2007 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 1 (Eve of Tuesday)


"Crucifying the Mind"


Name of the Father and Son Holy Spirit one God Amen. the Monday of Holy Week brings us like to main events. That we know very well and they're not the happiest most exciting events in the whole wide world in the morning. We read about how the Lord Jesus Christ walked outside and was walking down the road and it was a big tree that had leaves I know fruit so he cursed the Fig Tree unhappy event. Number one second unhappy event. He went to the temple again yesterday went again today. I basically didn't learn their lesson yesterday. So we do the same thing unhappy event number 2 In the evening all the gospels that read to us or focused on one thing. Judgment prepare for the coming of the Lord the end times be ready Watch and Pray. unhappy event number three Most people don't like all these unhappy events, especially on top of one another doesn't make for a nice. Service here. Where is the god of love in the god of Mercy in the god of compassion the god of joy and the God of Peace kinds of good stuff. Like there's so much like and there's so much anger but more like Not happiness in the air today with our Lord Jesus Christ is something that you got to understand that you understand like the church gives us the Old Testament. And then the song in The Gospel gospel the Old Testament can explain what is going on in the new testament old testament is the same as the New Testament, but just so much more detail and so much more description. So this morning there was a lot read from the book of Genesis in the prophecies this morning and specifically read all the Genesis Genesis 3 show the story about the creation of Man artist in Genesis 1 and Genesis chapter 3 right there. Just a short passage right there. Genesis chapter 3 which is the actual phone itself when the serpent came and he said to the woman has God indeed said You shall not eat of every tree of the garden and the woman said to the serpent. We may eat of the fruit. We may eat the fruit of the Trees of the garden, but of the fruit of the tree, which is in the midst of the garden God has said You shall not eat it. Then the serpent said to the woman you will not surely die. I got the story of Robin Sunday school before Does nutmeg good for Adam and Eve Eve gets convinced goes to Adam give him the fruit bad stuff happens every time I read the story. I just don't get it just doesn't make sense to me. Think about it with me. Okay, take your mind out of like like try to think about it here. This was in the history of the world. the dumbest decision ever made I'm not joke. By far the dumbest thing anyone has ever done in the history of the world was done right there. Even even the one in the picture. Okay, but I'm not Adam and Eve. It's okay even had a choice serpent was telling her one thing. God created her. God gave her an atom the whole world to enjoy reading all of Genesis chapter 1 goes into detail about how God created the heavens and the earth and the firmament in the clouds and every tree and every animal goes into painful detail, but everything is in the ad you didn't join me. I'm fine. This is this is for you. This is like a first birthday present in the world to enjoy eat what you want do what you want any animal that you want. Damn it what you want. I don't care do what you want. It's just one thing. I don't want you to do just one thing just don't eat from that tree over there. Seem like that big a deal of trees Styles the trees a piece of fruit. It seems follow me here. It seems like a very small sacrifice to make for all the benefits of living in the garden with God doesn't just not treat the whole wide world you want but around do anything that you want. Just don't touch that tree. It doesn't make sense to me. Why they do it? Maybe they didn't know maybe they didn't know if they ate the fruit. They get kicked out of the garden maybe was ignorance, right because I was not ignorant Serpent and the first one service says come here and try this nice piece of fruit and Eve immediately respond and said we may eat of any of the fruit of the Trees of the garden, but the fruit of that tree in the midst of the garden goddess Adam and he told him don't touch this one and surely you're going to die. So bad not only that Adam didn't have to leave the car and you know, it's so well his wife Eve and she knew it so well, but she was cited right then and there was not ignorance they knew exactly what they were doing Adam and Eve. In their mind as soon as I get thrown out of the garden. Just doesn't make sense to me. Just doesn't make sense to me about suffering living the life with no suffering. They were living for free what we fight so hard to get a life of no sickness a life of no sin a life of no problems a life of no bad weather alive up never had a parking spot where everything was perfect everything. I could Wanted full communion with God nothing. They were lacking the things that we complain about we fight about they were giving it to them and all they had to do was don't eat the piece of fruit over there. Doesn't make sense. So what happened? What's the explanation here? Easy think every one of us wants to say it's a Serpent's fault. Not the surface fault. It's not the Serpent's fault. I'm just going to talk about