"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17

Fr. Vijay Thomas

The Secret of Success

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Many self-help books will promise you the secrets of success but have you looked at the lives of great men and women to see what they have done to be "successful"?  Have you looked at the way Jesus Christ lived to find this secret?  
How do we handle stress and the burdens of our obligations? How do we manage to do what we have been called and chosen to do? 
God is calling us to be great... So, lets go be great! 


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 Fr. Vijay Thomas reflects on three new year's resolutions that we should all make.

Reacting to the Incarnation

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 Fr. Vijay Thomas gives a sermon on the importance of our actions and how the incarnation of God should demand a response from us.  Looking through the Old Testament, there are two acceptable responses which we should consider. 

Simple Miracles

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This sermon was given by Fr. Vijay Thomas, a priest in the Indian Orthodox Church.  The sermon is on the passage in Scripture regarding the birth of John the Baptist. The sermon looks at our means of experiencing simple miracles. 

One God, One Truth

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 In this sermon, Fr. Vijay explains the nature of Truth in light of other world religions by bringing examples of religious mythologies of India and Africa. 


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 Fr. Vijay Thomas gives a sermon on the most impressive thing in the world. 

What are you known for?

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A sermon on Act 11 that reflects on a key element of living a Christian life.


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Sermon discussing our expectations and God's plan.

Keep the Candle Burning

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What do Christians do after the Great Lent?

Fr. Vijay Thomas gives a message of encouragement for those who are wondering where their spiritual life goes after a blessed experience during Holy Week.  At the same time, he gives advice for those who didn't have the spiritual experience they were hoping for.   

Learn about another great miracle that happens every year - The Holy Fire

The Faith of Children

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On Palm Sunday, Fr. Vijay Thomas gives a poignant talk that reminds us to leave behind the skepticism and recapture the faith of childhood.