2007 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 11 (Good Friday- Sith Hour)


 Personal meditation on the sixth hour of Good Friday.


The name of the Father and Son. Holy spirit. Amen. I've never actually gotten a chance to give a sermon on Good Friday in the dark, but I've always wanted to so I couldn't let this opportunity go by. There's a reason why are churches in the dark right now? The reason why the church you just turn off the lights because absolutely everything that it would have showed talked about how good Friday is the day of salvation, but make no mistake about it that the sixth hour tire history of the world is the darkest hour history of all mankind. Dark on the outside, but of course thing to find something on the inside. I'm trying to back up here. Maybe not maybe in the back and get me to the gospel of st. Matthew. I was ready to drain the shower. Top gospel difficult gospel lots of our stuff in that gospel. But I want to ask you to tell me. Can I control this from Beckett from here? Thanks. You better very good. I want you to tell me. Since we like extremes, what's the worst part? What's the worst part the gospel is a whole page and almost a page-and-a-half like 20-something 18 versus what's the worst part? Would you say? triptan Spit on him. Two thieves. What's the hardest part? It wasn't crucified. I'll tell you why. Because even things like little things everything that appears in scripture has infinite meaning behind infinite God. There was a specific that's the hardest part because it's not just the first section of it. Yeah, someone said it I heard it. Look here in like the two four six eight. OK I can accept that. That's really bad. Okay put on the Scarlet robe Crown of Thorns put on his head and read his right hand. But here's the part where it starts to get kind of inside and they bow the knee before him and mocked him saying hail King of the Jews. Of course LED them to spit upon him on the head and after they had mocked him number two. They took the robe off him and they continued more scroll. It goes down later on. He said they mocked him again. I can't find a ride up top my head, but it's somewhere and you think it's on the next page. Anyway, the point is if you would ask me. I think the hardest part of it was not what our Lord was beaten was when he was mocked. Because you know it to be true 100% what upsets you most in life. When someone hits you someone pushes you or when someone disrespects you? What makes people on 495 go crazy when someone cuts them off? How did that person do that to me? Who cares your 2 seconds lady? Who cares he disrespected me. I can accept the beating and I can accept all the hard stuff with logos to physically but I'll be honest with you when I see the making fun of says later on they look at the bottom after it says this is the king of the Jews right UC benefit. Look what it says on the right one on the left and they they passed by reviled him wagging their heads and send you to destroy the temple and building three days save yourself. Okay, the chief priests. If the Pope says something bad about me, I can take it if Bishop say something bad about me. No problem. Residence Congressman. Okay, I can kind of accept that. People My Level 7 bad about me. That's what I'm over problem. Little kids say something bad about me. That's more of a problem. thieves and robbers Coming and saying I told you was a bad guy. Did I tell you I told you he was a liar. Steve's this is it. Okay. Like I said the other stuff I can take this I can't take this is the one that bothers me the most. You agree with me that this is the hardest part of it. What makes it hard? What is it that makes it so hard? Is it a park near here? What made the mocking so difficult is that these people? What did they say when they mocked him? Did they say? Let's go back up to the top here. Did they say? Hahaha. You're you're a criminal. You're a crook. What did they say? What word came out of their mouth hail King of the Jews. Wait a minute. Look here, you know the reason why I was driving so much of their sermon for today because I kept thinking myself last night and this morning I got to try to prepare a sermon this week people who hasn't heard one sermon that's been said this week. I don't know. What am I going to talk to them both? One thing we all have in common with you been here all week and just have to play for the first time is everyone who says hail King of the Jews today. Every one of us says hail, you're the king every one of us is today says 9 is the power the glory Majesty play everyone with their mouth. Emmanuel Our God and our King everyone every single one. Back, then a lot of people said it to what made it so hard with the people said it with their mouth and didn't mean it with their heart. To the people who just showing up today for the first time you've been saying those words past if you're not really ready to make him your king watch out cuz I didn't good. But I'll tell you every single day which I think is more. IPhones that category myself watch out yourself to please please. Be careful today. because I found myself sitting right there by myself flipping the pages like everyone else and reading to him and Omar Dogan kind of stuff and saying Hail to the King of the Jews go to Emmanuel and then start to realize I was just going through the motions. Navionics peace me checked out last night. piece of me last night we made it. And I fear a lot of us do the same thing. Retired the voice is going we said it's okay to go on as a thousand and one time was in 2001 and 2012 and there's a big difference. I felt myself going through the motions of saying hail to you king of the Jews, but you know what, you're not saying with all your heart. It's better not to say it. Honestly, it's better not to say it because it's just too painful. Don't look at these people against the church church Church of the Living Church or reading about this Price is Right Here crucified and we're seeing that I want everyone but I want to say the majority of the people to gather to watch Christ crucified. Didn't do so in the right way. At least not the beginning. And so I fear many of us is the same thing. Odds are not in our favor. The odds are not in your favorites just showed up and you ended up worshipping God with all your heart soul mind and strength the odds are against you because they are the majority. The people is not on the right side where you had to marry in them and Mary the clopas and John ye had those with the odd we're definitely in favor more people mocking then people worshipping just showing up doesn't it doesn't guarantee you a spot on the right side, so, please Take some time here. I think about what it is. You're saying don't just run through the motion forget about not about sermons, but there is an Infinity worth of sermons and lessons in the hymns and the readings and the rituals that we do here in the church. That's why I was just very very small homilies every now and then that are just red cuz that's all that's needed because the rest of it rained in there, so please turn autopilot off turn the cruise control off. Okay, turn it all say it with your heart. Say it like you mean it believe me. I've sat dinosaur Power as many times as you have and I'm just as tired as you and I'm ready to go home and I'm ready to have a timing a sandwich or whatever just like everyone else is but please don't be one of the people is coming in mocking cuz it's just too tough. You know. I was reading a book one time that spoke about Cain and Abel. Check back pain with the first murder killed his brother Abel Cain and that's like me but you know what the book I was reading is a great deep meditation said that you are definitely keep me we are all came into one of us. And you know, what? What are you realize it or not able was a murderer as well Moses was a murderer David was a murderer every single human beings at the base of the plant was a murder. But some people some people were able to buy the power of God in the grace of God control their murdering side. Okay at that table hook murders the able able to control his side because they both got angry. I wasn't able to control it. I feel the same thing with markers every single person here. Today is a blocker. The odds are against the world is against him and don't think I'm done the Beloved. Okay, you got all the John the Beloved. Okay. The odds are against John the Beloved favorite that you're a mocker, but People didn't murder because he intentionally went away from that and you can do the same thing. Be not marker not going to come natural. It wasn't a hundred percent. Correct? You understand me being not a mocker is not going to come naturally. It's going to take autopilot off. And paying attention and screaming at the top of our lungs and when it's time that we read we all pay attention and when it's time that we stand or kneel whatever is 110% cuz we don't want to end up like these guys cuz these guys is just too difficult for the Lord to see that. Especially because these are the guys. Who knew the truth on the inside of the right hand Thief? The right hand Thief is someone we can use as an example because he came in as a marker. Beef, okay, you can come in as anyone but left. Much better way why could you text me when it against it? I hope we can do the same glory be to God forever. Amen.