"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17

Lent Series


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 Fr. Vijay looks at the importance of questions and seeking truth.  If you are a person who doubts, maybe its time to seek some answers because a man who was born blind can now see. 

Motivation to Pray

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Have you ever felt like not praying?  Do you always need to be in the mood to pray?  What do you do when you are not in the right mood?

Fr. Vijay answers these questions during this Sunday Sermon at SBGOC. 

He reflects back on a blog he wrote years ago... Here is a link to that entry: 


WHY BOTHER FASTING: Hungry for God Part 2

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Why should you bother fasting?  What are some of the negative consequences / benefits of seasonal fasting?  In part 2 of HUNGRY FOR GOD, Fr. Michael explores the roots of the Biblical, early Christian understanding of Fasting, while looking at some of the reasons why people fasted.

STAYING OUT OF THE PIT - Spiritual Revival

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 What are the things that cause you to fall back in? How do you stay out of the pit? Is it inevitable? In the series SPIRITUAL RENEWAL, we explore the experience of the children of Israel in the BOOK OF JUDGES and how it is that the "God who Made Us also Can Remake Us." In part 4 was we wrap up the series as he teaches from Judges 21:25 and explores how "Staying Linked to Christ Keeps Us in a Place Where We Continue to Reflect the Light of Jesus."