2014 Holy Week St. Mark - Part 7 (Good Friday)


name of the Father the Son and the Holy
Spirit one God amen it never fails every year come Thursday
night be the home he said he got what you want to say like what do you
say what's not in the readings what's not in
the pictures what do you not see what do you not know that that is so clear to all of us and everything that we're seeing in
everything that we're hearing and there's one verse that popped into my
mind that I feel like I wanna share with us this afternoon its Romans 18 31 and 32 because if you don't think my
response team in the same way that I'm nothing
question I have is what then shall we say to these things looking as though
these things if God is for us who can be against us he who did not spare his own son but delivered him up for us all how she child not with him also freely give us all things the
unsung hero in the stories also love the father the love the father and
I think many Muslim we build a relationship with the Sun
because you see the willing to sacrifice love the Sun in
the president Jesus Christ giving himself for almost home but any parent knows very well the just as high a price was baby by the father because he didn't spare
his own son he didn't spare his own son and so he
says how can he not freely with him give us all things if God is for us who can be
against us who's your enemy after the cross who is %um who is still standing the devil is
crushed and chained that is defeated seems like to lay and God is trying to
tell same passion it does people about the
love doggies playing he did the greatest he covers the
greatest achievements he tied up %um latest enemy how will he not freely give you mom all
things God's desire as that you would be his own and if his anything when he wants to say he's
saying I hold you in anything that you will be
my own I will not even spare my own son that you will be my home but after we
talk about all these enemies think about the devil we talk about that
we talk about the same mister have enemies in sight we're still dealing with so many enemies that we deal with every game and God is
saying I want to give you new life and i wanna rehm you find in 1st 2010
chapter 15 says something very powerful for he must train till he s put all enemies under his feet the message
is the God is trying to tell me what is their last enemy within him what is the last enemy
I defeated all the enemies the last enemy team I'm willing to
destroy him but I will not do it apart from your welcome your last
standing enemy is yourself your last ending enemy is yourself I wouldn't say Jim I'll change from %uh same came by Russian a lame you're not spending enemy million
yourself home and we're coming here I was saying what
can I do to have %uh this victory there is in the cross I
want to victory there is in the process but I'll felim because the last and im is your cell the last enemy there's
going to be defeated yourself which can only be done by your VM is in his joy to three you from bondage it's been a tough you're sitting with a lot of people everybody's tires everybody's got some
type of problem everybody's hurting everybody's on defeated
everybody is disparaged every so many people are in
despair I look at the croats lazy Jesus where is
your victory where's the victory for your people
everybody is sale defeated them he say where's the pic to
review process is my victory defeated all the difficult my
bride to be that all the difficult stuff last part is it yourself it's just
yourself that you have been looking up to see him
well my freedom you want in life he says how long he not
really give you all things not victory over her son's how would you know dream home with him all things so what is the part love
yourself the dot is not raining on what is the part in your heart got is still not Kingdom people come to Malaysia Brunei I fasted
all 55 days aren't used to have him return because I put in my prayers and in my
pocket in my past things everything that God will give me big
dream I'm it'd be very discouraged if I come out yesterday Easter Monday
them same sins them because the last enemy which is not defeated is yourself and part of it was being accomplished
through your fast things but you're denying your stomach's you
are denying you are going against your own thing I'm
not gonna eat and then abstain I'm going to bed and my flesh and that's
part of with God's greatest desire it is for you them as what he says and second
twenty chapter 3 verse a team but we all within unveiled face beholding as in and near the glory of the Loom when you look into
the new year do you see the glory of the Lord when
you really wake up in the morning and you look into the mir do you see the glory of God you see
God's glory may be shared in every way and he was blaming victorious that everybody am experiencing got fifty darts power Bob lifeguards jury guards hope everything that is in
guarded is freely given to meet him that was got smoke free home but in
order to see God's glory in the new year there
something getting in the way and I look in the mirror and he got both
your %uh myself see myself any threats be hoping that the mere the
glory of the Lord and are being transformed into the same image which MMG his image from clearing too gloomy and that's what God's greatest desire is
for his people is that when you look into the mir he
says the reason well i'd i'd is that I took your
humanity them and today is the day the cylinders
said a certain part in my life needs to go up on that cross with you
there when I look at a house this eat certain things in my life the
need to be up in an icon I see certain relationships is certain I see certain habits and see certain
ways of thinking what I need to do they need to unite myself with him on
that cross the I need to be with him on map wrong is that every single one of us who was
baptized into Christ was baptized into him death it's not just the simple you died with
Christ they have been very when same Paul I
have been crucified with Christ it is no longer I who live but Christ
lives in me and every time I look to the cross I
need to remember my baptism because it was in my baptism that I really really came
and said I must die campaign even and there's parts in your life there