Eve cuz she's in this eve and Adam is the same. So don't get me gender and all that kind of stuff. Okay, because she's right there in front of us. This was Eve's fault 100% Why don't you make the mistake? You know what he'd made the mistake. She made the mistake in verse 2. Let's read together and the woman said to the serpent. And the woman said to the serpent, it's done. You're done your steak done. It's over. It was over for your teeth. Mistake was take a lot of make. She had a discussion with the Enemy. She knew who the serpent was the enemy of God. Cheater the serpent was an enemy number one of her beloved her maker her Creator the one who gave her everything. She knew the enemy was hit his enemy. She know that you didn't like each other. Adventure starts a conversation with him. And of course, he being the enemy of God begins to talk bad about God makes up lies the thought of my spouse my wife the one who had given everything from war speaking with my enemy who hates me. He wants to kill me and want to steal her from me just the thought of her having a long discussion with that person hurts me just a thought of having that discussion hurts me. This is what you made a mistake, but our mistake goes on an errand and then when you talk to someone you're going to end up listening to them. So she listens what they'll have to say devil. Enemy beloved does bad stuff. You think that's going to happen. Let me tell you the truth. Not only did she talk then listing. She thought it over. She didn't make a decision right there until the circle she's going to do. Until after the serpent was until later on she thought about all day that she was sitting on the way home thinking about it one of these right now, right? She's about to meet Adam. She started to meditate on it and debate in her mind all day. Gets worse she talked and then she listened and then she thought she decided. She made a decision. That her beloved that her Creator at the o'mighty was wrong. At slimy little serpent was right. Made a decision she came to the conclusion that it's okay. I know that devil sea serpents that you never trust me. I don't think God's don't you trust me. This was really going to happen. She engaged in the conversation to listen to what he said. She thought about it for a little bit and then she made a logical decision and her mind logical decision that you know what I'm going to go with my money that the snake is right and it God is wrong. Hold on. Hold on here. Miss Eve. Hold on. Are you serious? Are you serious? I can you are you joking that you don't got all this time? I got to hurt you giving you and giving you and giving you and giving you as long as you've known existence and is slime in a servant comes up. Will you haven't known for 10 minutes and he comes and says two words and you got to be kidding me at least at least at least go back to God and ask God. He got his true true true or not. True. You tell me the truth even do that serpent said she said that make sense. Eve and Adam did more than just disobey God they betrayed God. Okay, and if you look at it as like a marriage kind of upsetting what Adam and Eve did were they not only disobeyed God they slept with the Enemy they committed adultery not just adultery, but adultery with God Enemy by trusting in Him not trusting God now you see why today is Dave anger. Now, do you see why God's not so happy today. Now, you see why this little roughness in the voice today and cursing of the Fig Tree in Tulsa. Some people at the temple. You got to admit that this was you in this situation. You'll be a little upset too. After all you poured into them they went for your enemy like that. Seabury simply If a stranger on the street betrays me. it's not good, but you know what Life Goes On If my friend betrays me. My son betrays me. My wife betrays me. Now that I'm a little bit of a bad mood. It hurts a lot more. We're not strangers to God. Okay, we are Adam and Eve we gave the whole creation and he and he hasn't withheld one thing from us that we need to live in this world. Believe me. He doesn't expect the same thing. Just as you don't expect from a man in the street as a people inside your own house. Doesn't either God to whom or has given more is expected and believe me. He has higher expectations must because he's given us more than he's given anyone else all the reading spoke about this about the famous time when the people of Israel made the second worst of all the world which is this molded calf thing that after God I parted the Red Sea deliver them from slavery done giving them water from a rock break down food from heaven for them after that. You know, what they did. Look what it says they have for 6. Reverse one side and they said this is your god of Israel. I brought you out of the land of Egypt golden calf has all the stuff for them and didn't exist two days ago, but somehow I delivered them last year and somehow it fell in water and fed them food all but they come and they make it this show is really as I read that story and I read the Genesis story. You got to be kidding me. How can anyone be this foolish? Like you guys are laughing. This is true. They pulled gold outer Pockets about the earrings that this is who delivered you last year. How can anyone be so foolish? again Because we know there's like a parallel between us