The Last Will Be First

Saint Luke part#97 covers Luke 19:1-10 its a story of Zacchaeus a rich tax collectors who repents and offers restitution for his past after meeting Jesus. This is done in comparisons to the Pharisee who gave for the motives of self recognition. The prostitutes and the tax collectors will go before you into the kingdom of God because of the sincere repentance.


So today is this coming Sunday school kids children about Zacchaeus. And he'll how he went to up the sycamore tree. And today we're going to handle it for my different angle. So you're 19 Adele Someone to 10, please now behold there was a man named soccer. Give the kids the kids and he was rich and he saw to see who Jesus was but could not become of the crowd for he wasn't sure that you're so he run ahead and climb up into a sycamore tree to see him for he was going to pass that way and then Jesus came to the place he look up and saw him and say to him. Seka Seka Seka and he said to him so make haste and come down for today. I'm a stay at your house. So he met Jesus and came down and receive him. You're you're fully but when they saw it, they all complain saying he has gone to be a guest with a man who is his dinner dance Ikea student say to the Lord, look, lure I gave her for my good to the poor and if I have taking anything from anyone by false accusation I'd Restore for whole in Jesus say to him today salvation has come to this house because he he also is say so hung Abraham for that song with that man has come to seek and to save that which was lost date is the full moon Wall Part 1 is the city second one is The Sinner and the fourth one is the Salvation. Anybody remember the city? What is this it? I don't know. You can have a handout will I wheeze you glad when I was younger and I used to go to Sunday school. I don't know if I told you that I used to go to play soccer. What was the class today about and I'll tell him I need something from the Bible when Jesus entered and passed through what? Garrett blue Jericho map the map is divided into three parts who can say cooking Gouda. Stop mirroring it. What was the question? the mean guy in the middle The patronage and lean on the Houston and non-jewish mixed-race. We are not like is why the Samaritan woman is a big story in John 4. But in the shower is Jerusalem will we have bb8 food ministry in Galilee finished? Remember last time you said what did you do? Because I passed over the ghost. What is a memory and the avoid you can't walk? That's a smart. That way we're going but this is a long ago and he came here and he's back into Jericho because he's going to end up in Jerusalem very soon. Herod the Great this is the one who killed the children and his son Alkali was that it lock if you remember in the first chapter of st. Luke we divided into four sons was four sections of Jerusalem, but one of his son, his name was Al killed house and he made the city of Jericho a beautiful city. That cleared it up. photo of education's fruits roses and palm tree This is why people historian said you can smell it where why you are crossing the river if you smell the aroma and it is cold in Arabic meaning the perfumed. the city that has nice let me know if you're going to Jerusalem. I have to stop by the last stop before Jerusalem. Litchfield Jewish and you coming from here going this way you planning to go to Jerusalem will cause the liver. This is the main stop before going to Joe's remember. What? Deep are we in? You go because you are a dick wise, where are we? Yeah, Mom for you. Okay, March. Okay, what year? That's right. No. March 30th Do all animals the end of March in the year 3018. Everybody and their spoiler. What's that supposed? division of fungi you mean the gym fire? Excellent GIF living in Palestine boat in womb. Okay, please the Jewish diaspora who are the Coptic they are supposed. Young Living in the middle and Egypt while in the United States go to Jericho to go to Jerusalem for what it's worth woman. The full moon of the spring season for the Jewish Passover according to the Jewish calendar. It's going to be a Jewish calendar. But the coffee ever the time in the past was not concentrated enough. You send me Sam is a Jewish month April. Usually in airport on time you're kidding a car. Anything is better than Toyota one of them used to call it the little Paradise because it was so beautiful yet. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself by the coupon. Why didn't he just passed through Samaria? I know that it was not a good place, but he wasn't here for the Good Samaritan woman in the bed. The opening with him to go to Jerusalem for the Passover the disciples Alma questions yet. Didn't have the Holy Spirit that will open their hearts to anybody so he could not force them to do. It makes sense discussion. So I was saying you see if I said it is a recorded little Paradise or Eden of Palestine. message Rafiki was one of three men sent you have one here. three main centers in the Jewish landfill tax collection Azalea of caesarea, Philippi It was called after one of the four children of Heaven Bakery. We move on to the sinner. What is the name of the symbol in the story? the guy has Clean all