Am I a Christian?

 We've been in church for a long time, but what makes us Christians? And how is it exactly that we get to heaven? 


George very small things can hang with you guys today. Where do one talk today one talk tomorrow and the topic asked you that I'm talk to my knowledge. Sometimes I get asked to do a thing one of these things and it's not that exciting this topic whenever I think about it. It makes me want to quit my job and go tell every cop that person was in your shoes just about this Heaven no school tomorrow. It's time to go home what you want to do cuz I want to talk to people about this one thing Justice. That's it when I open it. What we're going to talk about continuation of our theme and start I'm here whining up like hanging out in a room full of people. I don't know. What's the relevance for me we had this build up so far from soft one, but all things God committed to us to be and then now I will always cry all the way to Jesus himself. music battle Clippers Clippers I don't know anyway. I'm about to go to question that I asked once to like the kids that I hang out with and serve in my church and just to keep it honest. I'm going to ask you to I'm surprised that this is this is the question here. Is this this altar? You know, the Cross of Christ is the ultimate answer the question that I have for you. And I'll ask you when you going to answer. I'll ask you to close your eyes if you don't peek and see what your neighbor saying. Is it hypothetically by the shop about the shuffle? If we were all in this room to pass away today. pass away Where would you go? Remember these couple options. Is one upstairs one downstairs and there's nothing in between it is no easy for senior dealers just to up or down and no other elevator option. You cancel an elevator elevator goes straight out right now. Okay. So Close Your Eyes for one second everybody eating, okay They give me a hand raised those right hand raised for I'm going upstairs. Very good hand raised for I'm going downstairs. I'm really excited about that. number two in a room full of Cops and Kids wannabe Coptic want to be like Christian one of the Christian stuff want to read our Bibles in like watch sermon. About a third of the people in this room thinks they're going to go to heaven in about two-thirds of the people in this room are pretty sure and some excited too much or why. The first time I ask a question, I was in a group and 100% of the people in the room said they're going to help. 100% slow roast this is going to be great. My question you guys is this ulcer in the alternate all these things ultimately. We're trying to go to heaven that's like important in like it matters and stuff. It's a lot of us believe that we're going to hell. There is something about the altar as not translating to me and you. Light gray stuff is happening, but it's not translate. It's as if like you guys, I don't know how your heritage is. But if you're having is not fantastic and you go upstairs and or maybe if you go upstairs and you listen to an amazing sermon from window, would you like This awful thing makes me ask this question. Is this is this is a really cool him that I like to throw in there from 5. This is you offered himself as an acceptable sacrifice on the cross for the Salvation of our race and it's good father smelled as a Roma in the evening on Google. Sometimes we believe. Something weird about the altar the altar of sacrifice the cross. And that makes her sad kind of weird or makes this kind of think weird things. So I want to just run a scenario by you there. So I asked you you think you're going to heaven or hell based on what? Based on what you tell me. How are you judged as my question, but even wants to volunteer go ahead and I'll run by you won't switch voice. What's the name? Thanksgiving 2017 I assume that like unless you have a good starting point for some people use you. Don't start off with the Bible. Do you start off with I heard something on like Oprah or something? But the question here is something about confession and forgiving and what number? Let me give you an explanation. Let me know if this makes sense to me. Judgement Day God says, hey come on Mina or Miriam. Just depending on. I'm going to put on one hand all the good stuff. You did say how many times you how many times you going to church? How many times you pray? How many times Lou brother was like all these things that were like All those good things to one side is all your bad stuff. and then when one side outweighs the other then you're going to go to happens when you go to go to hell. How does that sound just hand raise that sounds right? Give me a nice big and rice. is it sound correct, but it sound like that's the way you're going to think about having a Volume 25 minutes. At. The end of the day of judgement is going to be all your good stuff on one side or your bad stuff on the other and wherever the scale goes. Let me know when you go to the store or something whatever is going to go. Give me a hand raised without sounds great. Just a big round big hand brace. I'm in Burger. Also, I'm in very impressive because even though we have tons of bad things that sleep a little good that they've been. At least not the scale. Burger Point to contributions Very good. If you thought the sounds weird in the sounds Islamic is because you're correct. This is the Islamic way of looking at each other. With a lot of us for some reason think about it this way and then no matter what we're saying about the cross and God's ultimate sacrifice and all these kind of things. We still wind up saying how many times I do it. Sometimes I do that a good thing. Okay. Well, how about this one? Let me give you another what about if we're saying? Dawn send his son to take on the punishment of our sin and to pay all our debts, and that's how we can go to bed. Sounds right. Sounds wrong people. I don't even know. I'm about to be Jewish. I know this is so confusing. Give me Henry's word sounds right? To take the punishment of our sins and to pay all our death on the cross. And then that's pretty much the end of Thor. I like to skepticism. Sounds wrong. Sounds right. Good sounds I don't have a hand to anyone. I don't have voting. That's more. So this idea of less other than other churches that are not specifically I want your attention to the words punishment and the words paying our debts and these are the things that you're saying about but not all exactly what we believe. Where does that leave us a person of this word race? Yes, or yes, I have her hand raised for what? Who's phrase? I want you to walk away with in terms of our halter and we are saved by grace through