Matthew 11:2-11 and St. John the Baptist

Matthew 11:2-11 and Saint John the BaptistSaint John the Baptist; his faith, humility, asceticism , and special status. An explanation of Matthew 11:2-11.


The name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit one God a man. Temeku Had to do in Saint John the Baptist. And your point? My little foot is worthy in my mouth so I could bring closer to 60 and 100. What was happening? Is it, I said, of course you remember. Decided to put Saint John the Baptist in prison, and the reason was because he took the wife of his brother. The beat is on so st. John the Baptist talk to me then. I'll do that. So he didn't want to hear it. So he put him in prison at this time. So he was in prison and you know Saint John is a prophet. So he knew you was at least I'm coming soon to be Matt Martin. I know what to make sure that his disciples realized who is Jesus being the son of God. So he told them. Go to Jesus and ask him how to use the one. Are you the coming one or do we need to wait for somebody else? When will these adverse with things that maybe John was not sure if Jesus was the son of God. That's not true. St. John's the Baptist has no doubt whatsoever. That Jesus is the messiah. And what's to do we have to save this. Go back to the door. And the one cent 81 to Elizabeth. I told her what happened. the giant leap inside like you knows every time he is received the Holy Spirit because Mary was right there and Mary was pregnant in Christ as a Time. the other thing remember when Saint John the Baptist baptized Jesus what happens then? That was the sound of God from heaven and there was a door. Supposed to Holy Spirit changing about the head of Jesus. And what John the Baptist says? I saw the Spirit descending. That's the songs on. chapter one Are you supposed to spit it descended from heaven like it off and heading means upon him. So Holy Spirit was the temple of God. About the head of Jesus when he was baptized. I did not know him before but he who sent me said to me that told John upon whom you see the spirit descending and remaining on him. This is who who baptized with the Holy Spirit. I have seen and 55 plus plan of gas. Even then John knew that. This is the Son of God, so there was no doubt in his mind. That Jesus is the son of God. And the next day or since its Inception in St. John it says that. Jumpsuit with two of his disciples and looking at Jesus. He walked. He said Behold the Lamb of God and Jonah was happy about it. So he has no doubt whatsoever. That Jesus is the son of God. John said that he must and if we can have it at Total Wine while serving the Lord says the Lord has to be between place and Wilmot degrees would be so happy serving. Seven things the Lord is for His glory not for an hour. So the question is why then did you send? Some of his disciples asking Jesus. How do you say when or do we need to wait for another? Is a simple fact that you want to make sure that hit the top of the farthest from Jesus now. So when he gets to die and be more than double photo type. So you have to answer them. 34 Jesus answered and said to them and tell John to things with you here and see tell tell him. What you hear and see I'm doing Medical. The blind see the lame all the lepers are cleansed and the death here to Desiree staff and the poor have the gospel preached to them. referring to Isaiah the prophecy that says the spirit of the Lord is upon me because the Lord has anointed me to preach Good Tidings to the poor. He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted. The whirlpool he only 2 poor and money. Too so humble, he would inspect the hunger one. And then he said he said blessed is he who is not offended because of me? Jesus knew that he would go to sufferings he would be crucified on the cross and this may question. the Disciples of John the Baptist Good, maybe his nose the Son of God. So he pulls them ahead of time blessed is he who is not offended because of and then then he told his disciples Jesus disciples told him. What did you go out into the wilderness? to see is it necessary to shake and by the way, what does that mean? You don't get either then. Is bull grass. Empty inside. Fast can I want things that's smaller than total this week? Has really nice for mentally about this. He says the twins that is is full piece of grass. So told any Breeze that comes moveset. diesel best to close early so when you speed up some are coming up with your mouth, right? So when you go to bed to meet until this again for you are so beautiful. You are terrific you are gorgeous. lead with circle band for the breeze and then be happy so it would raise up and feel so good about it. And give you a ride to my Tanya. Thank you so much for telling me this. If you go to the same rail with words of play. Does a DUI if you are up? What's the deadliest will bend under those words of lay? If somebody will give you words of Praise or words of place. Somebody tell us something so good yourself, and if somebody tell her words that end with feel so bad and we're so depressed and sad and upset. Let's be like Saint John the Baptist. It doesn't matter what people say. As long as he was a widow of the Lord. It was a nice contemplation of think about Siri. What did you go out to see a man closed and soft Garden? You know, what was he wearing? Yes, tell him here and there was around waist leather. People playing that I don't know. What was he eating? Eating locusts and wild honey. That's what she is. Listen to Simple Man. So, what did you want to see? Jesus said I send you but it is more than a prophet. Essentials the Baptist is more than Prophet. He's a prophet but he is above all the prophets were. Why is a bump on the top? Sure. Prepare the way in front of Christ and he is the only prophet. Who is the Old Testament is prophecy about to write the wheel pin to Malachi in the Old Testament? It says I send my messenger. And you wouldn't give the way before me. You see the numbers in the bathroom. I send my messenger before your face who will play give you away before you when did you leave the prophecy? Behold, I send my messenger my messages I sent my message and you would prepare the way before me. so dumb before you referring to who is either so god it works. Isabel customer was say before you before me that's okay about himself in the new gospel. Give of Matthew. It says before you referring to Jesus Christ, Jesus and God. I don't see in Isaiah. It says prepare the way the voice of one crying in the wilderness. To Saint John's the Baptist no other prophets and prophecies in the Old Testament before they come except Saint John the Baptist. and also Taqueria is the birth of John Torres. What the hell? As mentioned Pokemon he was scared by the holy spirit inside the womb. So what does that make him? even the best among the prophets I would finish by. Wentworth portal the verse 10 number 11 but is not is not like here. I shouldn't lie. I say to you prices talking to the disciples amounts of women that has not present when greater sin than John's the Baptist, but who is the lead in the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than st. John? What does it mean? Why is Saint John the Baptist was the greater the greatest among those born of women for many reasons that were mentioned some of them he had the privilege to Ida Price. He looks so humble. He said he must increase brightness increase and I must decrease. Who is the prophets did not see cry except John? He wouldn't is the Holy Trinity one give a price right the sound of God the father and the Holy Spirit as a dog. And his life was to aesthetic wedding come over here and eating locusts and honey. So that's why he is the greatest among. children born out of women was this that I said, but he who is least in the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than 2 You know st. John's the Baptist was Martin before the crucifixion. Sophie food to Salvation before Price Plus it has so he didn't witness that it was not at the time. So when he died he has a waiting place in Christ has to go and like Abraham Isaac and Jacob That's one thing so when we are worn out of the spiritual Baptist. And within the weather suppose long time ago and now I keep spinning and I'm up you anymore. Each time. You confessed YouTube in this is the second baptism you get plenty. And the Holy Spirit get renewed within you. So anybody who is filled with the Holy Spirit and he's safe to do a lot of Jesus Christ is considered to be even higher than st. John but sensible Gustin. Was tennis send a really nice comment? Said the Kingdom of Heaven who is in heaven right now. Who is this? the highest today Send me a pic I sent me Eddie from the angels. St. John's the Baptist and John the Baptist comes of the martyrs and identity. People Like Us Who says Mary Mother of God above the angel angel angel? Celeste Saint John he is one of the Byzantine Empire greatest Prophet Jesus may you bless us and keep his word in our hearts and forever.