when you look in the mirror do not seem the merrill Garbus even this one thing the fraud keep on bringing you into despair well the Bible tells us those what
crimes have crucified the press with all its
passions and designers the first game the need to ask ourselves
we need to crucify the mines crucify the mines the Bible says that the cross is foolishness to those that
are perishing you see the amazing got other ways are the cross but it's never
going to make sense to any of our months all our minds will never accept the
cross because it's foolishness they win prizes
come with me to the cross Tuesday that's real that's not me know what's
your cross its your boss also that you need to arm
yourself with the same on the crimes Jesus which we see in 1st Peter Chapter four
he says arm yourself with that same month otherwise you can have the victory the tradition in the church tells us
that Saint Peter at the end of his life never been
meaning to be crucified and he fought through the night he was
trying to get out he was doing anything today sub-freezing the Lord Jesus appeared to
him he said Peter M you running away from
the cross if you don't take this cross you cannot
share in microns the messages but you need to take that
draws up for yourself and you need to crucify the mind of the world their mind they
will never accept the room the broad and then your mind
will be renewed my thoughts have the dow and nine so many young people every day say but
I'm losing my feet all I have is doubt in my mind and crippled by it I'm crippled by my
anxiety and mine wounds and all these things and
my feelings every day I face my fears I'm ashamed of
it and the only thing that can get ready for their fears that I would cruise to
migrate to find my mind everything they can match your mind is
telling you I'm you're gonna be rejected you're never going to be good and I'm
you're never gonna be accepted you're never going to be and we're never
going to be with all realize that we believe that every day the only way would be freed is a few
crucify the mines we need to change his mind that every way come before the cross a
busy road I do I deal with these thoughts he says
bring them to me he says bring them to me and let me come
to buy them because they're not from me because I will freely give your brains got did not spare his own son but the
living room up for us all how will he not with him also freely
give us all things how I'm not give you acceptance not accepted in the blood the bible tells in addition Sep 2011
accepted in the beloved in Christ you're accepted those fears a
projection make you face every day you have to crucify you say that's not
the mind of Christ because it's no longer I who live all mine value comes in him because I'm
United 2-1 him there's nothing to fear because you are no longer you are no longer and everyday your mind is telling you
but geez I'm afraid of this I'm afraid to change my way of thinking
I'm afraid to merge all the way to the party says the secret to life is the cross if you want a renewed mind if you wanna
healed mind you want to mind is filled to the brim
with dot com crucifixion of the mind we do this every game numba time he is
in a prostration to be go down MEC I put my head down before you cross and I crucify my thoughts and I
resurrect with what the mind of Christ we believe there's a
mystery taking place in our prostration dinner maternal
you're doing a time yes not doing that exercise to make yourself
heard but not the the bill the greatest spiritual thing that my mind would be crucified and say
no no Murray's no more enzymes no more severe %uh the emptiness in like every day you're going to have a name wine why are we like that and there are people who are carrying
the heavier stuff crosses and they're not tired they're not in they're not %uh seeing the pain as
something of overseeing the bean as something glorious the sale or how can I be accepted how
can I really have a crucified mind let you know my fans I'm never gonna be united to
drive because my friends you know the box but I think you know my
habits gotta get volume I can't hide from you see everything I
can't cover %uh he says I'm gonna cover you with my butt Genesis chapter 15 God made a covenant with Abraham and I
want you to understand how governments work in the Old
Testament bob was making promises to do for him
and he says you going to have children as much as the stars in the sky and the
same to the seashore Abraham is getting older everyday we thank I'm sorry got %uh sure maybe you're
gonna play promised shali the usual I'm going to keep your
promises them I give my life I'm expecting lead
you for you to keep your side am I lay down my life if I'm in valmeyer
ever like mister by my mind the Lord you have to keep your promises
that he says okay then enter into a covenant and the lady would enter into a covenant
times going to read a small passage got said to Abraham bring me chapter 15
verse 9 Genesis 15 verse 9 so he said to him
bring me a three year old heifer i three year old female goat a three
year old ram a triple-double and the young patient
pigeon then he brought all these big name and cut them into down the middle and placed each piece
opposite the other but he did not get the birds into and
when the vote just came down on the caucuses even drove them away now in the Sun was going down a deep
sleep fell upon abram and behold horror and great
darkness fell upon him what's happening the way
that they made covenants the Old Testament as they would take a
cap they would slice it down the middle they would lay it on the grounds and two
people with making agreements everybody would walk in between the two
have the animal through the blood every part of the
Covenant every party is going to walk through
both ways to make an agreement and the Red
covenant lyrics is that a covenant has two types have
language in the language of the law that if you do
this I will bless you see this throughout the
Old Testament God is telling his people if you obey my voice and you he my
commandments I will bless you and I will do and I'll
do I would you and if you disobey my commandments the Old Testament always begins two lists many curses upon precious to say okay with everything that
