The Bread of Life

 A sermon given on the gospel John 6:35-45


in the name of the Father and the Son
Holy Spirit one God I mean we could
notice something very important in the
Bible and the preparation of the reading
from the church that guided with the
Holy Spirit that although Jesus Christ
summarized in the Gospel of st. John
chapter 10 I have come so all of us we
have life and something Peter the good
thing or the main theme in the Bible
that all of us we will have a better
life we could notice from the Holy Week
and all the reading and every reading in
the Holy 50 days and the resurrection
that the main point of concern about the
life and the Holy Week it's the
beginning of opening the gate of life
through the death of our Lord Jesus
Christ and the Good Friday is a day of
fulfillment of opening this kind of
worid ice and the starting point of the
good life after death and the day was
the Easter we could notice it is a
joyful day this is the day the lord has
done for all of us and you are so joyful
with this starting point of the life
last Sunday tomatin day and he's the
declaration of God the giving of life
today the part of the gospel about the
bread of life next week the Samaritan
woman about the water of life and the
next week after that will be the light
of the life
and the fifth one will be how to be
eligible if you walk in the light to be
a gel eligible for this kind of life
tell the feast of Ascension we will find
this is the reward of living this life
because our Lord Jesus Christ went and
to prepare for all of us a place so all
of us will be ready to go this kind of
life at the end this is the theme of all
the reading of the Bible of everything
and the church prepare today the first
step in the Paulina pestle the
foundation of the apostles were the
cornerstone believing of our Lord Jesus
Christ as Thomas last last week said my
lord and my god and the Catholic episode
today also giving us how to live this
kind of life from here because sometimes
you could think the eternal life I will
live it after very long days for all of
you on earth it will start after death
we let the eternal life the eternity
from here the better life we are living
from here so we'll be eligible to leave
it over there and the Praxis right now
or today for the reading of today how
the church live this kind of life
together and one Accord for all of them
to be eligible for this kind of life and
today we are celebrating the
commemoration of Saint Athanasius last
week was the feast of st. mark and one
week before the commemoration of st.
George and this friday the conversion of
sending me an ax it's a very good
example that the people lived it's
something not hard they lived at this
kind of life from here to be eligible
for the eternal life to go over there
after this to be with the source of life
who said about himself I am the life and
I am the resurrection I am
the bread of life and to the day he is
declaring for all of us I am the bread
of life but what kind of life that the
people it's a broad meaning of life some
people could think if I have a job if I
am financially stable if I have a very
good assets so I am living this is one
definition someone could say if I am
achieving anything in here that I am
willing to do this is a success and this
is alive the Lord set one of the angel
in the book of Revelation you have a
name that you are living but you are
dead we are living on the number of the
people living on earth but in front of
God the meaning of life is totally
different what kind of life is that we
are living reese's today said I am the
bread of life our life in our Lord Jesus
Christ if anyone doesn't have a good
connection with our Lord Jesus Christ in
a daily basis schedule or an ad basis
connection that means alive has a
question mark when it just reconsider or
Eve reevaluated the bread of life it's a
very very big topic but for the sake of
time and because i have a flight after
the liturgy soul will not talk just
couple minutes more the bread of life
it's a starting point it is the faith
that was declared last week our belief
and our Lord Jesus Christ is the son of
God He is God and our life is in him and
the second as long as we are living we
are eating food every day could anyone
stay one day without
taking three meals maybe in the fasting
we could skip one meal or two meal but
at least either snack or one meal do you
agree could anyone stay couple days
without food impossible but sometimes
you could stay without spiritual food
for many many days we have two things
the body and spirit we are living
according to the flesh feeding our body
many many things food drink enjoyable
fun anything that we needed we could
have it but where the Spirit has a
certain requirement also we need just to
feed it not just from one week to week
one week out to church every Sunday but
every day our life he needs to be fed
and the times richer food many many
things our players daily prayers was our
Lord Jesus Christ raising our heart
talking to him get connected to him
every day this is something very very
important for the spiritual feelings
that we need to fit it because he is a
breed of life no one could be fit away
from him the second listening to his
words in the Bible every day this is the
second point of this kind of food
because he said the words that I am
talking to you as life and he is the
bread of life the third the important
thing that the Eucharist on the altar
that we are taking the body of Jesus
Christ for our spiritual growth imagine
someone stayed for one week without any
food or drink he will be in the ER after
that for IV fluid and just to get
supplementation for his food tailgating
the recovery imagine someone for one
month didn't read the Bible we need IV
Bible just to get ourselves
ishment or recovered or get healthy in
the spiritual life this why our Lord
Jesus Christ said bless it who is hungry
and thirsty I will hit them are we
hungry to this kind of bread or we are
sometimes feel that we are saturated we
fasted for 55 days we prayed the Holy
Week so we could take a break in the
Holy 50 leaving egg baya Living Bible
it's not important to take communion
every week maybe a one month or every
once a year for a confession or
repentance no spiritual reading because
we are busy with the news and everything
about the election and the what's
happened in the event center in Egypt
and here and there and all the wallets
up and down this is our foot for the
body but we need our food for the spirit
he right now he said our low disguised I
am the bread of life who needs bread
come to him it is unlimited feeding for
all of us no one would come to our Lord
Jesus Christ and would say to him sorry
I ran out of bread today tool never will
never happen because God is unlimited we
need to think about it and we need just
to think spend 10 10 minutes today think
about it do I feel I'm hungry or not if
I don't why the second the question what
I am going to do if I don't feel it I
have to reevaluate but to feel something
you have to know the importance of this
something if we know the importance of Z
spread we are going to look for it we
know the importance of our job so we
have to be careful to every day to go
early on time and sometimes before the
time and spending over time otherwise
you will lose it because we know how
it's important otherwise I don't have
the paycheck at the end of the week
order in the end of the month because I
know the importance weight I have to
know the importance of this kind of
bread of life because if I don't have it
I am losing life here and the god
forbidden maybe I will lose life in the
eternity and this is very very dangerous
because our life is here anything that
we are going here is temporary but
anything that we are taking the life
over there is eternal without end
imagine just imagine for one minute how
long it would be this is unlimited or
without end and these out bread of life
that we have to be careful about it
seeking about it feel the importance
with may our Lord Jesus Christ help all
of us and the place our life and just to
put in our hearts that feeling every day
that I need you our Lord Jesus Christ I
need some food today don't leave me
alone he will never but sometimes we are
leaving him alone but he is still
opening his heart to listen to our
connection listen to our prayers to give
us more and more and more and more foods
more and more and more split water of
the Spirit the spiritual water the water
of life that we are going to hear it
next week means the placing of the holy
resurrection and blessings in Markinson
athanasius that all of us vom the creed
so nice a increase in atenas that were
celebrating his commemoration he shared
an to put the outlines of the nice and
creeds at all of us and all the other
churches even they are reciting and this
commemoration today it's a good example
how he kept the faith the first step of
this kind of of life and after that he
kept everything got connected to God and
the be good example for all of us and
glory be to god forever