"So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." Romans 10:17

Giving It Up Series

Mystical Journey Part 4 - Giving Up Enemies - Eucharist

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The Eucharist is the culmination of most of the church sacraments. In this week's LINK, Fr. Michael Sorial talks to us about this sacrament and learning to love our enemies through the sacrament of the Eucharist.

Starting with Adam's fall, we rejected God and became enemies of God yet God continues to love us (even if we have been his enemies). Through Jesus we are invited be joined with him in the Eucharist and love even our enemies, as God has loved us.
Jesus calls us to be assembled together "as a church" around the holy sacrament of Eucharist (or the Mystery of Assembly), through love for one another and being in communion with one another, as one church.

Mystical Journey Part 3 - Confession - Giving Up Superiority

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 In this week's Link, Fr Michael Sorial talk about an integral part of our journey with Christ: Confession. Through confession, we learn to give up our feeling of superiority and judgmental attitudes so that we can hear Jesus more clearly and easily in our lives.

Fr. Michael starts by describing two truths about confession, then outlines four excuses that we lean on for why we do not need to confess. Finally, Fr Michael wraps up the discussion with the 3 stages of repentance.

With the Lent season upon us, this is a great time for our spiritual journey through repentance and confession.

Mystical Journey Part 2 - Chrismation - Giving Up Expectations

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We often have expectations on what the walk with Christ should be like. In this week's Link, Fr Michael Sorial talk about giving up our expectations and listening to God's will instead.

Through the sacrament of Chrismation, we are united in the Father & Son through the Holy Spirit which comes and dwells in us. Starting with Baptism, we are born anew, then through Chrismation we are united with God. Finally, the Eucharist completes the three rites of entry into the Coptic church.