The Sanctity of Work



In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit one God amen glory be to the father to the son and to the Holy Spirit was never answer the ages of all ages email. I would like to meditate with you this morning on the sanctity of work. One of the first things that when two strangers meet together they begin by asking what is your name in? The next question would be what do you do? And in many cases we are defined by what we do. In terms of our work or vocation. basically Our Calling and I was engaged discussion. This week was a member of of the congregation who was told that the only kind of work is being involved in full-time Ministry. And I said that I beg to disagree. because if you look at the entire church. Maybe less than 1% Maybe just a fraction of the 1% of the congregation are involved in full time ministry. What about the rest. Has not Sanctified the work by far now. Each person's work, and there's a necessity to feel that we are called in whatever location or place that God has placed us in. for some people they say in their mind to TGIF Thank God It's Friday because the work week is over and now I can enjoy my weekend. I can relax I can go out and I can go to church. What's we want to challenge The Tiara gif? Thank God, it's Monday because new work week is beginning and whatever I have from my encounter at church on Sunday or Saturday for my involvement in the work week and their influence my surrounding Any kind of work should be involving guns. This is what station is called this today. This particular time we should have been done the same time ministry or consecration is the only calling each and every individual is called today in this particular place in this particular kind of work and should try to find God in it and Infuse the fragrance of Christ in this particular place. Well that Sanctified work ever since the beginning of time because from the first chapter of the Book of Genesis we see that God is at work send his creation the spirit of God. Is hovering over the face of the Earth. The spirit of God is not for sitting without any kind of work and got started his creation and he said let there be light and that's all that light was good and God divided the light from the darkness and he called the dry land and us into all the rest of the creation in the image of God. He created them male and female created the fish of the sea over the birds of the air over every living thing that moves on the Earth. And God saw everything that she had made and indeed. It was very good. So they need the lights of than his Creation in his work. And this is a beautiful lesson that we learned which is sometimes there's a difference between having the job is maybe when we start looking at the time and we get bored after 15 minutes or an hour of the day compilation anything and we're not enjoying the environment of Survivor. Put the ideal weight as possible that we can have some kind of career or vocation or if I understand that this is my calling to be here at this particular time in my life. I will pour out my heart into this kind of career or I'm giving something to the economy or to the place that I'm working at or helping people to be healed and this is a great contribution and at the end of the day I go home feeling that everything that I've done is not only good but is very good. What's the weather look at the entire scriptures? We find that everyone had some kind of work from Cain and Abel. If someone was a farmer of someone was asked his people to be at work and even after the photo of human beings punishment for him, but it is a means to combine with God and to be a partner with God but he has given human beings to partake with with him to feel the fruit of their hands were and in that is 25 their work and their location. We can have so many examples of successful people in the Holy scriptures. Columbus Dispatch our life and their spiritual growth culture music was an immigrant. As a matter of fact, he was a slave that came to Egypt and then from there to present he had the worst of conditions that he was living under but he was a persistent person to the point that they didn't fall despair or give up or feel pity for himself was Vigilant concerning. Concerning his spiritual life with bad to the point that when he was tempted by Potiphar's wife. He said, how can I go and sin against God because the word of God was living in him, but at the same time we know from Genesis 39 that God was with Joseph and he was a successful man. He was a minister in the government secret distributed the barley and and all that so that people would not fall into a salmon able to balance between his vocation is calling his work and he was successful anything became the second man in Egypt and also someone who was a spiritual individual when you know, what hurts the heart of God and what makes him happy and he could balance between these two things. Jesus never said my father works until now and I also work under in 2nd Thessalonians 3:10 will not work with me to work and in the work they sanctify God. This is a vocation. This is a calling this is a full-time minister to them because when we are living in the world, we are the image of God in the world around us was Christianity from the very beginning. The church was out in the open in the public streets on the hills in people's houses. So that's not confined our face to the four walls of the church, but taking the message that we receive at church. I'm going out there and actually living it as one of the Saint Saint Francis of Assisi said so it's not all the words that we say to other people. Maybe they are not Believers example letter in the world and most people don't have access to the first for referring to Matthew Mark Luke and John location. Please read the scriptures or are even Christian what people say and ask that gospel that translated gospel of Christ and based on it. Can I develop and image about Christianity internal significance and importance only insofar as certain qualities of the personality and making a living and this is unfortunately how some people started to think about working our time. This is a quote said by person name is actually at work and we are called to Bear His Image in any place that we are at. Vivint the song that says Psalm 107 verse 15. He said the following would give thanks to the Lord for his goodness. And for the wonderful Works to the children of men so Dad is still at work up until present day and age 25 specific kind of Charity caring for the underprivileged for the poor for the blind girls who are disenfranchised from the general Community. Those are hungry or thirsty and he said whatever we do in his name to the list of his brother is the volunteer work for the community service, but it has to be done in his name, which way is our current location or Ministry. To live a Christian Life by the place of work by example and also to give some of our time to helping others who are less fortunate and who I can meet. Let's give some pointers on how important it is. To bring guns at work. How is that possible people are not behaving in any way cheating the system. We will not be involved in this kind of behavior that presents in Egypt still working in the government. He would not use the pencil to use the equipment of work for work, but not for anything else because many of us at times we used before service or even use the company time to do something else. Even if it's Then I have to do everything according to work because this particular time is for work. So we wouldn't be caught or not. We use company time for anything else no matter what it is. If I need to survive on my own time do something for sure show person on my break time. Going on time and leaving on time all these things. If I'm being paid for this particular time and work on these things will give us a blessing or a kind of a good rapport with our superiors and the people whom we work with us and our colleagues. Bring up into work sick and certain opportunities to witness and I don't need to hide it because this is who I am as a person if I'm a person who doesn't usually swear or please tell me this is who I am and it's not meant to show that I'm better than someone else. I'm comfortable in my living and the even if I'm fasting at a certain time, and that is the people may have given them so much a hard time. LED light under the motion, but I will quickly now because we have to speak also about the concept of a Sabbath. For 6 days and then on the Sabbath Sabbath so it's very important for us also as a community and as a congregation for God to take very seriously the concept of rest because life is not important pictures and how much I am giving my body needs the rest. My mind needs to rest. My family needs those are involved in full time again with the traditional definition. Relax, and to be able to give once more so that we can be in church together as a family where we can read in the scriptures where we can go out the front door to a park and also to have individually or as a family or even sometimes I asked for our bedroom and so that we may grow in our spirits and be able to contribute. 25 angle or just an individual time with sermon or able to continue because it's important to Pace ourselves for the future if we pressure ourselves so much now we could break or we can blow this morning as we rejuvenate. Idea about work about vocation about Ministry to find God in any place at any time that we exist because God is with us and we should be faithful in the time that has given us. It means that we should be at Witnesses unto him all the time. And that's also good for ourselves. Also. May God bless this morning.