"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17


Why We Venerate and Celebrate the Cross

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Why do we sign ourselves with the cross? Differences between our church and other churches. A sermon by Fr. Athanasius Kaldas from the Holy Cross Coptic Orthodox Church of Austin, TX given on 10/01/2011

Introduction to the Midnight Praise

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"This sermon is a brief, yet very insightful, journey into the different stages of the Holy Midnight Praises and how each stage is applicable to our spiritual lives."

The Autobiography of Fr. Lazarus St. Antony

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 Fr. Lazarus St. Anthony, an anchorite and monk of the Monastery of St Anthony in Egypt, speaks to a group of pilgrims, sharing the personal testimony of his earlier life, coming to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and his life as a monk.

Unlocking the DaVinci Code - Part 5

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"Will the Real Truth Please Stand Up"