and them because we know that somehow this is all going to come back to me. Every one of us wants to say. Oh it's the devil not the devil. There's no devil. The devil is true that was working person trying to tempt you, but the devil has no power over you is now Christ that I give you authority to trample on serpents and scorpions power over you. You give him power, right? Maybe sometimes we give the devil power. You know how the devil get strong? baby gets bigger baby gets bigger by two things. Common Sense eating okay, but also sleeping every kid's okay by eating by sleeping and the baby eats, but it's during the Sleep the baby gets bigger. The devil is the same way. They look at him or we give him rest. I'm not going to talk about feeding him because I know if you remember last year we talked about that one one of the nights give it to him about crucifying the Flesh and feeding the bad. I'm not going to talk about that talk about it talk about the second one, which is giving the devil rest. And sometimes we give the devil a place to rest and if you give the devil a place to rest he's going to get bigger and stronger and before you know, it he's going to overpower you and you can destroy your life. That's what happened when Eve that's happened with the Israelites and I got news for you. That's what happens with us, too. That's why we make so many bad decisions time and time again. Where's the devil rest? Where is his resting spot inside me? Does the devil love love to come and sit down and snuggle himself and don't say the heart. It's not the heart. The heart is where Jesus Jesus sits there. No devil can be there, you know where the devil likes to sit. He sits above the heart. He sits in your mind exactly. He sits in your mind and he knows that that's your weak spot. That was the weak spot for Eve. If I can just engage her in this discussion. I'll take her he does that with with the Israelites if I can just get them to think we'll maybe this is maybe this is the guy who delivered you out of the red seat. I know I can beat them as soon as I answer that discussion with you. I know I can meet you because he knows that he's smarter than you and believe me and Genesis 3 and said that he was cutting the most cunning beat please more cunning today. You know why cuz now he has experience in Genesis 3. He was a new experience experience cunning person. Play Wish You Were Here on Lazarus Saturday. I was just kind of winging it up here. I was just kind of Sharon and I said that the number one enemy to your spiritual growth is your head. Your brain is the number one thing that stops you from getting close to God. It is not the devil. I promise you it's not the devil. Stop blaming the devil. Okay, you're making me feel like bad for the devil almost cuz I was blaming the devil fighting. It's not the devil. It's in there. You do a lot more harm for yourself and the devil. You I promise you are you give him more control over you that he had to begin with? This your head your brain. Your mind is the God of this age Kate of the Goddess worshipped around us right now. And if it doesn't make sense, it's foolish. Chevy's that stuff. You sent me an article about how it said about how this is guy who's claiming to be a Christian pastor we talkin about now. He invented something that Jesus was never crucified or something. Like I can't remember what it was in the world that he said. He says logically it makes sense. Come on man. But this is what people go with these days. It's no I think this and all that kind of stuff makes sense people worship this thing. You know, what if we said yesterday the theme of this is going to be about death and about dying and you're the first piece of your body that I want you to chop off is that cut this out for this week, please this is the first thing it needs to die. Okay, because this is the limiting factor in your spiritual life. If you don't get rid of this, you will not make it very far on all week. If you don't get rid of this, you wouldn't even have made it here you could have accepted last night sermon unless you throw this away. Why I don't make sense. As soon as I said suffering the brain okay to say things like that doesn't make any sense and then your brain started to send you why you should not listen to that. You couldn't have made it this far and Holy Week. what I'm not saying is the we should be brain dead. Not what I'm saying? Because I personally very much disagree with that. I don't say we just come here and just go through the motions and not what I'm saying. I'm not saying that we shouldn't think what I am saying is that we need to adopt the mind of our Lord Jesus Christ. Okay. We need to take his mind throw away our own brain and take on the mind of Christ. St. Paul says in Philippians chapter 2 when he says let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus. Okay, I'll have the mind of Christ Christ. Mine was love and peace and stuff like that. No, he goes on he's got me you were going to try to just stick with love and peace price. Mine who being in the form of God did not consider it robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation taking the form of a bondservant coming in the likeness of men and being found in appearance as a man. He humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death even the death