faith. That works. So this thing here alone can't save us grace alone won't save us. He said he said God created you without your consent, but will not save you without your consent and human Free Will is an essential condition for without it. Even God himself does nothing. What is this matter what my throwing this out? And it seems like it's illogical in like Church Father leaves stuff about and rather than not getting us. For me when I was in high school, one of the things that I really regret in my life is like being like a brainless ice with you and then I would like listen to stuff every like Jesus loves you. Thank you. I love God also attend everything all the time and not go to Applebee's or Chipotle. Nothing. It'll be more of the same know who God is What are the pairing for the song I'm talking to my friends and they were like, I'm sorry, sometimes I wonder what's going on in there if there's anything going on in there at all, and I believe you guys. 2018 I believe that you're capable of a lot. You're capable of a whole whole lot. Spiritually. You guys can change the church. One thing is missing the connection between Walter and all the stuff all the fishing stuff and the me personal me the individual not me just the group not me just part of a herd or a crowd 400. I'm like one of the 50 top of him that are in a room. the church really believe this to I'm keeping this one set. remember remember one of the best country songs of all time in the Coptic Life greatest hits Who knows that seems like? It's also about when abouna takes you and the gun purposes. Anybody here remember the raccoon? Anybody here baptized in the Dalton? Didn't know none of you. Let me just say something like that has real quick. And the reason why I bring it up like a big pool. Who was president in 1000? No, we don't do that. That's how you're going to does it. Please make sure that the George Lakers. I don't get tired of wait don't start giving ideas to your freezer. Usually. Usually we don't do math baby baptisms right about the Covenant and the commitment. Do you know that your parents? Made a covenant to they made a commitment to they still got there and they were like and there's some fries or more serious than others will literally hold the baby. I got a room we got to guest house. Do you know what that commitment is? Your parents agree to something when you were baptized you're becoming a person more person than other people. It's time for you and me to renew our vows. Our baptismal vows that was taken at the altar of Christ. The ultimate amazing sacrificial all those things. We don't want that stuff. often times nothing not the most important thing is about it. Is once you are becoming the person coming with all I can't take it for you anymore. It's not like you take an exam, but nobody to take 40. Mommy and daddy cannot play for you anymore. Some point today some boy this weekend at some point in your life. Ask yourself what you want to do the whole Baptist believe the stuff that I believe in baptism my mom believe for me about this or Honestly from God's perspective. It's totally going away. It was not cool. Is when we look at the Cross of Christ. Here and then God is like what do you think are you in this thing? Is this for real? I want to Starbucks. you don't say What God gives you God gives us. He's laying it all on the table. Hundred percent and the one thing I'm just opening the real this is awesome to the real deal. Alabama begin with the Renown something I renounce you pronounce you in all your powers. I renounce you I renounce. It is a confession of Christ. that part what I'm saying here, this is my opinion on the 20 minute, you know time frame Flex it earlier. My hope my prayer Forever Young. The person that you guys here today. There's just two things. Which is better than Bob's Grace. The grace of God is God giving us himself on the altar really to receive him and because of what God views. We do good stuff because of what God gave us. Anybody here ever clean the room clean your room for years ago. It was crazy. Imagine if you're cleaning your room because your parents We want you to clean the Brooklyn for no reason just FYI. Imagine if it was always, you know, you're 50 now. You can build it on your own. You can make it. Good luck. Otherwise, you'll get a job and leave the house room to what please love me. Sometimes we just have we're doing all the right stuff. We're going to church. Please love me for a long time, and we're doing things God, please God. Please accept me. Please. Forgive me, please. Verses sometimes I go to church every receipt from The Altar and we say God. Thank you. I'm going to be a committed Christian even though I'm just 13 14 15 16 10. You know where that is. To see someone who's someone who is your age and really serious about God and the Bible if we would have let me ask you another I don't want to do any random City how many people here are so serious by God, they believe the Bible to perform. Yes. 000 How people here think prayer is like amazing. God is a report in prayer prayer prayer prayer prayer. something rare rare random suction sometimes part of it. At least it was for me part of it begins with this here with the confession. A confession that you own and nobody else owns for you. You are serious. I made a confession. I made a black one point I want to do my vest and people like that. I know anyway. Don't look at me and see them non-serious Christian, you know, what does dumb things sometimes your pants? You can press it all these things. I promise you guys wanting a bunch of Gothic people. Became a generation of serious Christians. Oh my goodness. An introvert on my own sometimes I try to help people do evangelism Mission or whatever. We would need to do so much activity and vision and evangelism and all these things. If we would just have this report down one. We have to bow down. the confession partner Let me see. 69 over the course of tonight and tomorrow we'll go from here was okay in light of this because of what God did it matters to me and how are some of the things sometimes at offering does make sense? Welcome. Can we do a Sumo 6 tomorrow. George Club. Talk into it. I invite you to this question. Have you renewed your baptismal vows here? Just a reminder when I confessed you. I I I confess you a price. not a good and confess you not my priest Uncle confesses you My second cousin once removed it is like a priest wife. That's amazing. That's where we all individually and as a group as a body in repeat. This is that I can test you a price my God. All you relieving laws unless you can service in my favorite Rock. question Any question while giving birth?