2013 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 4 (Eve of Wednesday)


name to the following this on the holy
spirit and i can those of us they've been here appalling
the readings since the morning you may have been a salient grades the whole morning is talking about like
a good judgment of god and talking about the wickedness of the people how god is
going to deal with with all those people and what i was
gonna deal with the wicked anion right just in the punishment that
they're going to in dual set the price that we know that the crisis in all of us came to
church to save nine is the dialing the glory in the blessings are these wonderful where they were saying it
would encouragements but yet the readings are saying one
thing they were saying another west egg eases anything punishment this coming doesn't match i was reading the writings of john king c_n_n_ a western father who went to that months of the desert of eat it and he began to ask him questions to
learn from them the spiritual and one of the father saying i'm sick the solitary was telling there are three things that people are motivated by to go to heaven first thing is they want the reward the running after the reward
and they're motivated by the reward and that the other people fear of halloween they follow the commitments and they said heaven as their birth
because they're afraid of hell and then there's the third type of
people they're inspired by the love of god if they're so convicted by god's love
the convicted by his mercy that that's all they want all they want us to share in the life of
dogs and to please god to glorify god yesterday we talk about the greatly that god created man and how
we created out of a bubble all creation and all you see is the great love the
god showed his creation but as you see by the responses of the people that
christ is dealing with everyday with the pharisees describes tonight wed he talks about rob he talks about how i born you want the
eagles' wings i'd brought you out of the wilderness and i treated you as a side has a father
carries his son nope spots no change sadat change just on a little bit talking about punishment and talking about the type of punishment
that the wicked and the underwriters we're going to suffer what more could not have done what could go i have done more to the
people of israel a magic all of the great wonders that
the people song moses came and gave ten pledged to the
enemies of the people of israel one after the other destroying the egyptians the angel of death comes in destroys all the people who
don't have the blood of the passover lamb on their door they come before the red sea and got parts the red sea he separates his people from their enemies by a pillow fire that was lighting up the desert this is not a candle this is a pillar of fire that had to
write up a desert for two million people cover them by doing with clout protecting them from
the heat of the sun presented their sandals for forty years that closed in a way out out brings a
lot out of a row brings manna from heaven they ask for me evenings demean when you see the people of issue not told me in the forty years the
wilderness but throughout the whole world tested complaining s murmuring running after a bout of dogs forsaking
the commandments of god dot everything because when you hear the judgment of
god's what's right about jesus but from what i've got i wonder what that is asking well i have to be different what more can i possibly do even after they built the golden calf they worshipped god called moses and says i want to
enter into a conflict with my people would you want i want to have a covenant relationship with my people i
want a committed relationship i would be to have gotten there will be my people
why you can't do that dot because i love i love what about the love of christ a new test preaching repentance and god's
acceptance of the story of the particles son and the way the gentle lady dot with
this imagine a woman he healed all basic he performs signs and wonders he had mercy on all diet himself god himself god himself took the form of a man dot himself i think we think that this is like i read the bible god took the form of a
man what do you mean dot at the moment meant what do you mean the dot handicaps and that the other heartburn
in the developing what do you mean how is that of the love of god even sing at the
nazis in the book on the incarnation he's asking different questions trying to understand ares antony but are trying to understand
the crucifixion that'll give dot needed to die right we
have to die in such a shameful when life across a wide so much torture singer finishes response he says because if guy would have chosen the way that he
would dot and people would say he was avoiding ping but got himself said i'm gonna let the enemy choose the pain i'd like to ask me to lose the battle however that it is that's caught off guard he left the i want to do lose what that he was going to die he didn't use it for himself all this love what is it what is it that was causing the people day after day bible reading after bible reading plus
i'll have to pass out you see what is it that caused the people to go away why did god proclaimed judgment honest
people over and over again first thing is negligence big just dvp they just didn't care i wonder how many of us today sitting
here icing all that's not me these thing dot
that's not me i wonder how many of us truly we just don't care we just don't care i tried before spiritual life is going to church thing the majority of the plastic alive for me because the people became negligent slowly allowed seemed to creep into
their lines second thing is they couldn't except
god's tests he couldn't accept the tests that god kept on sending so they were jack to go they said we know what's best in the forty years in the wilderness
they kept on saying we missed egypt's that you've been delivered from egypt it
was the we may see jude we'll remember only set by the plots of
me in fugitives god and his love his love second district test in the wilderness to get that egypt out of there we wanted to say you can take a break out of the ghetto if you can take to get out of the boat okay you can imagine somebody i have
