"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17

Why is pornography a sin? Who am I hurting?- Part 1

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on October 25, 2017

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Why is pornography a sin? Who am I hurting?- Part 1 Transcription

 In the name of The Father and The Son, and The Holy Spirit, One God, Amen.


We thank the courageous person who asked us this question, which is:


Why is pornography a sin? Who am I hurting, when I watch Pornography?


Well, to answer this, first we have to understand what is sexuality in Christianity; Sexuality has two folds; the first one, is that we become procreators with God.

We know that God is the Creator, but God gives us the faculty, the power to create with Him, to create for Him, but more importantly; to create in Him. So, we share in His work, we mirror his image.


The second purpose, is; Intimacy in selfless love. And we find that also the image of God. How? God is a Holy Trinity, so each person loves the other, and (...) himself towards the other in ways beyond our understanding, their love is unconditional, beyond what we can truly grasp. That is what selfless love is.

But God is also One. He is united. We are also asked to be the same, to be united in selfless love.

So, in Christianity, when we get married, we are united in Three modes; the first one is Spiritual Unity; where we ought to pray together as husband and wife. We ought to partake at the Eucharist together, we ought to read the Bible together. That is Spiritual Unity.


The second is, the Unity of the Soul, where we laugh, we are joyful together, we are peaceful together, we are sad together, and these two are (...) to the third one which is the Bodily Unity.

The purpose of the Bodily Unity is to give ourselves in love, selflessly to the other. Now is love and sexuality within Christianity.


Now, when someone watched pornography, or lusts through the eyes or the ears, he removes the three modes. The first one and second are obvious. As for the third one; he removes the love out of it, and it becomes lust! There is no unity with another person. It is all about myself. Instead of being selfless, it becomes something that is very selfish. That is what lust is. And pornography's purpose is to feed the lustful bodily desires that I have.


Someone who had atheistic ideas asked me once, he told me; "Why is it that God created us in this way, with that desire in us, and then judges me for watching pornography?".

The answer to that is quite simple: God did not create you this way. God's creation is always good, but because we fell in sin, that corruption within us, put that desire in us. But we should not give in this desire, and God has given us the sacraments to level us back, and for us to regain the proper image of God within us, to become saints once more, and therefore to fight this lust within us. So, I ought to fight this corrupted desire inside of me.


I need to make sure that I use my organs that God has given me as a gift, my senses, and use them according to their original purposes. I should not misuse them for a corrupted purpose. If I do this, I would be missing the mark! I would be committing a sin, I would corrupt myself!

So, the church is very wise in teaching us this through baptism, where we become a new man, and right after, we receive the Chrismation, where we get the holy oil of Mayroon on us.

Well, the  priest makes it a point to put the Mayroon, or anoints us, on the different parts of the body, and specifically on the face, he puts on the mind, so that God my sanctify my thoughts. I ought to understand that I need to sanctify my thoughts. I sanctify my eyes, my nose, my ears, my mouth, my entire senses, my being is being sanctified, because now I am holy.


St. Paul says in I Corinthians: "Or did you not know that your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you?". God is in you! You are the temple of the spirit, whom you have from God, so you are not your own!


The problem is, we want to live for ourselves. But the purpose of humanity, and actually to be a true human, you need to step outside of yourself.

As God loves (...) each Hypostasis loves the other, I also ought to love everybody. I step outside of myself! Love is not about me, but about others.


He says: "For you were bought at a price". I was purchased. I was bought at a price by God! Therefore, I need to make sure, and understand that my senses are His. I live for Him.

"Therefore glorify God in your body". Not only in your spirit! In your body, and in your spirit, which (both) are God's. We need to be very much aware of this!


So, we have to understand, like we say physically; "We are what we eat", which is very true. Well, that also applies spiritually (as well), that we are what we eat through our senses.

So, do I "eat", holiness and purity through my senses, or do I eat corruption?

Whatever is inside me, has it come through my senses, or through my mind? I need to be very much aware of what is inside me!


Why is purity so important? Because, we are created in the image of God, and God is pure. Therefore, I need to fight, as much as I possibly can, and work with God's Grace, for myself to be as pure as possible, because I want to be in His image. I want to be His son. I want to be His daughter.

As St. John Chrysostom says, "(While) consuming sex, we must strive for self-control". St. Paul tells us to "seek peace and sanctification", without which it is impossible to see the Lord.


Let us pursue Holiness then, in order to attain the Kingdom of Heaven. If I want to be with God in Heaven, and enjoy His presence, I ought to be like Him. I ought to resemble Him. I ought to be pure!


Again: Who are you hurting? Clearly, yourself!

You are destroying yourself. But potentially, you will also hurt others.

Statistics read that fifty per cent of divorce cases involve one party having a pornography addiction, because that creates a Narcistic behavior, where everything becomes about Me; I am self-indulged, and now it is not only in the sexual part of marriage, but in other areas of marriage as well.

Now, if I am not married, I need to prepare myself for my future marriage, if I am willing to walk in this direction. In the meantime, I give myself in love to others, by surfing (serving?) others...


If you are suffering from such an addiction, remember that there is hope.

Many have overcome, by God's Grace, and (your) turn may be the next.

Hopefully, in the next video, we can give advice on how to overcome addiction to pornography, but for now, remember; know your faith, live your faith, and teach your faith.


Glory be to God Forever and Ever,




Transcribed by jeanounou (November 2017)