. He's a relationship with that with the father. You say no, my father is greater than I trust it all. So I said that that means is our lord. Jesus is not got the Lobos but he is a little bit less than what the little bit more than humans. So is like a mediator between God and man and then the response to that is weekend pink just one first. We have to study the whole Bible as a unit and then see what the whole Bible reading this. It's like. Yeah, I was saying thank you for the father is greater than 9 but because he was talking about the human inside his glory different men. Pizza peanuts right now was he he said he had to go through pain and he was hungry and older humans. That doesn't mean that he is less. He was better that you learning but I have to put this verse with another verse. I am in the father and he is in me whoever else he sees my father. So I have to put all the verses together to come with one teaching. That's why when we talk about teaching and learning Biblical teaching first one number one. Play one verse to everything that we can buy just one person say okay this one better and study the whole Bible to help feeling responsible for. the second one interpretation just using the versus this suit your needs basically High School. How can we avoid that would we say we are Orthodox and we can avoid them in the whole scripture is it up to me? That makes sense? It means that meaning? I think y'all talk to me. be humble and There's a lot of other fathers in the history of the church who have offered their inspired interpretation that we need to look into before we make a decision based on your own individual wonderful lunch. If we we gotten into arguments. We go to that church fathers before all the calluses when the church was just one Church. How old how many years was talking about deer? From the first century to 325 years. I did something wrong. Sorry, I'm new to the technology effort. To be continued. Can you hear me? So for 325 years the church was just one Church from the apostles time from our first time when he was here on Earth. In the Flesh 325 years, we have great fathers in the church and it was only one Church remember someone is saying any teaching all the Torches You stop by. The methods used acceptance. There is any thing they discuss it and being they come to one conclusion. So if there is an argument about the passage in about 2 versus we go back to the father's what did they say? And that's something unique for Orthodox church because we always go back to the fathers when they did say, so we just making sure that's understood in the way should be 31 teachings apart from the Holy Church sermon I can say in just standing here because I'm wearing black having the microphone when I have authority order something over moving. I can't even say this is my interpretation and everyone has. But I love it. I can separate myself from the holy church because of all the Heretics came out of men wearing black or two of them were fries or Bishops so I can say because I please turn cuz I'm clearly I can say whatever they want. No, I can't spread myself from the teaching of the holy church abide with the sacrum about with the Biblical teaching about you doing. The sayings of the fathers that is if I'm saying this and making reference to the father. You're a school that have something something out of just my night. So that's number one. number to theological virtues how about those churches need friends or their products to choose their absence of fear? What does it mean? Link to the early Christian father going to go back to the things I can come now and say you know what? It's a big hassle this baptism thing in just a few drops on the guy. You will be okay, too. As long as we're praying the same prayers doesn't really matter. I can do that going back to the fathers of the church. So I figured I want to teach you about our Lord Jesus Christ. I can come by Carly is dead and said, you know why maybe Jesus because he was suffering and he was in pain but can't go through pain order can go through hunger and thirst and painful process of this cross thing I can say I asked you one question last time and I just want to see if you still remember the answers. To the extent that when everyone was telling him what he's doing and he has the whole world is against you the whole world Cynthia said what's he was 19 years old and he's talking to 318 Bishops. So how did he get that confidence within power plant stand? I asked the same question last night couple of weeks ago and they said the answers. like to go visit Maybe spend time with you spend time away from the soul of the world and maybe that helped me. Maybe that's my The point is he started visiting Saint Anthony better than the latest age in his life when he went to the Council of Nicea. I was just thinking he went there with the Alexander's and the start he started to defend the faith. What is the foundation of the business of his defense? What do you think? Is it's like arguments or rest of the Bible or seen in you and he had this Orthodox teaching but he put all the verses together. Let's talk about this match, but there's something else I believe if I When does the love of Christ? Handelman