of the cross. You see the first two sermons of Holy Week or summarize right there? They put this minded. What's the mind is death mine. No problem. That's mine. Just that's mine. But that's on the cross mine difficult. That's kind of mine suffering kind of death kind of mine. By the summarized that and one phrase what's the mind of Jesus? Is blind obedience? That's what I Lord Jesus Christ. What would you disagree with me? He didn't discuss stuff with the father. Didn't come up with alternatives to the Plan of Salvation. He didn't debate and say why and how come and maybe later know what kind of stuff he did and he was told more difficult and he did and he told more difficult and he did blind obedience. Why because he knew Do they have a right to ask show he's got a ride in Mustang. Right? So I'll kind of stuff but he knew that the dialogue the debate the discussion just like with Eve. More harm than good as the end up really messing you up that this discussion with the enemy is going to do a lot more harm for you than good you discuss with the Enemy Bring up question. How do you know God is so good. You know God loves you so much. How do you know that God is so powerful. How do you know that God knows what's best? When I look at how the devil fights online these days the number one things any fights. Can we sing Vine is the power the glory the blessing of the Majesty now and forever Emmanuel Our God and our King. Sometimes we question God's power not usually sometimes you're catching his glory maybe not so much a question is blessing weather is really blessing with him. But the question is his majesty, which is his wisdom and his kingship over me as a number one thing that he gets you want such a question that how do you know God has the best plant that When God says this how do you know you can follow up 100% How do you know because he told you how does he know his job good job to tell you that because I'm booked two thousand years ago tells you modernize translations. It doesn't mean the same thing? Kind of stuff. They'd love to get you to modify. Why church church teaches us to stay the night at the Majesty every day. Some of us who have gotten like soap in the culture around us are mine is idea of throw away your mind and do something even if it doesn't make sense to you is so not just wrong but offencive some people it's offencive, but how can it be because our mind is usually the highest thing that we think of as an offense of concert for some people Is not mine to gift of God didn't God give us our mind. Yes, but with everything God gave you he gave it to you, but you can give it right back to him. Nothing makes a father happier some french fries and it's not offered him some right back. Nothing makes father happy. Yes, he gave you your mind and you would love for you to give it right back. Don't go with that one. For those of you who don't like this idea of blind obedience. Let me ask you a question. Are you a parent? better Do you have a toddler? Do you have someone in let's say I don't know about 2 years and 2 months. I haven't have known about 2 years and 2 months. As a parent of a toddler. I love my boy more than anything else in this world. I love myself why I love anything else. I love my boy. Just cuz I love him doesn't mean I don't expect obedience. Especially at this age. I want it blind because you ever been around a two-year-old. They have a tendency to question. Okay? We don't tell our toddler's if your parents this is what you should eat, but think it over for a little bit and whatever you decide is good with me. Do you? Tell your toddler what you going to eat. Now it's time to go to bed. Now. It's time to go to bed. Do you expect blind obedience? And if not, there's going to be some trouble. Just last week Michael decided to question The Obedience and he was given a scenario where he wants to play outside, but it was going to bedtime stuff like that. He was told to come upstairs. You decided that night Michael receive his very first If you don't know what I like is. I can maybe I better not translate. I know who the hell I get myself in trouble with authorities and stuff. There's no English short for something. Why did he get it cuz it's not his job to think it over. It's not his job to make decision. It is his job to obey his daddy end of story. That's it. What makes you think that you are any smarter than him? What makes you think that you're relation that my relationship for me to my son. What makes you think that your relation with God is any different I got news for you. It's further away me and my son is not as big a difference as you to God in heaven. So before you think that you should have a right to talk back you think that you have a right to decide what you want to do. You have a right to question God's Authority and his wisdom and his goodness. Remember that God didn't make you to be his advisor. He made you to be his child. You're his child. and we've more children expect blind obedience or else there's going to be trouble that's why all the readings tonight all the gospel tonight. Spoke about the end and at the end. So be prepared me ask you a question. Thank you. But some people can again if you're not with me on this mind thing you take what I'm saying the wrong direction when God speaks about judgement when I have the parents