about environments at the heart itself is wounded the heart itself has become sick the heart itself is messed up it's become hard because of sin they did it one except god's disciplining of them anybody who's ever had to discipline
their child with a pack on the bottom sometimes it's harder than a pack if you do it right later we discipline are it should be that when we showed them
the love that will be disciplined out children the day should coming to you because they see no doubt that you are
saving them from the ruins of the heart you're saving them from some greater
pain later on and so driving his love was showing daily he was giving them test he was
disciplining his children to get this thing out of their heart dot showed us in the life of christ at the righteous dots people are going to stop it but
they're going to suffer temporarily but the wicket they're gonna suffer a judgment and it's an eternal judgment and so so many of us we place ole the cross and we push ole the discipline of god from our lives but god is saying you need the site in order to be like christ you must
suffer like christ you must carry your cross but if you push away the cross because you wanted to use your one way
of life that's when we find ourselves entering into the ways in which is this world is locked hours slot our world this is not what we're
supposed to be and so as long as we are trying to make
everything work for me in this world might complex my pleasures everything
that brings me a temporary higher satisfaction urge or whatever it
may be that's not what's meant to have eternal happiness but it's from within and because the people of god could not except their ways of god they couldn't accept the direction that god was leading them he fell astray which is why we see the judgment of god over and over again one of the readings as easy guilt and
ezekiel chapter twenty one burst three it says and say to the land of israel that says the lord behold claim against you and i would drop my soil out of the
chief and cut off both the right just to make it from him what's wrong with our god what sword how could you be calling yourself a
father what so what are you talking about for the children of god sterol of discipline for the children of god against the
rocks of discipline jacob from the old testament god-given all these promises and told him i i'm going to be with you
and i'm going to bless you and your children will be like i said to the sea and i'm gonna give you a man got to get
all these things but jacob kept on going and the wave of deception deceived his brother out of his birthright deceit his father from his blessing deceived his own colon his father in law stealing his goats in his sheep in his
flock all these things moreno a promise his article in got out of his laugh stop jacob in his tracks and he said the
bible tells us the big dog wrestled with jacob dot wrestled with jacob i love you too much to let you continue
to run in the way the your belly what is the bioassay it says win the
angel could not overcome him weaning angel was dot could not overcome jacob isi jacob was putting up a fight he was saying known not just part of my
life this part of my life leaving along the way it is he began to
wrestle back with gone not accepting the discipline of god out of god's love not hatred gods that a monster but out of his luck
the bible says he touched the socket of his hit he began to limp from that day he overcame djacome he disciplined jacob not out of punishment out of love but then epic ends of the eleven to the
beginning of the eleventh hour the end of that deaf jews date the tone of the
church changes we sing to hymns in that and that
however we sing pick a few analysts his throat indoors for ever and ever he's on his throne for ever and ever
reign as king and then we say mesothelium about those we not pass if you are not let those miglin savior what does my good saver
come out of judgment the church is trying to show you that's why christ came he came to save us from ourselves he came to save us from our sins he came
to save us from i'm not gonna save a judgment of god because we don't believe that god came
to that punish the people what he's coming to punish us for our
scenes no the punishment that we bring upon
ourselves in the distance from god and that's why christ came at like
eleventh-hour the church changes a tone from the judgments you by could see here we add my could save you and then the beginning of tuesday
evening talks about the camps and he goes and talks about dependable of the wedding feast talks about the five wiesel virgin the
five police virgins at the wedding and he's trying to show us that christ
is calling us to be his bride when you read the book of songs songs you see that there's tissue might woman who was a palestinian woman who would
overwhelm the first thing you want him against who was the enemies of the
people of god of israel and king solomon quayle tissue might woman to be his love and he kept on ringing this palestinian disgusting in peasants center for women into the king's chambers to be his
bronco and this is the starry of you lend me
that god is going to you inures influence in your poverty in your shame he's saying com into my
chamber and share with me the deepest but internist tonight i want to talk about matthew
chapter twenty two which is that the gospel of the first hour the eve of wednesday when the people of god are deserving of
the worst constant rejecting god he calls them to image says in jesus entered in spokane again
by parables and said the kingdom of heaven is like a certainty who arranged a
marriage for his son and sent out his servants to
call those who are invited to the wedding and they were not willing to
come again he sent out others have been saying tell those who are invited to see
i prepared my dinner might oxen and fat cattle or killed and all things
are ready come to the wedding but they made light of it went there waz wanted his own farm another to his
business and the rest season his servants treated inspite clean
killed them but when the king heard about it he was
furious and he sent out his armies destroyed those murderers and burned up
there see then he said to service the wedding is
ready but those who were invited were not
working therefore going to the highways and as
many as you find invite to the wedding so the servants when college the