me Christ new gun in car needs for me and can come here and face on that spitting and holding the humiliation just for me. It doesn't make sense gone from here to be treated like a slave or But he's in you and he believed that don't love me so much. I'm smoking something for from God's love to come here and be in curly for me. That's how when these headphones cooking in Canton Kearney and he said yes, he can he love me so much and if that was between me and him if he'll was between me and him he would come and put the cross between he my life here on Earth and Eternity and you would mean that British so I can go on living for ever get that lamb lamb lamb for me to he when we need to talk about the illusion kind of stuff. I can and you want to ask me, talk about theology about one thing. I can just come here and I can do this. Have to go to the fathers of the church. What exactly baby what words do you use to? It's not going to be any misunderstanding or any wrong teaching have to go to the father of my children pick the same words. So what did he die from? Orthodox theology Number to beware of teaching these days in solely on spirituality. Kent am I'm living by myself over and the spiritual guy around maturing spiritually and I can, and teach only based on spirituality because all those fathers were those people of those Heretics that's causing problems. They were at some point of time. among the congregation Spiritual level didn't prevent them from going the wrong way. So I can't just have my teaches based only on spiritual. It's because we want to keep the faith from one generation to another actually 30 of the truth. many of those fathers next Sunday school rules losses great Father's the the offered the life to keep the faith Russ so I can come now after 20 centuries and saying just going to start my own thing. number three inches essential traits of an orthodox teacher First one to be Orthodox teacher Court understanding Orthodox teaching understand that church being life. I can understand. That's why I'm glad that you guys have been serious. I know. It's like seriously start with just curiosity or just going to call you guys the church I'm serving serving in I'm just going to use the same serious Miriam speakers just to come over and do this evening is very important. I can't. Be separated from the church. I don't know the letter G. I don't know the hymns. I don't know the church like the sacraments. Stranger to the rehearsal and commentating. I'm Orthodox teachers. Have to leave the church to come here and pray know how to pass them how to read the Bible how to get benefits how to read like a other commentaries on the Bible going back to the father's I want to see how it's doing a wonderful series about hoes. I think over there the church or the Bible the Bible books, so I was just leaving the church life. spirituality how to practice there's Tycoon how to grow in faith how to how to fast how to pray have to confess how to repent. how to be ready over trying to be ready to have communion So understanding would make me one coming out from the church and come in from outside know nothing about the treasure and say I am an orthodox teacher after leaving the church by his men. because a teacher temperature what I do is just cut it when connected to a church based life. What do you use to open a pool with a bishop for the priest? Someone has to be coming from the church. I can we can take appointments a new visual for a new priest. I want either our outside from the church have to be one with the church. So he'll understand because what did the difference between the teaching of the Orthodox Church? the Western Way Indian Orthodox Church will teach you and then come. Practice what I'm telling you to do the Orthodox church, we start the opposite way we start by practicing and then learning. Why are we doing this? We believe in the teising just newborn babies. I'm using to give them the first communion or just 40 days if there are eight or Eighty Days if they are female you start practicing coming to church having communion. What year is it? Really true? And yeah, we're true converted. From Brother wanting to but the ad Club of Christ to prayers through a priest through the letter G through the Holy Spirit come upon the Bread and Wine transfer them to the body and the blood of Christ at certain point and the letter she told rex versus them in the difference between Orthodox teaching and any other music. Churches would wait until maybe 12 years old. Do you have the first communion or two later date? Did you start practicing certain things and Orthodox Church ranks first in the field in the days and then understanding everything we need. Well understood by our minds I can't comprehend God by my mind. She didn't even if you do disagree with me on anything, please. boyfriend stuck in any question number 40 is communion T cheese. And as we mentioned before there are two things isolation and teaching and dependence in teaching have to be aware because I can text lady such as fathers and I can be independent in my teaching back. I just want to maybe that there are people that are with me and said, you know what I have any teaching and no one else said