"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17

The Way To Forgiveness

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on October 5, 2015

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 Sermon on the sinful woman who was forgiven in the house of Simon the Pharisee.

The Way To Forgiveness Transcription

In the name of The Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit, Amen.

Today’s gospel is talking about two personalities; two people. One looks great, and the other looks very down. It was a Pharisee who invited Our Lord Jesus Christ for dinner, and made this great dinner, and a sinner woman who was not invited.

That Pharisee invited the Lord and he was eating with Him at the table, but this woman came from behind, nobody noticing, and sat at the feet or Our Lord Jesus Christ, and she started to cry. Her tears were a flood of tears. From the multitude of her tears, she was washing her feet with her tears, and wiping them with her hair. After she cried and wiped her feet with her tears, she had an alabaster flask with the freshest perfume, and she poured it on them (the Lord’s feet).

This woman did not say a word to The Lord. The Pharisee was talking and thinking much. If he is a Prophet who would have known who is this woman, she should not have touched them. But, today’s message of The Bible is very simple. What was this woman after? This woman was after the forgiveness of her sins. I want to tell you; this woman went out without a word, (but) with the forgiveness of all her sins! The Lord told her; “Your faith has forgiven you”.

I want to tell you; who of us really can convey what he want to say to The Lord; the one who talks much or the one who does much? We all like talking, but we do very little. This woman said, not a single word, but she was talking. Her tears were talking, her humbleness of wiping his feet with her hair, was talking. Her eyes, her position, every single word, every single action that she did was talking much! This woman is telling us today, Please, in your relationship with God, don’t keep talking much, but do much (rep). Your deeds are the ones who will speak for you, not your words.

So many people do great things and say great things, and they will not be saved. But there are a few people who will talk by their deeds, their tears, their humbleness, and their faith. How was this woman forgiven? (rep) How can we get forgiveness? The Lord said to the woman; “Your faith has forgiven you” (rep), and this is the message; (In order) to be forgiven, you need to believe, you need to trust in the love of The Lord, that He will have compassion upon you and forgive you. Why was He crucified? He came and (got) crucified to forgive you. But you can’t get this forgiveness without faith. This is the first thing.

The second thing is that she moved, and found her way to The Lord (rep). She came to The Lord.

So many people will cry from outside. They will not be saved. Can you imagine the prodigal son, crying with the pigs. Would he be forgiven? The real repentance has to be at the feet of The Christ. The real repentant can not be in the world. He has to be in the house of Our Father. At His feet.

The real repentance has to be expressed by your tears. Your tears mean, I regret what happened. I am sorry, Lord! Her tears were a great regret. They were a big Sorry, to The Lord.

Because people repeat the sins again and again and again, they lose their sensitivity. They lose the feeling of their sins, but this woman, (even though) she arrived at the feet of The Christ, she did not stop crying. It means, all her sins were in front of her. How many of us (rep) really, every single day, sit at the feet of The Christ, and have tears, and regrets, saying to The Lord, I am sorry Lord, I am sorry today?

Please, repentance is every single day. Do not put your hat on your pillow to go to sleep without offering repentance.

Repentance (goes hand in hand) with humbleness. To admit your sins and to regret it, you have to be humble. We like very much pointing at others for the reasons of our mistakes. This woman came from behind Him. She didn’t deserve to face the Lord. She felt she didn’t deserve to talk to Him. She came from behind. And when she was crying much, she washed His feet, and she took her hair, which is the most precious thing for a woman. The most precious thing! She took her hair, and started to wipe off dust from His feet! Can you imagine (rep)? Is there any wife who does that to her husband? But she did it for The Lord (rep)!

Are you ready to regret what you have done, and to be humbled before The Lord, saying, I am a sinner! I am sorry, Lord, I am sorry! There are some people who struggle very much to say Sorry. Please, you want to be forgiven, you need to regret with your tears. You need to humble yourself at the feet of Christ, and you need to believe that you will be forgiven (rep), and He will never let you down. Then you are forgiven.

You need not (mind) what people will say about you. This woman came and she knew that they would look down at her. She knew that she was not invited, but she could not stop herself from going and finding her way and going behind The Lord, and keep doing the anointement of his feet with her tears, and her fragrant oil.

Simply put, what does fragrant oil means?

In order to be forgiven, you need to believe, you need to regret, you neet to be humbled, and the fourth thing is; Fragrant oil! Top say to The Lord; “I love you (rep). The most precious thing I have, I am pouring it at your feet (rep)”.

OBS: Please, if there is a crying baby or so, there is a room upstairs, with sound and picture.

We said, faith, regret, humbleness, and love.

When The Lord met St. Peter after he denied him, He did not rebuke him with one single word! He didn’t go: How in the world could you do that to me? He just said to him; Do you love me, Peter? Do you love me? And St. Peter said, “Yes Lord, you know I love you”! Like, OK, it is fine! How many times did you deny me? Three times! He asked him Three times! It means, every single sin we do, we need to renew our love to Him. Once we renew our love, believe, regret and humble ourselves before The Lord, we are forgiven (rep).

Believe me, the love and the fear of The Lord are the two things that make balance in our lives (rep). 

When I am very filled with the grace of God, love will keep me going. When I am lazy and I am not doing much and the grace of God is not gracing my life, the the fear of The Lord will pull me forward. It will push me to keep going on. It is enough that The Bible tells us “The fear of The Lord is the beginning of Wisdom” (rep).

Simply (put), this lady came to expose herself to The Lord, and everything she had done, was like revealing all her life to The Lord, and The Lord accepted her, and forgave her. It was like a great confession (rep).

I have people in confession, once they sit to confess, their tears go down, and they regret their sins. They humble themselves, and they believe and they will be forgiven.

Some others will come to confess, and they say "Hallo Abuna", and I say "Hello", and they go; "You know Abuna, everything is as normal", but really, what is normal?

The normal things? I say, what normal things? Is sin normal? Sin which caused the crucifying of our Lord Jesus Christ, and his death and his resurrection, is it normal? Absolutely


Please, those who come, just to repeat their sins again, as if they have paid their debts, and they come to repeat the counting from the begining again, that is not repentence.

This lady has given us a great example of real repentence. She came to reveal herself and confess her sins, even without a word. Her regreat, her humbleness,

her love and her faith forgave her sins.

Glory to God forever!