2012 Holy Week St. Mark DC - Part 8 (Thursday)


uh... neiman of father and son in the holy
spirit mean today's events are the most memorable events that christ the christ went through the crisis performed for the sake of the church and if we hear the gospel that is red at the washington fee of the
disciples it's john chapter thirteen from the very beginning of the tragic
says it was just before the passover feast jesus knew at the time had come for him
to leave this world and to go to the father having left his own who were in the
roads he now showed them the flu extent of his love how is it that he showed them the full
extent of his life other then that christ got down on his
knees random sex like a servant would go to
the south and we began to wash the feet the
disciples christ came for that purpose in order not just to redeem lesson to cleanse s but the teachers exactly how to love and in order for the disciples to partake of the
eucharist the last supper shortly right after watching the defeat he wanted to teach them the most
important thing that is necessary to partake of
his body was brought many of us think that it's important for us to prepare by examining ourself yes it is important and by confessing our sins and repent a
license but there weren't or the letter g_ used to be called the love feasts there was no i'm in the early church as the fees from ralph not just love between god and his people but it was the likely sandwich all of us should in love with one
another that we would become united through that
level right now you see the bread in the line are now on the altar in the
contract and their head and just as i would like
to is hidden in christ in being hidden with christ we are coming with christ and they're saying you are example just like a child of the site was after
washing their feet he says it very clearly he says you call me teacher and you know and rightly so for that is what i a m now that are you reading teacher have
watched your feet you also should wash one another's feet crisis commending his disciples saying
if you wanna be cleansed mega settlement of the rushing to defeat it's all of you know that if you do it others that's the spirit of the sacrament is that all as that as the teacher
endless will go down on my knees and wash your
feet so you should do the same to your
brothers i wonder what love looks like in the church now i pray that love is not become tolerating one another that i can access to my brother a crisis if they're not i'd really like and teacher however i still see so you should watch
while another city and he's saying i had no example christ himself washed defeat of judas he was defeated u_s_ julius knowing very
well what he was about to do shortly after how many of us truly understand what it means to wash the feet of others to wash their feet tissue melting through the content of this lens of our
brothers we might find ourselves are all mentioned makes one exposed the weaknesses in the
mistakes of others there's a very nice to have seen the
carriers with the steak and a couple of months came running to say look i guess they set alba we found one of the brothers over the
months in the monastery rather than sit house with him by women
in this hour let's get in touch him should be punished c michaelis now that the monks and the ranks they knocked on the day at this hour was the muck inside the seller wisconsin began to panic to the end of hiding the seller pinhead casket and say look at your set let me going
first yugos and he sits on the basket he says i want
you guys turn this place upside down today however the seller looking for the salmon unless you might be hiding u_s_ change they couldn't find the one because he was sitting on the
basket and she was hiding and the humbled themselves before on the
market was in the gate and what i mean the secret give us so we've just got a
brother seasick gold an offer entrance for your
said cemetery just wanted to cover the soon of the month him as the other the monastery would have been well justified if you
would have expected the senate that month yet amounts would learn the lesson of the great sin of this month but yet he covered the same of his son how many of us do our best to cover the sins of our brothers and
our system to cover their sins even in your heart there when you look at sunset listening if you would look to that and saying maybe if i were in their circumstances i would have done a greater sin and we begin to give the benefit of the dogs who are
brothers did send in order that we ourselves will be judged they would say maybe if i was in that
environment or if i was in those circumstances make
i wasn't even embarrassing and do you have to have them or your sister the benefit of the doubt god in this day and in the sec prices calling us he's
saying we have to love one another the tracks whatever is are we going to
be the church if it reveals god's divine love we are not a church if we cannot reveal got rough if we cannot demonstrate the same which cries demonstrated when he showed
his life to the first by washing the scenes watching defeat of our brothers and sisters the bible says that the love of god was
split until our hearts the it gaulan will spread out into our hearts need twelve into products that we would look like
him however will be sent to different if we
truly love with that same level of christ what are the photos of the church says without the slab nothing in is valued in the church because nothing
