"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17

Do Not Swing Between Sides

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on August 23, 2015

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 Sermon on the Lord teaching that divided kingdoms cannot stand and the correlation between the strong kingdom and Saint Mary.

(1 Kings 18:21) 

Do Not Swing Between Sides Transcription

 In the name of The Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit, Amen.

I wanted to combine St Mary’s feast with what we have read in the gospel today.

If we are divided, we will not stand (rep). If a city is divided, it will not stand. If a home is divided, it will not stand. If a man is divided, he will not stand.

It simply means we can not be hypocrites. We can not be double-minded.

In the feast of St Mary, we see her as a burning bush. Moses saw her as a burning bush. A burning bush’s fire uniting with plants.

When Moses saw the burning bush, it was faith and action. Faith that God has come in the world, and being present, and united with our humanity, that St May who carried The Lord Jesus Christ, God Himself, The Fire, and it was not burning. It means, it was a preserving fire. It was a fire that preserves, a fire that protects, a fire that purifies. Fire to explain and to reveal unlimited love (rep).

This fire united with plants, but fire makes a separation between what is right and what is wrong. This is what we want to see. When that fire (…) Moses saw the burning bush; the fire, and this fire followed Moses. This fire followed him. You know when he got the Israelites from Egypt, the Pharaoh and his soldiers went after them. What separated the people of God form the people of Pharaoh? Well, fire!

A column of fire separated between them, so they could not attack or harm them. This fire as well, can you see here? To get into the tabernacle, you need to offer a sacrifice. And to offer a sacrifice means, to be pure. So the fire takes the sacrifice before you get in the Tabernacle, and to be forgiven before you enter in the Tabernacle. That is what we need to understand. WE need to be Wholly for God. You know when The Lord said to Isaiah; come and serve me. He said, I can’t. I am defiled, and living among defiled people. The Lord sent his angel, and took the burning charcoal - the burning charcoal is Christ Himself - He took the burning charcoal and touched his lips, and he was purified. When he was purified, he said to The Lord, I am here, you can send me (rep), after being purified.

When we look at the Three Chaps and the Furnace. Evil wanted to burn them, and they put them in the furnace, they had a fourth man, who is Christ. He made separation between this fire to burn them, and their well being, their safety. The fire could not burn them. This is the same idea of the burning bush.

Even when The Lord wanted to make Himself known among his people, you know Elijah? Elijah had worshippers of idols, prophets, priests of idols, and he stood before all of them and he said to them, you either worship God or idols.

If God is Baal, worship Him, and if God is God, worship Him. And he offered a sacrifice; they offered a sacrifice, and fire came and took his sacrifice to make God to be known.

You can not mix the world with God. You can not make God and the world together.

There was a program very old (a long time ago). It was called “One hour for God, and one hour for your heart”. That doesn’t work (rep).

You are either whole for God, wholly Holly, or you’re not. God is not interested to have half of you. You can not be devided. Today, the burning bush is sending us all a message; God can unite with our humanity, but to make us one. Not devided. Not Sunday for God, and the rest of the week for the world. It can’t work (rep).

The first Psalm from David the prophet says; “Blessed is the man who does not stand in the ways of the sinners”. Yes, we love everyone, but we don’t share; we don’t participate, and we don’t (associate) with people who will lead us to wrong.

We can’t be Holly one day, and unholy another day. This division will ruin our salvation. This hypocrisy would definitely not lead us to be saved.

When Elijah made the sacrifice of fire from God to separate between wrong and right; do you know who took Elijah to heaven? It was a chariot of fire (rep)!

I want to tell all of you; when we put charcoal and incense and we spread incense among us, it is Christ Himself! When at the end of the liturgy, we come here to unite with the Lord, and we take the body and the blood of The Lord; what are we taking? We are taking the same fire (rep)!

Everyone, when he approaches the Holly communion, becomes a burning bush. Have the burning charcoal to purify us like what happened in The Old Testament. We need to be one. We need to be holly. This fire today is in everyone of us. The Lord said, You are the temple of God, and the holly spirit dwells un you. When he said, about the heavenly kingdom, he said the heavenly kingdom is inside you. When he wanted to say who we are, he said, you are members of the body of Christ! We are members of his body!

How can we have this fire, and still swing between the world and God? We can not!

May The Lord our God make us holy! Whole holy! Do you know where holiness comes from? From Whole. When we are whole for God, then we are holy. Half-heart, half-mind will not make us holy.

May The Lord make us holy, witnessing to him. Making himself be revealed to the others. He said, you are the light of the world, you are the salt of the world. Be the burning bush for everyone around you, and for yourself, (then) The Lord will be glorified.

Thanks to St Mary for being the burning bush among all of us, for, she has brought to us the Saviour, and made reconciliation between us and God again. Corrected what the first Eve did, and became the second Eve to bring salvation.

Glory to God forever!