"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17

Jonah's Fast through Great Lent

A Story For Every Sinner

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 Sermon on the Lord's encounter with the Samaritan woman. 

The Temptation on the Mount

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 Sermon on our Lord being tempted on the mount.

Judge Not That You Be Not Judged

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 Sermon on the Lord teaching us not to look at the mistakes of each other when we ourselves are not perfect.

Seek The Kingdom First

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 Sermon on our Lord teaching us to seek the kingdom of God first and not to lay up treasures for ourselves on earth.

The Purpose of the Great Lent

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 Sermon on the Sunday before the beginning of the Great Lent Fast.

Three Lessons from Jonah

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 Sermon on the occasion of the Feast of Nineveh

Repentance and the Ninevites

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 Sermon on Wednesday of the Fast of Nineveh 2018

The Great Fish of Jonah

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 Sermon on Tuesday of the Fast of Nineveh 2018

Let Him Open Your Eyes

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 Sermon on the Lord Jesus Christ's miracle for the Born Blind Man.