righteous all innocent. I think his mother meant well when she gave birth, but it is a story is mentioned only in St. Luke is not mentioned in any other Bible and any other gospel and this is the set. Tax collector and the last one sent Luke mentioned. Do we need anybody mentioned before in st. Luke tax collector disciple Matthew Levi excellent yet. Volume on excellent Simon the tax collector who made the party and invited Jesus where the woman the signal came from his back and whip that is sleep. Excellent point yet. I'm not worthy. This is this isn't that Matthew that would match the fallacy that you went to the temple to play and also the tax collector 2 p.m. To send John the Baptist early on in Luke Chapter 203 to ask Tim Allen detect station business. What do you want us to do he told them going to take more than what you deserve. But generally the tax collectors. Will they hated? By the Jewish people remember, he's Motel tax collector. He's what the case is what? Who is the chief it was a franchise? The pyramidal system the chief is going to cheer for Jellico for the whole area. And everybody is being a loyal t. But why would she hated? Cuz it was important to show taken. How did he take in? Which method by what method what's a PD? Okay, okay by violence threatening extortion thugs member of the Freeman Center annual in advance. Stop example if the kids was the chief tax collector for the city of Santa Monica. He sends the back. East $1000000. January and he comes to each one of us and takes as much as he can because all the difference is going to his pocket. So they will hit number one by the Jewish people because they will use any method just to expand your own fortune and number two because the Jewish people receive them as loyal to. Working for the government for phone for the occupiers like somebody who's working for the army of the United States. You can't like so they would hate it and two levels. so Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus. Why do you think he wanted to see Jesus? Well, I mean, he's in Jericho, right? It's a hub everybody's coming in and out of that place. So people are going to be talking about. Oh, did you see did you hear about do you know different people but Jesus is probably coming up alot in conversation at this point cuz we're Talkin at 3002 adee. So he's already been doing some pretty and now he's coming through Jericho Jericho has his tail. So he has a great opportunity. I think there's a just a Natural Curiosity they're coming but then the other thing is he's a businessman unless you got your finger on the pulse of what's going on around so I think you stanza figet as a political figure so he was probably wanted to know like it didn't you King menu the kids wanted to know if Jesus is the new king lie, or what was happening politically, okay. Excellent answer. Yeah. This man was loved by everybody. Why do they love him? Exit anybody wants to add anything? You can explain to the class was a very rich, man. Can you have more than $10 in your pocket books? And then you know for men that don't take $100 take 250 and if she doesn't comply, you know what to do. So it was all a very bad business with bad reputation. For the Jewish people the tax collectors and the chief tax collectors will not allowed in the synagogue. Oh my God was if Jesus would speak publicly. His associates in Social Circle, all the other Tax Collectors were being rejected rejected avoid it and this is why when at time on the tax collector invited Jesus for dinner, he had all the tax collectors with him. Kate and he want to show off. We don't go to the 10. Look up the album Bad people as I told you and the loyalty is not biased Jewish religious. People are not going to ask you say to somebody like them. What's a public health about Jesus is a friend of whom are you friendly with you? If Jesus sits down with the tax collectors, I hope you can talk to me. So that the beautician was allowing and of course as you said you can't be in the position if you stupid piece is Miss used in making money making reach Ennis. but him The kids okay. Yeah, of course. He he he wants to know Jesus like to come into this in a minute. Wanted to see if you suspect a to Oxford. Can you eat to me? What are the two of us? And what I was thinking the same trip going through the same route hoping to arrive to Jerusalem. So it was extremely crowded area. So the kids could not see who people and could not see from above the people because he was very short. What three what is a sycamore? It's a really tall tree. Dance is one character. That's correct. The sycamore tree is very then. Number. One. Number two. Rank is very thick cylinder Palm 300. So far so good Metro to men like him and he's just a new putter ago, but something he can client one of the branches and Hyattsville. Who's what? You know, these people wouldn't work in a public place to eat. If you work at night, if you go to each other's houses. It was just a very small circle Sinners and tax collectors Society the socialized Healthcare. that people nobody wants to associate with it gives you an idea about the mine set up for him. And then the Bible tells of the Gospel tells us he ran ahead and