"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17


Why We Have Doubts And How To Overcome Them

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 Sermon on the Lord's appearance to His disciples when they could not convince Thomas to discard his doubts.

Faith Delivers Peace

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 Sermon on the Lord's appearance to His disciples and to Thomas who doubted when they told him.

They Began to Be Merry Speaker [Easter Message]

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 Fr. Michael Sorial discusses how being back Home - as with the return of the prodigal son - is a life of joy and gladness.

DEEPLY Believing in The Resurrection

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In this meeting of The Vine, we spoke about what it means to REALLY believe in Jesus' Resurrection.  There's a big difference between holding a correct opinion about the Resurrection, and DEEPLY believing it.  When we deeply believe, the Resurrection will show in our lives and our actions.