it before. Just started a new way of teaching I can do this because every time I'm talking about theology or spirituality or anything or biblical. Interpretation, I can say that's my own point of you have to go to my father's know where the father is over. Number five is spirituality cheese. I'm not old beaches. Has to be centered around the person of our Lord Jesus Christ. I can't bathe my spiritual teaching based upon me or someone because we all we all have our orders. pool service in They can. I can tell the people jumping come and follow me just point out that he is the only one. Some people are they mentioned we can Comfort confession is going to judge me. I can't do this because there's only one judge. And then the judgement day is not yet. Northern AZ yet to come So what has anyone mentioned? Everyone has his own. Father father profession to to me. Inappropriate is I am a sinner. I'm going to do that with someone who is a sinner like me doesn't make sense. 2 Old Trenton 30 Charter Trying to reach him. Or have a connection. So we were talking about the absence of remoteness. I can't say. Oh, I'm a spiritual guy and I'm expecting everyone is going to just fast. He's got a couple of things caught on tape or for the whole week without anything till next week I used to do so I have to be practical and spiritual person have to complete this personal differences. I have to be pregnant. And I can't even say you like this apartment thing, and teach. baby stories and justice Focus on the spiritual * what is the story means or what all the words? What does it mean? When are the circumstances was in the history? Whatever that playing this practical life how long I'm going to study in the Bible. How can I put myself in their shoes everyone? That's one way to study the Bible and the me whenever I need God with a just cry out for him to accept either when he was about to drunk. so it's like thinking the spiritual meaning is applied to our daily lives. Number two to be a spiritual teacher or to understanding spiritual teacher is an orthodox church have to be aware of inappropriate emotional reactions. Our spiritual life is not Big Easy on emotions. There is no living a life of joy and praise for all North. Yeah, that's fine. I heard like a sad story a pretty good head. To give you a sense back. We can't depend on emotions. Like, one lady she was Christian and she was saying no we have to feel the the spirit that sing songs and cabin and she was not Orthodox Church. And they were driving and singing and everyone was just emotions. panda at the end Actually, yeah, I said it wrong. It wasn't an unorthodox church. It was like a Buddhist Church. The leader said whoever want to worship Buddha right now. There's a step up and start to worship. Everyone was moving. So she found herself just moving with me, but that isn't she knew she's she's Christian. She doesn't worship. But under the pressure of emotions. Everyone is just Praising praising in the singing and clapping and doing this stuff. She was moved to do something. She doesn't believe in and she went back. She said it's what's going on under this emotional feelings just started to do some stuff. She's not home. So it's important you have to have a strong faith. I left one spiritual teaching is different than teaching with human wisdom have to be very best. I can come here tonight and start talking about my wisdom. I'm a smart guy. I'm a smart guy and just started talking about my wisdom the way I see things the way I see the growth of everyone. I can depend on my wisdom. Can anyone pick up verse remember verse from the Bible? the Bible easier samples at something when he came to preach is that preaching with? My wisdom, but they came. You don't have to a Bible verse. Selena 1st Corinthians 1st Corinthians Corinthians chapter 1 verse Heating what are the members of the House of the wise the intelligence? I will frustrate. continue music. Where is the wise man? Where is it called? Where is the philosopher Lopez age has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world. percent in The Wizard of Oz of Relativity wisdom did not know him. God will see us through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe. Juice dinner after the signs and Greeks look for wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified. assembling clock to Jews and foolishness for gentiles but to Those whom God has called. Jews and Greeks Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God. for the purposes of bottle for the foolishness of God is wiser than man's Wisdom and the weakness of God is stronger than man's strength. the end of the chapter Brothers think of what you were when you were called not many of you were Wise by human standards not many were influenced not many were available fair. But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. He chose the lowly things of this world and the spies things. And the things that are not to notify the things that are so that no one may boast before him it is because of him that you are images of Christ and Christ is who has a cover of a wisdom from God that is a righteousness showing us an exemption. Therefore as it is written let him who boasts boast in the