climbed up into a sycamore tree to see Jesus who was going to pass by. When Jesus came to the place, we're going to talk about the Savior now we finish what the city and we're coming to the Sea View. On seeing the case Jesus did. That might have shocked the keys. Read the rest and tell me it's not just before the next number 2. Laying my understanding by. McCann protein the old seasonal allergies all dirty and dusty and dirty old walking and and you're going to have a expected time of arrival if he's just, you know, estimate the time review will take 10 days and will start working 10 days 9 days 11 days to everybody wants the Passover go see if y'all go after the whole thing is meaningless. So it was very crowded, but Jesus came to the tree. He looked up. He saw him in this dense tree so we couldn't hide. He knew his name and he told them come down people pushing each other. number to call him by name Ghost. Confirm it to the key to the case and nice teaching is not a social of a formal. He is some not somebody immoral. He is the Son of God to know him by name number three the kids come down white to come down. Listen to Jesus. He told me to come down to go to the market. come down make hit and and then If y'all was Jewish person in the car and everybody everybody at your home, what do you think? I'm a Jewish guy how I'm going to concede. What kinda sweet exactly you could have stayed anywhere? You want to stay with this guy? Joe Jesus left the group left the 99 And went to the one in chapter 15, if you have been with us for a few years Luke chapter 15, Jesus likened himself to the woman who was seeking the Lost coin and the shipper who was seeking the Lost lamb and the father who is seeking the lost son now he is seeking a lost soul somebody dislike. Haiti avoided by the populist. And if you see hear what happened when Jesus did the school action what happened to the people. You what? What do you what does the Bible say? He's gone to the to be a gas with a man who was a sinner complain and other translations their gamble in what gland build is what's going on blue. Gundam give me the noise of disdain of disapproval Jesus made a humongous mistake. What is the mystery if I catch you as a Jewish person? Old in the Old Testament not to sit down and eat with people like this is specifically because this is an issue that later comes up with the new Christians is the fact that the Jews cannot eat with Gentiles because my English understanding is limited because down with Sinners sit and eat with them. You can't associate with them. You're not supposed to have anything because what you don't dance it down with them you don't eat with them. Yep, XXL and associating with Sinners you become one of them. That's in the New Testament to his cousin and he's my buddy. And I think you know, I'm going up going to be affected by him. Eventually, it would effectively that's what the Bad Company corrupts good morals. But if you come to Sinners Walla So nobody is going to talk to anybody else including me but that's not the purpose of the Christ is coming to break the normal taboos to play the normal customs of the Jewish people of the fallacy relations here and then the tax collectors and the Sinners and the prostitutes oldies All That cast of The Society. We said one of the characters of St. Luke St. Luke's writing is he's reaching out to the people that's right to the outcasts of the society. Central Coast his gospel to whom to him so in the Greek culture, that's what you do you live in the woman the children and the social outcast humanitarian social equality. You cannot do that in The Gospel According to st. Matthew record that stupid as you wish me the Mobile store in my opinion. We always talk about the you know that we and our children they like it but we lose while I sent Luke put it to you. So the tibial is doing full move the truck the kids and of course he didn't care about the grumbling of the people. The people are not happy. He's not here to make people happy. He's coming here to two valves. What are the two? before saving hotel to see That's all. The number to me I wouldn't even for you to seek and to save who said yes, exactly the Lost Village number 10. the son of man in the gospel lost song Just to make your money like some of us just how to increase my income and enhance my home and change my car and set in my saving accounts and boy by Mo gwop all that is not bad unless it affects my salvation. His Focus was more than more money and collect money at any expense. And we asked what is repentance can anybody Define repentance for me? If I don't understand it. They want to talk to him completely is receiving to feel so sorry for my action is the feeding Behavior and the behavior. Is that cocky? That needs doing excellent. Yes, I like that station that I did something that I don't approve of I don't want to continue doing it. I want to stop my drug addiction my phone addiction my angle my my greet whatever that thing is. I want to stop doing this is why we couldn't meet Ania explain that before. You know, what Mr. Nia is matanya is in the heart. Transportation method is change and Nia is Nia. I'm changing my intention. I'm going to avoid