speak about punishment and I speak about the bad stuff about disobeying. What is my goal and telling that to my son my goal and telling him that it said he would avoid it at all costs. Because I want to give it to him because I wanted to avoid don't wanted to know the consequences if he can avoid it because believe me and any father or mother knows this hurts me a lot more than it hurts him. I promise you never understood that became a father. It hurts you a lot more than it hurts your kid. The story of Creation in Genesis chapter 1 not a story of a harsh judgment is not a story of an angry Tyrant the story of a loving father a loving father who created the man who created his children to live in his garden he him everything he couldn't eat it. Everything you could possibly need if he gave it to him. It wasn't one thing as a plaintiff going liturgy. He did not leave us in need of any of the things of his knowledge. One thing for us to be perfect. But then man decided to question. God's plan God's wisdom What did Adam and Eve do? Specifically if you look at what they did give us some hints as to what we do lots of time. first thing Adam and Eve did We can just kind of Imagine right here. Can't go back in time. I want to show him staying last night about how one area of suffering and none of us want to accept is he said the glory are the honor at home or the respect issue at the first thing Adam fell with as well God gave adam full of thority over every single living being and creature including his own wife. The devil came to him and said that's not enough. You need more Glory. You need more honor. How dare you you do should be equal with God. He's not being fair to he's disrespecting you. Adam fell for that one. second question But if you stick with God, he's not going to take care of you how foolish is that for us to question for Adam to question how good God is because on the very day. I made I said one thing was incorrect. Actually. I said goddamn out of everything you could possibly need it. There's one thing that I deleted everything except one thing and that very night. It was salt that very night as soon as that's all one needs. So what do area and let's be honest about the end of the world of atoms. Got solved it that very second. Creating woman gods for saw a potential problem, which is the balance of power. Okay, and maybe some fighting this nap now don't get me in trouble. You're not saying anything about men and women this and that, but you can see where I'm going with it. Maybe even she is under your Authority even she who is equal to you is under your Authority. You're the head know the devil said them. What did the Bible say to Adam after. Even even under you to see how the devil works when he's in there when he's in there? You just said the opposite of what are. Says like a little kid? Okay. He just as soon as he's in there, it's going to be trouble and result. Man was kicked out of paradise. I said I know from a father's perspective that it hurt. A lot more than her Adam and Eve to go out of there. But God pretty much said you know what I told you. I wish you didn't come to this but it had to be this way. That's why. It's a very important gospel is read Mark chapter 11. Speaks about the Fig Tree but it goes more about the fig tree. Saint Peter it says right that Mark chapter 11 and Peter remembering said to him Rabbi look the Fig Tree, which you curse has weathered away Jesus now says something which teams have nothing to do with the Fig Tree unless you've been with us stamped inside of them have faith in God bleeding. Please have faith in God for surely. I say to you whoever says to this mountain be removed and be cast into the sea and does not doubt his hard to believe that those things. He says we'll be done. He will have whatever. He says God is bleeding who cares about a mountain that about amount that is saying, please trust me, please believe me even even if you want. I don't even care if you believe me. I'll let you move him out. He said whatever it is that you want. I'll do for you boys. Please. Listen to be I'll take your Toys R Us buy everything. You want to please listen to me, please what God is saying. Please have faith in me. Please. Don't listen to him, please. I'll do anything for you. Just please have faith in God. I promise you 90% of the promise in your life is due to not believing either a not knowing but most of us not knowing not knowing or not believing the truth about God. I promise you the one is living in sin is living in sin because it doesn't believe that God has a better way. It doesn't believe there's something better. The one whose living is a Pharisee is living that way because he doesn't believe that when God doesn't care about the inside not the outside that he really really means it but it doesn't care about leaves. You care about fruit. what to do I said all that. Then do us much good unless we come up with that. a strategy of how to combat the devil in there first thing I'll tell you is you cannot stand still when the enemy is approaching. I Know The Enemy was coming at me. It is not good enough just to stand here you okay? It's better than going towards him. Yes, but I cannot stand here if his enemy chasing me. I must go away from him. That's the first thing is we have to go away. Where do we go? Get wisdom. I don't know if you noticed Old Testament prophecies prophecies. Like there's two sets of the Prophecies of wisdom Proverbs talk about wisdom of the phrase over and over and over. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of why we're eating all these books about wisdom because very simply put that you must listen to the word of our Lord Jesus Christ, which is wisdom. You must get that with him cuz it's the only way to overcome the enemy unless you're growing in wisdom, and he's going to catch you and he's going to beat you down. I always think about King David said in the song. We should I will call upon the Lord who is worthy to be praised. So shall I be saved from my enemies you want to be saved from this enemy. You must learn to call upon the Lord. You must learn how to take his word and get closer and closer and whatever he says to do is like you're like like Pac-Man just eating up more and more his work. Okay, cuz a little bad guys are coming and chasing you and you can't sit still go more and more and more of his wisdom is with him at his wisdom and sometimes ain't written but it's getting you get it by the experience of God in your life. But I wish you were here this morning. I noticed something very strange and I want to see if anyone else noticed. There was something very strange this morning with regard to these wisdom readings very very very strange that we read in the first hour the sixth hour and the ninth hour from books of wisdom. Three different books. What is Proverbs? When is the wisdom of Solomon book? Okay. It's another book of saying it's like Proverbs in the Bible ecclesiasticus or called the son of Sarah from those three. Don't talk about suffering about wisdom in the fear of the Lord. anyone big fries Okay, but I'm sure he's got it that's not just as you got it this week. But more than that wasn't just the start of each one of them. We read verse 1 through 9 in each of those three books Vegas yet said that I want to show is that the reference reach one for the first nine verses of every book. that tripped I couldn't accept that one that made me immediately go home and try to figure out what the significance of the number 9 is a 3 + 4 + 979 is 9 signifies the end before the end tote end is completion is the end. 9 is the end before the end of the way of saying it's like the end of an era is not the end end, but it's the end of an era. So like the single digits 9 is the last one and the double digits. Nine-Nine is the last one. Okay. So 9 is the last of an era and then I'm New Era comes so a lot of the fathers talk about the number 9 as being the symbol of judgement. You know what the messages here is that get wisdom man because judgement is coming. And 3 x 9 vs to signify. Like I said the end for the end the end is coming every one of the reading and in the morning and set it in like a picturesque kind of away is coming so get wisdom now. before the end I hope you don't finish up here and see God as a harsh judge, but I want to see him rather as a loving father who did everything that he could. To prepare his children for that day. The last thing I'll tell you you know me. I want to end on a positive note. I'll show you the most positive note that you can end on because today was a tough day. The readings was very tough. There was a beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful reading. I was read from Isaiah chapter 40 and it was red right after the Genesis chapter 3 is 1/9 hours morning. So I pulled up here and I needed it to be in Arabic in case some people don't understand English cuz you have to see this after Look What God Says. Is the only prophecy that was red like this Comfort? Yes Comfort. My people says your God speak you praise to the heart of Jerusalem comfort her for her humiliation is accomplished her sin is put away for she has received of the Lord hand double for her sins. Goes on at the end instead and the glory of the Lord shall appear and All Flesh shall see the salvation of God for the Lord has spoken it. Do you know what I did last week after I gave my boy. You know what I did. I put them in my bed to sleep next to me. Believe me. I'm against. Don't want to get another but that night there's no more and even between me and Mary and she's the soft one. She's going to love to bring him in bed with us, but that night. I'm the one who said it's okay man Let It Go just one night. I hugged him so hard. I squeezed him and I make sure that he slept in my bed that night. I promise you the out and hurt me much more than hurt him and it's the same thing with God. God doesn't want to judge anyone. I just want to curse. Anyone. God is one anyone be kicked out of paradise know what sometimes there's no choice, but there is a choice the choice is yours. If you want to please the father this week, please let's start by taking this and throwing it out the window. They said you can't fast don't listen to it. This said you can't get here before work. Don't listen to it. This says you can't concentrate during a 10-minute song. Don't listen to it. You can I promise you this limits you more than anything else. This is the first sacrifice of meat to make this week and then we can really sing from all of our farts. We can really sing the power the glory the blessing the match now and forever. Amen glory be to God forever. Amen.