Lord. If you got the message like you can't depend on our wisdom. We have to rely on that one is. Beach. He said because if I want to be wise person I won't go to the juice and say thank God God was grossing fight. This make sense have to make things make sense. But sometimes things don't make sense. But the timer going around Jericho. Doesn't make sense that the world is gonna fall down. Temple Android doesn't make sense for some person for a person that lives in the desert and was going to feed him everyday have no bread but it wasn't happening for 70 years old had this wisdom or God gave him that wisdom when Saint Anthony came to visit him the whole loaf of bread. Doesn't make sense. Doesn't make sense that Moses with just the thing is going to be part of the Red Sea. sometimes our wisdom based on science and the theory that we learn our experience the gravitational AK-47. Vista doesn't make sense. If you are reading the story of Elijah when one of the guys like Flonase delete to Italy the river doesn't make sense when he is going to throw a wooden piece or a piece of wood that's going to float. Doesn't make sense. It's not importing to the theaters that we learn or the nature of those stories happens. Doesn't make sense after 1 someone will die and come back to life again like Lazarus the four days no one believed this and everything according to our wisdom Bible stories. Only I know friend. Applying for a job just before Christmas time and everyone was telling him. You know, what? The wintertime one is going to hire him just before Christmas time doesn't make sense these Donham pastry or knowing the culture Network than the Canadian way of thinking. I'm going to hire someone who give him like a week or two vacation. I can hire him or the beginning of the game. And this person go to jail for December 15th. Stop wanting to be hired. the largest the wisdom of man happen happening is going to continue to have so we can depend on our spiritual teaching on the wisdom doesn't make sense or not have a child that they didn't happen before the Guinness nature and it's impossible. physically impossible volume one time too many times in the Bible. How many times? the Methodist Attica Pines would say this man couldn't be Deuces cartoon we can have children. We had one child, but maybe three or four. I know a family. They were told that they can't have children the woman beat. She can bear children chicken be pregnant. Or at least she's going to be pregnant. She's going to have the baby just for you think that's it. She had like that one seven kids. Wisdom of man is nothing compared to God. And we can expect it to be fasting. Several days without no food or water and then at least as well on the time you're doing business and how to make it. point on everything Read them over again. The absence of bright colors remoteless. Number three teaching with a human. What is that? I would enjoy it and have you guys so. any what's the weather is it is it when is it so we can do is brutal truth is that I have but the first one is saying that can we take a something that you lost Whispers on a 5.4. How do you listen to that was an exact? I'm the one that's talking about. I can just discuss the illogical or spiritual stuff apart from my daily life and just go like the Bible and that's it. Thank you. That was nice story, but I can't apply it to mine lately. I can do this or else I'd live to separate lives of people like come to church Sunday or Tuesday meeting that meeting like this or it was nice to meet you both and see you next week because what I learned here just spiritual stuff doesn't apply to my Practical life out there just one life just want God. I can't version him here and go there my baby life and be like that. If something is honest or having a bad relationship or do whatever, because it's outside. The church is just one Lifetime on a one-person. So I have to take all the spiritual teaching and apply to my daily life. I can say though I come to church but we go to that place, you know when we all like a smoke Shisha and drink some stuff. You were just one person weather going to live a spiritual life or not. I'm not saying that sometimes we foolish words. Sometimes we send but we have to admit. Yeah, we messed up. That's not the way it should be. I mean come here back if I don't have to confess we try again. I have 2 minutes to send it something wrong, but they can't leave those two lives as if I'm living normal life. Everyone's doing it doesn't make it right. I am not going to call the church in a spiritual guy. You don't match. I can depend only on my spiritual wisdom. As a preschooler is a member of the congregation. I can't depend on my wisdom to understand God Theology and everything make it. understood because how are you going to understand that The Parting of the Red Sea? How are you going to understand? Abraham and Sarah have a child at that age. It will never be interested. What do you mean? We're hitting about that Eye Blind Men last Sunday or just the sixth Sunday of the Arts by what by putting I have bodies and make someone's going to put my other than maybe so it doesn't make sense but not going to create ice out of money. This makes sense. That's