A Man Called Jesus


In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit one God amen glory be to the father to the son and to the Holy Spirit does not want under the age of all ages MN. Today's meditation is entitled A Man Called Jesus. And that's just hurting out in the Gospel reading of this morning taking from John chapter 9 verses 1 to 38. The Holy Church Reidsville us this chapter twice. Very close to the Feast of theophany. And also in the sixth week of the Holy Land. And most of them are related to enlightenment. As we considered baptism as our Enlightenment as well as our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ as Enlightenment and opening the eyes of the blind. When we look in the New Testament in the four gospels, we actually find six accounts of Miracles of opening the eyes of the blind. That is one account in the gospel of St. John what you just read what in the gospel of st. Luke 2 in Matthew and chill in March. They're not exactly the same medical what shows us that there are several or there were several times that our lord Jesus Open the Eyes of the blind. Can Mark 8 2226 our lord Jesus opens the eye of one blind man, and it was outside the village of the Seder? Unless you're nice 27 to 31. We see the miracle of opening the eyes of two Blind Men and it was early in our lord. Jesus is Ministry in gallery Desert Medical is the one that was right for us today and John 9127 and then still the end of verse 38 and it was near the Temple of Jerusalem. And this is the one that is said in most Natives and many circumstances Saint John whenever he picked a miracle or story for our lord Jesus really took his time telling us all details. There are three miracles in the gospels, which are almost exactly the same or they could be referred to as the same as for the other three. We are the same age 52 is the miracle of opening the eyes of Jesus in Matthew 22:34. We see the story of opening the eyes of two Blind Men as our lord Jesus also Jericho and then and look 1835 243 opening the eyes of 1 Blind Men. and all of them if there is a Common Thread that our lord Jesus always used a miracle of healing in order to change and to transform a person's life, but also to affect those who are surrounding these people and only the physical challenge that any person held but much worse was the spiritual blindness of the people who are around. Especially in the one that was today the process of transformation and this is my prayer for this morning that all of us will take note of this transformation or change in the life of the blind person. Who was born blind in John chapter 9 and by the end of the miracle this man and the feet of Jesus and confess his love. Why don't the stories? opening the eyes of the blind it took two steps for our lord Jesus to open his eyes. It wasn't so clear first our lord Jesus opened his eyes and he put some clay on his eyes. And the person didn't see it immediately, but it was a transition. This is the story of Mark 8 2226 after the Lord Jesus the blind man by the hand and led him out to the village and when he has put saliva on his eyes and laid his hands on him. He asked him. Can you see anyting and the men looked up and said I can see people but they look like trees walking. So this is the first face so he was lying when he saw people as trees walking and then the heating vent Jesus laid hands on his eyes again, and he looked intently and his side was restored and he saw everything clearly then he sent him away. How do you steps or three stages from blindness? Vividly into having perfect sight is the meditation for this morning. The man was he'll enjoy online. After his eyes were healed. He has very little knowledge of our Lord Jesus and the heart and to the soul and to begin and where are we going? Yes, we could be. Standing in church, but our heart and mind is completely somewhere else. Yes, we couldn't have the Bible open in front of us. But the words aren't going to creating to our hearts. Yes, we could be participating in the ministry, but our heart is completely far from glad. I was just doing it because we have nothing better to do. Yes, the Pharisees and the Sadducees and the scribes were all very well versed in the scripture, but they were completely blind. When this man's eyes were open he began by saying. Kinnelon high school did this to you said how we rise open the answer that send a man called Jesus made clay and anointed my eyes. He looks a good man, but that was about it the first level of spirituality. It's good living with Christ as a man as a human being of spiritual blindness many still consider Christ as a man. He was a good man. He was a good man A Man Called Jesus. This is where it all starts. Quickly after you had an encounter with Jesus his view of him started to change. This is no ordinary man. This was a prophet they started to ask him more about who this is and how he did this to you and he started to argue with the Pharisees to the point that they said you were born in sin and experience crisis telling them. This is no ordinary man, but he is a great man. We've never seen a sinner who Open the Eyes of a blind since the beginning of humor is no regular man. He is a special man and is a prophet. But bit by bit as he grow in his spirituality and after he was persecuted the Lord came to him and he wanted to reveal to him his true self. So by the end of the Miracle Do You Believe In The Son of God he answered and said, who is he still finds Christ? And there is no complete satisfaction away from the Lord Jesus Christ. So this transformation happened to the blind man from thinking about a man a man called Jesus into a prophet a great man into borrowing to him and worshipping him and confessing that he is Lord and Jesus said to him you have both seen him and it is he who is talking with you? Then? He said Lord, I believe and he worshipped him. A complete Enlighten Enlighten a complete transformation occurs in the life of this man believed me. The easiest thing is to open up his physical eyes. To make a miracle of healing to him when we are going to a hardship without a time of challenge to our house. This is the easiest thing I can do it just like that with one word you could heal as physically but there is healing a spiritually coming back to your mind and soul repenting and kneeling to him and confessing to him that we were blind and now we can see is the transformation that happened in this man's life thinking of Jesus as a man into thinking of much more. You see they're seeing people as trees the transformation into thinking he's a prophet into final experience. And God and savior and saying that Lord, I believe and he worships him is like the transformation that happens to a butterfly and someone said how can one become a butterfly the answer you must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar. What do you mean we must die. Yes, we must love ourselves so that the new nature would be born and this is what happens to us as we participate together in the Liturgy and inferior. The Lord is using us and changing us out hard and the anger turned into sinus and love even put our enemies. Are misbehavior in any aspect or breaking of The Commandments has been transformed and change into blessing and rather than cursing. We are praying for others and letting them the broken relationships are being mended and heels and seeing clearly our lord Jesus in our life as Lord and Savior and Lord. Yes, we must die to oneself in order to be born a butterfly. Life is changed and it's not taking away, but we can have the value of life. Our lord. Jesus said I have come that they may have life and that they might have it more abundantly. This is the kind of life that we once in Christ Jesus. What's our eyes are changed and open and transformed. Once we are like a butterfly we can really love the kind of love that makes the new life and it's better than all the hugging that we can do as a kind of filler. This is the type of transformation 30 says the light in the eyes of him whose heart is joyful rejoices the heart of others. Julie is very infectious. The love of Christ and dedication to him is really infectious. It's abides in us some people talk about finding God are searching but someone said some people talk about finding God as if he could get lost I could never get lost. But his hand extended to us in order to bring us back to the flock of us and to give us his kind peace. Sometimes God's will allow us to order to put us flat on her back before we are looking up we're going to be thankful in times of trials and tribulations because these are the times that we would seek on the most and a gentle reminder that he is still in control of Our Lives. The Lord is great and marvelous and let us put our trust in him this morning and every evening. Every evening I turn my worries over to God he's going to have to be to be up all night. Anyways, let us put our trust in him and let us ask for this Enlightenment starting this morning starting today and just think about which level am I on? Am I still consider in Jesus as a man a man called Jesus or is he a prophet a great man, or is he to me Lord and Savior and distance formation begins today as we play together The Divine Liturgy today and always every single moment of our lives and glory be to God forever and ever.