pecan cookie. And absolutely I'm going to avoid the friend. I'm going to avoid the $11 and when I get there, I saw it in my head. I have to get busy Cola counselors colloid and a beer mean a friend of mine Stables. Plus one thing was seen in hundred-dollar. I stole $100, you know a long time ago before they knew Christ now I repented I changed my house. Are you stop Steam from hello from anybody excellent restitution. I have to go back and say I'm so sorry. I was just so weak. I found this in your wallet. I just I don't know what happened. Come here is $100 and if you want to give him some interest to be nice, but doesn't have a date to the bank or whatever and the X. Is important person that I have wronged then and just face to face and say well, I'm sorry. I love you. Repentance is genuine. God is asking me to face the consequences of my actions. Yes, the change of the house that makes tanilla is excellent, but my actions have damaged some other people but some people who are abused in some form or the other I have to do with situation. I have to confirm to my actions sending my house between me and the Lord is nice but the consequences on Earth has to be a result. I have done that in the past. Are you going with some people? Are you supposed to eat too many many many years when I repented and it was nice to have been stop that behavior, but the people who got affected. I owe them an apology. Circumstances. You can't really I'm talking about the handlebar. Is it efficient to stop stealing only or I have to repay him back. That's my phone. Yes. Adults who have cheated in college and have become Christian and have gone back to their professor. Andy told him just to get closer to be very difficult for the professor to tell them. exactly This is why in some an unorthodox churches. They tell you the conversation is between you and God. If I confess to God. And you say I'm not going to do it anyway. You have to go. What is the song in the back of your mind? It's assumed. I'm not planning to go back to it. Why why the confrontation human-to-human? Because it was done. I need the support and I need to feel the sense of Shame responsibility accountability sensor. When I confess the God that was in my prayer room and got it sold for the accepted me already, but I can't just keep it and not confront somebody with my actions that I feel bad about you want to say something. It's not right now. It isn't that related to the facts of offering the place through his prayer. He's taking my son and put it on background. You know, it's the Old Testament. nothing play and you put you told at the blood and the body of Christ. Play like like if we know Buddha told me all you have to do this many with Tanya's. He's doing it to ya ear. Tell me the change in the behavior of Zacchaeus after his recent Behavior action by my behavior should reflect that. What did he do? He did 2 Chainz. Oh, I must have lost our secretaries make haste to come down for today. I must stay at your house. So he made Hays and came down and received for one day. So I won't complain think he has gone to be a gas with a man who's the center since I cried and said to the Lord Lord. I give half of my good to the poor and if I have taken anything from anyone but false accusation I restore report for false. Thank you to tell me the two actions. Okay. Okay. What was this week? Somebody's weakness with money getting me. What did you do with the money that tells me he is a repentant restitution money. Is this something he says this is his restitution. He's saying this is my restitution. When you give half of it to the poor performance to why the answer Checker did he steal this is why I was pumped for our brothers from the Nanos Oaks church has the teacher that the repentance is just to accept the grace of God. No, Deeds of important for Bible is teaching me to and I Repent. Yes, I depend but my behavior has to reflect my repentance. I can see I love the road. I believe in the blood of Christ. Are you committed my life to him? All that is beautiful. But faith is is that the combined Faith with work One now philosopher said about money, you know, some people might think the kids became crazy because the giveaway few millions of your shekels that's just doesn't make any sense. He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep. to get that which we cannot see I don't know what the hell out of me spending hundreds of dollars on copies. I actually do. So that's what he cannot. See. How come he's giving up what you can look keep. twin nem the Kiss by in his inheritance in his last class. When what do you say? No in Chatham and below that is aware. Of course. He had he had in his pocket. Play the millions of the billions with whoever whoever he could not take it with you. One cent said that one characteristic of God's love to the singer. Is that God's love is Creed. Doesn't make sense. It goes to the bottom of the bottom and goes to somebody like him the kids totally avoided nobody likes him and the Lord leaves everybody and looks and the sycamore tree that is the one that needs attention. He's a lost sauce if I leave him he's going for today. Now I want to ask you the last time we had another