covenant in the contract a contract says I will do my part as long as you do your part and if you don't do your part
deal is done a covenant says this I will do my part regardless if you do
your part and even if you don't do your part I'm
holding to my site but then you say wait a second what
about that if you have a I will do it and if you disobey you can hit curses as a make
sense so what was the other covenants they
would split the animal and the two people would walk through and whoever broke the
covenants with end up like this and I'm sawed into so gonna read this passage how God is making a fcking a covenant
with Abraham is it fair for got to make a covenant
with Abraham was gonna mess up who's gonna mess up his dog gonna mess
up is gonna not fulfil his side the covenants it says ver 7 team chapter 15 per 17 and it came to pass
when the Sun went down and it was dark the behold and there appeared a smokin
Ivan and a burning torch that passed between
those pieces on the same day the Lord made a covenant
with Abram saying to your descendants I have given this
land from the river at the gym to the great river the river Euphrates the key nights the
cannon writes mccloud nights he goes on what do you see in this
passage you see a smoking i havent given up and that's creating smoke which
is creating a lightness got smoke makes the clout K and then you have a burning torch which symbolizes fire what the crowd in the fire always symbolized
the Old Testament the presence of God and so in this bad
did you see him the that smoking %uh then and the torch right through the pieces and discovered liver abrams part you
know gotta think he says I went through the cab for my
side and I went through the cab for your site this covenant is staying forever my
promise to you is that you will never break this
covenant because if you break the cover know what happens
you didn't walk through the cap daughter saying I walked through the sacrifice here he did Paul lot he was the sacrifice unaccounted our sins for what reason
that the government would remain for ever so in a permanent you have a
language lol which says if you break it is gonna be consequences if the
consequences right here if you break it this is the consequence you want to tell me about it that
everytime ICN I'm still part of the government yeah
because Christ length in on his behalf and cries 29 your b ack you are accepted you are permanently
accepted unless you reject and that's why your last nm is the self that's why last enemy is me I'm the only thing that's getting in
the way a new experience things Christ healing price new life every time he rejects the mind of the world God gives you the
mind of Christ you say got a notice to make sense when the
nobel %um god you know how much I desire the same
or this habit or this way live there have been
enjoying you don't know how hard it is to me it was a vice as I promise you if you let go given experience life God has so many promises for us he
saying I will freedom give you all things I did the hardest part so anything small
you can ask me I'll give it to you freely because I
wouldn't even spell my own son what is it that you want moneyline one
victory you wanna hold you encouragement wanna
feel like you can live life again no longer
walking through life beating yourself up and feeling guilty in feeling shame and
feeling defeated unite yourself to him imagine seeing Paul would say nothing
just separate us from the love got nothing there is neither tribulation
more famine now playing moshood nothing will separate you from the love
of Christ nothing's gonna hold my love back on my site at about the same the only
thing is you reject Inc so easy Christ in dude the most painful
suffering as reading something but said the night
before the condition that Christ had when he
was sweating drops of blood it says that this condition creates in extreme sensitivity to skim like anything that touches them is like really painful and really irritable I imagine anything they just one touches
him in the Garden of Gethsemane he is sweating drops in blood service anything touches him anything touches im he's gonna feel extreme the crisis said I'm gonna continue and
I'm gonna go and I'm going to rise and move for the
jury said before him not despising the shame he desired that we would be his do you want to be his own on find out what you mean to crucify at the
cross what part of your mind what types of
thoughts what types of ballots what types have
weaknesses with fear rejection what things I am would like to fame put it here at the cross me do for 100
mckennon's every time your head goes down as ever to crucify my mind I will only say give me a new mine I
don't think like this anymore you free to give it to you but you have to get rid of the self so
that when you look in the mirror I'm you see his glory he has been its been everyday you crucify something new
Graeme into grozny transforming are going from
bring to boil it every day I'm same it's not me in the morning it's Jesus jesus loves him is it worth it to hold
on to your cell ask yourself how valuable is the South how viable is your ego that you would
turn hold back from receiving all that he will freely
give us the one who didn't even spare his own
son I'm a father I could not imagine it would be much easier to give myself
and to give my son much easier to give myself to get my son
the same I do need them most precious and expensive price that you
would be mine do you want to be mine do you want to be
crucified so that I can be living room the combined from every day says you
gonna believe those words you gonna believe it when I said they're
gonna bring that stuff so empty words the devil you say crucify
them starts it but then download you never stop
thinking and bring them before you trusting the life that you can give me
trusting a new life the victory the renewed mine but I would
no longer be defeated by the devil let's be crucified with him now you see book did you feel when you
look at the icon see yourselves and pick me up on that promise Chris a fight every part in my life that
is not new for spam because I need to be yours because you
purchased me at a price very be to God for everyone