not everything according to mine with them. So that's different than being practical applying the spiritual teaching on Minecraft. Let's make sense. Number 6 Church fathers that just want to have like one slime talk about them father's we bear witness to their night. I'm in their lives version and send it to me and experience. and one of my favorite stories Do you know Saint investing? and he was delivered like normal life or a bad life is to live with the girl and be had. Ice on outside of marriage and he used to steal stuff. I used to be like a proud person and his mother Saint Monica. Was crying for him to come back for how long? 20 years for him to come back. and that once you give the church and the bishop was there and he found her drawing he went astray and wasting his whole life knowing living a bad life and that is going to die in 82. Are Lucy The Eternity 2 years will never perish never. She went home with that promise. Did someone condemn him by A good sermon? Bank of America air device blinking read I am there was like a few factors. God has a plan for him one of his friends. He was talking to me. So that's what it's like to start. Thanking God provided him with the story of Saint Anthony the Great. I started reading another time. Open his heart. And you saying someone left the everything 300 acres of land just sold everything and went to the desert and became a father all the months in the whole world. Need the tension that's about something bad happening every day. What did he found? Why did he do that question? reading life story what's an end? I'm actually not only that but very true I told you I started last time but the majority should remember him maybe some of your team. You know one of them Idol worshippers it was that Governors Egypt. Destroy Christianity to end Christianity and he was a Christian person but in separate until they bring me all the Christians just want to kill them and just move on. I'm not going to go back unless he is I have to finish this and that are easy. Better call so that govern didn't know what to do. Trade-ins hardly said. Just wait for a few minutes. I'm judging people. Just wait till I'm finished with this coming case. So he was waiting in the coming case was just two brothers their father died and he left them inheritance and they were arguing the older brother was accusing his younger brother by saying my younger brother doesn't have enough wisdom and doesn't want to take I shared a bigger than mine because I still have to re-establish like house and get the boys kids has responsibility is Yet to Come. He need more money. And the other brother sing a little don't listen to him because my older brother already had a wife kids needs taken care of so he should get more. So over the head of the idol worshippers Governor, what did they say that the kids are is his dream? Civil War the Christian Governor sounded like he came from Heaven to those Christians are crazy like that sold the opposite way. Civil War those are the people that I'm killing all the way to here. And start with a B. What why are they doing this to love one? Another even more than loved ones have something I can you give me like a copy of that? I will see if I can find the Christian here and get you a Big 5 to that. They read the bug of the whole night. Play morning time three soldiers. Maybe you can go back home now and I will catch up with you later. Then I started reading more and more and he started asking to be baptized to be a Christian person and then he became a more then he became a father many monks. His name was. At the bombings father bonds one of the green Evergreen Grapevine so many but I mean three famous ones and Anthony is the father of old lawn and pulled the end credits and Annabelle home use for their communion. How did he change volume on idol worshipper to a father of my own? Just seen one to act of love. So when we talkin about that experience their life there benches. it's raining and it's can you convert people sometimes when you focus on preaching as Mother 3 7 1 7 Bridging point is not the meeting point. If you want to convince someone with your gut start offering love. She said like a smile to someone is an act of love take a broom and clean someone's house. manipulative So when we focus about this, we can convert people can bring people to Christ. That's why it's important to study the church fathers. North Augusta cheese Abernathy Chi just saying, all the previously mentioned the same species become put out a boarding school and divine side adventurous example. It's cool. I can say I'm focusing on me just spiritual life and I'm just forgetting the liturgical or Church Father or the sacraments for the priesthood or the Biblical teaching. It's like complete engine. I can put one area. I forget the rest. I have to focus with everything. That's why when I'm going to show you the newsroom picking. DCS is about church fathers for the history of the Church of the Catholic Church, Orthodox Church. cities with the letter z Just want to thank you all for being guaranteed weather for listeners, and I hope she was lights made sense or something have any questions I feeling so comfortable. Please feel free to ask.