"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17

Be Fed And Feed

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on October 12, 2015

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 Sermon on the miracle of the feeding of the five thousand.

Be Fed And Feed Transcription

 In the name of The Father and The Son and The Holy Spirit, Amen.

I wanted to say a few word about this miracle, we always keep repeating this miracle; Feeding the multitude.

I want you to notice one thing: The Lord saw the multitude, so He placed then and started to talk to them. He talked and talked and talked, for how long? For Three (good) days (rep). He was talking to them for three days.

What do you think? Why three days of just talking and talking, why?

The Lord was giving them His words, and The Bible tells us that The Lord said to His disciples: “You are now Pure”. Why? “Because of the words I have told you”. So, “You are pure because of the word”.

So, what was the aim of The Lord? Well, to purify them. And this is the mystery that we want to learn today: The word of God purifies us (rep).

Whether the written word; when we read The Bible, be it when the spirit talks to us, whether when we come to the church and have the Holly communion, which is uniting with the word of God.

When we come to The Church, we hear the word, but that is not enough. We have to unite with the word, and uniting with the word, and having the word, is our purification. You are now pure, because eof the words I have told you. That is why those who ignore The Bible, they can’t be purified. The Bible is our purification. The word of God is our purity.

After The Lord have talked to them, the disciples were worried because they didn’t have enough food, so they said to The Lord:

“Dismiss them”!

But The Lord said to the disciples;

“You give them what to eat”.

“Where from? Where from? We don’t have anything! Two hundred Dinars will not even buy the (simple) bread, but we don’t even have those 200 Dinars!”

The Lord wanted to reveal another mystery: Purification is not only the way to be saved, but charity as well (rep). You don’t only get; you don’t only take; you have to give also (rep).

All the people who received the word of God, got purified, then The Lord said, you have to give. You have to do charity, and this is what The Lord put the disciples into testing their faith. Many of us say, “We are in need, so how can we give?” but The Lord today is saying, “You have faith, and by your faith, you can give even if you don’t have”.

This is the mystery of the blessing of the little we have.

The little we have can be more than enough (rep). And The Bible is full of examples. Elijah goes to the widow, and she only have a little oil and a little flour, and he blessed them, and said, “it will not finish”, and it did not finish indeed, the whole time of the famine.

The lady who put two coins in the treasury at the time of The Lord. He said, “She paid more than all of you!” Two coins, still (he said) more than you! Because The Lord sees the love behind it, not the value of two coins.

Therefore, we want to learn two things today:

The word of God is our purification, whether it is reading word, whether it is our Bible, or whether it is the Holly Communion. When we unite with this word of God.

When The Lord wanted to ask Moses how to serve, he said “Take my words, and put them in your front head, in your back garment, and keep repeating it day and night! Keep repeating it for your children and your family, as if the word of God is from the back, from the front, when you go into your house, you have to put it there, when you go out of your house, you have to take its blessing; The word of God is our purification, and Charity (rep). To give is your salvation too.

May The Lord give us all to hide his word (rep), to hide his word (inside our heart) and to keep repeating it, living in it, uniting with it, to be purified. Then to give; to leave the charity.

May The Lord give us purification and Charity to be saved!

Glory to God forever!