"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17

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Foundations of Friendship for young adults

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 A discussion on the foundations of friendship for a graduates meeting in White Plains, New York. 


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In the new series MYSTERIOUS FIGURES IN EARLY CHRISTIANITY, Fr. Michael speaks about a number of figures from first few centuries popularly referred to as the "Church fathers." Christ made disciples and those disciples made disciples. Who were the disciples of the disciples of Jesus? Join us in part 1, entitled MAKING DISCIPLES.


Jesus at Your Job

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How do you view your work? Is it a necessary evil? Just something to pay the bills? Perhaps you’re looking at your work in the wrong way. The truth is Jesus is Hidden in Plain view, and you have the chance UNVEIL CHRIST AT WORK. Fr. Michael Sorial leads a discussion on this topic.


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In Luke 6:1-11, Jesus speaks about the restorative nature of Sabbath Rest. But how are we to understand this practice in Christianity?

St. Mary the Missionary

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 Of all of the names and descriptions given to St. Mary, one is always missing from the list.  If a missionary is one who is sent by God to share the good news of Jesus Christ, then wouldn't that make St. Mary the first missionary?  Check out the latest talk in the Link as Fr. Michael discusses the Virgin, her witness to Christ, and what this means for you.

Worship the Holy Trinity

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How would you describe worship?  What is happening during Liturgy? Join us as Fr. Michael discusses the Divine Liturgy as an act of worship towards the Holy Trinity.

God Has a Plan for Your Life

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Ever felt confused, disappointed, or uncertain about your purpose on Earth? God has a plan for your life and the good news is that it's better than you could ever imagine.