highways and gathered together all whom they found both bad and good and the wedding hall was filled with
guests but when the king came in to see two guests he saw a man there who did not have on a
wedding garb so he said to him friend how did you come in here without a
wedding garb if he was speechless and the king said to the servants binding hand and foot taken away and casting into outer
darkness there'll be weeping and gnashing of teeth for many cold many are called but few are chosen this story is exactly what takes place and every
letters it is dot inviting eyes to awaiting who's the bride of the wedding we don't lose the growing who was the bride of the wedding in this battle doesn't tell us what the
brightest but we are the blind and we see the people in the types of
people that are invited to the wedding ab three liturgy we are called to be part of a wedding to share in the deepest live relationship with god but he would
be nice and we would be in him who would come to this man's who wanted to come to the marriage
especially the magic of the king's son why does he call it the marriage why does he called white sea make this parable about the
wedding he's trying to say that my king dot is a kingdom full of joy old it is a kingdom digital of cheer there's
nothing aside for their so why is it that you well response how many of us guys talking everyday saying com share in my life share in the divine life let me give you
might like to have my life now what's the excuse we have different excuses whatever they
may be but it's a wedding it's the wedding of the king's son but
yet i don't know what it was the weather is the causes causes us to refuse this in order for you to understand the
context of this parable if this is not the chapter twenty two matthew chapter twenty one is the story of the landowner who sends
it in his service to collect from the people that leasing that land from the harvest and they took the
service and they beat them and they killed them and then it says now when the biggest time drew
near he said to serve as divine dresses that they might receive it's true and
the binder i just took his servants beat one killed one installed another he said next argues all send in my son charlie don't respect my son sends the sun they kill the sun matthew chapter twenty two is talking
about that same psalm it's his wedding after his death there is a wedding after
his death there is a resurrection and he's talking about pal all of us even though we may have to have the sun by allies sands we count the sun he does to the same people this killed
his son anne invited into the web invites them to the white who were u invited to the wedding the people that kilns the sun besides getting married the resurrection he is inviting all of us all matter what you're saying
is no matter how bad your sanity if you count the sun if you think if you count the son of god
himself you're invited to the way and then you see it says again he send up other serve
insane matthew twenty two versus forty-six tell others who are invited
see i have prepared my dinner might oxen inside cattle are killed and all things already come to the
wedding but they made light of it and went their
way he's want to use all the farm another to his business and the rest
sees the servants treatment spike lee and killed him round two he send out seventy has come to the
son's wedding the suddenly you kill to come to his wedding what they do it killed the service why was it because they made light of it how do you deal with the commands of god dealmaker light of the commandments of
god or do you have them the same way that
dot command of his people you are tested put them on their front let's buying them to your finger at obey the
commandments fulfill those commitments let them be in front of you what do we do we make light of they think they made excuses up they look at the same right they had to go to work had to do their
work they had to go to their business it's necessary seemed out of the firm says that god
causes to set things that are spiritually their spiritual higher and more valuable than everything
else no matter what it is that you are
considering necessary that is preventing view from fulfilling
the call of god whatever it is even if it's necessary your spiritual life your heart is much more important your heart is much more important white
kid that's so important in our minds that is going to bring on ours judgment judgment on ourselves we bring it up on
ourselves let's talk about it what business arrangement how bad is the fight between you and
your husband arguing it like reeling agenda really prepared for you
and reporters when you when your friends about
contacting isn't like that what's your excuse don't make light of don't make light of what god's calling
you to he's calling you to his wedding he's calling you to be his bride what is your body's people too busy time of the two lebudde in tutorial
and to be miserable he's trying to come to my wedding i'm
combining you to pleasure i'm inviting you to join not physical pleasures eternal townships spiritual pleasures those times when you recognize that your
spirit has been touched and your spirit is flying because you've been touched by the hand
of god that's nice you were called to those times that
intimacy between you and god we make light of it matthew twenty two eight two nine denise
at disturbance the wedding is ready but those who were invited were not words therefore go onto the highways and as
many as you find invite to the wedding invite to the wedding he says as many as you can find he says but that the people that have
rejected me forget the people that have rejected drilled and find as many people as you
can find every single one of you today's being
invited to the wedding invited to beat but remember at a wedding not to participate at a lake you were
called to be the bride at their wedding of the king's son could you possibly make light of it is there any excuses that is worth it it says the king sent out armies to
destroy it armies to destroy was a right away this pat was talking about what was
going to happen to the jews forty years later he's saying douglas and i was always to destroy
israel and it happened forty years after christ ascended to heaven he gave them time
still the same people he gave them time to