is possible without this lab or the love of god that
was brought into our hearts being practiced now i think is valued in the church because nothing is possible without luck thing is possible we cannot both this love feast we cannot enjoy it's love feast on the
outside and is valid unless we practice it and as you come to partake of his body pua precious blood on the altar you are really really sorry not that i want to tolerate my brother or my sister whippet become one with them i am quite taking his body that i would
not just the united to christ but then i would be united to my brother not i will partake of you and i will tell you came doesn't work that way deseret family we have to have that same lock which he put it out and tell our
hearts so if you're going to partake of the
interest today you are saying this i'd want to be one with the rest of the church one in the greatest of love you just love love that's double
watching while another c i'm saying i want united to every single person that
is going to partake of this eucharist what's our excuse christ worst defeat if judas u_s_ defeat of judas it's one thing to say ok this person i can forgive but not that person that
person sinned against me in a great way and i'll be cordial with depth or greet
them in the harley and i will albeit respected that's not a crisis calling us to be
respected christ is telling us to wash one another's field many of us we want to be cleansed we want our feet to be clients if you want to see to be cleansed christ has to be your example weekend so let's do this that's not us here's our exam which is are handled i am the truth and i am the example i am dot lights watch me i hadn't heard ample what i do news so you should do secure as we come to partake week enter into heaven you are going to be competent you yourself i want to become have become heaven unless you speak the language of heaven
which is the language of love christ the king of kings came to russia our feet to watch our sins to teach us that we would like to know
we would be humble as you can take your saying look they
wanted to united to my brothers i want to be one investment you talk to travel when it talks about the body of christ
it says let there be no schism that there'd be no schism let there be no division let there be no contention say protest against chapter three to the clintons and he says he wants to speak of their spiritual
maturity he says something very clear when he talks about them being cargo the attention he says but as i could not address you as
spiritual but as karnal near infants in christ i gave you milk
not solid food for your not ready for it indeed you are still not ready you are still cardinal first sense those jealousy and clearly
among you i do not karnal when you think of me most of us who think of physical lasts the loss of our thoughts of our minds but not saint paul so he probably wants to describe the
church as first the dress code he says i did not steal contentions all
divisions among people that's right before anyone metaksa view crystal to always be announced but first the partaking that one should be baptized in the middle of the toxics one should be confessing their sins
regularly and one should have no hard feelings and their hearts to one another you should have no hard feelings in
their hearts or anyone you can't buy ticket you purchased stop talking about physically lost but he's talking about dangerously is not being immunity unharmed christ heard them talking about being the greatest which one of us is the greatest in christ goes and he says you what i
was the greatest in my eyes the greatest in the kingdom it's the
exact opposite of the roads that says the greatest says position money and owner not in christ science they cannot have it in the eyes of christ greatness is the one who takes the lowest rates the one who becomes the servant of all i traded me would learn the mystery of this eucharist and that in his value and we approach it
in love because nothing can be valid in the
church if it is not done i pray that we would forgetting the mistakes of anyone no matter how great they are lighthouse maar we went through object this is and the mistakes and that's nice
passes i've anyone read sinned against us or god himself and that we would like to make it that all of us we'll have the mind of christ is
steaming others higher than her octaves you ought not to think highly of
yourself and you all see paul says in romans chapter twelve if you were going to partake of his body
his blood which it's essence in its nature is life so we should approach it in level i pray that we would take the blessing and the power of his body was brought to give us the strength that we would be the glory of god as we approach the alleged we confess
his glory but we partake of him we by the glory of god though macy's ice and says that is the glory of god that one could live there enemies and
one could love the whole world not just loving your brothers and sisters in church but if you would have liked for the
whole world that destroy love that is the love of christ we're just
diehards is there a lot for every person in the
world as we partake of the right of the royals we are to leave this place to go b com the rights of the world to bush i mean the world book by would
see christ in us and glory be to god forever amen use of reisinger person