story. Oh, yeah the to Jericho's in here. The blind man that was two Blind Men sent Luke talked about when Jesus Open the Eyes of a blind man. During last month, which is named in English in Arabic. We explained what ball team has means Alchemist hair Jesus in the car with passing by and he asked who is messing but Oh, the one that no good comes from no good comes from what sea so he had that noise. the scuffle son of David I know that's what he cried out begging multitude. So they told him Jesus of Nazareth was passing by and he cried out Jesus Son of David have mercy on me. Once all of that, They told him to be quiet. They didn't like him saying son of David. I don't know we'll get son of David the son of whatever you can't even talk. The genius Whiting of st. Luke is two stories in the city. We have one Pebble next time and then we'll start seeing Palm Sunday and the whole week. So eccentric is announcing to all of us. Listen guys is finishing his ministry. What is the purpose of his ministry? Why did he come? cu2se number 3 that which was lost two people were lost. When is a blind beggar? The other one way of each cheese tax collector. When is the price of eyesight? The other one is the price of two things of height physically and of happiness and peace inside is why it was his money was not fulfilling. His desires was avoided because of what Could you still lowest of the low what why was he the lowest since they think like that the other one is avoided because of him and his loyalty with it too long. Okay, both of them you had one positive character in common. They were looking for Jesus there was what do you call the calendar in inglese? We will both of them work. We're Unstoppable. They were my English is limited in one world. Thank you hate work for sister distance in physical challenges. You can stop him both of them. Short a seeking desire to see Jesus. one of them and the Miracle of opening his eyes the other one of the other Milliken is opening his insides. The kids was not blind physical. He was blind spiritual being a disciple of Saint Peter and he became a another word the extortionist became a philanthropist. That's a dependent. This is why when we get this made when we get into hopelessness for all of us I get into that sometime that you're no good. You can't be victorious in this you can't to get rid of these habits. Okay. Just remember the grace of God makes 180 degree rim for money. Giving it away. Totally selfish become tell Phyllis, I think about the pool about restitution to the people. That's what with Ania what to repentance. questions comment I like your comment symbolically. He's so quiet when he client this is why we're going to climb on Saturday February 4th to go to the top of the mountain to see the ocean and also are going to be in seclusion for contemplation to communicate with God. Okay. Okay. We'll stop at 25 any question marks. salvation I did not paid if you want to have one more minute. who win Jesus did the full actions you look at the sycamore tree come down in his because today I must Hey, imma stay at your house. Can you continue? So we made haste and came down and received him. Joyfully, but when they saw it, they all complain saying he's gone to be a guest with a man who is a sinner than Zacchaeus soon and said to the Lord look Lord. I have I gave I give half of my goods to the poor and I have taken everything and if I've taken anything from anyone Falls by false accusation, I restored fourfold salvation has come to the track you The question becomes how many people live in Penfield in the story? 1 how many people you get? Got salvation the whole house. They did this to you as my role is. Thank you in Christian Counseling becomes a Christian the possibility of the whole house. Knowing Christ is 4% If that becomes a Christian the possibility of the whole house knowing Christ is 12 becomes at least Christian the possibility of the whole house now in Kauai 91. Yay, this is why salvation came to this house because repentance Father Figure can change the other people you can tell them, you know that Steve money extortion what happened because of poor people come to his house to give them money. He became classical Selman is why he was one person with Quentin but the whole house. Fanfiction. Okay questions. We went over time. So, you know, this is a story I was fascinated with me when I was a child cuz you like that to lie and you like you show, you know, you don't regret the whole thing. But Christ tell me he's going into the passion week and he's reminding why did he come in? The first place is coming or did you come to see if that was lost? And now in the Fashion Week he's going to pay for them how they will sort and have the receipt but he's supposed to do. The name of the father to me how you leave the money money for going to be so don't want you don't think you can turn to see color of lost souls cuz you came to seek and see if that's what's going to ask you to include us in your compassion and your brother and sister this morning to open our cards and help us to do I change and go back to mission to the people we have for me. Position sent me any involving scenes here to losing our father. YouTube