events no response all you see in this parable isn't
incurable disease saint augustine describes it as an incurable disease of killing servants killing the sun and telling the seventh again it's just this incurable disease ease i keep on going back to me we got locks and he says you have the incurable disease when i give you my immersed i give you the day of repentance i give you my love i dot m across i feel your sick i do everything that
you could possibly want me to do and it doesn't work it's an incurable disease because you can't force it on dot himself cannot boris has leveled all
we can do is show how are you with it if you want to take it great if you don't want to take it we have to be careful so when the jews refuses he moved on to
the genotypes the bible tells us highlights and public in cell cancer and
you will be cast out pilots prostitutes tax collectors they're going to actor and you will be cast out why because you are all the people of bought with no excuses and we were just dot is saying i love him i reject by the ways of likely insist on the things i can get rid of matthew twenty two ten to twelve za so
those savings went onto the highways and gathered together albany found both bad and good and the wedding hall
was filled with gas but when the king came in to see two guests he saw a man there who did not have a
lot of wedding planning say sexy and friends how did you come here without a wedding
garment he was speechless when you say friends friend who was the friends the person the kick
off the street the progress depression that came off
the street and came in and decaying speaks to him and says became himself he says friends look at the love of god look at dot is that what you're saying friends where is your garden the guy was speechless so the jews that guilty of rejecting but the people of the church our problem is is that week editor was corrupted lines we're saying i'm gonna comment irish and
the writing but dot will get over my sins i have a corrupted life i have send in my life now the bios i think there's no mercy
for scenes no the bike was saying that i will insist
upon the corrupted life that i have i won't put the gates on my computer's i
work with the dates on my tv i won't cod this relationship i won't do this
i'll argue that hi robbie about the things that i believe i a not so bad not so bad that's the soil the climate that is that the other dot the dots
going to look and say had to go there with them will dot i thought you were masterful they were so compassion if you have come to know to pay for it what they don't understand what's that's
said the story is that when somebody would come off the street they would given a clean god he rejected the clean dot he rejected
the diamond that was given to him out the door of the wedding reception he rejected undertaking to be the way i am is that you today is that you the president saying everybody aboard this one thing leave it
alone everything i suck at work on but this
come on well phonetic you right well extremists asleep karma matt furman talent romans eleven of thirteen eleven says
and do this knowing the time that now it is high
time cell we can out of sleep for now at our salvation is near then
when we first relieved you see the guy when he was asked raise your garments he had no response what are your response be let me step by far the son of god is
gonna say worship god wedge of garment why saddam itself i don't know but like i unites them
everything they told me to do did you put on the cornett who gave you what garment is it is he talking about it's the garment the garment of life the garment of
practicing the virtues of taxing the commandments where is your garments i didn't know you want to be really take
care for the poor that much the let me just as not caring for the
poor well i just thought that was a lot of
the things that was the gavel that was on my priority list the problem like i said in your marriage
the problem with your wife your husband your neighbor whatever may be it's the garment of life and let and practice do you have a could
you not have it and what is your excuse was used and
speechless before the throne of god when houston speechless let's become busy with clothing our souls with virtues respond to his
love respond is lab grow in your mind hold your head with
the crown of prayer with fewer thoughts fill your line with the word of god adorn your soul was so good at making sure everything
outside looks right that's not the dogs everything on the outside is not the dog
the government is on the inside do not enter do not step before the
start of dot thinking that if you had a strain for decades then you're not going to you're not a
bad the darn from within this is the week that we could learn from women and we
called ourselves from within and that jim the martyrs signal to nina the martyr
was has to be the bride and amber to be the bride have an address can should know on the bride of christ she was thrown to the lines thrown to the lines white because i'm a bride of christ i
have a different garments i don't care about the outer garments i don't care
don't like a queen or a princess i want to be a queen or princess on the
inside guys outside as a letter i'd privacy the raising of abandon the chechen and
that's not that's nice is not bad but i hope that the posture of the
inside i have the posture of the inside this
group with royalty with the love of god close with repentance because the bible
revelation tells us we will be given few whites garments from our repentance let's prepare ourselves for bridegroom
and the wedding which would enjoy in the day we are united him but stay tuned into that tend to like the tent-like is living in tents something that is not prevents dot today can move me to god knows where god can do with pablo with me in my life
because i'm living in a tent i can pick up attempts and move it anytime but these primitive foundation that
we're trying to build the on this as a there's a way that is not our home you've got the wrong clothing on it is the ron adornment we need the
adornment of our souls by trade but we would be like the people of god live like injures and with the injures in the fellowship of this heavily weighted going astray living like the world a sweetie kat with the wrong gourmet and the judge according to doctor man