"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17

The Message of the Kingdom of God

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on February 12, 2013

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The Message of the Kingdom of God Transcription

This message that we all need to listen to: the first thing that the gospel started with is the Lord is preaching the kingdom of God. So the first thing that we need to look at is where have I my positioned myself with the kingdom of God. Am I waiting for the kingdom of God to come, or am I living the kingdom of God in me. So what we are waiting for, we already have and sometimes we look at it and we don't see it so the most important thing that we start with is just lifting up our minds, lifting up our hearts to see the kingdom of God in our lives.

And the second thing that the gospel is giving us is a very clear message, that when he is just moving around, he starts to heal all sickness. All of us, we need to lift up our hearts to God to be healed. Whatever traumas, whatever fears, whatever anxieties, whatever misunderstanding, whatever things that we feel that we are not comfortable with, this is the time to lift up your hearts and ask for healing and this is something that you need to have a transformation of mind. Everyone of us need to look up to God himself and to see this healing the Lord has given us. And that's why the church is acting as a healing agent through the sacraments that God is pouring His grace through the sacraments of the church to us and that's why as if Jesus himself through his church, through the people of God, through the priesthood, it just heals these people, God wanted to honor his people though the priesthood and the sacrament that he's giving us. 

But then when everybody is gathered and asking for healing, here is an important message that you need to change your mind, to transform your mind. This is a certain quote that God is giving us "Blessed those who are." And this is a very important thing that he starts to tell you as a child of God you need to be humble, you need to be poor in spirit, you need to be a peacemaker. These are the things that even when you face some problems, you need to lift up your mind and see within every afflictions in our lives, within every troubles that we face there is some times of sadness, there's some times of worries, some times of anxiety but at the same time there is a great opportunity to grow, a great opportunity to transform, there's a great opportunity that God is offering for all of us.  And here it is that message of the kingdom of God: the message of healing, the message of transformation and this is here is very simple that we need just everyone of us to lift up our hearts to God and pray. Pray for this church, pray for this community.

On behalf of from my dear, honored brothers their Graces Bishop Antonious Morcos and and his Grace Bishop Youseff, they asked me to give you this message. We are here to hear you, to listen to you. We are very attentive to you. His Holiness Pope Tawadros is very caring, loving. He loves this church and he wants the best for you. And that's why he's sending us here so we hear you, listen to you. We are very attentive to whatever your say. We have nothing predecided at all. We are here to listen to you carefully and whatever you talk about, whatever you give to us, we will honestly and carefully deliver it to his holiness and his holiness will study whatever you say according to the grace that is given to him. And whatever His Holiness will say we are all as children of God, we see that this is a message of God for us. So here we are, we are happy to meet all of you and after of the church we will be all together with the honored priests and then we could meet with people. Thank you are so much for receiving us and we pray together for the good will of God and for the peace that he's now asking us that everyone of us to be peacemaker so we pray for peace and the growth of this community. May the lord bless you and Glory be to God. Amen